How to Fish a Jerkbait (What you need to know) - Scott Martin

Scott Martin

27 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Scott Martin breaks down how to pick the right size, color, and retrieve for your jerkbait all while showing you how to catch a bass.
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    1. Jason Godfrey

      Man I love your how to's. Always honest on what you do and are thinking. Keep em coming!

    2. Force 1 to bite fishing

      Thank you Scott for what you do. truly one of the Greatest!!

    3. OutdoorsTv With Evan

      Thx that will help!!!

    4. PeterParkerFishing

      Helps with my Queensland Barramundi Jerk bait fishing thanks

    5. King Sol

      Can you pls make a video with your custom bait casting settings? And tuning tips?

    6. Keelan Cartwright

      You mentioned the line and rod... What gear ratio to do feel is best?? 6, 7, 8 ???

    7. Aaron Kent

      Please do more of this...I have a 7 year old that loves fishing, and I dont know much about it. This helps the both of us get into fishing more...thank you

    8. Luis Rodriguez

      Do you still play fishing sim world tour

    9. A and W Outdoors

      I am a big fan of jerkbait fishing. This really helped me a lot.

    10. Tim Phillips

      Scott, thank you for titling the video, "What you Need to Know" and not "EVERYTHING You need to know". Props!

    11. Malcolm Greene

      Awesome tips Scott, like Andrew ,Rafferty commented, id like to learn more about panoptics..

    12. Brayden Horton

      Wow that’s incredible!! Love your vids man!! What kind of reels do you use??

    13. Nick Witkowski

      Nice Scott! I own a few of those old Smithwick Rogue's in that same color. I'm 51 yrs old & I know this is a immature comment, (I don't think I'll ever grow up), but in your intro you said "I like to jerk it, and finish my the tip facing forward". I laughed I'm apologize. Just brought me back to Beavis and Butthead days. Anyway, great vid, great tips and kick butt on the Elites this year in the new Skeeter! Go TEAM SMC! 👊BAM!👊

    14. James Shirah

      crazy... you said that was cool right as I was saying it @ 10:19... definitely need a good vid for the panoptics screen... awesome to watch the retrieve...

    15. Travis Craver

      This is a really good video. I don't throw jerkbait at all last year but I want to start this year so this gave me good info on what size.

    16. outdoors unlimited

      A Weekly video like this would be bad ass!

      1. Scott Martin


    17. BEAR

      Everyone still needs to learn something an d you're a very good teacher ❗👍 Always love your vid's ❗🤙 Your SMC series is off the hook ❗😁 Or is it on the hook ⁉️🤟🐟🐟🐟🐟🐟💪🙏

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you Bear!! 👊🏼


      Dude u do the best teaching on the tube by far

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    19. Warren Biggs

      Are you using mono for your jerk baits?

      1. Scott Martin

        No much..really never

    20. Dizzy Bass Fishing

      You should try a no pan optics challenge! Just you, your rods, the boat and the water. No handy dandy gadgets. What do you think?

    21. Jamie Hartzell

      Great information awesome tips !

    22. motomax

      I’ve been using some of the yozuri stuff lately, and I really like the action and color variety they have. try it out

    23. Jeffery Roblow

      Fabulous instruction.... do's and don't, why and why not.... I felt like a great example of fundamentals of jerkbait fishing.

    24. archangel_88

      Anyone else run braid to 2ft flouro leader when fishing jerkbaits? Less fatigue jerking and better lure action in my opinion....

      1. Scott Martin

        Some guys do that..I haven’t yet

    25. meethed

      Great video Scott! I've been using these techniques all last year, and landing tons of bass. Great advice!

    26. FishHooked

      Enjoyed the video! Nice tips

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!!!

    27. Bassand Furious

      excellent! that watching the depth on garmin was pretty cool!

    28. Bobby Isztojka

      I was about to unsubscribe. Looks like that’ll be a bad idea. Great video!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Well how about that..:)

    29. Jesse Hillis

      Awesome jerkbait episode! Love the tip videos like this! You done a great job !

    30. Chad Dorma

      Man, what a great Vid. Always learn a lot. But these Vids, icing on the cake. Thanks for the pointers. 👊🏻

    31. Chris Edington

      I’ve been wanting to try a jerk bait but I have been intimidated by them because I’ve never fished them. This video helped a lot. Appreciate ya man!! Good stuff!!👍🏻

    32. Andrew Rafferty

      you should do a video on how to read your panoptics cause i’m so lost 😂

    33. the iron fisherman

      Awsome video scott your such an inspiration

      1. Scott Martin


    34. Heavyarms7777 _

      When’s favorite making a Scott Martin rod?

