3 Guys Do 200 Push ups a Day For 30 days, These Are The Results


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    3 Guys Do 200 Push ups a day for 30 days, These Are The Results
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    200 push ups a day for 30 days, is it something you should do, does it actually work? And for who, only for beginners? Will it do nothing, or will it get you a lot stronger and build you massive muscles?
    Well my brother did this 4 years ago, yes results, he was a starter back then and didn’t really work out after that until last year where I challenged him to transform his body in 90 days, and he did, but now I want to challenge him to do this again and see what happens...
    But, he is not the only one I am challenging. In this video you'll 3 guys with a ll a different level of experience do 200 pushups a day for 30 days. A beginner, an intermediate and a professional!

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    3 Guys Do 200 Push ups a Day For 30 days, These Are The Results
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    1. Browney

      They put in a lot of work! Scroll up and smash liek for the effort. Have you tried this challenge? 👀

      1. Leaving California

        Hello guys, are you from France?? Keep it up

      2. Pius Roussel


      3. Watchmanred2010 Clan Red

        How many gyms do you have?

      4. waldio 8

        Well this Challenge is literaly my training Routine 😂

      5. High Altitude

        Join the army as a combat soldier and if your instructors are worth anything they'll push you upwards of 2000 push ups in one day. Your fatigue is physical but mostly mental, the only guy that had any drive was the kid doing 150 push ups in a row

    2. malc1130 malc1130

      my max push ups is 50. and i'm only ten

    3. Aashay Roop

      It's like all their chests got smaller, but I suppose after their muscles relax it'll probably be bigger

    4. David Keyes

      This is solid KGup content. I’m 59, pretty out of shape, but getting ready for a summer of hard core golf commitment. I need to get in better shape in the next 40 days. This is VERY inspirational. I’m going to make a plan and EXECUTE! I love the fact that major fitness gains can be made simply with no equipment or expense, just pure will and effort. Let me not forget this. Thanks guys... you’re all amazing,

    5. Mido K.

      13:20 G E K O L O N I S E E R D

    6. Liam Peeters


    7. smoke & mirrors


    8. Wez

      You all seem like really nice guys. Great work

    9. Andrew

      Now, add 100 sit-ups and 10 kms runs, every day...for 3 years. Every single day. You might go bald, but it will be worth it.

    10. paulv1973

      omg my wrists could not take all that

    11. Gregory MacGregor García

      I love how the main goal of doing 200 push-ups a day is to... get better at push-ups. For me it would be getting more sex

    12. Don Del

      Nkurasifo nkwaaa WMT

    13. _ outofphase

      do squats next

    14. Finn De ridder

      are you dutch cause i reconized the feyenoord shirt lol

    15. Muskan Gupta

      Arjen needs to get a medal for performing to one up himself

    16. Muskan Gupta

      Mad respect for all three of them.

    17. mikejrexec

      They all did great jobs. Blue shirt is absolutely adorable too.

    18. Bram van der Heijden


    19. darcsystems

      I'm a bigger boy. about 240 @5'10". I did a 100 pushups per day for 100 days. By the end, i could bang out all 100 with no rest. No significant changes in my physique, but i felt better.

    20. PowderMonkey82

      you need a days rest at some point so your muscles can recover

    21. JossinJax

      Is it me or the pro didn't go as low as the other two?

    22. Danilo Calu

      You should donate drinking beer 🙈! Just messing, but I enjoyed the video and the challenge!

    23. mark galvin

      The noob had the best form, the pro was cheating!

    24. Wessel Borsboom

      oh sorry subscribe !!!!!!!!

    25. Wessel Borsboom

      jullie zijn nederlands.

    26. triple Aidan

      Where’s the end side by side photo comparisons?

    27. Danijel Čotar

      They should have a 2 day rest for muscles to get better

    28. Jasper Van leeuwen

      Are you guys dutch

    29. Propopopa

      Whats the backround music at the begining

    30. Eryk Kowalski

      17:33 XD

    31. Tijmen Kottier

      Im just sad the guy likes feyenoord

    32. Myxi Killian

      i can almost taste the dutch

    33. Thijs drooggelman

      Ur best friend really likes Feyenoord i can see 😂

    34. Aerjen Vantorre

      My name

    35. nishant Dhull

      I hate it when you don't talk about what these doing rest of day. Like impact on their daily job, hobbies. And effect on mental health. Did they left any will power to do, other necessary things.

