Scott Martin

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    Lake Okeechobee is literally on fire! South Florida Water Management does controlled burns to manage the water quality. We took some pretty awesome drone footage of the fires!
    Video credit to South Florida Water Management for select clips.
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    1. Scott Martin

      What actions can be taken to clean up your local lakes? Let’s talk ⬇️

      1. kaden casey

        ASIAN CARP

      2. rhodesphotoco

        @northCALIFA The season's barely started and I must've pulled about 500 miles of line from the water, off the bank, from trees and shrubs near the bank of my fishery already. If I catch anyone leaving a giant bird-nest of line on the bank, I'm throwing them in and snapping their rods...promise.

      3. Samuel Rosa

        Id rather see a burn than the chemicals. My dad and I saw about 100 alligators killed due to sprays and they were belly up down on the bottom where the motor were scrapping them. It was a very bad situation and was a sad thing that could've been handled differently. Im the same age as you are and I was 10 at the time. It happened at south Loxahatchee off lox rd on 441. Thank you for communicating like you do with these politicans had you didnt they would have no idea what to do. I now fish the north end of the lake. Thanks again for helping out us Bass fisherman in Florida and saltwater fisherman as well. I know you and your family caught a lot of heck in the most recent years. Take care and ask your dad if he remembers the kelly green boat that use to come through the store a lot it was a ztriker (striker).

      4. Cade Smith

        Taking out some of the tilapia

      5. B4G Outdoors

        Out on lake Marion (Santee Cooper) in SC there are multiple tournaments almost every week... Stop doing pro type weigh-ins for small tournaments...I enjoy watching weigh-ins and I think they're great for pro level events, but for an the smaller clubs and trails that non pros fish in I'd rather see MLF style weigh ins...even if it stays 5 fish limit just weigh the fish and put it back... Less disturbance to bedding fish

    2. Wiechman Farms

      Did anyone else see the fish blow up behind him at 1:43?

      1. Wiechman Farms

        Sorry people I did not realize at first it was a wave

    3. Texas RedFox

      TTJ woulda flown that drone a litter better I bet ;)

    4. John Eberts

      we need more people looking out for our lakes and ponds thanks

    5. Elizabeth Bennet

      how exactly does it clear the water? My earliest memory was of bathing in lake O!!!!!! It WAS SO CLEAR THE MIDDLE OF THE LAKE, AT ITS DEEPEST POINT, WAS CLEAR ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM !!!!!

    6. Tiandra V

      Scott is hot and smart. Love it

    7. Kevin Carris

      Where's spinner worm

    8. Jacob Biggs

      Thank god for good people and smart people amen and god bless y’all and yalls family’s amen and god bless you and yalls family’s amen and god bless you amen and god bless amen

    9. blair kirwan

      Where’s Brandon

    10. Samuel Rosa

      Hi Scott. Have been fishing Big O since I was 2 years old. The southside, northside, east and westside. My dad and I would fish together and would catch some big Bass. Your dad in fact when he would see my dads boat he would stop and say hello just like we would when we fished Clewiston we would stop in to say hello.

    11. Backseatbitch Back

      So all that dry land that we saw on the drone is that going to flood when the water goes up

    12. Bass Catcher4Life

      Its been a while since we have seen Brandon. Whats up with Brandon, Where is he?

    13. Jo-el Cody

      Mechanical Harvest. Prison detail (trustee) inmates disposing harvested waste to build savings for when they are released. Ban and enforce the ban on chemical herbicides...

    14. Stephen Bowen

      FWC does a good job man. They have done nothing but impress me since I’ve lived in central Florida.

    15. The BmXr

      It also lets the vegetation that normally doesnt thrive, thrive.!

    16. B B

      You all are doing a great job out there helping the enviroment. nice!!

    17. Mark Collins

      California could pay attention. Save billions a year.


      We need some spinner worm!!!!!!!

    19. Kerry Parks

      Burning - good! Spraying chemicals - BAD!

