Scott Martin

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    Fishing for $300,000 and the BIGGEST Silver Trophy in Bass Fishing. I have to beat 51 of the best bass fisherman in the world to make HISTORY by winning two Forrest Wood Cups! This is Day 1 & 2 of the 2019 Forrest Wood Cup in Hot Springs Arkansas.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thanks for joining me in the LIVE Premiere today..Hope your enjoying the vid! Do me a solid and share this video to 20 of your peeps. Thanks for all the support..#teamSMC

      1. Lomax Elijah

        @Beards And Bows Outdoors tttttt5uuu0 Llttttrf😬😠😆👤👥🔧🚗💵💵💵💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💰💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲💲

      2. Carter jones

        Love you scott!!!!

      3. Nolan Jackson

        This is the coolest video I’ve see in a while good work Scott Martin

      4. J

        Scott, I have $155 of SMC gear in the cart ready for checkout. Is there any codes I can use please?

      5. Jeremy Erno

        Good luck

    2. robby black

      Great angler and even better family man. God bless you man.

    3. Gage Dukes

      that thumbnail, on

    4. Off the Hook

      That intro is FIRE!!!!

    5. Johnny Estrada

      Congrats bro keep it going

    6. Matt

      I was watching this as I’m trying to fall asleep and this intro video got me too pumped to sleep now! Huge fan, Scott.

    7. The wired Fisherman With the baits

      When did you do this I was in Texarkana not to long ago

    8. Lc slapz

      Scott plz respond to this I want to help you with a good swim bait for bass

    9. Kyle

      Am I the only one wondering how he gets his GoPro/Garmin camera to mount like that on his chest

    10. Kyle

      Am I the only one wondering how he gets his GoPro/Garmin camera to mount like that on his chest

    11. Jeff Cirelli

      I love it, fishing for 300K, FWC, and hes throwing a wacky rig worm. Gotta love that!

    12. Eli FishingTV

      That's the one of the best intros I've ever seen

    13. deputyja1

      You, your pops and Jimmy Houston probably saved my life. Thanks for the videos.

    14. T Fish 24.7

      Love you Scott!🐟🎣

    15. Warren louisiana

      One of these days,,,,Hil-Sue is gonna be standing right there @ the weigh inn!,,,

    16. Warren louisiana

      Is this a CI4 Shimano u using?

    17. slimfrank86

      Scott, Don't know if you reply to "older" videos, but if you do, can you tell me about your spinning reel line setups. Line/Weight/Knot/Leader line please? Thank you. I've been working on my braid to flouro setups, and been having difficulties picking and sticking with one setup.

    18. Michael Crider

      Come on Champ, it’s time you win.

    19. Michael Crider

      My Home State of Arkansas. Great place to fish Scott.

    20. Andrew Ingram

      Did you do a second video? Can’t seem to find it.

    21. Tyler Cermak

      Is that the drag squeaking in the spinner?

    22. Jeremy Ward Sr.


    23. fridge raider

      What rod is that???

    24. Gruntz

      i love how he is using spinning reels! i use baitcasters for heavy jigs and deep swimbaits and spiners but i use a light spinning reel for everything else!

    25. Kevin Holt

      whens the next time you come down to Tampa Florida?

    26. Kevin Holt

      love ya man watching you keep me going every day

    27. Owen Drake

      Make this blue for Brandons insane filming and edits ⏬

    28. American Hunter

      The introduction was awesome on this video. 🇺🇸

    29. Willie Nieuwenhuizen

      Scott you are the reason i fish for bass,you rock dude,keep up the good fishing,keep fishing never stop.from southe africa!!!🇿🇦🎣🎣🎣🎣

    30. Bspell

      notice how he barely showed the glide bait lol

    31. Tony Smith

      Congrats Scott. Good luck.

    32. Nick

      Where is part 2?

    33. Rodney Hanbaum

      What a pleasure it was to watch you at the cup and chat with your Momma, wife and daughter! Always a CLASS ACT!!!

    34. Mountain Homesteading

      So excited to see your day three video. I might have cheated

    35. Soli Bassinator

      What brand net is that?

