Joe Rogan Experience #1169 - Elon Musk


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    Elon Musk is a business magnet, investor and engineer.

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    1. Fabrício De Brito

      Elon musk is an aweosme dude, I don’t mind that he smokes all it matters is that he is doing something to make this world a better place for us, my respect to him

    2. Simon Pavlov

      2:10:40 Joe is talking about how great the combo between tobacco and marijuana is.... My cousin was doing that mix 25 years ago haha due to price of the weed.. :D

    3. Unique

      this was comfortable to listen to

    4. Christiaan Kruger

      You have an opportunity to accumulate knowledge from Elon Musk, and you talk about stupid shit like weed and flame throwers.

    5. Daily Corvid

      Come on Joe clearly Elon is full of shit he's not telling us... Yeah he doesn't have authorities to worry about, he can just do whatever the fuck he likes but asking him for details about how it all works he's fucking sketchy as shit. He fidgets and looks around too much, I think most of what he says is true but the bit we need to be worrying about is what he DIDN'T say. This guys fucking absolutely psychotic. Mark my words.

    6. Colin Johnson

      He looks constantly on the verge of crying

    7. Wagner Portal

      He is from the colony the last civilization already built, and is teaching us how to get there.

    8. Wagner Portal

      Elon Musk is kind of Jesus: came to save us from the hell we ourselves create.

    9. Truth Truth

      Rogan is just a regurgitation machine who spews out everything he’s heard from a wise person he’s interviewed but without the finesse.

    10. Moe Money

      AI is a tool to make the devil think he can play God. He chose human beings the geniuses to create it for him. Self destruction is inevitable because even the Devil himself has to return to God. The definition of God is the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being. The definition of the word Devil is the chief evil spirit. He makes us believe we can play God and create our own world. Elon looks sad creating a whole new world because it's not in our description as humans to compete with God. Monkeys can function like humans but they don't because their obedient. If you live in a house you can't just pack up and take a uber to another random house with ought permission and knowing the purpose of who are what lives in that house.

    11. Ants Jamaica

      Soon ppl don't care if the knew phone kill them. They just know it looks good 🤣🤣🤣i really see what understand what they talking about

    12. marilyn cooper

      These guys smoke far too much weed.

    13. George Ramos

      Definitely careful with his words. What he responds

    14. Richard Rich

      What if this is reality! And Neurolinks in humans get hacked by Ai bots and once our biological bodies die our symbiotic body reboots and lives in the computer 💻 Aka An Ai representation of us can live forever ♾

    15. Elvin Matos

      18:24 When you fart but, you want to keep it hidden.

    16. Regor_4


    17. abushaar khan

      waves are calm on the inside thats true about tunnels in an earthquake

    18. James Barron

      C H A R L A T A N

    19. HalfAintBad

      Yo quick question I need this for my school project, what’s the category you guys think this is?

    20. RIGH DIKER


    21. Reynaldo Torres-Torres

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Elon was from Mars and all he’s trying to do is get back home

      1. Anirudh AS


    22. Daryl Higgs

      Elon Musk is the A.I and we are all part of the Turing Test

    23. Ryan Rousseau

      If we keep going we won’t storp

    24. Oskar Caruso

      2:09:55 smoking joints!

      1. Knockout_connor

        Thank you

    25. ea juice

      Yooo I just noticed at @1:53 watch how he loves his body 😂👀 and how he moves his mouth he’s off the coke yo if you don’t see it you wouldn’t understand

    26. ALL DAY

      If only Tesla have a dealership like every other big car brands out there.

    27. Jump Gang

      “If you want a flying car just put some wheels on a helicopter” 🤣

    28. Mike Isenor


    29. Pratham Arya

      Joint smoking at 2:09:33

    30. Alicia Ramos

      Primal drives, Combo of electronics and biology. The more limbic resonance the more engagement, the hook. I wrote about this in some research last year in mental health and addictions to technology and social media marketing. Now hearing in this way blew my freaking mind. Woe.

    31. Alicia Ramos

      I love his mind.

