What's Your Earliest Memory? (Game)

Good Mythical MORE

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    Today, we're trying to match the Mythical Crew member with their earliest memory. Check it out on Good Mythical MORE, the show after the show! GMMORE #1878
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    1. Natalie Hill

      Watching Rhett and link in the small shirts is giving me major “bellybutton song” vibes

    2. Amy Petrica

      One of my first memories is when I was about 2. My sister and a neighbor were babysitting. I "painted" the bathroom with my mom's red lipstick and nail polish. I remember feeling proud of my artwork and confused why they were so upset.

    3. MyOwnVoucherEverywhere

      Sheesh, hearing and reading all these early memories made me realize how messed up I grew up.

    4. pokelover02

      OMG I had a hit clip tooooo!

    5. Jaxel One

      My earliest remember was when I was 5-6, my oldest brother was messing around with me running around the house. We ran outside and me being me, I tripped over a brick and face planted the concrete. Thankfully nothing serious, just a huge bruise and a small bit of swelling on my forehead.

    6. Mr12Relic

      "I AM 43! i hurt my hip" accurate

    7. Amelia Megow

      I married some guy in 1st grade under a really small coffee table.

    8. TheVeryPixelatedRaptor.

      I don't like Good Mythical More. Its all over the place, no rhyme or reason.

    9. Samantha B

      Yea ladies wear soft shirts but we are wearing uncomfortable bras underneath though.

    10. David Diaz

      Congrats, this is my 5,000th liked video

    11. Kaylee

      I just ordered the orange GMM mug and am so happy to finally have a piece of you guys :)

    12. BlueHaze

      "NSYNC on Hitclips in first grade" All I know is she's my age lol.

    13. Jane Liu

      Aren't you just wearing Josh's workout clothes??🤔

    14. Ghost Warr

      SHES 33?!?! No way

    15. Rebecca H

      I remember having my diaper changed and not being able to talk . I remember talking alot about important things and everyone just laughing how cute it was .

    16. Natalie Mauney

      I know the cartwheel was stevi (sorry if that’s not how you spell it)

    17. Sara Kemker

      Very disappointed that the king bee microphone isn't shaped like an actual bee :c

    18. Christina Gay

      My first thought about the small shirts was "Mmmkay... Rhett has a nice tummy." And honestly, if he wasn't 6'7", there is NO way his stomach would be as "flat" because Rhett is an eater. 😊

    19. Cris Rae

      Link telling Caleb, "I think you THINK you do," gives me SUCH a vivid image of the type of boss Link is.

    20. Toxic Gem

      Rhett in a crop top 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

    21. Bethany Tooley

      Why does that shirt look so good on Link LOL

    22. Tou Xiong

      It seems they got a deborse.

    23. Tou Xiong

      It seems they got a deborse.

    24. sullivan2600

      What sweater is link wearing at the beginning? It looks so comfortable! The colors nice too.

    25. Zehra

      "If mah memory serves me, correct me!" and "No jokes aside, ..." will always be remembered and referenced by me, take my word for it.

    26. Audrey Marshall


    27. Amanda Dutcher

      A lot of people who have had difficult births remember it and there irrational fears tend to be because of it.

    28. Axolotle

      I have a vivid memory of waking up as a toddler and throwing up all over myself in bed

    29. Razer 5harp

      Ill be ready at the crack of june for that sweet cartwheel action

    30. Leah Lasher

      Okay so we are all super into this crop top look, right???

    31. Sir Frederick

      I'll do a cartwheel tomorrow and yell my age

    32. K B

      Aaawww Rhett was so worried. Love the friendship.

    33. Eva Sakura

      *Rhett slowly turning into Jason Momoa*

    34. marshall langman

      is it me or did link drink extra brutally honest juice this morning

    35. terminaj2

      I forgot about hit clip

    36. Vernon Lucas

      it just looks like the old tight shirts link used to wear

    37. Not Rosie

      I had a dude in 2nd grade propose to me. 🤣

    38. Foxy Neko

      My earliest Memory is sitting on my mom's lap while she was feeding me something. And some weird kind of summer party in kindergarden where I had to kiss a boy for a play we did while all the parents were laughing at us.

    39. Lucky Charms

      Earliest memory was at 8 months old. Pooping on my stepgrandfathers lap at the back of a plane on my way to the islands for vacation. He lifted me up like a bomb and handed me back. I'm 30 now😭

    40. Tim Gillam

      So they're just wearing Link's old shirts from the old GMM?

    41. kiley s

      i missed having the matching games with the crew in more. i hope they can actually be there next season

    42. Yves Belliveau

      Wait, who isn't a Pee-wee fan tho?

    43. Deanna Joan

      "we pegged you on a farm *chuckles*"

    44. elmadicine

      4:36 "there's a jif of this" Jif makes a flavor of peanut butter that evokes that image? intradasting

    45. Dillon Phillips

      “Sorry we pegged you on a farm.”

    46. Breanne Simmons

      I love how ammo didn’t get to continue and the convo didn’t round back around to him 😂

    47. Creative Sparks

      NO WAY!!! Your stereotyping Most girls don’t even think about being married I’m 18 and still don’t even care Also no those shirts are uncomfortable because of how much stomach it shows

    48. Sara Orthner

      i want rhett to make an onlyfans ...

    49. Songdaddy Presents

      Link looks like he feels too comfortable in that blouse.