    20. Tim Oldenburg

      Adds nutrients and minerals

    21. Nicholas F.


    22. EastCoastBassin

      Never heard it called a prescribed burn

    23. The Angry Bass

      Okeechobee is a national treasure!

    24. The Angry Bass

      Where’s Brandon???

    25. Lowell Green

      Scott, have they ever considered tilling the areas after the burns or even create a way to cultivate/till the bad stuff in the lake? Just a thought...Turn the old soil over to promote natural bacteria and good grasses...



      1. Scott Martin

        He isn’t traveling much..only on bigger projects.

    27. Cmbtvet outdoors

      I was fishing Lake Jackson last week and saw an airboat spraying the lily pads, made me sad to see them putting all those chemicals in the water :(

      1. lance henthorn

        I would not be surprised if the company doing the spraying is from North Alabama. There's a company near me and Guntersville Alabama that does weed control spraying. They spend weeks at a time down on the lakes in Florida and surrounding states lakes. it's crazy how much spraying they do.

    28. kason mcmullin

      Here I was thinking that the fishing was hot and Scott photoshopped the flames and smoke in for the thumbnail. I was wrong, but that’s cool that they do that to help the lake

    29. David Bryant

      I learned about controlled burning in the Midwest. Burning is a natural cycle and helps reintroduce nutrients into the soil, improve habitats by decongesting thatch, germinating seeds, etc.. I didn’t know it also helps stabilize our lakes! Pretty cool stuff.


      I seen worse in Washington state two fires came thru my town twice in 2014 and 2015

    31. Rambo Life

      so what happen to Brandon? did i miss that episode?

      1. Scott Martin

        He isn’t “traveling” on the day to day stuff...only on bigger projects.

    32. Skeeter

      Nice looking hat. Where can I get one of those.

    33. Jim Brew

      Some say the lower water levels lead to dirtier water, as well?

    34. Steven Thomas

      Interesting topic. Thanks for the info.

    35. Shawn Sands

      Where’s Brandon?!

    36. SmallWater Charters

      The marsh....the marsh...the marsh is on fire...we need clean water so let the mother burn..

      1. Scott Martin

        Haha haha..😎

    37. Tony G

      God Bless our Florida Governor ✌️

    38. Rileymanification

      If we could just get them to stop spraying the grass. . .sigh.

    39. Central Coast Bass

      You sound like you KNOW nothing about it but it's good. Same thing happens when fire burns forests, it's a rebirth. Releases nutrients that are good for the lake.

    40. Bailey Harden

      Scott I doubt you see this but I’m in Florida right now and fishing for peacocks in Miami tomorrow but I’ll be on okeechobee the day after... Any chance you’ll be in town? Been dying to meet you but I live in Indiana...

    41. David Kim

      Great shots by the drone and camera man!! Great beat with that shot! I dig 🤙🏽

    42. Caleb Williford

      You can tell Brandon isn’t editing these

    43. Caleb Williford

      What happened to Brandon

    44. Justin Husby

      When are you going to show the new freeman?

    45. Shaun Roberts

      What happen to your other camera man?

    46. Israel castillo

      What happened to Brandon??

    47. Jonah Carrizales

      Yo where’s Brandon

    48. Jeremy Johnson

      So there's parts of the lake where the grass is so thick trees grow? That's wild.

      1. The BmXr

        jeremy Johnson ya know, me to!

      2. Jeremy Johnson

        @The BmXr I can imagine so. Hope all that works out Its my dream to fish that lake one day.

      3. The BmXr

        jeremy Johnson yes, which then takes up everything needed for everything else to thrive the way it should.

    49. Kolton Calhoun

      Bring James back and put him on a monster

    50. {TRUMP NATION}

      Gov Desantis is doing an amazing job for florida and is trying hard to make okeechobee great again

    51. Dc309

      So, in your opinion will this help the coast with red tide?

    52. MrDraketoby

      I’m sure it’s been said but what is Brandon up to now?

