***CARP FISHING TV*** Edges Volume 3.5 - FULL DVD!!!!

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    You can watch the latest Edges DVD in full HD here for FREE! OVer 3-hours of carp fishing entertainment, tactics, action and of course edges featuring some of our very best consultants plus of course some incredible carp including the mighty Wood Common over 50lb! Sit back and enjoy Carp fishing Edges Volume 3.5...
    This film has subtitles for Russian, Czech, Polish and Hungarian - click the subtitle button to pick the language you want!

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    1. סימון חזן

      נהנה מאוד מין הערוץ שלכם וגם מין הסירטונים וגם הסבר על דייג קרפיונים .צופה בכם שעות ולומד אמון מימכם והחלום שלי לדוג איתכם יחד וגם ליתפוס קרפיון ענק .מאחל לכם תמיד דייג מוצלח ולעוד סירטונים טובים כמו תמיד .ואם אפשר להשים כתוביות בעיברית שאוכל להבין יותר אין עליך אלוף ומעריך שלך מלך הקרפיונים והדייג ...ממני סיימון 👍🤗👍👑❤🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣❤

    2. Parts shooter

      You go to sleep and wake up to this😂

      1. Daniel Routledge

        Yep 2:39 hrs later good job it was on WiFi 🤣😩

    3. Tobias Stein


    4. ACE Life

      Hi Guy !! how are you now, i always see your video that is enjoyable to see your video. i hope i could see other video soon, good luck Guy !!

    5. johnbrown 60

      He'd done lap after lap after lap of the 1 acre lake and "couldn't see any fish because of the wind and rain" "it was like there were no fish in there" but he'd seen them moving from left to right, feeding on naturals. The usual carpy bollox to make out you've "worked hard" for your fish.

    6. John Dotcom

      Great vid as usual But why is rob not using finger stool when fishing braided line on spoding

    7. Ronin K.

      Epic vid guys and some great fish

    8. Alla Smackbar

      Guys because I’m 9 my pb is 14 lbs I know it’s bad

      1. Aurora Asbury

        I do a lot carp contest this will help me

    9. Benssa Hamra

      vidio smyka

    10. Tsn fishing the north

      whats the at 2:05:55

    11. MrThecarphunter

      What's the song playing at 2:05:40been trying to find it since this came out can't find it anywhere

    12. Ryan

      only thing i didn't like in this video was the shoes at 1:46:15

    13. LM

      1:05:48 great Danny Fairbrass imitation XD

    14. jim bob

      Whats the name of the song that starts at 8:56

    15. Tom Hill Fishing

      Nice video!!

    16. Swifty

      What's the name of the song at 2:05:40

      1. Liam J Production

        _ Tiggerrr get pied

    17. Mark 79

      Awesome DVDs.all edges series are epic.such genuine guys who love there fishing.from myself big Thankyou for the tips shown has made a big difference to my fishing.keep up the good work lads.

    18. Lukas Horup Helweg-Larsen

      Whats the name of the song, when the 50lb wood common get caught??? :D

    19. Blake's Carp Dairies

      What is the song at 42:49 ? Iv been trying to find it everywhere!

      1. goodcat1982

        Stara by Helem Nejse. Or at least the instrumental to it.

    20. Blake's Carp Dairies

      What is the song at 42:49 ? Iv been trying to find it everywhere!

    21. Anthony Versluis

      wanneer komt die in het Nederlandse??

    22. colin cowell

      MORE FRENCH twoddle,BORING.

      1. Fox International Carp Fishing

        +colin cow ell if you don't like the French part you can just skip that section and watch over 2hrs of angling in the UK

    23. Fish EyE Camera Kits

      What is the Tune that is on at 10.50 ..... ????doing my head in trying to find it lol

      1. Fox International Carp Fishing

        +Matt Hollingworth Sunshine Lazy Days, Marc Jackson Burrows

    24. Zakary Barnhart

      what was the rocket shaped thing you use

      1. Liam J Production

        beastingi 12 ohhhhh shut up

      2. Fox International Carp Fishing

        +beastingi 12 an Impact Spod

    25. PaperUtd

      nice simmos

      1. Fox International Carp Fishing

        Where did you find them fella?

    26. Graham Rowland

      One of the best vids I have seen plus a uk 50 for Lewis .nice work Fox

    27. J B

      Why always on payed venues.... There are so many public lakes in France

      1. J B

        +FOX International Limited Sounds logic if youre putting it this way ofcourse and from the companys point of view the most wise. Only asking /saying this because many payed venues in France steal their big fish from the public rivers and lakes.. So promoting it looks little strange to me.

      2. Fox International Carp Fishing

        Because 90% of our customers fished paid lakes not public venues

    28. golly goshh

      monsters!!! Great work lads keep it going pure achivment!.

