Shocking Facts About the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

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    Every American who lived through the '80s remembers the Challenger explosion. But what happened to cause the famous national tragedy? How could such a catastrophe happen when NASA so meticulously checks and double checks all the equipment at their disposal?

    Even with all the risks, astronauts gladly put their lives on the line for decades in the pursuit of reaching for the stars. The Challenger tragedy was not the first or the last catastrophe to befall NASA. The exploratory organization has not forgotten the sacrifices of the seven crewmembers who died on January 28, 1986: Francis "Dick" Scobee, Mike Smith, Judy Resnik, Ellison Onizuka, Ron McNair, Greg Jarvis, and Christa McAuliffe.

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    1. GringoLatino941

      I was in Europe, traveling to 10 countries in Europe, and near the end of the trip, after 2 weeks, I would be staying just another 2 more weeks (total 1 month), and I was in Sweden, southern part, at a relative's house, and they had the TV on, and it was that exact night, night time, dark out, when we arrived at their house, and the TV, if remember correctly, was a small black-and-white, like in their kitchen, and I saw this explosion on the TV screen, and I asked "What happened?" and one of the family said, "You dont know what happened?" (No, because my best friend and I were traveling via train), and then they said, "The space shuttle blew up". That is where I was. I remember that very clearly, never forgot.

    2. Mary H

      Were there every any repercussions for the people who did not listen and insisted that the launch take place????

    3. Kitty Genovese

      NASA:" First Teacher In Space!" (explodes) NASA: "First Israeli in Space!" ( explodes )

    4. Kitty Genovese

      To me, this is the equivalent of NASCAR having a contest to give a teacher a 150mph spin around the track. Some race techs say conditions today aren't ideal, track is wet. But, promoters ignore techs. Then, driver and teacher crash into a wall, burn in flames. Everyone goes "They touched the Face of God."

    5. Kitty Genovese

      The lack of accountability and "thoughts n' prayers" afterward is infuriating. For NASA to seem spaceflight so perfected a civilian can win a contest to go to space, bring great accolades and continued interest/funding...then it blows up before leaving Earth. And some knew it was possible. She basically won a death lottery. The other six were career astronauts and knew their profession was dangerous. Oh, and then another weak link causes another space shuttle to explode killing another 7 astronauts 17 years later.

    6. Night Rider

      Mi just watched “challenger the last flight” on Netflix, very well done but the NASA manager is interviewed and said he still would do the same he did back then if he had to do it all again😡😡😡 pissed me the Fck off

    7. Night Rider

      I was in school when that happened 😞

    8. Auron12786

      For some reason the Big Bird thing surprised me the most. I learned about it only a few months ago and apparently the only reason that didn’t happen was because the puppet was too big for the shuttle

    9. Dawn Roll

      This makes me tear up watching it again, this was so horrific at that time I will never forget it

      1. Dawn Roll

        I was 18 and at work, we all fell silent as we had a tv there to watch. So heartbreaking we all knew even though they weren’t saying it at the time that it wasn’t good and that they more then likely perished but we tried to be hopeful. I hurt for all but for the kids watching on live feeds for Christie

    10. Anita Brown

      My kids were in elementary school and was watching it on tv. They’re both in their 40’s now. 48 and 45. I’d like to hear about the early 60’s when Russia was feared by the US and everyone was building bomb shelters in their back yards. We had bomb drills in school.

    11. Joseph DuPont

      They launched to Make Ronald Reagan happy.. It was also carrying fertilized eggs which we supplied the Bevaline tubing for the experiment.. The kid who made up the experiment was working for KFC. Eventually he got the experiment in another shuttle. and all the hatched chickens died.. I also spoke to a Dr. Acton who was on the last successful Challenger flight. They lost one of the 3 engines on the way up and had to accept a lower orbit and a shorter mission.

