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    Premiering at Home November 20
    Every six years, an ancient order of expert Jiu Jitsu fighters faces a vicious race of alien invaders in a battle for Earth. For thousands of years, the fighters that protect Earth have won… until now. When celebrated war hero Jake Barnes (Alain Moussi) is defeated by Brax, the indomitable leader of the invaders, the future of humanity hangs in the balance. Injured and suffering from amnesia, Jake is rescued by Wylie (Nicolas Cage), Keung and his team of fellow Jiu Jitsu fighters. They must help Jake to regain his strength in order to band together and defeat Brax in an epic battle that will once again determine the fate of mankind.
    Featuring: Alain Moussi, Frank Grillo, Rick Yune, Marie Avgeropoulos, JuJu Chan, Tony Jaa, Nicolas Cage
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    JIU JITSU | Official Trailer [HD] | Paramount Movies

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    1. Paramount Movies

      Aliens + Jiu Jitsu + Nicolas Cage?! November 20th can’t get here fast enough... 😱

      1. Johnathan Dickson

        @bob noneya ahh u ment the remake fair doos, I never watched it. I suppose they were just riding the coat tails of a very successful franchise and held the rights to such franchise added Jackie chan, Will Smith's sperm and a Justin Bieber song 💰 is what the remake of a karate kid without Miyagi has to do with Karate. This one however still non sensical in the slightest. Disclaimer it has Tony Jah in it I will be watching 💯 daft title or not. 😉

      2. Pizza

        Is this a straight to dvd flick?

      3. bob noneya

        @Johnathan Dickson .... My point was that the first karate kid was about karate. The 2nd was Kong Fu but named the karate kid......

      4. Johnathan Dickson

        @bob noneya at least the karate kid movies had a tournament format similar scoring system with a little mix of other styles and Hollywood glam, but I don't remember Danny la Russo and Mr Miyagi taking out cobra Kia with machine guns and more missile launchers. Now if the Karate kid was about an old man who flies a space ship to compete in a jiu Jitsu tournament, we might have a viable argument. Unfortunately the question still remains what has THIS MOVIE got to do with its title? In the slightest.... What ever I look forward to paramount pictures presents Sabrina the teenage ninja turtle NASCAR driver, only to find out it's a film about the colonial powers of ancient Rome 🙄

      5. uruwow 8


    2. VIPER G


    3. bontakun

      None of those moves in the trailer are Jiu Jitsu...... I see some MT, some Kung Fu, and a hint of TKD?

    4. AlexJCorona

      How do these films get budget?

    5. Dj Yar Zar

      Myanmar Bagan

    6. Daniel Cavalcante

      Caramba o filme parece se bem louco vou assistir quando sair

    7. Jon in Osaka

      Should've called it Gymkata.

    8. Dan Lior

      We have an idea for a new mov... Nic Cage: "I'm in!!"

    9. LazärheaD

      He even did the Face/Off motion! Take my money!

    10. Paulo

      WTF??? There's no Jiu Jitsu, this is not Jiu Jitsu... Perhaps u (Paramount) whised to say Ninjitsu...

    11. Tracy Harcrow

      A movie with Jiu Jitsu in the title and a trailer that showed ZERO Jiu Jitsu.

    12. Rodrigo Shimada

      Só faltou o jiu-jitsu no filme !

    13. Dami ferar15


    14. Phantom Freak

      Rebrand this movie from Jiu Jitsu to Predetor.

    15. Thabo Rametsi

      Literally my only critique is the title. There is no Jui Jitsu.

    16. Thabo Rametsi

      Does it look like it will be a "bad" movie ? No doubt. Does it look fun and will I watch it? Absafuckinglutly

    17. Seifeddine Bouabane

      When Predator meet the kickboxer and Ong back

    18. Andrew A. Garshong


    19. RA

      U can clearly see that they are pushing for oscar. I shall watch this lack of jiu jitsu alien thing :)

    20. Johnwick Winchester

      I see a lot of potential Nicholas cage 's memes from this movie lol

    21. wnnalis cioov

      Jiu jitsu masters in the comments be like: "That's not Jiu Jitsu! D:

    22. my_fucking_balls_itch lel

      Can’t fucking wait, bring all the cage

    23. Michel Martins Zigaib

      Eeeerrrrrrrr, so many questions....

