JRE MMA Show #82 with Israel Adesanya


6 млн көрүүлөр1 858

    Joe sits down with UFC Middleweight Champion, Israel “The
    Last Stylebender” Adesanya.

    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. Ricardo Camacho

      You know what else I learned from that tiger talk? A male tiger's territory could be between 60 and 100 km2. 100 km2 is the size of Lisbon. A tiger's territory spans a whole fucking city (roughly).

    2. ALRTMedia

      that "iconic" picture is after he missed a head kick, i wouldnt say it came from an epic moment he created that moment to not look as bad

    3. xanuui

      Epstein's island was "pedophile island"

    4. Boon'sKillinMe_SMALLZ

      Dudes be scared to main with their girl. Joe : 1:09

    5. anotherhuman

      This man literally has a handcuff as a bracelet. That's dope lol.

    6. JJ Walking

      Robbie is a old washed up war horse like the rest of those guys he fought then there was a young African lion named Usman that cracked his sh1t and beat on him like a tribal drum. LMAO

    7. Mico Radovic


    8. Justin Time

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    9. Дмитрий Курилов

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    10. Dillon Sulak

      Holy fuck Israel laughs like Cell 🤯😂😂

    11. missjk00

      Colby sells? I'm curious.... because to me he's a train wreck that i don't actually want to watch.

    12. Michael Kuk

      Old jizz looks like whiskey... ^^

    13. Ozzudemoz 439

      anyone else comin back here after izzy lost to polish power ? :/

    14. RockNRollJoe !

      "I'm a meme Majesty" Yes.

    15. Lemmewinks Wikileaks

      Izzy is so funny lol never knew he was such a cool dude

    16. Jesters Cards

      46:30 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂

    17. matthew ramirez

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    18. Alex Aaron

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    19. L

      Is Israel American? The accent sounds like he is but I thought he was predominantly from New Zealand?

    20. GreenDahlias

      44:25 great advice and story, thank you.

    21. Jason Redhorn

      Dry aged gnut haha. It's like a yellowish color lol

    22. Wyatt Westervelt

      Love the convos about whisky lookin nut

    23. jorge zunigas

      25:36 texas is so crazy

    24. Andrew Bohannon

      Stylebender is a legend

    25. Harry Carson

      1:09:20 🤣

    26. Klamitus The Inflicted

      Look up wapakonetta in Ohio,off US33,there is a “green house” for “growing tomatoes” that lights up the sky and could be seen from three counties away. LOOK IT UP,THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY..but it is fuckery..GOLDEN FRESH FARMS - MASTRONARDI-/is the name of the 20acre facility,6th of its kind in the US,based out of Canada and the people in that part of Ohio had no idea it was even being built.. !!!!!LOOK IT UP!!!!!!

    27. Ali Terzi

      Another Great interview

    28. antonio scarface

      1:08:39 smash that ass Izzy, you too Rogan

    29. Ri9p3r

      Isreal: you get Ruby's Joe: eeeeeoooooow oooeeew yeyeoaeo

    30. Adan DeLeon

      every man meets his match , Adesanya is just a man .

    31. Saim Chaudhry

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    32. W. Dieterich

      10:19 predicted his first loss

    33. Dripifxy IQ


    34. Hal A

      @46:05 thats the realest advice frfr

    35. chao tran

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    36. Auto70Galaxy

      Izzys laugh is 20 years older than his voice lol

    37. Kampf0r

      Izzy is a cool dude.

    38. Dylan Tan

      18:34 😂😂😂


      Is he really bragging about hunting on farm grown animals? That's not hunting.. I lost a lil bit of respect for this dude..

    40. Truth Or dare

      Stop with the damn mouth noises 😜

    41. PrettymuchSTOCK

      And blow up, he did lol.

    42. Yassine


    43. Cj Perry

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    44. Troubled

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    45. Jesus Christ

      1 year later and Izzy got beat up by a white dude 😭🤣

      1. Kynam Van

        He didn't

      2. Sham Boy

        he didnt get

    46. D Johnson

      Love this guy

    47. Uklo Gamer

      Adesanya using words he doesn't he know what they mean ! love it

      1. Eddie Mac-

        lol yeah I got that

    48. Luke Jo

      Haha Haha izzy's 0 crumbled like the twin towers

      1. Kynam Van

        He never cares about being undefeated since the beginning.

    49. kekoswave

      Adesanya you went super sayan god, also supersayan now you just forget dbz super wtf fack Naruto

    50. kekoswave

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    51. Nabeel Aziz

      5 mins huh

    52. K S

      It's nice of Izzy's gynomastia to bring Izzy along for the interview

    53. JOEY KOZMA

      Too bad you didn't keep that same energy w Jan 🤣 got that ass whooped

    54. Mitchell Bowman

      Pretty sure they give you a new belt every defense Izzy. It never changed

    55. mistertjon

      Arrogant f*ck

      1. UncontrollableCJ

        dudes 20-1, he can be arrogant

    56. Gary McRoy

      They didnt understand adasanya cause he WAS riding on lions whilst brushing his teeth

    57. Jamey Noel

      douche bags

    58. Elijah

      Ayy if u still eating the crap that comes out of this clowns mouth up then you my friend are in denial and prolly should've stuck to watching Pokemoń.

    59. francis matuszak

      Bloody slurping at the start I'm out

    60. CaliforniaCarpenter7

      Israel is a pretty cool guy but he’s gotta stop claiming 6’ 4” when he isn’t even quite 6’ 3”. Holland is the same height if not slightly taller and he goes with 6’ 3”.

