The game that got Beaulo Champion (full game) - Rainbow Six Siege

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516 миӊ. көрүүлөр58

    The game that got me to Champion rank!
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    Music used:
    Music & sound effects in video provided by Epidemic Sound
    DPI: 400 Default multiplier
    V: 9 H: 9
    1.0x: 58
    1.5x: 88
    2.0x: 94
    2.5x: 100
    3.0x: 103
    4.0x: 104
    5.0x: 105
    12.0x: 161
    Resolution : 1920x1080
    Aspect Ratio: 4:3
    Refresh Rate : 240hz
    FOV: 90
    Texture Quality: Medium
    Texture Filtering: Linear
    LOD Quality: Ultra
    Shading Quality: Medium
    Shadow Quality: Medium
    Reflection Quality: Low
    Ambient Occlusion: Off
    Lens Effect: Off
    Zoom-In Depth of Field: Off
    Anti-Aliasing: Off
    Color: Turquoise
    Opacity: 100

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    1. Beaulo


      1. xDIlIlIlIlIlIDx

        why are you in xim descriotions?

      2. Mary Durkop

        @Dogeyboi _2258 yes he played it years ago and hasn’t since besides a few times

      3. Dogeyboi _2258

        Do you have a brothwr that plays siege on xbox

      4. Sir

        Ben dover

      5. Qualzy

        @Lazy u missed the joke loll

    2. Raze

      did he actually not realise the ben dover at the start

    3. Gavin Messenheimer

      The reminiscent comfort sporadically rush because copy markedly borrow apropos a telling fedelini. far-flung, likeable walrus

    4. The Gaming Caster

      Anyone know why he is just randomly firing his pistol at the start? Is there any reason to do that or is he just messing around?

    5. Sneaxs

      Can someone Tell me Why he is shooting around at the Beginning?

    6. Game Slayer

      Damn miss playing rainbow right before Christmas my ps4 broke and they said they were gonna get me a pc and den they said they wouldn't they said they would get me a ps4 and they didn't smh I hate not being able to play anymore it really helped escape from the real world I was able to talk to people that were in a different state I miss those days

    7. Wes Murphy

      'that creep can roll, man...'

    8. C B

      Y does he keep shooting his pistol like that?

    9. Defianxe Y T

      Am I the only one that finds it funny that my mans uses earbuds?

    10. Vicxz-_-

      Bealuo is 100%#1 in the world am I correct?

    11. HypeX LAXY

      What is your crouch bind ?

    12. Glix

      No way this guy got first picked 3 rounds inna row within 30 seconds an he gets to play w beau

    13. Elijah Soto

      "I'm gonna intimidate him" shoots in terminator theme

      1. Ace Adge

        I love Mario

    14. Eating Your Cats

      RIP to Mira’s 1.5x sight on the vector. ✊😔

    15. Beau Abbott

      beaulo is a year older than me and one of the best siege players in the world and i am complete garbage at everything i do especially siege

    16. Joaquin Epperson

      Why do you shoot all around s the buildings

    17. James C

      Ben Dover with the prime XD look at him trying not to laugh. Love you Beau

    18. Methfish

      No one wonders why he shoots like that with his pistol??

    19. Nolan Jones

      Anyone know what weapon skin he’s using w Jager on the carbine

    20. Yeah The boys

      I love ur gameplay

    21. iShxdowz-

      I love how wholesome beaulo is no matter how much money he is he’s always grateful even for the smallest of donors

    22. Cameron Reid

      did he really just fall for the ben dover😭😭😭

    23. snap shot

      What was he doing w his pistol first round?

    24. Gummybears

      why did beau shoot his pistol a bunch at the start of the first round?

      1. Minky

        so they dont find the bomb i think

    25. niels_hne

      Does he play 4:3?

    26. Jaylon Delgado

      Why do they shoot during the drone phase?

    27. George Woods

      Why does he always shoot his pistol?

    28. Mary Durkop

      This should have no dislikes

    29. Mary Durkop

      Bro I am always so close to gold and then my team tosses

    30. Saucy44K-

      Everyone go check out some of my content on my channel you won’t regret it 💯

    31. Saljaksupra

      1:18 does he even realize

    32. Thomas Overton

      "ben dover with the prime" ...