      1. Heavyarms7777 _

        @Scott Martin sweet I can’t wait

      2. Scott Martin

        Soon very soon

    35. Tyler Babbitt

      Wish u would have made this video a lot longer enjoy ur videos Scott

    36. david brown

      What’s the rod choice boss?

    37. Zach

      how i knew i was behind: not having 4 jerkbait setups

    38. Mike Gabel

      Thanks you I was actually wonder how to fish jurkbaits for a while

    39. Ruben Baca

      I like your show 👌

    40. Rick Frazier

      Great video, thanks for the info.

    41. Tony Pascale

      Yeah I definetly needed this tutorial and would love some more!

    42. Michael Bozarth

      Thanks Scott, I have learned a lot of stuff from you. God bless you and your family

    43. Jay B

      Aren't those pants a drowning hazard? If Scott fell in the lake and those things filled up with water, no bueno.

      1. Jay B

        @Scott Martin Haha. Regardless they would be difficult if not impossible to swim in. If you slip, hit your head, and fall in with no life vest and those bibs on you would sink right to the bottom.

      2. Scott Martin

        There not waders 😂

    44. eabassing

      If you’re hardcore on jerkbait fishing the megabass vision 110 is the one

    45. Grady Hines

      Great info this will be very helpful inthe near and far future

    46. FMJ Solutions

      Scott, just a thought for a future video. You are fishing a tournament series on multiple lakes throughout th country through multiple seasons. You are allowed to have and use pretty much any bait but you can only have 5 rods in the boat. You have to begin and end the season with the same rods and reels. What length and actions are the rods, what reels do you pair you with each rod and why.

    47. Garland Hamilton

      One of my all time favorite lures this time of year! Thanks Scott!

    48. George Talley

      That Googan jerk bait looks pretty legit prolly a bit easier on the wallet than The vision

    49. K4K Outdoors & Prospecting

      Im forcing myself to hammer down on jerkbaits this winter. My least confident bait. Gotta change that up

    50. Robbie Kerr

      Thank you Scott! This is awesome! Been working on dialing in my jerkbait presentation.

    51. Susan Branham

      You almost got it right throw the Scout away tie on a Lucky Craft

    52. 251 REELING

      great video looks like north alabama

    53. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Little do people know those 4 rods equal 4k.... plus tax in some states

    54. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Jerk it slow cold , jerk it fast warmer if u can listen to the fish.... lol

    55. Poor Boys Fishing

      Man yeah! Had a good day on PickWick over the weekend on the Googan scout. Just the video I needed to run across today! Pullin for you Scott! This is your year brother!

      1. Scott Martin


    56. Russell Morris

      The tip videos are so good. Packed full of information and tips to make us better fishermen. It's all so good watching these and always excited to get out on the water and try the tips for myself.

    57. Justin Shearer

      Have you ever fished the kanawha river in wv it sucks very poor fishing

    58. Mikey Outdoors

      Just ordered 2 scouts thanks for the tips Scott!! Much appreciated!!

      1. Scott Martin


    59. Ps fishing

      this is the perfect thing but when i’m fishing from the bank on neely henry, what are some tips for using it from the bank, and the fishing is horrible right now i fished all day into the night the past 3 days and caught nothing but 2 months ago i caught a 5 pounder with a 2 pounder everyday for everyday but now nothing in the same places, i don’t understand why

    60. Felipe Moore Fishing

      You should have your 12lber from Mexico i your intro!! Great tip video thooo!!

    61. bent rodguy

      excellent video..and i do believe this was shot on lay lake , which is where i live and fish everyday!, you were near spring creek it looks like too! the explanation is excellent and the panoptix showing the fish was truly incredible , you have almost convince me to buy one, thanks for this vid!

    62. Preston Mire

      Awesome info you are the man

    63. Matt Adams

      Great video Scott! I’ve got to fish a jerk bait more. I’ll definitely use this video the next time I get on the lake

    64. Johnny Boone

      Great Jerkbait video, Scott. Good info.

    65. Sledgefist1

      Here in Washington state I use the Perch Rapala Jerkbait. I don’t know why but bass and rainbow trout just rip that thing apart. In the spring time I had close to about 50 fish. I got tired and just went home lol too much exercise. But it is my favorite lure.

    66. Jeremy Tucker

      Was that on the new skeeter

    67. Hoggin N' Doggin TV

      Hey Mr. Scott we have a hog hunting channel where we hog hunt with dogs here in central FlORIDA since it’s been so cold the hogs have really been moving and we have been putting a Hurting on em we would really like if you came out with us someday and ran a swine.

      1. Scott Martin

        Love to hook me on IG

    68. Patrick McCarl

      Awesome awesome video. I will for sure add more of these to my arsenal.

