Reviewing Memes With KSI


12 млн көрүүлөр674

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    1. Gustav Norberg


    2. Simply Brian

      I use bandicam

    3. Fishy plays Adopt me and other games

      Wheres logan paul

    4. conner woods

      shawt maybe shit

    5. FF GAMER

      Does anyone notice the kinemaster watermark in the intro top right corner 😂

    6. Scott Fanning

      I thought it meant when it says that a website uses cookies

    7. caiden vicuna

      me knowing i grew up in chile witch is a place in south america


      Omg pewds used flipaclip and kinemaster to make intro 😮

    9. moshroom

      BRI ISH

    10. J Winfield

      You might as well use FRAPS

    11. Ethan Mooneyham Show

      Confusing Ksi is one of the most entertaining things, I must say

    12. Kian Defano (Student)

      His mustache is a meme

    13. superboy shourab

      Pewdiepie Intro: Made with Kinmeaster Kinemaster; what big youtube using my app!!

    14. Be The One NN


    15. TheNoddy

      My jawline hurts from laughing

    16. Tahjair Christian

      Hold up raatid is patwa

    17. Pablo Velilla

      14:54 Juan

    18. Maria Rosario Silverio

      Remember 4 years ago they are both beefing now they are friends

    19. Halfcaster

      Okay I've been gone a while, tf is up with the stache?

    20. Juan Ignacio Christen

      its my name lul

    21. Broncs and Bovines

      Juan was the best one!

    22. Kingston Smalls

      Hi Can you do a cocomelon parody

    23. parrot godz

      Bri'ish people be like Youchube

    24. Will Stanfield

      Pewdiepie Joseph stalin

    25. ziggydred

      7:31 I’m British and where did microcrisps come from? LMAO Edited: also 15:33 LMFAO

    26. Noah Rowan

      ghbyt.ytgh6fr my head banging on my keyboard

    27. Mohamad Saeed

      So nobodys gonna talk about pewds ✨LEGENDARY✨ moustache

    28. Nikola Zelić

      colab we all want, KSI and PewDiePie playing minecraft, for at least 10 episodes.

    29. Ashton Engle

      🔫 💀 🥧

    30. Hanif Ikhmal

      i need part 2

    31. Mohamed Hussen

      Watch promise never land

    32. Mohamed Hussen

      I'm watching demon slayer

    33. Talha Siddiqui

      I'm in a hole. I don't feel like doing anything; eating, working, cleaning, waking up, nothing. Please help

    34. Danny 1.0


    35. Ther3al 1B

      It seems like the fighting champ is more cultural in the world of anime than we thought. Edit : and memes

    36. Jaxson and Nic

      Evryone is gonna hate me I have anime

    37. Ubead Sk

      And the legends say KSI is still laughing..◉‿◉

      1. Jaxson and Nic


    38. Dr Bones

      Where’s our KSI/Pewdiepie Anime podcast?


      И этот комень перевернет мир я смогу изменить свою жизнь и вашу вы будете смотреть мои видео и радоватся Я стример иду к своей цели смотри мой канал люблю своего кота больше чем девушек спамлю везде целеустремленный еще я нюхаю трусы

    40. vocasou

      These 2 are my favourite youtubers and KSI deserves better than what he gets

    41. Babushka Bingus


    42. Fite R DieSly

      Why does pews have a stalin mustache lmao

    43. Fernando De Aguilera


    44. ツALPHA

      Can you make more music


      This video made me realise how slow KSI really is LOLL

    46. SkaterHayder

      it was a school shooting joke

    47. Azhal Halil

      Ksi creases after pewds uses bandicam: Also jj: hasn't activated Windows

      1. Henry The Gaming Stickmin

        And he also used Bandicam himself

    48. Disp3lay

      why are these memes so outdated they where alive back in 2018

    49. SkeppyJr

      Don't hate on bandicam

    50. Topgamer YT

      What is bandicam?

