The Ultimate "Wii Sports" Recap Cartoon

Cas van de Pol

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    In this ultimate recap cartoon we retell the epic storyline from Nintendo's "Wii Sports". Remember that?
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    A Cartoon by
    Cas van de Pol
    Junaid Chundrigar - ImaJunation
    Animation by
    Erwin Langstraat - ninjalligator
    Junaid Chundrigar - ImaJunation
    Cas van de Pol
    Backgrounds by
    Cas van de Pol
    Sound design by
    Robert Jung - dreikelvin
    Voice work by
    Jeffrey Wirtz - egbertgames
    3D assets & animation by
    Owen Buckley - certifiedlame

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    1. Cas van de Pol if you wanna support the channel :)

      1. Joe MaMa

        @Hagiang Tran alright thanks have a cookie now time for revenge

      2. Hagiang Tran

        @Joe MaMa kaak tun

      3. Joe MaMa

        @Hagiang Tran name the full channel

      4. Joe MaMa

        @Hagiang Tran who is tell me

      5. Hagiang Tran

        Hey cas van de pol the channel name is kaak tun is copyright you

    2. MysticTree44

      I just love the spazzing cursor the whole time

    3. Abe_Playz Cruz

      0:30 Vs Bots (AI) Be Like

    4. starkiller4957 Gaming

      2:46 something is coming

    5. MrDorito_ XD456

      I want a "Friday Night Funkin" recapitulation

    6. MinePlants41

      2:50 this is why you put the stap on your wii remote! Have you learned nothing from the wii blue safety man?!

    7. That One Person

      baseball is accurate and I hate that

    8. Ciara Montgomery

      Sad very sad😐

    9. Skidocraft

      WTF Dude

    10. alain recurt

      Part 2 ?

    11. Bichim Do Morro

      OMG 😳

    12. Pa Ca


    13. XebasVV

      1:35 y aqui es cuando comienza lo turbio

    14. SonicBowl

      As a bowler i confirm: Bowling fucks your life until you Strike than everybody loves you 😂😂

    15. Vaughn Woker

      1:02 It almost feels like we're backtracking here...

    16. Sɐpᴉsʇᴉɔ

      Its funny how he was about to commit suicide but the he finished the game by getting a strike and then there just completely back to the normal mii face with his family. Lpl

    17. Joe Grizzly

      The Ultimate Open Season Recap

    18. blue boi

      1:40 the mii on the right has the nose outline texture off the face. very very accurate.

    19. xavier

      Wii are getting a divorce!

    20. Finnny Fionan

      The wii remote smashed to the screen and makes glitching noise scared the hell out of me

    21. Evil Leafy 64

      Lol Matt 0:19 2:13

    22. H.P.G Games

      In 1:25 do someone hear arabic word?

    23. Nathan Martinez

      So he loses bowling get drunk gets be in up get thrown in prison and he gets a strike and everything's back to normal totally accurate to reality

    24. Kake Popz • 10 years ago

      The way I felt bad for the mii-

    25. Гусяра фывы

      2:23 Where they found stick

    26. Latha1337

      Osaoaosoo Osaoaosoo Osaoaosoo Osaoaosoo Osaoaosoo Osaoaosoo Osaoaosoo Osaoaosoo Read more

    27. Bloop Smoot

      “That was so relatable”

    28. JackWithSwords

      trust me the ending is funny

    29. Rafael Gameplay

      Holy shit

    30. Silvia Alvaŕado

      Make Friday Night funkin

    31. Brenda Simmons

      It has a foot

    32. Brenda Simmons

      It ilas a foot

    33. ZadDan Cowboy

      I remember struggling to point at something using my controller

    34. Jak Manques 64

      2:19 WII police wii protecte, wii serve i would trust them tbh

    35. Nxpl mon

      Yeaaaaaaa!!! FUUUUUUN!!!

    36. Wil Fam

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      1. Latha1337


    37. MrTuks

      Wow i loved the bowling 😂😂🤣 It was so funny

    38. Supercraft5192

      Wii sports the Game of wins automatics...and minigames

    39. cloneheroisawsome

      1:39 HEY that isnt wii sports, they didnt twirl while jumping

    40. Nam Kwong Bus


    41. neptune

      This is what your broken Wii remote this to you it just glitches out or if you have shaky hands

    42. kevin

      wait if he just slid thought the bars / plopped through why can’t he just escape like that?

    43. Vera Kalezic

      Do Wii sports resort

    44. Dimwit Dangerous

      Anyone else jump when the bowling ball flew towards the screen or just me?

    45. Hagiang Tran

      Hey cas van de pol a channel is copyright you The name channel is kaak tun

    46. TheBlueAce

      I'd love to see a recap of resident evil: village!

    47. Otang Ani

      2:00 You Almost Like A Pencilmate

    48. simqbi

      1:43 PAT!

