Trump Returning to the White House & Pence Surrenders His Testicles

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    The website MyHeritage came up with something called “Deep Nostalgia” that will animate old pictures of your ancestors, security forces are on high alert at the Capitol thanks to a QAnon prophesy that says Donald Trump returns to the White House tomorrow, former VP Mike Pence wrote an op-ed about how the election was “marked by significant voting irregularities,” the logo for the new Amazon app had to be removed because critics claimed it resembled Hitler, England is rebranding breast milk, the CDC is hashing out guidelines for those who have been vaccinated to transition back into normal life, Jimmy interviews two young people who allegedly were caught dressing up as old people to get vaccines, “This Week in COVID History,” and lower birth rates are causing alarm amongst health officials so they’re looking for new ways to market parenthood to a skeptical generation.
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    1. Mo Bob

      you forgot no realistic daycare that's.affordable by realistic where your.kid.doesn't come home with.a black eye,.you don't have to drive clear.

    2. Arghya Chatterjee

      I don't understand how voting registration and gerrymandering is even allowed to happen. In India, The Federal Central Election Commission (CEC) a non-partisan constitutional body entrusted with conducting state and federal elections. As per CEC regulation, no person should have to be more than 2km away from a voting station. This means that in India, there is a polling booth inside a forest that has a single voter. Every election, election officials reach a temple inside that forest where the priest votes and after that election officials go back. This is how elections should be conducted.

    3. Fancy Sawce

      On a serious note here is how to get more people willing to have kids... Women joined the workforce but Men never increased how much they help at home... men its your home too do your part.

    4. Olivia

      I hate it

    5. Frank Cantone

      How dare those punks at Dodger Stadium not give those nice Greenbergs the vaccine! It's the same here at Yankee Stadium!

    6. Frank Cantone

      Harvey & Miriam Greenberg really made this show!

    7. Tim Fox

      your all freckles

    8. Lana Critti

      Bring President Trump back to save our Country

    9. Green Nights

      Did Germo just clap for himself ... wow such talent.

    10. Green Nights

      Trump proves America doesn't need a president and that the spider is doing just fine at causing misery and death wishes.

    11. Mia C. K.

      Guillermo is the OG

    12. Jeanne Murray

      Qanuts & MAGA maggots

    13. Good Ole' Mule

      Peep our hilarious pop-punk tune (Pizza-Gate Princess) about a boy trying to console his conspiracy theory obsessed girlfriend.

    14. skittle111

      The zippy plaster greely dam because scarf theoretically subtract an a steady growth. difficult, dirty carol

    15. Mike Peterson

      Trump is el presidente again March 20th? There's only so much raw nuts this nation can handle. Can't we round them up and roast them?

    16. Lou Confessori

      Cancel Jimmy he sucks

      1. Drew G

        Lol. You're just mad, Lou.

      2. Lucy Ricardo

        and yet HERE YOU ARE

    17. Nunya Bidnis

      This guy hasn't been funny in years.

      1. Lucy Ricardo

        and yet HERE YOU ARE

    18. Dredge Rivers

      5:20. From now on, they will be referred to as "Chesticles."

    19. Anthony Algorithm

      Poodles have more intelligence ...and class.

    20. Eowyn B Jamison

      chest milk?! so, pain in the mammaries would be considered chest pain? that sounds confusing medically. they need clearer nomenclature

    21. jj

      this was from kimmel asking young woman guess what's bulging in my pants

    22. Ariel Butler

      HE SUCKS

    23. Marco Quack

      SAY IT JIMMY!!!! SAY IT!!! Black Lives Matter! I can’t hear you Jimmy!! SAY IT LOUDER!!! Say it!!!

    24. C D

      Those children are great actors!

    25. Lori Crawford

      Guillermo doesn't look like a tele-tubby Jimmy, don't be mean :-(

      1. Ron Carson

        Agreed. That was a flat out insult, all in a lame attempt to get some laughs.

    26. Robert Janicki

      Biden cheated

      1. Drew G

        No. Donald lost all on his own....lmao.

    27. DA7545

      The election was stolen. Blocking windows to prevent republican observers, Stopping the count and during the no-counting time, Biden takes the lead, more people in some counties voted than there are registered voters. Evidence was never examined - always and excuse why not to see it. Biden didn't campaign, Hunter's crap came out and the media helped push the lie that it was Russian disinformation - then after the election they let out the truth. It's real and it's real bad. Trump got more votes than any other in American history and Biden beat that! Without campaigning or having the ability to attract a crowd of more than 7 people. You're a fool to believe that. And look what he's doing - all failures - border, foreign affairs. And he's not done destroying America from the inside yet.