      1. wnnalis cioov

        So, this movie is basically 'The Predator' with martial arts and Nic cage. Huh. 🤔

    24. Jim Coleman

      First off I studied Jiu-Jitsu for a few years. This is not jiu-jitsu. This looks horrible.

    25. BC WCS

      I was never really a huge fan of Nicholas Cage but lately a lot of his "just because" films have turned me into a new fan. He has been doing a lot of B movies on streaming services especially Shudder, some suck and some are actually entertaining. Regardless I am definitely going to see this even if its a pile (:

    26. Ismaël Diallo

      Soooo.... Martial art Predator?!

    27. Wei

      Predator remake gone Cage.

    28. Nizar Etakafi

      I love it so much

    29. Celso de Sá

      Nicholas Cage Meme Movie

    30. SirReal Y

      Finally a some non-woke/political entertainment! Count me in!

    31. Razif Bahsir

      They should just made the marines movies in the aliens as the team here is awesome.

    32. ToxSin

      Let's make a movie named jiu jitsu but here's the catch we're not going to have any jiu-jitsu in it. It'll be like Jackie Chan's Karate Kid.... Oscar worthy! 👏👏👏

    33. Rajiv Bhattarai

      Tony Jaa... I am sold

    34. Steve Davies


    35. Luis

      Nick Cage: i have integrity. I am a respected actor. Producers: We'll pay you $$$$ Nick Cage: Where do I sign?

    36. Ramon Loteria

      Is itnme or is Nicolas Cage becoming David Carradine?

    37. Raihan Farrel

      NO: Scott Adkins, Michael Jai White, Iko Uwais, Joe Taslim & Jason Statham

    38. Jon snow

      So, this movie is basically 'The Predator' with martial arts and Nic cage. Huh. 🤔

    39. bilinas mini

      I was expecting a movie about JuiJutsu. Instead I see a sci-fi comedy trailer. This HAS to be a joke right? Pass.



    41. lordvader

      This looks like just the right amount of mindless action I need, TAKE MY MONEY!!

      1. bilinas mini

        This is what happens when the IRS wants their money...bad movies get made. Look it up.

    42. shant hagopian

      dont know what the hell this is but I cant wait for it.

    43. Nadia А

      Im here for the part where he's shooting in Cyprus

    44. virgil pillay

      Why so much human on human violence in the trailer? I thought we were all getting together to kick some alien behind...

    45. virgil pillay

      I think I watched this trailer 10 times just for that line "He's crazy just like me"

    46. Man Red

      アイエエエエエエ・・・ エイリアンナンデ!?

    47. circusOFprecision

      So...Cage monologues this entire movie?

      1. wtf is going on

        I would sever a finger to watch a Martin Scorsese movie starring Cage.

    48. Aurum TheBrave

      The movie we need in 2020.

    49. LSG

      I thought it was a new predator movie



    51. Matt Ramos

      Nic Cage totally dies half way through.

    52. Andrea Jara

      Cuando llegará a Latinoamérica?

    53. christopher donaghy

      Not content with ruining the og Kickboxer with that crap remake the director is also trying to ruin Cage's career now .....💩

    54. Blue Haired Lawyer

      How the hell did this get greenlit, and why aren't I watching it right now!!??

    55. RedandBlue Bulldog

      Been a fan of Nick Cage for decades, going back to Raising Arizona and Peggy Sue Got Married. Leaving Las Vegas is INCREDIBLE!! One of my ALL-TIME FAVES!! It seems maybe financial issues have caused him to take every single role offered as of late. That being said, this still looks AWESOME!!!!

    56. Judgy Judgerton

      This is what happens when the IRS wants their money...bad movies get made. Look it up.

    57. Dustin Mattox

      This can't be real

    58. cry4dawn38

      WTF did I just watch? This looks HORRIBLE!

    59. Mansa Agarwal

      Releasing OTT?

    60. A Jan

      Looks like movie for Joe Rogan.

