The Haunting Murder Case Of The Hammersmith Ghost

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    The terrorizing hauntings of a ghost lead a man to murder. Was there truly a ghost or was a man murdered in vain?
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    Victorian courtroom, Lawyers, defence and prosecution desks, audience, 19th Century
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    Edinburgh, Scotland, Houses in the Evening Sun
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    Murder of Abbe de Broglie, Paris, France, 19th Century
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    Two Men in Victorian Fashion Reading a Newspaper - 19th Century
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    Socialist leaders on trail for the West End Riots, London, 1886
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    Guest leaving
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    George III
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    Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
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    Man Getting Arrested
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    Looking For A Fight
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    Interior of the House of Commons before 1834
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    The Deanery, Westminster
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    Victorian youths arguing at the dinner table - 1881 illustration
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    Tichborne Case - The Jury
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    Shocked Victorian woman finding a man on the floor
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    the last hanging gallow
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    Ornate carved gilded picture frame.
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    Little village in the Ardennes
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    The Royal Courts of Justice in London, England
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    Meat Hooks
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    entrance to the cemetery at night.horror scene
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    Running to the light
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