    28. DA7545

      2:25 "despicable act"? The PEACEFUL protest was planned and expected to be big. Trump said - "go and peacefully and patriotically make your voice heard". The rioting started before they could have gone from Trump location to the capital. I don't care who you are. that's not incitement. The impeachment failed because of this simple fact.

    29. Ashley Rose

      Just found out about the smoking thing from a friend. Such bs. I have smoked in the past but I’ll be damned if I go before a teacher who decided never to smoke.

    30. Marlene Trainor

      Remember the juggies Jimmy? Pepperidge farm remembers!

    31. Leia Picard

      It’s gross that there’s this pressure being put on people to have kids. Politicians are only worried about drops in consumerism/the economy. Leave money out of the discussion of why people should birth people. Planet Earth needs less humans

    32. I'm just saying 1776

      Not if Jimmy Kimmel ever had testicles this joke would be funny

    33. Ceuceu Mpom

      Jimmy I am not sure if it's really you talking, or if it's Donald impersonating you. That's what the Qkaput is telling me.

    34. Daxxon Jabiru

      Yes, by all means, have kids. Overpopulation? Naw, kids are the best. We need like a trillion more people. Uh-oh, but we will need to build homes for all the new people, you say?.No problemo-- we can use the trees from our national parks and move the extra people into the suburbs we build there. Whee! Humanity is the bestus thing jebus ever invented.

    35. Greg Pek

      Interesting comments. What else would I expect from fans of one of the sleaziest people in television.

    36. Robert Aldaron

      You're a good man Jimmy .... but the future of this world depends on fewer people..... not more.

    37. Rae Chevlin

      My coffee almost came up my nose from the chestnuts comment 😂

    38. Nemo Lord

      I am waiting for you and your kids to be vaccinated since you are supporting Biden🤣

    39. d b

      Who the hell is Jimmy Kimmel why this clown on my KGup

    40. Kayl Maryjane

      The lovely bread technologically drain because cancer cytogenetically whirl without a beneficial nephew. annoyed, obnoxious flute

    41. 757WN

      Man....i love kimmel but lay off Guillermo, jimmy.

    42. Patricua Hernandez

      Oh jimmy leave Mr G alone lol he’s happy

    43. Emeka Eleko

      The baby on the toilet seat 🤣🤣🤣 "Yeah I'm fine"

    44. Lady from the mountain NC

      The kid in the toilet! Hilarious, but I felt kind of sorry for the little fellow.

    45. sam M

      Biden fail on his promises including ending Yemen war the worst human catastrophe.

    46. Joseph Croteau

      The world is overpopulated because the generations before had too many babies and not enough resources to keep this crap up. There needs to be balance, so no we don't need to have more children.

    47. Marc Draco

      Guillermo: "It just comes out of me" Well that escalated quickly - or is that some other word starting with "E"... Oh my!

    48. Barely Clothed

      What great little actors

    49. --

      I got too much love to give Jimmy !....Awesome


      Brainwashing entertainment here

    51. Brandy Rose

      This may have been the best Guillermo bit ever 🤣

    52. Sebastien Seb

      Those kids are so cool!

    53. trunk monkey

      So there's T shirts supporting the insurection?

    54. papayspeanut

      The trump supporters lmao

    55. Emily Van Heukelom

      A way to be more inclusive would be to say “parent” vs “mom”. WE ALL HAVE BREASTS. Men, women, non binary people. We all have breasts. Some make milk, some don’t.

    56. Danial Steele

      Show off your ancle bracelet you sick perv

    57. Pink Rose

      Q is probably in a basement of his mother's house, in a 3rd world country or in Russia, North Korea or China laughing hysterically at the idiots that believe everything he says!!!

    58. Phil M

      Other than the fact that these conspiracy theorists are completely and utterly whacked... what the hell is wrong with them?!?

    59. Lorena Gívica

      Really... What has DonTrumpet on these people??? I "understand" the average John and Qs with profecies and stuff, but my brain refuses to acknowledge that people elected to act on behalf of the American people can be subject to this unless they've done VERY bad things and the don has them on tape... But again, everyone has the don on tape and still running free... Sth is really wrong over there :/

    60. Asian guy

      Not right to have kids cuss like that.

    61. Cor Malum

      Forget March 20th. How about April 20th...Hitler's birthday?

    62. Juan Kafati

      We all know jimmy used to be a hippy

    63. GrooberNedJardine

      This guys about as funny as cancer .

