Mozzy - Body Count (Official Video) ft. King Von, G Herbo


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    Listen to the album "Beyond Bulletproof". Out now!
    #Mozzy #KingVon #GHerbo
    Official music video by Mozzy ft. King Von & G Herbo performing "Body Count" © 2020 Mozzy Records / EMPIRE

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    1. Buddy Gaines

      💩🔥 🔥 🔥!

    2. B Moe

      guess #getbackgang let Von down ------ they aint done a damn thang and rondoa heauxdo flexin

    3. Dom Ilymx

      Von carried that shit gone too soon O block legend #LLKV

    4. Birb Man

      G herbo is straight ass 😂

    5. David Bendon

      Von way ahead of his time. New artist rapping like this 😲😲😲😲⛽⛽⛽⛽

    6. David Bendon

      Song is cray!!! Von verse...⛽⛽⛽

    7. Curtis Madden

      Dude 4rm youtube is the reporter homie is hella talented

    8. QsL Typhon

      Where im from everybody got a pole - von

    9. Dark Hitmontop

      Daaaaamn crazy seeing bro with Wop and Herb. RIP Greg!

    10. A

      Underrated song

    11. Big Steppa

      The fact that some people won’t even know this songs exists 🕊🕊🕊R.I.P King Von

    12. YC GOATED

      Real jump out gang fuck quando LLV.ROY🐐🤟🏽

    13. Beezy West

      2:20 Come on King von be snapping on this jawn 🔥 💯

    14. Victor KING

      Poo poo

    15. TickTock 1018

    16. Dooter Boy


    17. gustavvo castro

      RIP VON

    18. SlyMoon HD

      gotta love when von mentions smoking tooka

    19. lilspazz

      The goat LLV 😔😈

    20. Jason Hartless

      G herbo flow is garbage as usual. It's like he iterally wrote his lyrics in 30 seconds and put "0" thought in it.

    21. bikes, hikes, outdoor sports

      Herbo almost ruined the whole song

    22. Soul- The_Argonaut

      The homie ExavierTV!🙏💥💥💥

    23. Finish Rich

      Damn Mozzy are you from Cali. That's a down south flow.

    24. Ar'Nesha Hill

      Von 🗣

    25. Cess Nino

      Damn G herbo came weak as hell on this shit

    26. Jordan Langley-Thomas


    27. Kais Mehdi

      Rip king von

    28. Beezy West

      Von said but who want the Cloud niggas ain't Gang they goofy's get jammed up in be running they mouth 🔥 🔥 🔥 Guess who he talking about?? 🤔

    29. Brian William

      2021 anyone

    30. orlando emecheta

      King von killed that shit 🔥🔥🔥

    31. Keith McTyere

      Was that the lil homie that b talkin bout hats in south central?? He funny af

    32. Rams Your Gurly

      G Herbo ruined this song

    33. 336 Outdoors

      This song go hard but Herbo part just didnt fit the flow of Mozzy and Von... this song wasnt for him. Should have put Durk at the end!

    34. Yao Ming Twin

      Herbo carried so hard

    35. Jimmy Prophett


    36. Emkay Dre

      Use me as a "we not from 63rd" button

    37. TQ

      we gone ignore von muscle

    38. Jimi Padilla

      Herbo fucked the song up

    39. jas smith


    40. King Of All Kings Barksdale


    41. tanna brasi

      mozzy hard

    42. Brian Torres

      Tell me why the song starts sounding like shii when gherbo starts talking💀💀

    43. Ramon Jimenez

      LLVROY 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    44. Tyree Estes

      I’m smoking on tooka and Zoe-~~ king Von 🤣

      1. Lord Jamar


    45. Lu Kane

      Mozzy gang 💪 4 eva

    46. Burstss -

      This still one of my favorite Von features mannn rip von 🕊

    47. 15k. SUPREME

      I fw most of Mozzy songs but not only Von but y’all forget about that Greg passed away too #LLG 🕊 at 3:29

    48. Justin Thompson

      HERBO ruined this joint. his bars were wack

    49. NoKizzy

      Gherbo shouldn't have got on this song

    50. Isaiah Huerta

      This song is how I discovered King Von, just to find out he’s been murdered. Fuck.

    51. Chance G

      They had my boy Xavier reporting in LA 😂

    52. Israel Grace

      He said the bro Dudas.