    50. Charlotte Brackenbury

      Rhett n link look older 42 look more 50 Rhett needs a shave hair cut n link needs dye his hair

    51. Charlotte Brackenbury

      Rhett and link cheated You too comfortable in those clothes My friend is cross dresser and he says women clothes are comfortable So you both cheated So I think what should have done got shirt in something 3x smaller your normal size

    52. Sarah Ochocki

      I feel like Ammo is a rising Mythical Crew star.

    53. High Road

      Im ready for better mug designs

    54. N Barnes


    55. Andrew Hallbauer

      My memory is fantastic. I can remember going to the dance with my dad and going home with my mom.

    56. Kali Kat

      Literally said she was dressed in overalls and nobody thought it was our lesbian icon???

    57. uwu

      Rhett and Link judging their employees for 22 minutes straight

    58. Kaitlyn Elizabeth

      Their shirts remind me of when shrek becomes human and puts on those really small clothes 😂

    59. Zapporah Mann

      I also have weird pre-natal memories. I even told my mom about them when I was 6.

    60. Nathan Lestini

      “I’m sorry we pegged you on a farm”

    61. Apes World

      I'm so excited I'm not the only one with a prebirth memory

    62. Vrede Human

      very possible to remember pre-natal memories especially when induced by Hallucinogen's

    63. newtonfigtree

      Omg I have hit clips somewhere in storage 😅

    64. Virginia Jaworski

      My pre school was also on a farm..

    65. newtonfigtree

      I’m really digging Rhett’s hair!

    66. Keet Randling

      Prenatal memory? Yo Yo Ma tells of being oddly familiar with a piece of music he was rehearsing for the first time. When he mentioned this to his mother, she said: That is the piece I was rehearsing when I was pregnant with you.

    67. Melsteriffic Mama

      I think that Caleb is correct and I think that in the womb memories are very pink, because I think that I have in the womb memories too. They are very red or possibly pink.

    68. Perry Slaton

      I got a “hit clip” from McDonald’s when I was younger. It was of Brittany Spears

    69. Mike Laehn

      Rhett looks like a Viking at a tea party

    70. Jordan M

      What was the joke about Pee wee herman that Link said? I didnt get it.

    71. Marty Smelnek

      Being baptized was scary...thought they were gonna drown my tiny azz

    72. Tracy Paul

      I'm surprised theyd never heard of Bullwinkle's. there used to be one in Cary not far from nc state!

    73. Bivens PC

      great video much laughter you funny guys ha ha ha

    74. Aaron Pemberton

      Link wore these tight of shirts in early GMM seasons

    75. Barbara Danley

      I have flashes of grandpa's farm (1-1 1/2) that my mom validates. The first clear memory is of pulling into the driveway of the house we lived in until I was 14 at a year and a half old. Both parents and both older siblings validate that one. There are details I recall that can't be denied. But if I get a chance, my next birthday I will scream "I'm 57" and turn a cartwheel!

    76. Camille Stadler

      literally just watched an episode of dharma and greg where they focused on first memories..

    77. Samara Chavez

      Why are we dismissing ammo? Does he not wanna be apart of the show Did he not want us to talk about BullWinkles


      I can't wait for Link to cartwheel onto the set in June.

    79. Amy Malone

      Maybe in 2021 the "situation" phrase will be replaced.....

    80. Mindy Dodd

      Hey what the heck is Bullwinkle's, we'll never know!!

    81. Kimberli Cornell

      So ...in 1st grade boys chased me constantly...guys...

    82. cassandra sotos

      1st grade? That cant be your First memory. Your like, 6 in first grade. Is it weird i remember stuff fm when i was 3!?

    83. Riley Jewett

      19:21 they just smoothed over that one lol

    84. Olivetree

      You guys need to redo the my hair goes up/down music video but switch places since y’all switched hair directions.

      1. lzrd929

        They did. In think it's on IG.

    85. Flabershlap101

      "I'm not judging, I'm not judging" ah yes, that was _very_ convincing

    86. petrosinella

      Best Smore ever!!!🙂

    87. Matt Hopkins

      The womb one got me, because my earliest memory is messing with the crust of my umbilical cord, then i woke up and it was gone, and whenever I ever brought it up, I was told there was no way I could remember that, for I was too young...

    88. Eric Powell

      Rhett “I’m sorry that we pegged... you on a farm” 🤣🤣

    89. Jaime

      My memory of being 4 years old involves playing with a colorforms dollhouse at my grandparents’ home

    90. Sean Cook

      The idea of someone's earliest memory involving an mp3 player makes me feel OOOOLD

    91. Jeremy Reid

      Women get the best clothes :(

    92. Daphne Loose

      I just looked up Bullwinkle's on Wikipedia. it is a family fun center and restaurant that has two locations in Washington and one in Oregon. it is based on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. my earliest memory was holding my little brother when he was a baby, which was way back in 1978. I was four years old.

    93. yorkie7624

      Did Link say “Jif” and not “Gif”? 🤦‍♀️

    94. Fancy Necromancy

      Cue Link reminiscing about when he used to wear really tight shirts.

    95. Sarah Davies

      It’s episodes like this when I’m reminded how sexy Rhett actually is... 🔥🔥🔥

    96. LA Oak

      That first shirt, fit on link too well. lol

    97. Kendra T

      I absolutely told a boy I was going to marry him back in preschool... Oh to be young again.

    98. Kangakool

      When I had my first kiss in first grade, the guy was definitely the one who asked me, and not the other way around.

    99. Margaret Aldridge

      I got mine it arrived 2 days ago and I got 2 shirts with it 😊😊😊

    100. Addi Nickole

      Any time they said “how does that make you feel” I thought about Freaky Friday😂