    61. Jon Scott

      This looks like a genuine attempt to deliberately make a bad movie.

      1. Smruti Ranjan

        well said

    62. Rufaro Asuquo

      This is phenomenal 😮❤️🙏💡😉😇

    63. Damian Boswell

      Really disappointed seeing Frank Grillo in garbage like this. He's so much better than the dogshit his agents get for him. If you don't believe me check out Kingdom on netflix..

      1. Ares_Bane

        It's not garbage, it's a nic cage movie, how can anyone not wanna watch a nic cage movie

    64. Fishplants

      This is like an old vhs you find at a market as a kid

    65. usig00

      Is this supposed to be a rip-off of Mortal Kombat? Is Sony trying to create some piece of shit franchise for their Gaystation?

    66. Cerbyo

      Why are braindead idiots allowed to produce and write these movies.

    67. JustPhoPhun

      this new mortal kombat trailer?

    68. Michael Jeffrey

      Aliens vs Origami... ...would be a better name for this Hollywood vomit...

    69. Ni Como

      This is my type of mindless action filled stuff.... God I miss 80's movies 😂😂😂😂... I know am gonna love it.

    70. Jean Michael Marchegiani Jiménez

      change the name and reserve it for historical movie about jiu jitsu, plz dont waste it in this unrelated sci fi movie

    71. Johnny Johnny

      Watch out Steven Seagal, Nick Cage takes the crown...

    72. Emanuel Oliveira

      Predator Rangers: not the bees.

    73. Symon2099

      0:36 Hey Crabman.

    74. Dominik Starck

      So it's PREDATOR meets MORTAL COMBAT? Okay, take my money.

    75. Mod

      This is absolutely retarded. Why is this upvoted so highly? Must've bought upvotes.

    76. Bboy Gregory Profect

      Film By paul w.s. Anderson and michael bay...

    77. DTM

      Did they just kind of copied the story line from "Predator"?

    78. Pizza

      What the hell did I just watch? Lmao

    79. Death Storm

      Am I watching too much anime that even the movie feels like one?

    80. Robert Aquatic

      Cage doing the front flip at the end of this, sent me 😂 😂

    81. Ben Tjibe

      Jaja Chan, Tony Jaa in Jiu Jitsu - How many J's do you want? Rated R. Violence Throughout.

    82. Steven Jimenez

      A stupid version of Predator? I'm down

    83. Mike Swift

      I don't care if this movie is bad or good I'm seeing this

    84. Danny R

      Kung-Fu Predator?

    85. BradentonSlick

      I was expecting a movie about JuiJutsu. Instead I see a sci-fi comedy trailer. This HAS to be a joke right? Pass.

    86. AznGuyVlog

      clearly its hard as hell to make a martial arts movie that actually makes sense lol

    87. puuvarasto

      I guess you can't RNC an alien as you don't know if it has blood vessels in the neck?

    88. puuvarasto

      Jiu-jitsu gets some name. Nowhere to be seen in this trailer tho. Trying to be positive. Any publicity is good publicity I guess?

    89. tplummer217

      Not one armbar in sight. Lame

    90. Jason Young

      Movie looks like complete trash. I'll still watch bcuz of tony jaa

    91. David Blackwell

      Did the creators of Funny or Die actually get a movie pitch made?! LOL

    92. Autodidactus

      This looks terrible. Can't wait, it's gonna be great.

    93. J Teal

      Omg. I can’t wait! I love predator. His new suit looks badass. But where are the dreadlocks?!?!

    94. VA Vlogs

      What the hell is Jiu Jitsu anyway? This one got some really good people who know how to do stunts like Tony Jaa, Franko Grillo and others. It sure gonna be one hell of an action movie.

    95. Man Nok Yuen

      We should report it misleading

    96. Cat- Daddy

      *This looks Cheesy and Cartoonish* *So sign me up already* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    97. Xoid •

      This looks like one of those Family Guy pits where Peter pitch a ridiculous movie idea and it gets approved without any questions.

    98. Walter Tomaz

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    99. donjon bro

      Why Nicholas Cage Why???😄

    100. Dimitri Rivers

      Tf is this Power Ranger Ninjago shit