    12. Seth Kaicer

      I was in 6th grade at the time they stopped school and sent us home for the rest of the day

    13. Anne Chu

      The fact that the engineers warned NASA that the rocket would explode, but they didn't care about there thoughts and that is how disasters happen

    14. John Downey

      Man on the moon all BS

    15. John Downey

      Hoax another NASA LIE

      1. E. Rose

        Millions of people saw it happen live and in person dipshit. There is no "hoax" about it.

      2. Hello World

        Oh for goodness sake

    16. Rich Smith

      I remember very well. I was sitting in my living room, watching the Challenger lift off. I had that day off from work and wanted to watch. It took me a few minutes to fully understand what had just happened.

    17. Sandwitch Zebra

      Damn, to think Big Bird almost died in front of thousands of children. I wonder what that version of history would have looked like?

      1. McGannahan Skyjellyfetti

        They would have just gotten another puppeteer and suit him up in another Big Bird suit and move on like business as usual. Carl Spinney died a few years ago and THAT didn't stop them from getting replacement...

    18. Isi Cohen

      Yet another conspiracy. There was no one on board. All a lie like going to the moon. Why haven't they gone back? Lies

    19. XsEtUp Loading

    20. freshtendrills

      I bet the girls spilled nail polish on the controls.

    21. JORDAN

      Facts about the Columbia disaster next.

    22. roberto abrams

      I was 25 when the shuttle Challenger blew up after launch! I was home from work, and I remember my mom calling me to tell me that there was an explosion on the spacecraft! If I could live to be 1000yrs old, I’ll never forget that horrible day!

    23. Art Pekarek

      Mrs Becker´s 7th grade science grade class was a sad day.

    24. LaoTzusGymShoes

      The space shittle was an unforgivably worthless attempt at a space-vehicle.

    25. Angela P.

      Christa was from my State and I was in High school at the time. It was a sad day:(

    26. Allie Everett

      I cried all over again. I was in a college class which was halted so we could watch.

    27. Andrea Mori

      I was a grad student and an Instructor at Brandeis University. That morning I had a Calculus class to teach. Coming out of the classroom I run into a fellow grad student who told me that "the shuttle exploded" and hurried away. At first I thought he meant the NYC-Bos air shuttle, which I had taken several times. Took me a good two minutes before I recalled that the Challenger mission was scheduled that same morning.

    28. Robert Allison

      I remember the Challenger blowing up, I was in grade school in Punta Gorda, Fl. I remember watching it go up and then watching the cloud of smoke and thinking, that doesn't look right. Our teacher ran us all inside, I reckon they knew what happened.

    29. Tino Gomez

      What about that video that shows all the shuttle astroNOTS still alive and well. Some didn't even change their names.

      1. E. Rose

        You actually believe that conspiracy nut nonsense? 😂 It's been debunked years ago!

    30. Trick worm 09

      My friends grandfather worked with her :)

    31. Kathy Lim

      I was a 8th grader helping with 1st graders class to watch live....then 💥💥💥💥💥BOOM. Still remember the dull shock

    32. Andrew Marshall

      Its so easy to pick youtube channels by how its edited & the unnatural precise almost authority like voice that is not open to be questioned, at all. NASA has its dwindling fans that are running out of excuses & explanations. Sorry but for those who believe in NASA & are not awakened to this Jesuit Vatican who own & control it with their freemason military handlers in a nutshell. Dig a little deeper Pentagons is World military control central which includes NASA, Form soon after the Antartica treaty signed at the time by 40+:nations and has every nations signature be it official or not is no longer a choice. The NWO is in mid term takeover for full World domination. This is now & when or IF their hundreds of years planning has the masses complying to orders given to individual Governments who are already under NWO firm fist control. Fabian mentality is slow increments of change that ĺead to a master plan, such changes at first will be rejected with fury, Governments back of slightly, wait & create other distractions. Ppl need time to accept then forget these changes & sadly so dumb down, incabably to think for themselves, many are sheep walking to their own demise with no clue what lays ahead. Its more then obvious to so many but the masses seem to be following calmly. But what is coming will expose the truth. The Challenger was like everything NASA does HOAX. Fear based. All those "Astronauts" never were on the shuttle, they went back in the bus that took them to the lift off pad.. Research properly, These ppl are part of a departmentalised industry, so this is how they get away with only a handful of Club Oath members knowing the truth. NASA Is funded by Tax payers, $70,000,000 a day....You can do alot of convincing with this sort of money......learn to research properly ppl. We are lied to beyond belief..?

