[2020 MAMA] BTS_ON | Mnet 201206 방송

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21 млн көрүүлөр2 068

    ON by BTS in 2020 MAMA
    #2020MAMA #MAMA #MnetAsianMusicAwards

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    1. Keidy Santos

      Jimin:Have a Cute lil hand(But he can Do a baton twirling just Wow)

    2. Zeynep Erol

      where is suga😞

    3. Hey There

      They put their arms in imaginary Suga 🥺

    4. Điana ss

      Hobi looks like prince. I love him so much.

    5. Dana samara Caballero trujillo

      Pobre yongi

    6. Grace Bruna


    7. Trollkid 9565

      They rented out a whole damn football Stadium while I cant even buy any merch lmaoooo

    8. esthefane

      lindos amo voces

    9. Peace

      Love yourself Relay3499

    10. Châu Lương

      Love BTS

    11. aysnr

      Where is Yoongi?

    12. Mahir Faisal

      Where is suga

    13. Ana Khan

      Woahh beautiful

    14. Gamergirl Smera

      We should appreciate back dancer

    15. Julianne Abuan


    16. NUTTI


    17. Together

      Love yourself Relay3494

    18. Soni Lee-mbo


    19. 김바다의 생활일기

      국위선양은 방탄이 다 하는구나

    20. Rishel Carido


    21. Glaucia Barbosa

      Tá faltando 1

    22. Jeon Jungkook

      Jungkook looks,vocals,dance,hair kill me😶

    23. Naomy JR

      However tries to come for this performance is a delusional

    24. Naomy JR

      Not people trying to come for this performance hahahahaha hahahah

    25. Good Luck

      Love yourself Relay3488

    26. BTS


    27. 류진

      와2000만 조회수 넘은 거 실화야,,ㄷ ㄷ

    28. Anne Flores

      5:09 who is this? Im new to bts

      1. Viviane S. S

        Jeon Jungkook

    29. yikes


    30. Yaneli Felix

      One of my favorite performances.

    31. Elo Tol


    32. Naudi Ortez


    33. Army

      I was missing suga

    34. it's me Mariska

      Camera not worth it padahal performance mereka udah Se gila itu😭 nangis banget mana gak ada Suga hyung

    35. Jeon, Kim, Park, Min, Jung Klea aka Bts wifeu

      Jk with this hairstyle = my death

    36. tia . . .

      are they lipsyncing..

    37. Maria Del Cisne Vivar. C

      Uuuu si este perfomance hubiera sido presentado en los grammy todos hubieran quedado en shoock con este arte, pero en fin esos premios no los merecen, no merecen demasiado espectáculo, arte y talento del grande, artistasos completos como los son BTS y los idols del kpop, así que las mejores presentaciones las pistas encontrar nomas en ASIA 😘😍 BTS 👑

    38. BlondyBeautyful

      i have read the comments and i didnt see not even 1 comment about asking where is suga .. why hes missing from this performance. Its sad that some of the members are so underrated wile every second comment is about JUNGKOOK and then they sat theyr BTS fans :( when BTS is all 7 members including Suga not just Jungkook alone

    39. Neli Angelova

      Other singers at MAMA = let’s try to use the whole stage BTS = The stage is too small, get a stadium 💜💜💜

    40. britanjer burgos

      where is SUGA ??

      1. britanjer burgos

        @Yaneli Felix naneun gieoghaji moshaessda

      2. britanjer burgos

        @Yaneli Felix imi aaaa

      3. Yaneli Felix

        He was recovering from his surgery during that time. He didn’t perform with the rest in some performances.

    41. Yasmim Gabryelle

      legal love you bts suga l miss him

    42. suhani Yadav

      Where is suga said 🏃😯😟


      I like your hair jungkook

    44. Youga Zaahiy

      Bts every perform always making history and they real legends

    45. Dhvani Modi

      talent and hardwork speaks volumes

    46. Michaela P.

      I will be the one to praise the backup dancers for always slaying at telling the story among bts. We 💜 u backup dancers!