    32. KHAN TMBAS

      lol past the whisky

    33. BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

      oh that fruit and the issue...remeber the fly it was a pop corn machine, steamed hams peal pork but what was in the growth fromul Struat, to get sharp treeth, the passion 300 appalyoto, Kaine and the Fallen House seems to hae some transalation issues by the transelvanian not that is romance, SYLVANIA SILVER NIA..may that was dracula he was pale but all about them sister..where do greek mentors get that bronze paste...oh you mentorship but to own her ship bad bic society

    34. fire work

      How cool would it be if he goes for president😎😎🔥🔥

    35. G. Stiglitch

      biggest troller ever

    36. the lifting elk

      2:10:26 is the part you're looking for :)

    37. Bruce Roden

      I have watched this many times Wife thinks I’m crazy Joe you have a real talent Elon is the most important person of our time

    38. Gerd Reidesack

      57:57 gets you to places, gives you comfort, gives you safety and what joe said.... I get it. It's a thing to help you enjoy time.

    39. cherryTIE

      Joe "I know how much time it must take to do what you do, but I don't understand how you do it" Blogaine.

    40. Carel J. van der Merwe

      Still coming back to listen to this after 2 years after it was published 🥳 I love how intelligent and open-minded these two gentlemen are. What did you guys take from this podcast? 🤔

    41. ROMAN ambrose

      stfu abt the pit

    42. Ademaisteri

      We are not too far away from living in simulation. Virtual reality games combined with Neuralink. I would want to try that.

    43. Abraham Flores

      15:59 his eyes aw hell na

    44. Oskar Caruso

      He. Is. Genius.

    45. Abraham Flores

      Elon just be doing stuff it's crazy

    46. Ming Ren Jin

      Here I am realizing that Elon is like the God Emperor of Mankind from the Warhammer 40k universe

    47. 2nd-City-Tributes

      Elon must know more than he's letting on.. thinking about everything he says....

    48. Hail Cesar

      " listenin" lol joe so fried


      Joe: "have you ever gave any consideration to the flat earth movement?" Elon: "HAHA"


      Elon is a very interesting guy

    51. robert bickers

      Elon gets four hits in and.... “Why am I dragging this dead horse around, and I’m a horse. I didn’t like it”

    52. Stephanie Jurgens

      Will be interesting if either of these 2 find that a God is real. Then what?

    53. Stephanie Jurgens

      2 years ago... this is true.

    54. Calz

      Best Part at 2h 10mins ngl

    55. Lito looks

      How many times he said pit ??

    56. Ale Marin


    57. Nate Wright

      "I want a pit" so inspirational

    58. Chris Mcconkey

      “Love is the answer” - Elon Musk. Love is the answer is what DMT told me . Seriously ! It’s the only thing it’s told me

    59. Chris Cave


    60. Teego Biddy

      "Pass that whiskey over here, this is getting ridiculous."

    61. emir avdagic

      I remember almost 3 years ago when this came out I had a final exam in histology( anyone who knows about this knows its hard to pass), the night before I was so nervous I couldent sleep at all so I put on this podcast episode and listening to Elons soft voice made me fall a sleep very fast 😂

      1. Jake Stockton

        @Sam they're dead

      2. Sam

        Did you end up passing?

    62. Tyler Gammell

      Guy fell asleep on the hi-way. Hit a car. Which hit the car my Mother was driving. We all fell into the medium. The most serious injury was the guy in the middle vehicle.

    63. saad razzaki

      In 2100 there will be a massive interstellar spaceship named The Elon. you heard it here first

    64. Hamza Qayyum

      I remember watching this live. Man, what a thunderclap of a moment in internet history this was.

    65. Mino

      I love space balls I kind of grew up with that

    66. Jacob Klaffke

      If we have neuralink installed, then our thoughts could be uploaded instantly, no-filter. I think we would need a mandate that thought-crimes are not acted-crimes. Humans need to be allowed to think freely in order to learn and debate and develop... Or maybe we just all download the latest firmware of what a "perfect citizen" looks like and can't have these outlier thoughts.

    67. S_ubin10

      This is how me and my friend talk when we get high....

    68. Lance Luthor

      I already am in conflict with an AI. I am a mid level drug dealer in a smaller Canadian city where there is a very advanced predictive policing AI which doesn't like me.

    69. Yarr YoHo

      It's cool to see Elon Musk as like a normal dude.