    29. Thomas The Tank Engine

      Hey Fox just saying I've got no clue about fishing I'm not into this type of thing but I've been watching your videos and Korda videos and they're fucking awesome entertainment I like the end tackle sections haha! Great work 👍

    30. Tony Morris

      does anybody know the name of the song that was on the radio at 2:22

      1. Lewis

        Tony Morris - Tough love - so frickin’ tight

    31. Alex Cantillion

      Good film from lobby's tackle !

    32. Conor Moseley

      Did lewis fish the first lake 7 years ago? he didn't mention it Great film though! Loved it

      1. Fox International Carp Fishing


    33. Avery Eyles

      What's the song called where he is releasing the wood common?

      1. Avery Eyles

        +FOX International Limited cheers mate

      2. Fox International Carp Fishing

        +Avery Eyles Its called Good God, by Pete Masitti

      3. Joshuan02

        +Rob Pethers me to

      4. Rob Pethers

        +Avery Eyles I need to know this also!

    34. Andrew Cunningham

      cracking video. lewis epic catch. loved that the new forest water park was on there. good effort chaps.

    35. Jamie Hewson

      Super stuff once again by you lot

    36. csibusz

      Nice movie! What is this music 10:55 ? :)

    37. csirke1987

      Awesome video :)LoveLoveLove! ;)

    38. pesca CON chuchin

      nice video broooo subscribe thanks

    39. Dave Stone

      where are all the other anglers on Walthamstow ? Every time i go there its very busy even midweek. Not another angler in sight when Makers are there. PS. very well done Lewis, awesome fish, awesome angling. Brilliant stuff.

      1. Fox International Carp Fishing

        +Dave Stone Hi Dave, on the 2&3 where Andy was fishing there were 7 or 8 other anglers but most were on the 3 with only two or three others on the 2 and on the 1 where Tom was fishing it was quiet there was two anglers on the bank he was fishing and about four on the other side of the island. It was a quiet day for there, we filmed on a Monday and perhaps the bad weather put a few people off.

    40. Crazy Carper tv

      Awesome video loved every second of it @foxint

    41. Steve m

      wow Lewis mate that is absolutely mental ,two of the best👍

    42. AJR Fishing Adventures

      another really good watch

    43. Stanley Lowe

      Which lake in France are they fishing at the beginning?

      1. ivoshk0 St

        Angling Lines

      2. Angling Lines

        +Robert Lowe Hi Rob, the lake is Old Oaks, you can see more about the lake here - www.anglinglines.com/Old-Oaks/

    44. LockeNess Motorsports

      What was the music used in this?

      1. LockeNess Motorsports

        +FOX International Limited Mainly the trance one when they're in france

      2. Fox International Carp Fishing

        +Simmers Paradise Hi, there was about 25 different songs used on this, you might have to be more specific, which section are you referring to?

    45. Jed Turner

      awesome angling tht is a common of dreams and I take it that's the famous 50lb male linear

      1. Fox International Carp Fishing

        +Jed Turner We couldn't possibly say...

    46. Steve m

      wow what a film ,can't wait to get out!

    47. Steve m

      wow what a film ,can't wait to get out!

    48. Mike Elrick

      Tom maker get off your arse and get to your rod. Why do you take so long when fishing tight to an island?

    49. Sabestooo

      wow ! what a nice movie. i REALY enjoiyed it becasue no long commercials. thanks Fox !

    50. рыбалка на afishing_

      Интересный фильм! Спасибо ;)

      1. рыбалка на afishing_

        @Zayne Angel та все будет хорошо, чего ты переживаешь?

      2. Zayne Angel

        @Austin Spencer i am trying it out now. Seems to be working :)

      3. рыбалка на afishing_

        @Austin Spencer их бир нихт, моя твоя не понимать. Шо ты там хакнул?

    51. Sam Hubbard

      cannot wait for the next installment of mark pitchers "The challenge"

      1. kit clark

        What was the xtks used at the begining?

      2. Jay Bay

        +Fox International Carp Fishing help wheres new one

      3. Fox International Carp Fishing

        +Sam Hubbard will be coming later in the Autumn

    52. Meikel Korpatsch

      warum ohne Deutschen Untertitel

    53. twinfroz

      thx for russian subtitles

    54. Carper224

      How long did this take to upload

      1. Fox International Carp Fishing

        +LOUIS RANDOM STUFF about 7 hours

    55. Gilly Ryder

      Carnt wait to go fishing now what hung this lol

      1. Danni D Travis Baker

        Brad Tonks caught anything decent in them 2 years

    56. jordan

      awesome DVD fox well done again for producing an epic DVD

    57. Alex Marcou

      Looking good so far

    58. quench1234

      Awesome 👍 well done foxint for another fantastic show