    53. Jeff Greer

      Never seen this, but it makes sense. The grasses will come back better than they would if they had to come up through the dead stuff. I wish Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries was more like Florida and Texas

    54. Tyler Phillips

      Coming down to fish the big O in two weeks for seven days I'm excited:)

    55. Hunting with Preston

      💯 a good thing

    56. LJ Outdoors


    57. Chris King

      What did you do fire Brandon

    58. 1961fireguy

      Stop using chemical in our lakes all together! I would rather have the invasive species, than have the chemicals in the water system!

    59. Gotcha

      Get your tail end to fishing on the Bass circuit. Let’s go Scott. Chase that title. Practice practice practice.

      1. Gotcha

        Scott Martin you the man. Let’s Get that title for the MARTIN FAMILY.

      2. Scott Martin


    60. way 20k

      Do u know brandon cobb

      1. Scott Martin

        Good dude

    61. Josh Collins

      Hey as a wildland firefighter thank you for the support of prescribed fires that's awesome, but please keep in mind that if a drone or UFO is seen over a fire they will not fly helicopters or airplanes.

      1. Tysen Haney

        Rugged Fish thank you for this comment! Former firefighter with a strong aviation background and my first thought was the same thing. Scott is a stand up guy and I’m sure he put the effort in to get clearance not to bust any TFR restrictions. Agree that prescribed burns are healthy for the environment and enjoyed the video

    62. 2020jd

      Scott are we going to get to see some footage of your new Freeman? I want to see those quad G2’s screaming!

    63. Aaron Granger

      I wish the federal refuge I fish here in southwest Louisiana would burn and manage our impoundment like that. Our fishery is VERY similar to okeechobee but they only "manage" for waterfowl. You'd be shocked the donkeys caught here. It opens back up for fishing march 15 and I'm back at it.

    64. Darin Turbyville

      Did you even make the classic??

    65. Outlaw Morgan

      Let’s rip lip broski I am always on the Okee

    66. DG Mills

      Thanks for that valuable information Scott!

    67. Gene G

      I’m just wondering where is Brandon and Billy ?

    68. DJ Combs

      Scott Martin for Governor/president🎣🎣

    69. Terry Sickels

      Also increases oxygen in the soil

    70. Terry Sickels

      To burn reproducesthe nitrogen in the soil,,,,,

    71. James Sciascia

      Nice looking hat... Matches your shirt.

    72. Brock Johnson

      By the way , awesome drone footage! Thumbs up to the real McCoy!

      1. Scott Martin


    73. Brock Johnson

      Dude Lake Occachobee looks awesome man! Maybe once this corona virus shuts everything down, my daughter and I can do a little fishing, thanks to media! Never thought I’d thank them but here we are! Also, Scott thanks for all the info on that burn! I had no idea about all that. Best fishing channel out there!!! Right here

    74. harry larry

      Dag nab'it I thought that the bite was fire and that was Billy's reel smoke'n from a chobie donkey in the thumbnail

    75. Howard Stout

      We are gonna be doing the slurry walls over in your neck of the woods here soon. Im a heavy equipment operator can't wait for that job to start so i can sneak off and fish a bit. You should pick me up with the boat so we can fish lol. Love the show

    76. James Fox

      You answered my question with out me having to ask it. I was wondering if you flew the drone yourself or does your nee camera guy or Brandon usually fly it ?

      1. Scott Martin


    77. Richard Insley

      Was that the west side of the lake? Had planned on going there Sunday.

      1. Richard Insley

        @Scott Martin thank you

      2. Scott Martin

        All done now

    78. Brock Johnson

      Dude when I first Sam this I thought you meant you were catching a hell of a lot of fish! Haha! Godbless

    79. WetLine Adventures

      Great to see water quality management happening on such a treasure of a resource like Okeechobee. Great video!!

    80. anglinadventures

      I love your vids....


      I just watched more ads than fishing....