      1. E. Rose

        Paranoid much?

    33. TheLeah2344

      I feel really bad for their families and children who watched them die on live tv. 😓

    34. Nan_ cK

      I was 18 and watched it from my room. At first we didn’t know anything was wrong. When we found out, it was so so heartbreaking. I cried for their families.

    35. Liviykat 2

      My mom was nine when she saw this. One of the teachers at her school was going to space and they got to see it.......that didn't end well

    36. pourquoipas971

      I was 26 years old , near Paris, France, watching the event ..what a shock ... so sad. Never forgot

    37. Dan Anderson

      We were at Disney’s Epcot Center. Actually we were on the shuttle from the parking lot and I was filming the shuttle as we could clearly see it as we were on our way from our car to the park entrance. My wife said “something is wrong” seconds after the explosion. Such a sad day to be at Epcot. I still have my video tape.

    38. Leo Korn

      Ja, we know, they survived the explosion and died crashint into the ocean. hell.

    39. John Bugbee

      I was in high school freshman year. even then as a kid I knew they survived the initial break up.

    40. Dustin Blythe

      I was in elementary school when it happened. Tvs were wheeled into our cafeteria so we could watch the launch. None of us knew what happened, only that it wasn't good. The TVs were rolled back out without comment. "Nothing to see here!"

    41. Bryan Ladd

      The narrator on these videos is fantastic

    42. Larry Gribaudo

      Who really knows if the people were on the Challenger. Will we ever really know the true agenda ???? I heard these people have been seen?

    43. Jackie DeHaan

      I was 4 years old kneeling on the carpet floor watching the TV of this event with my family. I remember my mother just started Screaming and crying. That tragedy is burned into my brain.

    44. Joe Mama

      I remember it. I was in high school and walking into algebra class when someone said the space shuttle blew up. I didn't believe them at first until several other people came in and said the same thing, then at the beginning of class our teacher made an announcement that it had in fact happened. Then of course for weeks later lots of people in school were making Challenger jokes...

    45. Freddie Fastmachine

      I was turning a large Bullard VTL (vertical turret lathe). I shut down and yelled at the Inspector going past and we listened to my boombox in horror.

    46. Jane Hop

      Hindsight is 20-20

    47. jpooch00

      NASA has been pretty much a total joke since the Apollo program. The Space Shuttle was nothing like what it was advertised to be, regardless of NASA's spun-out BS. Total waste of money. Non-manned missions are what they're actually good at. NASA sending people to Mars? Gimme a break! Nothing but a monumental waste of tax dollars - and for what? To send a few space-cowboys on a one way trip to a dead planet. WTF is the actual point in spending half a trillion dollars for that?

    48. m3 talent agency

      In the end, NASA did manage to attract a whole lot of it publicity and attention to this mission.

    49. Model Jet Juggernaut

      I was in London. My dad was a foreign service officer attending a science convention. He came into the hotel and said "the space shuttle exploded" ... Horrified, my mother said "what?? When?". "30 minutes ago". Then it was all over the news. I was 10 years old. But my dumb kid self was more interested in going to the London arcade than hearing about some explosion.

    50. karen Louks

      What really Burns me up about the whole thing is they didn't care enough about the astronauts to save them and when it started I know about the O-rings the engineers told them then they turned around and killed seven more years later a lot of greed when NASA is concerned

    51. Shirley Coonce

      Yes I remember the horrific incident. I worked in an Elementary school and were in assembly to watch the launch with the whole school.