    33. Hidde Sjollema

      Rex is stupid nutty as well

    34. Yh Lactic

      1:17 Ben Dover, little sus

    35. Papa Bastyn

      Why does his reinforcing look so slow?

      1. Mary Durkop


    36. WICK3D

      2:57 knew I wasn't the only one who shot random beats before the round started *Battlefield, knew it sounded familiar*

      1. Ace Adge

        How about you think deeper maybe Mario

    37. Osian Bruce

      the stretch res is grim

    38. Torec IQ

      usin this aspect ratio is like cheating

    39. ulus z

    40. Psychotic Skittle

      sounded like the terminator theme song when he was shooting his pistol

      1. Ace Adge


    41. Spla5h

      What is this purple universal skin called and how you can get it?

      1. Banterlord _

        its amethyst and it costs real money but its like 4$ you can also look at other gemstone universals at the digital content section when you are in siege

    42. Braeden Ray

      Is it just me or is his resolution scale fucked up

    43. Omar Akmal

      i have a question, im a noob. why does he keep shooting everything in the prep phase.

      1. Anthony Wickstrom

        To make the time go by

      2. novarx

        its just for fun

    44. TBZ EvanKMan

      Did anyone else realize that he beat LethalGamage?

    45. Dan42

      Late Congrats

    46. Chuklebrotherz x 7vcy

      Beaulo vs Spoit would be an interesting match

    47. Riley Poirier

      I only play cod, mostly warzone and this game seems so confusing. But it also seems like they know where the enemy is at all times?

      1. Daniel Resendiz

        @Riley Poirier it’s called good crosshair placement

      2. Riley Poirier

        @Mohamed Hassan Abu hussein I more mean just staring down hallways for a while and then the guy walks into their scope lol

      3. Mohamed Hassan Abu hussein

        They hear footsteps

    48. Jonny Sosa

      I thought you said the n word at 5:26 lmao

    49. ITSS ALEXX 56

      I don’t get it why people are banning ash now can someone explain

    50. Digitalz XD


    51. Mojo TooSavage

      Rook is a 3 speed with that fov😂

    52. Dezaku

      Why is he always shooting with his pistol?

      1. Mary Durkop

        Get them to Noticed him idk

    53. Spaceboy93

      Dum dum dum dum dum dum.

    54. Midnight

      That slower reinforce is conducting aids to my eyes

    55. Sam Xu

      HAHAHA Ben Dover gotem

    56. Charlie Lim

      beaulo making beats with the pistol

    57. OG DeadBro

      Whats the weapon skin?

    58. buggie804

      Anyone notice how it said plus 25 mmr showing that he should have already been in champ unless the 100 game rule was here at the time

    59. Sip Ciroc

      what is that purple skin?

      1. Collin Richardson

        Amethyst, it's in the digital store

    60. Diego Alvarez

      Damn imagine . I’m stuck in gold 1

      1. Angel Torres

        Felt that

    61. Jordan YT

      You look like LostandUnbound 🤣

    62. Burning

      how was he over 5k but not champ?? He has 5033 after getting +25???

      1. equilibrium 814

        To get champ you need to : have 5000+MMR and have played at least 100 seasonal ranked games

    63. Kie_Bacchus

      1:17 lol 'ben dover with the prime'

      1. Elise Meredith

        just watched that bit came straight to the comments

    64. Dr4 Nte

      Always when you see dis kinda videos you wanna play siege :)

      1. Mary Durkop

        Yea it is pog

    65. Boxer papa

      felt gotta stop being first blooded lol

    66. El_ Cornbread

      Why does Beaulo randomly shoot his pistol

      1. equilibrium 814

        He's making the mario theme song and terminator for fun lol

    67. Nikolai Sahlholdt

      Im getting fucking annoyied over him wasting all his pistol ammo

    68. Dojo ow

      My top ten: 10.kanal,9.consulate,,7.Kafe,6.villa,5.theme park,4.Oregon.3,bordor,2.coastline, house (I’m aware you didn’t ask😂)

    69. Zuniga Willyam

      Beaulo: No trolling it’s my champion game Also Beaulo: Plays the Mario song with a pistol

      1. I’m zincc

        @Psychotic Skittle yeah that’s what I heard

      2. qarz

        @Kiiteh its literally 1 minute in dude

      3. Kiiteh

        Time stamp?