    47. Lord Farquaad


    48. Dipak Debnath

      Jungkook transformation : golden maknae to evil maknae , Jungkook : see I'm not a baby now :]

    49. Jabri Olfa

      Me missing suga be like 😭😭

    50. Ingrid Carpinelli


    51. 이해영

      정국이 스타일리스트가 일을 대충해요 어쩌죠? 정국이 미모가 있어 다행이네요

    52. Nirmala Budha Magar

      Wow looks that butterfly

    53. Peace and Peace

      Peace in Myanmar303

    54. You and Me

      Love yourself Relay3483

    55. Dodiese Ramoujette

      FEAR !!!!!!!

    56. Ameur Ameurr

      These is amazing 💞💞💞💞💞💞💕💖💖💖💖💖💖

    57. eylülal fan

      azra ben

    58. eylülal fan


    59. mira notarianni

      Who’s the girl n the beginning

    60. Soni Lee-mbo


    61. Elena Kpop

      Jungkook's hairstyle 🥵🥵

    62. army_otaku UwU

      5:52 *R.I.P*

    63. Peace Love

      Peace in Myanmar298

    64. Yeon Bo

      Great i love guys BTS💓

    65. LoveLove

      Love yourself Relay3477

    66. Mildreth Paola Escalante Quintero

      Bts gracias😇👑

    67. Ira Alung

      Even though below 6 are still handsome

    68. Ira Alung

      It's better to have Kasuga but it's okay

    69. Ira Alung

      how come his Suga brother is missing

    70. 마리앙또와네뜨

      진정아티스트라는 수식이..

    71. Nigina Baxromjonova

      Гдеже шугааа

    72. A S

      I can't get over jk's hair and vocals ugh

    73. Pilar Cazares

      Por eso es mi grupo favorito, porq tienen un arte.

    74. Yena Oke

      being an ARMY is the best decision I've made in my life

    75. Nicole Cobeña


    76. amina 690

      why they are just 6? suga is missing?

      1. Yaneli Felix

        He was recovering from his shoulder surgery during this time

    77. We

      Peace in Myanmar293

    78. hika mayra

      This performance owns the whole stadium give me goosebumps everytime..

    79. Safia Zaman Fariha

      There may be 6 BTS members here but in our minds those 7 Angels have a place, were and will be. OT7 ARMY FACTS 💜.

    80. İlayda Günel#army

      Bı Türkiye'ye gelmediler suganın yokluğu hemencecik fark ediliyor

    81. Kookie's banana milk

      This gives me goosebumps everytime I watch

    82. Tara Parto

      why are they 6 members not 7?

      1. Kookie's banana milk

        Suga recently had a surgery and he was recovering and taking rest during these performances.

    83. Giovanna


    84. Together

      Love yourself Relay3471

    85. Irma Nuranti

      Kim taehyung so fuckin handsome ㅠㅠㅠ

    86. Leah Guimba

      They seem like they are lypsincing.

    87. Peace

      Love yourself Relay3465

    88. Elif Nur Ek

      Suga nerde

    89. Chiara Suryana

      Ilov Jungkook sisingaan cilga

    90. Sulakchana Dewan


    91. Mami Review

      Bts the best

    92. maryam alhumayri

      Where are sugaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    93. Neetu Chauhan

      Why does jimin sound so damn cute here I mean he is cute

    94. F4 Army

      Miss you Suga get well soon 😘😘😘😘Borahae 💜💜💜💜💜💜

    95. Valbona Beqiri

      Suga? ☹️

    96. Love

      Peace in Myanmar287

    97. Sparkle Unicorn

      I teared up inside cuz yoongi is in hospital ;( 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    98. Akira vlogs in YT gaming

      were is suga he's missing

      1. Yaneli Felix

        He was recovering from his shoulder surgery. He is still healing he is getting better now

    99. Peace

      Love yourself Relay3459