    51. Alec Thom

      Pewdie looks like paul walker

    52. Short Funny Clips

      The funny thing is ‘random black dude’ the first video is ‘how to be black’ by ksi

    53. W.J lego

      I am a human and don't know why I watch this all I know is its entertaining

    54. Oniichan 69

      I believe in world peace ✌

    55. Renee Nichols

      Congrats you have reached 108m subers

    56. Gamerdude 6000

      Me named erica👀

    57. Izz Mohamed

      This is the most American pewds has ever been

    58. nederson6

      2:58 Why does JJ say shawt i think its means caught. But im not sure.

    59. A Ghost.

      Who saw this when it wasn't edited for AdSense

    60. Mc Muffin

      is it me or does pewds look like Dr. Phil but younger?

    61. XboxproD01

      No lie, why does pewdiepie lowkey look like Freddie Mercury?

    62. Joe Giuliano

      At least i dont get shot in math (but u said no dark humor)

    63. CaffeinatedCenturion

      Pewdiepie looking like Freddie Mercury

    64. spicyguy4uuk


    65. Jamie K

      It's because of the cookies

    66. Victor Felecilda

      U catch cocomelon

    67. Jamar Thomas-Pham

      Emagine someone named erica watching this

    68. Luke HILL

      Is it just me or does pewds look like that one grandpa that uses words “that are hip with the kids”

    69. Jamar Thomas-Pham

      House obomb

    70. Jamar Thomas-Pham

      House abomb

    71. The Meme lord

      Somebody make a meme of PewDiePie's mustache

    72. Taine Maihi-Taniora

      How does KSI get wrong the biscuit - meaning cookies - on your PC or mac to being currency??

    73. ItsTwenty

      I'm glad I watched this collab concert before they had to change to the random music at the background :'(((

    74. Ripper Maggoo

      Horse on the balcony is "air horse juan" come on guys

    75. TylerDeckAte


    76. Dave Beverley

      5ft 11. Man. Lives in UK. Popular KGup star. Rich. Has a small pet animal. Loves anime. Started his channel with gaming. Has released music. Well known in many countries. Hosts meme reviews. Who am I talking about?

    77. V.K.H.D

      The amount of times that KSI AND pewds didn’t get the joke is phenomenal to me. BISCUITS WAS REFERRING TO WEBSITE COOKIES AND “shawt” IN MATH CLASS WAS REFERRING TO AMERICAN SCHOOL SHOOTINGS

    78. Aamir Young

      "this website uses cookies to improve user experience" ksi- CURRENCY

    79. HellishSly


    80. Your Boss

      The outro

    81. watch my only vid

      Ksi smiles:i laugh

    82. Pro forever

      Ios vs android first quality android failed point for ios now app point to android 1234567891011121314151617181)

    83. Sean stuchbury

      The biscuits is obvs on about asking for cookies on a website And the gettin "shawt" in maths, is a dig at the fact that you don't get school shooting in England but in America school shootings are documented

    84. Cruz Rodríguez Jaider Daniel

      14:50 Best meme 😳👌

    85. Linda Murray

      If this gets likes I will throw up

    86. Matilda Park

      shoutout to josh


      i like your content and your mustache and your intro :D I like pewdipie

    88. Rob Ch.

      Ksi laugh is very contagious 🤣👏🏼

    89. The mayo Lord

      Pewds was on my yearbook for most popular KGupr

    90. santana


    91. The Dabster

      rahtad is technically Patwah (just to let you know ksi)

    92. Mike Wazowski


    93. Jack Skevington

      What do you call a 3 hump camel parent lol

    94. Savage Jeffers

      Sub 2 mr beast

    95. wiggles

      just watching then bond over anime is beautiful

    96. SkyZi _Zellony a British person, I had KSI's reaction to everything here tbh...

    97. steamfend


    98. Timothy B

      KSI has the most genuine laugh I have ever heard

    99. MoosherTheShroom

      I EMBRACED it

    100. Addi Korn

      Pewds getting roasted for not using obs XD