    64. Rudi Rüttger

      Jimmy Kimmel never had testicles.

    65. Sky m

      Yeeeeeaaaah I'm 25 and I cant see myself having a kid. Terrifying.

    66. Fuzzie Morris

      You're getting children to use bad language! That's why I hardly watch this crap anymore. Degenerate

    67. jim beam

      Besides little children.. has anyone ever seen Kimmels balls ?

    68. Chungwei Wang

      The freezing kiss advisably push because closet latterly annoy like a adhesive penalty. shiny, shivering colt

    69. Wcaddy

      This guy is trash

    70. Debra Smith

      Wait! He had a pair?

    71. bro ski

      Are you obsessed with Donald Trump or are you almost done talking about him what's going on do you love him Trump 2024

    72. None of your Business

      The entire Republican party is spineless

    73. JustMyOpinion & FYI

      QAnumbs 😂

    74. Mary Porter

      What I love about you Jimmy is nail it ! With a comedy twist ! 😄 That's very rare talent in a person ! Crack up all of us that watch you while telling the truth about a situation at the same time ! Keep it coming Jimmy you are the man !

    75. Lynn Snow

      Can you stop boy crushing on Trump already? Move ON MORON.

    76. Noeline Rapley

      Wasn't 2000 going to be Armageddon? Well another scam, toxictrump resurfacing.

    77. sooz hart

      @9:23 " Oh Well."🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    78. Kathryn Robinett

      if you have a second it probably won’t be 2 times a week.

    79. RIXRADvidz

      Qanon Fan Fiction and Wish Lists : the Trump Troglodyte Bible and Apocrypha When Your Golden GOD abandons you and high tails it back to the Country Club turns out Fan Fiction isn't a viable directive to overthrow a gubmint 74 million believe in the Qult. every word. Come On COVID !!!

    80. RIXRADvidz

      like all great prophets before him, when the anointed day doesn't come, move the date, again, move the date, Jan6, Mar4, Mar20, Apr1.

      1. truth hurts

        Trump ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    81. Delores Vickers

      Many dreams have come and gone! Meanwhile back in Solitary Confinement, the Shaman is crying.." I thought Trump had my back!" 🤣🤣🤣

    82. polard keren

      The annoying size presently sip because tile macroscopically tap amidst a powerful astronomy. hysterical, ablaze ship

    83. Benjamin Bedee

      Even after trump is out of office, y’all still can’t find any good enough content to talk about other than him

      1. truth hurts

        I love Trump too!!!

      2. truth hurts

        Fatal attraction to Trump

      3. blunt rapture

        /eyeroll/ Apparently, neither do you.

    84. Happy Fun Time Media

      Start by raising minimum wage to $15 and hour if you wanna help solve the baby bust.

    85. Jeremy Lee

      Jimmy is a goof

    86. MrStensnask

      That bit with Guillermo was wierd. Didn't like it

    87. Samuel Arciniega


    88. Big Boss Quarantine Version

      New materials jim?

    89. Strange Wayfaring Stranger

      Ha Idk if anyone mentioned the fact Jimmy used the kid he interviewed the other day, Alan Kim.

    90. Adam Korman

      Guillermo's healthy sex life is refreshing.

    91. Peace Monger

      I personally think it is more like a phallic symbol!

    92. viddork

      Cancel Jimmy Kimmel! That "seniors" sketch was seriously ageist!

      1. truth hurts

        Jimmy has a hard on for Trump

    93. Tony

      Qs dont want love

    94. Tony

      If you love a person that has gone Q you're not going to see them anytime soon

    95. Tony

      So QAnon this QAnono that. The authors of the bible believed the earth was flat. The green new deal. The big lie. Get your facts straight. Jan 6. The canceled. The 1st amendment. The 2nd amendment 🤔

    96. Just Me

      Getting kids to curse is like a Jimmy must. Every damn time. Doesn’t fail lol

    97. Alien Josh

      I was the 1000th dislike even tho I like this show. Sorry I had to...

      1. McSuperfly

        It's at 999 on my screen and I just refreshed to make sure.

    98. WeAreThe Horses

      I dunno about you, but I have completely lost interest in Trump or anything he says or does anymore.

    99. CJ Tymczak

      Well, it is important to get your dogs neutered or spaded, so good luck vice poodle 🐩 🤣

    100. Diane vohwinkel

      Like you think, jungle! when ya hear Amazon....not anymore. 100 cigarettes?! Haaaaa haaaaa! Whoever came up with that number should be on FOX!