    52. Virvum Juggernaut

      I recall watching the doomed Challenger launch live from home (Melbourne 🇦🇺) with my Father. Ironically we both witnessed the 9/11 tragedy together, also live from the comfort of our living room. My Father died 2yrs later. Edit: It sounds wrong to regard these as “good” memories, although the truth is, I do.

    53. Michael Barlow

      If the Challenger disaster had not occured, Christa McAuliffe would be 72 years old this year. R.I.P. 1986 Challenger Crew😥

      1. E. Rose

        @Koi Soup Right. That's why I said when they hit the water it was all over.

      2. Koi Soup

        @E. Rose I dunno about that... hitting the water that fast would be the same as hitting concrete

      3. E. Rose

        @Nemo They likely survived the explosion. When they hit the water it was all over.

      4. Nemo

        @Alex Perez No, this is other people’s opinion. BTW - I watched it on KGup, and it was convincing, astronauts capsule didn’t catch fire, it dropped into the ocean.... could be true, who knows....

      5. Alex Perez

        @Nemo Lmao. Conspiracy theorist?

    54. Tucker Trucker Patriot

      I was 26 years old and was watching on the lobby TV monitor at WKRG TV 5 in Mobile Alabama as I was the Telephone Receptionist at that time. I couldn't believe my eyes as it happened, then the phone system lit up with upset people calling wanting to know if what they just saw really happened or if it was a joke or what. Within 30 seconds the switchboard started ticking like a timebomb as there were over 200,000 backed-up calls trying to come through. I had to transfer calls to every available phone line in the building and this did not alleviate the incoming call problem. The switchboard was only capable of taking 300 or so incoming calls at one time back then. It smoked the switchboard. The system finally went down and we had to call the STS repair folks with the phone system. The incoming calls went on for several weeks after we got the new and improved switchboard. I left TV 5 in April of 86 and started driving a semi-truck. I've been a driver ever since then. I don't miss working with the public. People are crazy!

    55. Matthew Polizzotti

      I was born in that time I think I was 5, I'll never forget the Challenger and all the brave souls aboard that reached for the heavens. I'll never forget.

    56. Leo Gomez

      I have mixed feelings about people who choose a profession that has them venture out into an environment not meant for humans only for boasting about having been there. There are more pressing things here on Earth that merit more attention. It's sad what happened to them but who's to blame the engineers or themselves?

    57. Marita

      I was in a drug store Watching on their tv. I cried

    58. Dr. Trichome

      Peter hyack does an amazing examination of a Neil Armstrong speech a month after the "landing" and he never ever!! Places himself on the moon he dances around. Peter a speech analyst for fbi sheriffs ect.

    59. Inna Shcherbakova

      "Left an international legacy" proceeds to name American media

    60. stuff for work

      I watched live in elementary school.

    61. America's Rabbit Hole


    62. America's Rabbit Hole

      I'll never trust Natalie again after the Challenger and Columbia accidents. They both were preventable and NASA KNEW IT!!!

    63. America's Rabbit Hole

      Whoever was in charge should've had murder charges put on them!!!! COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE!!! What would have postponing the launch one more day have done??? NOTHING WORTH LOSING 7 LIVES OVER!-!!

    64. America's Rabbit Hole

      When it doubt,no matter what it is,just shut it down and make changes or repairs needed. Can you imagine how many deaths have happened from vehicles happened like this? Where a suspicious part wasnt Ll known about and later caused engine to rev out of control,etc etc causing unknown deaths surely in the 10s of thousands. Especially bc its known that a company will pay out in settlements because it's cheaper to pay out settlements then to do a recall. FORD IS NOTORIOUS FOR THIS!!!!

    65. America's Rabbit Hole

      I was 10 and remember watching this on TV like yesterday. I cried and cried and cried....I can even remember the dread I felt and felt like the end of the world then.