    36. John niko

      Hi Scott , I am from Sydney Australia and keen fisho , I am a huge fan of yours mate as well as your dads - I love your videos , keep em coming,. Congratulations on your forrest wood cup finish , your depth of experience shined through when it counted most , next year it will be yours for sure. Your an inspiration to all of us an what you do for the sport is awesome. Please do a few more "how to videos" I really like when you go through your techniques and tips they are very useful and relevant to the fishing we do here in Australia as well. All the very best , Niko.

    37. Jason Garrett

      OMG where is the next video ???? Brandon you need to step up your game boo boo. I want to the see the final..........

      1. Scott Martin


    38. stewart heislup

      love watching these videos one day I hope to be in one of these tournaments

    39. runstaples

      These ads...geeeez

    40. Jacob Schofield

      What spinning rod is that he's using

    41. Jack Deardorff

      you remind me of ricky bobby but fishin shake n bake babby

      1. Scott Martin


    42. BassGeek

      Heck yeah 5h on day 2 nice.

    43. Nathan Nicholson

      Scott, you and Brandon make absolutely top notch videos every day! I’m a senior and I get home from school and watch the videos as soon as I can get the computer open! Y’all set the standard and these videos just get me so hyped up! I go fishing almost every Saturday and Sunday morning and your tips and tricks help so much! Can’t wait to see part 2!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro!!!

    44. Brady teter

      Good jobs. Now go kick those fishes tails

    45. Maser Lowery

      Amazing editor you got it was like watching a movie the whole time

    46. Brock Johnson

      I have a daughter that’s getting into fishing dude! She’s got a natural gift but don’t know It yet! Thanks for vids! I look at my baby like that to!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks man! Hope she keeps it up.

    47. Computer Guy

      Scott, serious question, please answer. Are you a Christian? At the beginning you and your family looked to bowed in prayer. Do you know the Jesus that I know?

      1. Computer Guy

        Scott! Brother, that is AWESOME!! Thank you so much for publicly professing your faith. Praise Jesus! I know your Dad cut his teeth on some of the reservoirs that I fish up here in MD...Loch Raven, Liberty, Prettyboy, Tridelphia. If you ever get up this way I'd love to take you out. These reservoirs are permit only and electric only. I have an 18' Grumman jon boat powered by a 60v Ray Electric outboard. You are my fav your vidz. God Bless you and your Family!

      2. Scott Martin

        I do 🙏🏼

    48. BigBearFishing

      Awesome video all the way around! Way to go Scott! Way to go Brandon for the awesome edit man! Very cool and I can not wait for the next one!!

    49. Brock Johnson

      Hey man keep them coming Scott!!! Want to know what’s up with tournament man! Your the best man

    50. Jason Burns

      Proud for you Scott. Beautiful family as well sir, thanks for bringing us along on the journey.

    51. coffe ulfsson

      Gratz Martin, i want to say that i would like to see more of trash talking James 😂

    52. OccasionalGamer

      Nothing like having your family with you when you fish a tournament.

    53. Kenneth Moran

      sccot was that u who liked my post ommggggggggggggg

      1. Kenneth Moran

        scott if u se this message i only started fishiung bc u made me like it so i go bass fishing and deep sea fishing wit friends on tournemtrs so if u see this message plzz reply

    54. Jessica Baumann

      Can you video the release of the fish back to the water after the weigh in??

    55. Declan o hagan

      Good luck brother

    56. Brennan Davidson

      omg you was in hot springs! wish i woulda came down and seen ya i’m a super big fan

    57. Kenneth Moran

      scottt your accutly the best in the word i dont care wat anyone says your 1 of the few that arent as seriouse and u r so nice like so never give up if its your dream bruh your my favourite and not just me everyones forget that u r the only who i think is good and the editers and hamtiolm like ik this is a long messege but wat ever i say i comesfrom the hart and i give u 100 percent respect never give up u legend

      1. Daniel Was Taken

        His father is pretty good too🙄

    58. Kenneth Moran

      scott your suchhhhhhhh a legenddddddddd and your the only person i watch for fishing and when ever i watch u make me wanna gi bass fishing hehehehe

    59. Dominik Heiderer

      Top post! 👍

    60. Brian Perren

      Man that lake looks like it fishes tough for them donkys.. just have to stay consistent & cull baby cull

    61. William Collier

      What glide bait or swim bait were you throwing day 1

    62. Pa Yia Xiong

      Hey I've been watching a lot of your bass fishing videos you did pretty good and I learned a lot to from you and your dad

    63. Anglers Pursuit

      This video rocks Scott. Nice work dude!