    49. Janeczeq

      My dad is amazing he wins in all sports

      1. Latha1337

        @Janeczeq kk

      2. Janeczeq

        @Latha1337 it was my twin brother

      3. Latha1337

        U arrested him

    50. Mihawk

      YOU WIN

    51. Sayaynaar 2020

      waiting for the animation about Friday Night Funkin

      1. NovazThePublic

        It would also be a 2 minutes animation too lol

      2. Latha1337

        Yeah that would be awesome

    52. JoJo Is Not Vibin.

      That Saul Mii was cool

    53. RedBrickMaroonAuburn


    54. Random Randominity

      my god it's a functional society i haven't seen that for a year


      It’s freaking funny Matt is Hitting and the head it struggling!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    56. Leandro Romero

      hubiese estodo buen que explote antes del strike 2:30

    57. Doge

      Madness ComBat + Games OF The sports = Wii Sports

    58. Popstar Juandissimo

      After rewatching I’m gonna say his life went to shit because he did not finish the bowling game. Once he does the world corrects itself.

    59. J A


    60. joshua plays

      is no one ganna talk about how matt hit some one

    61. Fanofblueshockey 107

      Bad stuff starts happening to that guy 1:08

    62. Gabriela Salas

      Un mind:VS Matt fnf

    63. teamkilled

      payday 2 recap cartoon

    64. Eddy Fizio

      can u do a horror movie one?

    65. Jaiden Playz 2

      1:11 Ah, I remember the time about when your cursor is a literal foot.

    66. MekaBlueGodzilla

      I kinda feel bad for the guy 🥺

    67. Bot_8101 Евгеньевна

      Wii but it's Matt

      1. Bot_8101 Евгеньевна

        *Matt is Wii in friday night funkin mod Matt*

    68. Dripleaf gaming

      mii sports? more like mii courts

    69. raid metye

      Yo what the name of the theme

    70. Mavic Barbosa Silva Marques

      Wtf!!! The story!

    71. Lash Grant

      2:15 Matt just stole your family.

    72. Lash Grant

      1:15 Matt is going to *WHOOP* you AND your foot.

    73. Lash Grant

      0:45 **Skips Bowling**

    74. Lash Grant

      0:10 POV: **You turned on WII**

    75. MarioXHK and others

      There's no way this cartoon could turn dark Edit: *holy crap*

    76. Elchowder 991

      Matt ?

    77. ShArK x

      Man those were good times when u threw the controller at the TV, used to do it alot

    78. An Obtustic Child

      World's best voice actor

    79. Doggo

      The handgoing everywhere is so acurrate lol

    80. Nicolas BLUE

      The mii default real wife is the female default mii

    81. Iris Dever

      Wii mama sports

    82. Timonon2

      2:41 GOOD ENDING

      1. Leandro Romero

        como seriea bad ending?

    83. Shaun Wall

      2:13 what the hell are they eating!!?

    84. CursedCats

      people on tiktok really like to steal your video

    85. Cesar Rodrigo PISCOYA RIVEROS


    86. ThatCanadianMan

      Suggestion : The Ultimate "Indiana Jones" Recap Cartoon ( And make Jones head look like Hans form the star wars cartoon you made)

    87. Devil Dino

      Do Godzilla king of the monsters

    88. Julian gonzalez

      to think his wife left him for hitting someone with a bowling ball but she is fine with him beating up a 87 year old great grandmother

    89. Honey Bee

      0:19 its the guy from fnf

      1. Jason Coffey

        oh ok

      2. Honey Bee

        @Jason Coffey joking lol

      3. Jason Coffey

        wait are you serious or joking?

    90. BFDI Pin BlueGamer2021


      1. Latha1337

        @BFDI Pin BlueGamer2021 ok

      2. BFDI Pin BlueGamer2021

        @Latha1337 ✅

      3. Latha1337

        @BFDI Pin BlueGamer2021 i tried to draw him and it worked

      4. Latha1337

        @BFDI Pin BlueGamer2021 Yeah itz easy to draw leafy

      5. BFDI Pin BlueGamer2021

        @Latha1337 why draw leafy is ez

    91. Boyfriend is dizzy

      0:19 Matt be like:

    92. Maximo Ramírez


    93. Ömer can yıldız

      Wii sports 15th anniversary

    94. William Sebree

      I knew the Wii was missing something, it was missing BULLSHIT

    95. Kan Detthan

      Could you do shrek Next

    96. Izuan GamerSpot

      Oh its Matt 2:13

    97. michał chmielewski

      cała polska śpiewa z nami kamerzysta za kratami

    98. crys†al_ clear

      The mouse thing is so trueeee🤣

    99. SamuraiWanBaw

      That one moment where he was getting ready to kill everyone and Bowls the ball to the pins, then Won and everything Went back to normal. 🤣

    100. The_Rejected_Soul