    66. Roger O

      I remember when I was work and heard of the tragedy. Later, when I watched the news report I saw the report that showed the people watching real-time as it happened. The audience included the parents and family of the school teacher and the school audience's that were watching the footage also. I remembered watching as the explosion and the boosters shooting to the side of the flight path before hearing the narrator of the flight at NASA's say anything about the anomaly! His comment was reserved to say the least. I remember another incident years earlier when I was in Junior High school at the time and a teacher came into my class room and spoke of the fact that Pres John Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas Texas. Another moment that I will not forget, EVER!

    67. Thɑт Spοk

      I don't understand this "too cold" to launch stuff because it gets really cold the higher in the atmosphere it gets.

      1. Thɑт Spοk

        @Freddie Fastmachine Yes? My point is that it is very cold in the upper atmosphere and colder in space.

      2. Freddie Fastmachine

        O-ring material must be pliable to compress and expand to seal. freeze a red rope licorice and try to bend it.

    68. West Lisbon

      They were free Masonic Blood Sacrificed by satanic free Masons

      1. E. Rose

        Were the two woman "free masons" too?

    69. West Lisbon

      NASA Need Another Seven Astronauts

    70. Joyce Anthony

      I was 29 years old, married less than two years and food shopping when I overheard the news.

    71. William Rooth

      My uncle was a NASA employee who started with them in 1961 and retired when the space shuttle which landed right before this incident occurred. Nasa had several delays during this time and they were pushing hard as you pointed out to step up the pace. That is when it got them. I was in Hemphill, TX when Columbia burned up and rained debris over that area. It was a very sobering time during each of those very sad events.

    72. Simon

      You mean.....shouldn't of taken off?🙁

    73. Juan Rivera

      I was grade school 5th grader

    74. Vicky Gray

      Horrible day. Just awful. No communication after the explosion. I guess they were all knocked unconscious..

    75. Earl Driskill

      I was in Lubbock, TX watching tv when there was an an interruption for a news break that reported the Challenger Disaster. I watched the story unfold for the rest of the day. I remember turning the channel to CBS and seeing Dan Rather reporting on it. My brother was in the Air Force at the time, stationed at Reese AFB and he said the base went on lock down.

    76. Michael Moore

      It's sad that profit always seems to be more important than life....RIP....7

    77. Ceznaa

      Someone knew that it was going to blow up. But the engineer team didnt listen and started a poll and decided to launch in cold weather and with the “O-Ring” problem.

    78. charlie hernandez

      I was feeding the boarded horses in pico California

    79. Tim Nickerson

      I remember the punky Brewster episode

    80. chris McPHANE

      APPOLO 1 ANOTHER HIDDEN LIE ? As they were going to speak out stating that it would never work was a joke as they pointed out, They were overheard time in time saying it was unsafe and a joke literally a show! All a lie put on by the higher up? They were going to come forward tell the people they have been had ! Billions of tax payer dollars being successful out of the peoples pockets a fraud.... again check.out the TWINS !! NO JOKE... RE : CHALLENGER THE MNG WHOEVER RUNS NASA , WAS IT CIA? AS OTHER OR REAL FLIGH PROGRAMES TOOK PLACE SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS.... CHECK OUT THE TWINS.... BUSTED !!

    81. chris McPHANE


      1. E. Rose

        Conspiracy junk made for the weak-minded. Says a lot about you.

    82. Robert Minear

      After this accident NASA stand for need another Seven astronauts

    83. Martin Mouncher

      Management.. in every job I've had, they are in best part Cockwombling Thundercunts.

    84. GamerTimeFunTime

      I wasn’t born until 1991. But I remember reading about this in high school. Sad that this happened.

    85. Douglas Griffiths

      And I remember the Punky Brewster episode. It's called "Accidents Happen" , and Buzz Aldrin makes a guest appearance. I have the DVD. (Jan Griffiths).