    70. Galactus MMA

      Kelvin Gastelum Vs Robert Whittaker in UFC or Jake Paul Vs Ben Askren in Boxing

    71. Tholoana Müller

      What has he done for south Africa?

    72. Freddie Gollings

      I seen a ufo 23rd December 2020 in United Kingdom

    73. stylz1

      He was so awkward and shifty back then. And the way he moves his eyes back and forth is like he is tapping into something we can't see or perceive. Like he is downloading answers from a different realm. Almost like it is an act.

      1. Alicia Ramos

        Yes I catch that.

      2. Freezy Pop

        Or he already has neuralink but doesn't want to say it so he doesnt get hacked

    74. Tropa mong Buraot

      when he says "its an art its not just some electronic innovation and theres a persons work in that". so basically electronics is a work of magic abracadabra it just popped up nobody worked on it? mechanical is art but electronics is not? your like comparing medieval to rennaissance they are both different. you cant deny electronic innovation is an art greater than any rolex watch. try ask that artistic mechanical watch maker to make an electronic watch and that electronic watch maker do a mechanical one. and asked elon why dont you have a watch? Ellon responded: my phone tells the time while laughing lol

    75. Tropa mong Buraot

      elon spitting wordplays lol

    76. Michael Ferranti

      When does he smoke

    77. ravula chakri


    78. Soul Eater

      Just realized he pulled a little bill Clinton on the blunt 👀 he ain't even inhale

    79. Jack William

      DOGE 🚀✌️

    80. Hammerwerfer Rudi

      Elon is probably one of the dumbest people I've ever seen

    81. Nathan Bennett

      1:43:51 HELL YEAHH TEXAS

    82. Shelburn James

      AGI 3D printing in space like replicators hauling their own materials around the Dragon rocket

    83. Ivan Silva

      Elon in need of some shroomys

    84. Iz Z

      Certainly, Alien King dropped Elon on earth and now he is figuring out how to get back to his homeland. Commercial rocket: so he can come back to earth and enjoy the joint on this podcast.

    85. ANGST

      Narcissism has different faces but always feels the same.

    86. Arbel Amram

      came in to see elon musk taking a blunt, but ive just sat and saw the whole thing.. woah...

    87. William Barnes

      Props to Joe for giving Elon a place he can be comfortable speaking. After seeing a lot of Elon's talks in public to many different people, he was actually comfortable here. Love the evolution and progress of JRE and Joe's relentless pursuit to ask all the right questions.

    88. Nathan Bennett

      Damn marijuana opens up my mind and I understand a lot more on what y'all are talking about it can be kind of scary especially when you're into the stock market he's talking about AI

    89. William Barnes

      Nothing like watching Elon talk about loving humanity while he caringly strokes a knife and talks about needing more love in the world. lmao

    90. Mariano Quiroga

      He looks so much like a weirdo, I thing he´s playing with his character. Joe Rogan nailed it when asking him if he was an alien. If it wasn´t for his astounding achievements, we´d all disregard him as a psychopath

    91. zenz

      2:10:33 legendary

    92. George Moshington

      i love how they make him seem alien when all hes done is what others in the past have done and hes only improving on past ideas like others have as well. so why joe do you keep telling him hes this god among us and all that horse shit. just a guy . wanna impress me go swim with a great white blindfolded strapped to some bloody steaks.

    93. KillerQueen

      the whole interview is elon flexing on how rich he is

    94. H P

      Just want a pïț

    95. Baqsam

      _It _*_still_*_ says business "magnet" in the description?!_

    96. Lawrence Zmuda

      i have realized that the richest man in the world is on the autism spectrum. Anyone can accomplish anything

    97. Mano Rafa

      2:10:17 weed kkkkkk

    98. Connor James

      This whole thing just fucked me up

    99. Aaron Workman

      So basically eventually when everybody has one “REAL STEEL” Will Be A Thing!?!?? 👀👍🏻✌🏻🤷🏻‍♂️🤔

      1. Aaron Workman

        Real steel was that movie when people had robots and was fighting each other remember that kid max had atom and the guy that was maxes uncle was the same guy that played on Wolverine and Logan etc it’s a great movie and personally one of my childhood favorites

    100. Timothy Long

      Joe is a genius how else would he know what questions to ask the smartest funniest people in the world