    82. Michael Bass

      I bet it will kill off a lot ah snakes to

    83. The Woodshop

      Did you fire Brandon?

    84. BassinOrlando

      They're getting ready to burn the lake up by me too. Reeds have become way to thick on the rim.

    85. Dave Rasnake

      Great to see they are taking care of the Big O. One day I'll get to come down south to catch a Big-in. Great video.Always looking forward to the next.

    86. The Jada Show

      Pump smoke into the atmosphere to try to save the water. as humans we sure are helping mother nature aren't we? I wonder if she asked us for help

      1. Matt Seifert

        Natural wildfires happen all the time. Burning organic materials such as wood and vegetation have no long term impacts on the environment. Due to the urbanization of Florida, the big O has been impacted and needs human intervention to keep it as natural as it was before all the cities were put in north of the lake. These people are experts in their field trying to preserve a natural resource. The only other option is to tear all the cities down and you Surely don’t expect that right?

    87. Steve Grimm

      I just recently bought a place on Okeechobee, in the J&S canal. In the five years I’ve been coming down to fish, I have seen the lake change for the worse. I hope this burn helps bring my bucket list lake back to life. I’m sick of fishing in mud and seeing dead vegetation from spray. THANK YOU FOR THE VIDEO AND THE EXPLANATION. I learned something today.

      1. Jim Brew

        @Steve Grimm Sorry... just my observation over the last 20 years. Water politics are are problem, as well.

      2. Steve Grimm

        Jim Brew That’s discouraging

      3. Jim Brew

        Hurricanes and mismanagement have almost killed this lake. I'm starting to lose faith we'll ever see it healthy, again.

    88. toolntims ideas Tim Harrison

      You guys might want to look into a hexacopter instead of a quadcopter yuneec typhoon H makes a good one. What the quadcopter if you lose one motor one prop or an ESC it comes down wherever it's at a hexacopter has six motors you can lose up to two motors the computer takes over turns it into a quadcopter and can return home check out my Facebook page Tim's drones I've built over 200

    89. toolntims ideas Tim Harrison

      I was kind of wondering if it was going to interfere with Donny bass in the tournament

    90. Bustin Biggins

      I believe you are due for a drone upgrade to an Inspire 2.

      1. Scott Martin

        We crash two drones per year.. 2 phantoms = 2,200 2 inspires = 12,000 That’s not worth it at all

    91. toolntims ideas Tim Harrison

      I'm kind of surprised you didn't get that info

    92. Shoman Blues

      So the "north of the lake storage" is an important thing then. So what is the "storage" north of the lake? Is that Kissimmee River. So are we trying to get more storage in the Kissimmee River? Or did I miss understand you?

    93. RB Angler

      Damn, I straight up thought you meant that in another way..

    94. Shoman Blues

      Hey Scott, I'd like to schedule a guide for Chobee or that area, What's your best suggestion for someone to contact. Can you respond to that...maybe not... if so thanks.

      1. Xfishf00D

        If Roland Martin still has his marina there that's where I dream of going

    95. mohunter68

      Burning puts nitrogen back into the soil and nitrogen is one of the best building blocks of life for all plants, mammals, aquatics, all the way down the food chain. Around here it's a common practice to put any kind of wood like scraps from tree limbs, yard cleanup, leaves, and even firewood on top of your garden spot burn it down, then turn the ash under with the tiller. Grows Awesome tomatoes and literally anything you plant in that garden will do much better. Nature has been burning itself since the beginning of time. Proof: Set a small patch of your yard on fire then put it out, wait for rain and see how much greener that patch of grass is when the grass starts growing.

    96. dementedpaintballer

      Imagine if they even took the time to clean up some of the smaller lakes south of Lake Okee.

    97. Immortal ONES

      Scott Martin u always have some dope ass videos

    98. Bryan Waldrop

      Where is Brandon? He not around anymore?

    99. Lonnie Olson

      Good info

    100. Jonathan Forrester

      Where has Brandon been?