    36. gazzaboy

      Fuck that.., hard as fuck push ups are

    37. Tristian Cruz

      Browney:how many pushups more did u do Blue shirt: 70 Browney: just take my wallet

    38. Harsh Mondi

      Thats tough

    39. Uwe Gablenz

      I would do that for only 1 dollar beyond 20 :-)

    40. _

      12:07 says right shoulder and point at left 👌

    41. Sonny Nomer

      You guys are real motivation for me. Thank you.

    42. ian1856

      What's the point of doing push-ups - or any exercise, for that matter - if your form sucks?


      He just said oookay for 50 more 🤯🤯

    44. Mark Pugh

      Wheres the fat guy?

    45. kingkiller_ bg

      No Fancy Equipment huh? 😂 What is that thing that vibrates?

    46. Matt Villines

      As much as I hate bad form, you can’t argue that that’s what gets you the huge gains. All these guys at the gym swinging bicep curls, practically standing on their heads to do a tricep push down, and throwing their entire lower body into a pull up. Now that, people, is how you get- ohp, wait, you know something, I just remembered it’s juice. Disregard, my bad.

    47. Akshay Goyal

      Wasn't gonna subscribe but like your water donating idea. So, I subscribed.

    48. eioshen boboi

      When the "pro" does his push ups quickly he might aswell just do 20 proper pushups instead of 100 fast lol

      1. eioshen boboi

        You have to take rest days , 30 days straight could actually shrink your muscles

    49. Batoobdx

      Man if I tried doing 200 push-ups it'd take me a whole week Sten is just God level compared to me

    50. Leaving California

      Between 18-25 yrs old a male will gain the most muscle naturally in his ENTIRE LIFE. Just imagine if you do a real workout each day. You probably already have. Fitness is a LIFESTYLE

    51. FoFZz2 -_-

      At 7:55 you can see Feyenoord in the background so they must be dutch

    52. Evooki

      Am I the only one that... when he does his home workout gets rid of his pants and not his shirt.... This is weird to me XD

    53. Raymond Francois

      I wonder if people around the world could do this challenge and if they really did get progress at the end off the 30 days they get paid too.?

    54. Swipe

      The guy with blue short looks like Captain America :)))

    55. 99simon99

      All their forms are pretty shitty.

    56. Morabeza Entertainment

      Goed shirt van Sten ;)

    57. Silent Autumn

      I do pushups every second day for as much as i can, and i never get over 15 in 1 go but i am 95kg but my triceps and chest are big and strong af, i dont get it... no gain in pushup numbers but big dick mass gain

    58. Kevin Baird

      Why pay dollars in Europe?.

    59. Julien Despois

      Would love to see a plot of "time to complete the 200" over time for each of them!

    60. ricky samuel kroezen

      Why do i see feyenoord hqhahaha yall from the netherlands??

    61. Trixon

      wtf when did u get 1 million? like 2 month ago you barely had 500k right?

    62. oh yes

      would die

    63. theroaster

      Ryan Gosling is really good at pushups 💪🚀⚠️

    64. Kiwibrickhead

      Hello from New Zealand - I'm starting today!

    65. Aminur Tarafdar

      You have to take rest days , 30 days straight could actually shrink your muscles

    66. Nimrod Quimbus

      Libs will outlaw pushups

    67. Luca Kerlin

      stan fucking legend

    68. Teddy L

      Why Arjen is soooo handsome. 😆

    69. Darren castle

      A push up is performed correctly when the muscle is under tension, the beginner was the only one who actually controlled his body weight when performing the eccentric motion placing more tension on his chest than the other participants who were only focusing on the numbers (obviously) in this case as they want to make some cash. But I take my hat off to the beginner as he performed the best repetitions. Good stuff overall, loved the video! The 3rd guys chest is developing really well, if he continues to eat right and train hard he will obtain a legendary chest for sure. Good stuff lads! 🙌

    70. Jack Sparrow

      if u lost weight it doesnt mean u gained muscle, u gain weight for muscle and lose body fat for weight

    71. Ben Millhiser

      Finally Real Nattys

    72. Jack Sparrow

      the only one doin a good form push up is the noob

    73. Patdx

      After a year of doing 200 push ups. Sten will lose all his hair and become One Punch Man!!