    69. Ray Herndon

      Jerk baits are new to me. I've had some luck with them so far. I wasn't sure if I was using the right rod or not. It's definitely a different bite than I'm used to. I've only been bass fishing for almost a year now and am learning new techniques as I go. Getting ready to drop shot on the next cold front to come through. Any pointers will be great.

    70. brian therion

      Do you use P-line Tactical fluorocarbon or the P-line regular fluorocarbon for these bad boys??

    71. McClain Gorsh

      I was just at bass pro and did not know if I should buy a jerk bait thank you

    72. Andrew Phoa

      Love jerk bait fishing! Thanks for the tips Scott!

    73. David Galloway

      Thanks for the tips Scott. I've been concentrating on Jerk baits for 3 months and caught more fish than in the whole yr since I started but there was a clip of you fishing the Lillies, HOW???

    74. brian gentry

      Thanks Scott this is definitely not one of my favorites. But I’m. Going to master it once the snow leaves 😞

    75. Marcus Garcia

      From a guy who was catching on jerkbaits all year, this is legit info.

      1. Scott Martin


    76. Michael Marcum

      Scott was that Mono of Flora line? Thanks..

    77. James Ashley

      Thanks 👍

    78. Hunter Bull

      The one with the eyes looking down are the best! Yuki Ito absolutely killed it with the vision 110!

    79. Anthony Clark

      Did you get the skeeter wrapped and if so it looks awesome. Plus thank you for the tips on jerkbaits

    80. Brandon Martinez

      Jerk bait

    81. Brandon Martinez

      When you coming back to lake travis Scott? The jersey bait bite is great over here right now. Great video sir you and your pops are the g.o.a.t.s

    82. Clapmando

      Thanks for doing these teaching videos. My brain is fried though trying to learn since I just took up bass fishing this summer. Its definitely a skill that needs learned.

    83. Meme corp

      You should come to Florida and fish the rivers and the brackish water

    84. king Flat

      Dude show us... How to use that fish Finder

    85. VitaminDee TV

      *Thanks for giving us these tips, Scott!* You truly are the man! -D

    86. Lanny Seals

      Awesome tip's Scott! I've been working on my jerk bait fishing and haven't went above 10lb and mostly use 8lb... it's awesome to hear different people teaching techniques and it's going to help me up my game with the jerk bait

    87. t fishing

      I use the smithwick super rouge jerk bait

    88. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      What colors do you throw in Florida?

      1. Byron Hendrix Fishing

        For that tannic water

    89. First cast Fishing

      Thank you for the help

    90. Tucker Miller

      Exactly what I was looking for

    91. John Hancock

      Love these how to videos! Always good information. 👊

    92. Jeff Holland

      Used a jerkbait yesterday and had the longest cast of my life. If you hit the ice just right it goes forever.

    93. Johnny Arial

      This time of year I throw a twitch bait. Think they are more of a saltwater bait but bass will eat them. Rapala twitching minnow and mullet are some of my go too. There are lot of different brands. Im curious if others fish twitch baits? Hint Scott, we need a video on twitch baits. Hardly any videos on them

    94. Mike Naracon

      Ive been trying to figure out jerk baits lately and then this. Thanks for the knowledge

    95. lue vang

      What hooks and split rings do you use for your mega bass jerkbaits

    96. Patrick Nail

      Coosa Spots?

      1. Scott Martin


    97. WillBfishing

      This is the is exactly what I was was looking for

      1. Jesse Tate

        @Ian Bellomo good luck mate, don't forget about a wiggle wart/ rock crawler!! Pretty hard to beat that combo on the rock in March.

      2. Slimetime

        @Ian Bellomo a tournament 2 months away I wouldn’t put yourself in a box like that and unless you grind the next couple months to break the ice on jerkbaits I prob would stick to fishing your strength tournament time not fishing a technique your new too cause that’s what people say is the best way to catch them at the time

      3. Ian Bellomo

        @Scott Martin I was looking for this too! Have a march tourney on Table Rock and gonna use a jerkbait. Thanks for the help!

      4. Scott Martin

        Glad I could help 👊🏼👊🏼

    98. Richie _k_68

      Thank you Scott for the rod tips and for the bait tips also good luck with everything this year man I will be following for sure !! ✌🏼🎣

    99. Austin Poteat

      Started fishing in August.. caught my 8.2lb PB last month. Now I got my first tournament the 16th. Gonna use everything you taught me, thanks for the knowledge bro

      1. Clapmando

        Dang man, I feel inferior now. I just started and I've been getting skunked except for crappie. Gongrats.

    100. Ernie Fisher

      Happy New Years hope u have fantastic year!