🔴 LIVE Among Us but I stand on vents a lot


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    This group is a very interesting mix and I'm excited to see what happens. I'm also going to act a bit sus so hopefully the high IQ players don't throw me out the chute.
    @Sykkuno , @Dangthatsalongname (Smajor), @LaurenzSide , @QuarterJade , @Kubz Scouts , @neekolul , @OMGchad , Bobby (LaurenzSide's Husband), ShowThyme -- @Kara Corvus and @Shubble join later!
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    1. Emma Arianna

      When she died any wasn’t doing her tasks 🥲

    2. • Kìya Gacha •

      At 25:58 did sykkuno vent??

    3. Abigail Hogan

      Sykkuno makes me laugh so hard, why does he always sus himself?! 😂😊

    4. gaby andreas

      once i was on call with my freind and the impasta vision was the lowest and she was like "why cant i see!"

    5. Jordin Frost

      Gloom: oh hot

    6. Nathan Johnson

      Is Niko that

    7. Sophie H

      did anyone else see at 2:07:48 Lauren's among us kid going crazy.😂


      Why does every gloom live among us stream like hours and like a movie? 😂😂😂😂

    9. Ezekiel the Editor


    10. Pal Tan

      Very nice….

    11. Zoey Rousey

      "im gonna touch the vent just cuz its pretty " _Crewmate Kassie 2020

    12. Olivia Carlin

      Why does Terry not play with you

    13. Eden Jones

      What I don’t get is on the second round of playing chad literally killed Gloom and she sused Jay COME ON GIRL 😭✋🏼✋🏼

    14. DonjaNay Kellman

      But if we play Among Us somebody have to give me the code cuz something's wrong with the fungus on my phone I think cuz every time when I play online it says I'm playing the older version so I can play

    15. lps twixx

      I love how even tho smajor killed kassie,she still wanted him to win😂😂

    16. Tessa Reid


    17. Tessa Reid

      i love u glooom i wish i cold buy you merch

    18. viloet kittycornwengie

      Wherecis azzy

    19. Noemi AB

      Sykkuno is such a pure soul

    20. Madison Kelly23

      25:58 right before the meeting was called if you had looked at the bottom you would’ve seen sykkuno vent y did u guys not vot him right then I’m dead🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. SKYBLAZE (Night)

      I love this, Live stream

    22. Ashley gem

      Hi gloom you are the best KGup you are the one that made me a KGup to

    23. rainbow pineapple maddy gamer

      Lol #3:00 LOL IT WAS 3:11 WHEN I WATCHED THIS XD lol but ima stop i wanna sleep :/

      1. rainbow pineapple maddy gamer


    24. Isaac Vizcarra

      that scream at 34:31 i'm dead😭

    25. Charley Fulton

      in the frist game neeko vented in to elec went kassie fixed lights

    26. Sarah Taylor

      Was anyone else laughing the whole time

    27. Emma Andersen

      Anyone else loves how it just comes “sUpeR ChaT” at random times

    28. Annaliz Rojas

      Hello I love when you play among us (ik you didnt pin this comment)

      1. Annaliz Rojas

        @Emma Andersen yes soo I can tell ppl ok!

      2. Emma Andersen

        Doesn’t everyone that’s watching this love when she plays among us...

    29. pin cushion

      gloom your really sus

    30. Blake Ryan

      Hello I love your vids

    31. Bryan Duncan

      I saw who vented

      1. Emma Andersen


    32. Abel Palomares - Gaming and Vlogs

      I shud really read da timestamps

    33. Jazmin Phy

      Everyone subscribe to gloom if u see this Gloom your amazing

    34. Abel Palomares - Gaming and Vlogs

      54:10 "I'm gonna touch the vent just because it looks pretty." -Crewmate Kassie 2020 LOL

    35. Abel Palomares - Gaming and Vlogs

      kassie can u move ur cam

      1. Emma Andersen

        You just wanna know that code and that would ruin the gamr

    36. Rosa Pastor

      I just watched it and saw Scott standing over a body at 8:39 and gloom completely missed it.😂🤣

    37. Matthew Collins

      Gloom’s live Among Us videos make me laugh everyday I watch them


      Wow thats neato

    39. JennieBP


    40. Teresa Olvera

      Marcos is my class mate

    41. Lily Belflower

      I’m going to finish the vid all the way through without stopping. Even while doing online school work

    42. Lily Belflower


    43. -Choco Milk-

      at around 25:00-26:00 someone vented XD I think it was Sykkuno possibly Scott XDXDXD I saw that so well

    44. Lil-Kawaii-Minty - リルカワイイミンティー

      Sykkuno is just a fan favorite

    45. Cassandra Fagermo

      Is Terry in a relationship with Kassie, or who is he?