    64. Jason Yoder

      Great job Scott Martin

    65. Dakota Calhoun

      Good job good luck

    66. eug ciabatt

      praying for u brother , the mind of christ

    67. Theo Mcallister

      Way to go!!! Good luck!!!!!

    68. David Henderson

      Good job Scott! Your my favorite!

    69. Josh C Fishing

      It’s like Scott is Iron Man and his chestie gives him strength

    70. Harper Phillips

      I have a question why don’t u guys set the hook when ever I don’t set it they always come off

    71. Fish I Must

      The way your daughter was hanging on to your every word Scott just showed me how she really looks up to you as a father and her hero.

    72. gundorethemighty

      Scott i know your a pro fisherman . i know you been fishing for a very long time ,an I'm loving the content your putting out ... I am not a pro fisherman nore to claim to be ,But i love to fish, an i fish the poor man way a lot . Question have you ever in you life used a Bait called H&H spinner bait ? my biggest bass on this bait was a 10 pd out of a kayak 10 ss from wal-mart . Don't get me wrong i can't ride around in a 60- 70k boat ... before mine got smashed all i ever used was a 2 man pond hopper plastic boat . I don't know if it is a sponsor thing or what not .. but there is a lot of baits i never see none of yall use ...o well man keep fishing hope you smack big boy in one of these .Best of luck

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s a big one! I haven’t tried that HH Spinnerbait

    73. Civilian #72583119

      I like when you tell what ur fishing with bait wise

    74. kingfish slayer

      Great video! Always an inspiration

    75. Othniel Bendavid

      Blessins Scott!

    76. Alex Willis

      Best intro to a video by far good job on fining a editor like you have

    77. Jerred Wayne

      This editing style reminds me of that googan squad series

    78. TheSephradragon

      Praying for you Scott!

    79. Fire Turtle75

      Awesome video! Amazing intro!

    80. WayneRc

      I try buzzbait w a Googan Baits 4" Bandito Bug it work awesome

      1. WayneRc

        What colors do u like the best

      2. Scott Martin

        It works great

    81. Daven Maistry

      Well done you such a great sport. Good luck.

    82. Jonathan Spyker

      You got this Scott!!! Go get em!!

    83. Haley Ferguson

      The last weigh in when they said your weight i jumped up an went rage mode bring that trophy home!!

    84. Myles Hubert

      I did not know your wife was so gorgeous.. no disrespect but good for you, and you're the man! #1 GOAT angler

    85. Reid and Carson Laszaic

      If the intro gives you chills you know it’s gonna be a banger 🥶💪

    86. Ricky Dziadek

      Really awesome intro

    87. Todd Spindler

      Dude, y’all are still hands down,putting out the best videos on u-tube... You and Brandon set the standard,write the book on how and what a top notch video is suppose to look like... Can’t fake that stuff.... Really enjoy all your stuff Scott... You to Brandon... billygotabass

    88. Albert Duran

      Good luck!

    89. Big Daddy Zak

      Make another video with trash talking James

    90. Allan Milian

      Good luck Scott

    91. jimmy Fischer

      Your videos are always entertaining and educational as well. At 9:50 in the video.....dude you missed your rod guides with the line lol. nice to see the pros are not perfect, this happens to me often

    92. MT Fishing

      So epic!

    93. Hunter Kulsicavage

      Your daughter is so supported.

    94. Thelastking18

      You got this man I believe in ur one of my biggest inspirations god bless and have fun

    95. Ron Cook

      B-dog yalls best edit yet!!!!!!

    96. Russ B

      You're definitely going to make glide bait sales skyrocket at the very least Scott!

    97. Scratchin’ Away

      @0:34 ALL the beauty pageants prepared you for that moment....

    98. Hank Xiong

      Spinnerworm leveled up! He’s now Flash worm

    99. Christopher Ledbetter

      Surprisingly I have done that 9 min before weigh in ended up grand slamming the tournament. Keep up the good work

    100. Tyler Faulkner

      Scott you should make a game based off of you like on I phone or other gaming devices