    53. Cameron Blair

      Durk set bruh up.

    54. Tad Dickinson

      G herbo sucks. Cant stay on beat. Smh he ruined the song

      1. Tad Dickinson

        @Ice 4pf u think he went harder than mozzy and von?

      2. Ice 4pf

        Naw he ran this jawn

    55. Q E573

      Emozzy & DooWop look alike

    56. Ed J

      I like g herbo's whistle ad lib

    57. M.E.L.L.

      Herbo 🗑

    58. Reezy Reezy

      Damm rip lil Gregg rip king von they both in here🤞🏽

    59. Jesus Mondragon

      King Von Murdered Mozzy on his own song

    60. zay 2580yt

      🙏 🙏 🙏 long live v.roy

    61. TROUBLE T

      I’m a be real G Herbo fuck the song up when he came on 🤣🤣🤣🤷🏾‍♂️💯 he should have put durk on instead

    62. Shuntrece a.k.a Butterfly Evans-sanders

      Love this song just heard it two nights ago

    63. Milano Reacts

      Smoking on that von pack nigga🚬

    64. VONsway

      Mozzy is da goat of da rap game

    65. BiggBoss Boogie

      Herb tweak onnis😂🚦🚦🚦 “only time we spare em If we see a car 💺 seat”

    66. ITZ AZELL

      I ain’t gone lie whoever rapping dis is so shit but von part was da best simple

    67. drones r us

      Aaaaa THIS SONG GOS 10× HARDER NOW 🖕

    68. King Badass

      G herbo verse was fuckin trash

    69. Douka DaPlug

      Underrated song

    70. Mystic x

      This is the song that made me like king von😔 RIP VON

    71. Globz Gaming

      G herbo got no flow 😂

    72. BottomBoy AyeJay

      King Von did that blood... #RIPKINGVON

    73. Laylaa Love

      3:14 can’t rap on the beat for shit

    74. Malcom Shaw


    75. T Kappa

      They had eavier tv on here

    76. Grind Hard Bezzy

      Keep your head up and hold your head everything might not seem what it look like but it’s going to get easy for you

    77. JEEP CREEP

      Ever since I seen Tommy wack Morris, I've never let anyone sit behind a car or not.

      1. JEEP CREEP

        Would be a nice n' quick way to go though..

    78. super dragon gamer warrior

      RIP king von 🕊🕊❤️

    79. Jason Eyetan

      If you are wondering Von's verse starts 2:07

    80. B-Rai87

      GRANDSON!!!! WHY BROSKI!!! 😢 R.I.P V Roy

    81. Zaria Underwood

      Omg, Von ate this shit on meeeeee, The fact they were doing it at they houses was lit. Vons verse was fire. Glad to say there will be no other Von, Von is different asf 💕

    82. ChRiStIaN JaCiNtO

      Drill up V.ROY

    83. dboyedoe

      Long live Lil Greg

    84. Lee Choctaw

      "can't sit behind me don't trust em"

    85. Bloody Tampon

      G herbo ruined this fire ass song mozzy and von made.

      1. LeAvEmEaLoNe THANKYOU

        His lyrics are good but it doesn't dit with this song

    86. Sione Kalu

      Von caught another one with dat verse lol

    87. E 15

      I see you exaviertv 😆😆

    88. E-Money Production Studio

    89. hey buddy

      Von with that demon flow🐐🐐🐐🐐

    90. Cue Doyle

      One of the couple I've heard out rap Mozzy on a song.. #RIPVon

    91. Ulises Castillo Ravali

      Nfl body qb count drop pop stumped.


      Herbo is theeeeeee fuckin worst lol

    93. COE COE

      G herbo fucked the whole song up smdh

    94. King Frederick

      Von spazzed on this

    95. Cynna Koi Place

      Dang man this nikka von flow sheshh 🥶🥶🥶 LL.Vroy

    96. Spiced up Berries

      Von slayed this shit🔥

    97. Etrnal- E- Etrnal

      Yo this beat fire asf 🔥🔥

    98. Will Whitaker

      R.I.P. Von gone too soon 🙏🏾🕊🕊🕊

    99. roxy Robinson

      tired of fake shit. give us real 2259

      1. LeAvEmEaLoNe THANKYOU