    61. Jose Martinez

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    62. Carl Morís

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    63. Shawn Bechard

      Izzy was having so much fun eating Jan's punches, that by the time the fourth round came around, Izzy thought he was still in the third round.

    64. Grimreaper 2k

      Izzy knows Jon Jones is on a wayyyyyyy different level than him in fighting right?

    65. Rafael Labrador


    66. Oscar Torralba

      He likes naruto and you weebs get soaking wet 😂 He’s not like you guys, he fights for a living. Some of you guys just work a whack 9-5 and come home and watch those japanime’s until it’s time for bed. No discipline, no drive, no dedication, no consistency,Just japanime lmao

      1. Dayan Ramirez

        and what do you do champ?

    67. Ronel Delgado

      Israel is cool, real and humble, extremely sociable 👍🏻

    68. Asher Louis


    69. Alex Ortiz

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    70. The Sportsman

      Just came to mention the worst commentating in combat sports history in Israel vs Jan

    71. kerry mackey

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    72. Nick H

      Wonder how he feels after his first MMA loss. He was overpowered at LHW.. I don't see how he ever beats Jones.

    73. Armon J

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    74. Ayteeayt

      You just praise Colby on and on... A classless fighter.

    75. Ayteeayt

      Joe why do you always favour colby sm. I am getting a strongfeeling that Rogan likes Colby and is friends with him. Everytime theres colby haters, joe always seems to get defensive for colby. Idk why youd want to praise a racist clown

      1. Dayan Ramirez

        cause he's a damn professional and looks at thr fighters from a skill and fight perspective not from a "role model" perspective lol

    76. Malachi Polson


    77. Hod Osinin

      🤡 clown, so happy he got fucked up

    78. Vinny Grisanti

      anyone here trynna find that don’t think w ur penis tik tok😭

    79. Irish Maverick

      Who's here after he lost for the first time

    80. Malachi Polson


    81. Malachi Polson


    82. PIRATE

      I love Izzys slight accent

    83. Ezekiel Oge

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    84. Michael Cherry


    85. Biz Griff

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    86. Austin Mohr

      I say that to my friends all the time” jerk off & then think about it “ truest shit a man can hear

    87. hahn cornelia

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    88. Anthony

      Is this before or after joe sucked him off?

    89. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

      izzy will forever inspire.

    90. Wilk Polski

      Now ur nothing xp

      1. Kamarudeen Atisov

        he's The middle weight chapion

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      1. Zooom

        What the fuck

    92. Ransak Reject

      This is where rogan fell in love with him. That’s why he called the fight like Izzy was dominating Jan when Jan was clearly winning

      1. Ransak Reject

        @iceman463864 I kind of agree. It was a competitive fight. I agree it was 2-2 headed into the 5th. Jan won his rounds bigger than Izzy so as a whole it was even but jab still kinda had an edge but yes it was close. I just said Jan was winning. But yes it was close, rogan and Dan were commentating s fight that Izzy had utterly dominated and whats so weak is they do that a lot. They talk about how Izzy is winning and Jan is tired ans he needs to change his gameplan fast or get kod and then Jan is announced as winner snd they never go “Well gee I think the judges are wrong,” Ot “Well I guess I was wrong thinking he was,,” They just go “and Jan wins. Congrats” snd it’s like we are supposed to forget they were just saying that Jan was getting killed. It’s baffling. Rogan used to not be like this But now it’s every card he just talks about the fight he sees in his drugged out roided uo brain. Is have been cool if they were like “This is very close, Jan needs to do this and Izzy should,,” But no. They were calling it a blowoutZ when Jan hit Izzy they’d say nothing or say how issue defense almost made him miss. When Izzy landed a shot they seemed to get fully erect

      2. iceman463864

        Jan was not clearly winning god people cannot be objective. It was 2-2 heading to the 5th. Izzy was winning the 5th and jan took him down and won the round. People and their revised narratives are ridiculous. They fight 10 times I think it goes 5 5 and Jan could never dominate him cuz he didn’t do shit on the ground.

      3. Ryan Alonso

        @Trap Home in mma

      4. Ryan Alonso

        @Trap Home trust me a boxer would kill her she’s 99 percent judo and 1 percent striking

      5. Trap Home

        @Connection Lost bruh if you ain't trained or legit over 6foot and 200 pounds she would fuck you up lol

    93. Marcin

      Who's here after his defeat?

    94. kerry mackey

      The thick venezuela kelly punch because aunt inspiringly like throughout a bloody top. makeshift, bitter decade

    95. Mzwa Mb

      No one:...... No one at all:.............. Haters: whos here after Izzy lost to Jan🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Mzwa Mb

        I know

      2. Terran Loudenback

        You know the same thing applies to your comment LOL

    96. ILLEGO

      I came here to find out if The Stylebender do DMT

    97. CaptainKnightmare

      Living Legend!!!

    98. Elite

      Hey Joe , i likes your podcasts ... but after whole fight commentary... you are biased asshole. Izzy, You are great , one day u will earn second belt. #LegendaryPolishPower @andSTILL

    99. Mr. Vunts

      in my universe he lost to costa but beat jan ?!

    100. vibe music

      Who’s here after Izzy lost to Jan Blachowicz

      1. Niemampomyslu

        Me happily

      2. Elijah


      3. William Lawson

        @Evan Apodaca_20 me too sadly

      4. Niemampomyslu

        Me 😀🇵🇱

      5. Evan Apodaca_20

        me 😔