    86. Dr Beth the Turtle Woman

      My college chemistry class was watching this launch from our classroom on a TV set. My professor had trained at NASA and was an alternate to go up on that flight. When we saw that the shuttle had blown up, my professor cancelled class and told us to go home.

      1. Jocko Harpo

        DId you go straight home? You didn't stick around and pull his finger a few times?

      2. Jocko Harpo

        Could he meke a battery out of salt water and sea shells like the professor on Gilligan's island did?

      3. Jocko Harpo

        Well I would hope it was a tv set. Uless you had a smart phone with really good reception. Did it make you want to go out and buy a gihugic load of toilet paper?

    87. Douglas Griffiths

      I definitely do remember the Challenger disaster. I had the flu that day, and was home from work. I was channel surfing, and came up on CNN, and found that they were going to go again, and CNN would broadcast the launch live. I put a brand new tape in the VCR to record the launch. My tape was started an hour before time. I got the launch, and kept the tape going for almost 3 hours. I also recorded President Reagan's speech about the disaster on the same tape. I still have the tape today, and it's still as clear as the day it was recorded. I've also made a DVD copy of it. It was one of the saddest days I can remember. (Jan Griffiths).

    88. Emmet Ray

      Engineers should have the final say if a launch can go ahead, not a bunch of bean counters.

    89. I do not know What I’m doing

      i was in 4th grade when we were whaching it i was drawing a pic of what i saw when i looked up to get my first detail it suddenly exploaded i kept drawing though one of the girls named kora started crying and caden a boy started cursing as the teacher was one of his reatives i still have the drawing and it always reminds me of that tragic day...

    90. karen Louks

      Oh yes I watched all of them and remember every second up the disaster and then boarding before they took off to the last NASA killed a lot of people it's called greed

    91. Mike Smith


    92. Greenwolfe Green

      I have seen countless science fiction movies where the executive powers that be overrule the expert engineers and scientists only to discover they were right. It is the basic plot line of all science movies ever made.

    93. Bryon Ensminger

      I was at work at Exotic Body Works we made race cars and the boss shut the whole thing down and we all sit around the TV watching it over and over for about 2 hours and then went home

    94. Thoth's Geospatial Dynamics

      NASA= Murderers

    95. Paul Adams

      Didn’t realise so much feminist crap was involved in it , totally put of now isn’t nothing sacred from these extremist lunatics

    96. Donna Clugy

      What a tragedy that was. I was 10 years old at the time. Days before the tragedy I had my birthday. When I learned we were ganna watch a space shuttle fly it was excited to see such a awesome event. But shortly after it was tears rolling down my eyes. Seeing it explode and watching fall in mid air. I thought about the crew inside. Not knowing if they were dead or alive. So, so sad. As an adult now I often think about them. What they could've been. Their families. 😞

    97. SJ Smith This was a false flag. No one died. Nasa was looking for money. They are all frauds and belong in jail. Everyone.

    98. J B

      I was still inside my mommy

      1. Bryan Wilkins

        Well your launch was successful. You made a 60 year grumpy old man smile.

    99. Higgs Boson

      I was sick and home from school when I watched this live, I was 8 years old. I remember that I didn't know something had gone wrong until later when they news guy said it. It's one of those things you'll never 9/11.

    100. MrSmurfnanne

      Lived in Clearwater, FL in '85 and '86. I can remember having a bad feeling listening to the news on my way to work as they canceled that flight several times before that fateful day. On the morning of the disaster, the weather report was of a low temperature of 19 degrees on Clearwater Beach, where I was working at the time. We were working in the shadow of the hotel, while securing everything on the pool deck, when a coworker came running out of the building yelling that Challenger had just blown up. He was a kid out of high school that was always clowning around, my first reaction was anger directed at him as I told him not to joke around about such things. I can still see the look on his face as he pleaded that he wasn't joking. We all took off in a sprint to get out from the shadows and look eastward. What we saw was surreal. A gruesome sight in that blue Florida sky...