      1. Emma Andersen

        Yeh Terry’s Kassie’s fiancé

      2. Cassandra Fagermo

        Ok thanks

      3. Jovanna Cofresi

        Yea their engaged✨

    46. Kimberley Iliff


    47. Kimberley Iliff


    48. Kimberley Iliff


    49. Kimberley Iliff


    50. Kimberley Iliff


    51. Kimberley Iliff


    52. Kimberley Iliff


    53. Kimberley Iliff


      1. Emma Andersen


    54. e v a


    55. Bunny Love


    56. Christian Philip


      1. Hayley comrie


    57. Matthew Ormsby

      i was just playing amoung us

    58. Nyllie Bart

      In amung us my name is bare

    59. Nyllie Bart

      Ummmm how do you get in the game

      1. Emma Andersen

        You have to know the code

      2. Nyllie Bart

        Like how do you get in the game ????😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

    60. Nyllie Bart

      I love amung us

      1. Nyllie Bart


      2. Nyllie Bart

        I play amung us

    61. Kayla Hunter

      Hi Kassie can you please do a among us game with LaurenZside, Azzy

      1. Charlotte Conaway

        that would be so sick

    62. Kayla Hunter

      Hi Casie ca

    63. Itzartiii

      When u saw Lauren's video before this and u know lauren was the impostor on the first round 👁️👁️👍🏼. 👁️👁️👌🏼

    64. AJ Campbell

      who else is having OCD staring at her not doing the task that is right next to her... Just me??

    65. Hijab Asif

      25:29 sykkuno just vented in front of smajor and gloom!

    66. April Newsome


    67. Hope Gibbs


    68. Jonmichael Ruiz


    69. Ana T

      -sykkuno mode activated-

    70. Lilia Maddy


    71. Alicia Daniels


    72. Pallavi Raj

      chad killed kassie but she kept susing jay . thats so funny :PPPPPP

    73. SkyeZ StudioZ

      8:20 When I saw Lauren doing asteroids ☄️ and not having the guns move I was like 😰👄👁👄👁

    74. Bunny X

      i love the way she says admin

    75. BitBitKitten

      THE dantdm is your friend

    76. Elizabeth Lauderback

      I’m screaming at gloom at 46:45 because there 2 tasks in that room!!!! She’s not even doing them!

    77. Kaylee Snow

      I feel bad for Terry...

    78. Libby Davies

      Where is Kathagoart

    79. Betsy Denson

      I really miss Billions of years or evolutionary advancement and thé there was Kassie. Like if you agree.

    80. Alexa Gentile

      At the very end of a round when a body was reported sykkuno vented and somehow Scott and Kassie didn’t see-

    81. thomas Pilkington

      Someone's posing as u on among us and asking for u know what they join me all the time

    82. Erin._.Avocado

      POOR TERRY ! :( he just wanted to be included after he figured it out ;(

    83. Addyson Weidman


    84. Tiffany HAESELEY

      Hi bich

    85. jenns

      i love seeing my fav yts and my fav streamers playing together

    86. Deena Naidoo


    87. sophiestutorials


    88. sachin antony

      Gloom make it the famous in 3 seconds

    89. Sakshi Bhattacharya

      Lauren's kid at 2:08:01.... I-

    90. Juanita Perez

      Hi I love your videos so much🤗🤗😍

    91. Classified Shrek

      Lauren can just not spell Sykkuno right lol

    92. Ava Smith

      I had the most horrible experience in admin... 26:02

    93. Ava Smith

      -Me Noticing that Lauren faked weapons- KASSIE LOOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKK

    94. Purple • Seal

      “I love jay. I mean, that’s what Jurassic said!” Also Kassie: Boyfriend Looks Through My Phone! _Jay in thumbnail_

    95. Terrance Hollamon

      not “udmen” “ADDMEN” BSHGSHS

    96. Katie Peck

      Gloom: it’s so peaceful, watching all these balloons. While all your friends are getting murdered Also gloom: it’s like the Grand Canyon Me: 😳 Also me: what happened to you at the Grand Canyon

    97. Katie Peck

      Me thinking I saw sykunno do 2 downloads... then chad kills Scott..... then it’s Jay..... and Sykunno says “it couldve been me”

    98. Little Dog

      Jay is Crew I saw him take out astroids

    99. Addison Hibble

      The first game I knew it was Lauren because she faked asteroids and nobody else noticed

    100. Mendoza Jas

      1:39:27 awww i could hear how disappointed terry was i feel so bad... also i miss Happy day on gloom and millions of years on evolutionary advancement and then we have kassie only og will remember