    74. Hemchandra Arva

      For Noob guy: 1 push up means one complete (100%) push-up. For pro guy: 1 push up means one incomplete (75%) push-up

    75. HighAway

      i tried but it's hard. :(

    76. axiomic

      I used to do 40 - 50 pushups... until I started focusing on my form and can only do about 15 - 20 at a time. The 'pro' was doing kiddie pushups 🤣

    77. dead speed

      Oy there is no noob is reality there is normal not noob

    78. Nathan Wofford

      I don't think they should count if you don't do them properly. Keep your body straight, only rest in the "up" position, and your body should be parallel to the ground at the bottom position. The beginner was definitely the one with the best form. Major respect to them all.

    79. Jamie Brinsden-Rolfe

      17:31 ayo

    80. Farzin Khamissi

      Mussels need rest if you want them to get bigger and stronger. There body would have gotten much bigger if they have done 200 push-ups every 2 days and have 1 or 2 days of rest in between.

    81. Baker Vinci

      Push-ups are great Scale can not measure body fat percentage. NO WAY.

    82. james donnelly

      Sten's time improvement was great but he did 36 on day 1 and looked like he was gonna burst a blood vessel getting to 40 on day 30, and why did browney feel the need to come into the shot shirtless while arjen was going and casually do everything he could to flex in the background?

    83. Lars Hildebrandt

      This reminds me of canoeing for 14 days, 20km + every day you end up working through the pain!! BUT, I believe doing push-ups less, like once every-other day, or even skip two days would deliver MUCH better results by allowing time for the body to heal and build muscle! Doing 200 push ups daily the body is probably eating its own results!! This is what I learned in dog sled racing... less can be more!!

    84. Austin

      I like your videos most of the time. But a 30 day challenge of pure overtraining, especially for a beginner, is not smart. He got some Sort of cold, which is easy to contract when u train too much, and pain in his shoulder, most likely his rotator cuff tendon. He’s lucky he doesn’t start to develop tendonitis. Saying they’re chests grew is just due to inflation of the muscle. The body can’t recover if u don’t truly rest it. The inflation will go down in less than a month when they stop training like that.

    85. Dr. TØRÑÀDØ

      I got around 7 ads on this video 🥴

    86. John Lammers

      I think most body builders would tell you that they could have made more progress by 1) optimizing their diet along with the exercise, 2) exercising every other day or every 3rd day, allowing their muscles to repair themselves and grow, 3) optimizing muscle burn for each session and building up gradually / accordingly rather than starting at 200. I think the fact that their maximum reps was going down shows that they were initially doing more harm than good. Google "DOM effect" if you want to know more.

    87. Barry McCockinner

      Stan is my hero!

    88. Why are you Gae?

      Whats that accent scandanavian?

    89. 小田健

      why you so weak hi yaa....

    90. PUNA

      The body needs rest to recover and get the full benefits of the exercise.

    91. LigMa

      sten is BEAST!

    92. Dean Jamali

      i wanna know how tall everyone is

    93. John Rider

      I cant do ten

    94. Mariusz Makowski

      In my opinion guy in blue pants is most week. No mater how much you make. Quality is the most important. Guy in blue pants do sometimes 1/2 or 1/3 real push ups other two guys do with much better technik. Strange think is that you say he is advanced. Why? Becouse advanted push up user cant do such based mistakes.

    95. Rafael Dantas

      Great work, this is actually pretty much amazing than you ALL together can imagine, specially in these COVID times

    96. Robert Barnes

      I have a couple of concerns here, and I suppose if I watched this beyond 3 minutes, others would emerge. 1. Some of these "push-ups" qualify in a strict topological sense only. 2. like all such "before and after" comparisons, the "before" photo is taken with the subject in maximal relaxation, and the "after" is taken in full tonic contraction of all visible muscle groups. Additionally, it seems that most of the difference reflects weight loss, with better muscle definition from reduced fat. That's certainly not bad, just misleading. It would be interesting to see photos shot under truly comparable conditions.

    97. Zvi Benari

      When I wrestled, I could do 100 at one time and we did hundreds (300-500, in reps of 40) a day, and that was a small part of the daily workout. For kicks, I just did some and was beat at 40 OMG, I got old !

    98. Andrew SchwartzYT

      what scale is that?

    99. Mike Bösing

      U sound dutch

    100. PhantomMark

      Good effort guys, we did similar training in the army, non sanctioned but something between the guys we used to push each other when training. Great having friends to push you and share the experience.