      4. Avalon Avrora

        It's not trolling, rather making urself enjoy the game to give boost up your positivitiy, trolling is basically to ruin the game

      5. Psychotic Skittle

        nah i think its the terminator theme

    70. Yolin

      i used to play against lethal gamage on xbox in champ rank, good to see him doing well

    71. Strafe !

      bro you carzy

    72. Landole Gall

      So im geting a pc soon so do u have any tips and can i link my xbox acc to u play?

    73. Tony Clark

      What skin is Vigil using at 18:10

    74. Reuben Hunter

      Me and beaulo are the same......I also prefer running around and shooting random objects rather than re-enforce

    75. Anthony Lem

      “Peeps the Terminator beat with the Pistol”

      1. Ace Adge

        Ah yes Mario

    76. Jevin Blanchard

      Why does he shoot his pistol randomly I don’t get it???

      1. Nima

        try bait players out to the sound, lure them in


      i wanna see beaulo in a 5 stack against skittlz and his mates

    78. Obiwanoah

      What’s that weapon skin

      1. KGproxy


    79. Sal

      Is it just me or does he sound like ninja a little bit 😂

      1. Anthony S

        @depressed. clippingz no kizzy

      2. depressed. clippingz

        The disrespect

    80. Trev Trev Bembry

      Bo...bro that 5th round was rough

    81. KanaAGAR v

      What does he do that with his gun with rook?

    82. iAmSolo


    83. Raymond Garcia

      Gets dosed 😂

    84. HighPandaGames

      No cap why beaulo look like my nephew

      1. Mary Durkop

        He is

    85. Evancanopener Terra

      I had a bug for the entire season that I just can't play coastline, I can't wait until I can play it again.

      1. Evancanopener Terra

        @Mohamed Hassan Abu hussein I fixed it, some files that don't uninstall with siege weren't uninstalling, so once I deleted them it was all good

      2. Mohamed Hassan Abu hussein

        Where's the bug?

    86. Zxm Filipov

      Bot 1v1 me

    87. jackabob 365

      This is cool and all but I'm gold 3😎

    88. Jose Ramirez

      This guy sounds like ninja

    89. CyFii

      "Wow explosive" might be my new favorite beaulo quote.

      1. Chill Boi

        @LittleManSeb Bruh

      2. LittleManSeb


      3. Rebecca Arimoto


    90. ImCrust

      why are u shooting your gun at the beginning of the round with rook plz help

    91. Thomas Blackwood

      I’m loving the terminator theme with the gun 😂👍🏼

    92. Mark Kortum

      yo why tf did it take him so long to get champion, damnnn

    93. Again Never

      when I ace and still lose the round, check it

    94. Fettsack


    95. Scott Dill

      Am I the only person who doesn’t understand what the fuck beaulo is doing half the time

    96. Leo Dunne


    97. Dr.1tap

      what is this resolusion

    98. Alessandro Gobbo

      Why he shoot random?

    99. Kevin Sandoval

      I miss playing r6

      1. Mary Durkop

        Than play again

    100. asian man

      ah yes, watching pros get champ with nothing more than a pair of earbuds and yes I know pros use earbuds, just not apple EarPods, sound quality from them is decent, pros use higher quality

      1. Notion-Az

        @banaantjexx164 that would also make sense I suppose

      2. banaantjexx164

        @Notion-Az I heard someone say once that the headset was for game sound and the earbuds for either comms, or to monitor the stream...

      3. Notion-Az

        @asian man oh that was my other thought but thanks for clearing it up

      4. asian man

        @Notion-Az it’s to block out the noise usually, for sound isolation.

      5. Notion-Az

        @PLGE Shame yeah i get that but why wear a headset on top of that ?