The Insane Engineering of the Perseverance Rover

Real Engineering

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    Writer/Narrator: Brian McManus
    Editor: Dylan Hennessy
    Animator: Mike Ridolfi (
    3D Animator: Eli (social handle: TwisterEli)
    Sound: Graham Haerther (
    Thumbnail: Simon Buckmaster forgottentowel


    Thank you to AP Archive for access to their archival footage.

    Music by Epidemic Sound:


    Thank you to my patreon supporters: Adam Flohr, Henning Basma, Hank Green, William Leu, Tristan Edwards, Ian Dundore, John & Becki Johnston. Nevin Spoljaric, Jason Clark, Thomas Barth, Johnny MacDonald, Stephen Foland, Alfred Holzheu, Abdulrahman Abdulaziz Binghaith, Brent Higgins, Dexter Appleberry, Alex Pavek, Marko Hirsch, Mikkel Johansen, Hibiyi Mori. Viktor Józsa, Ron Hochsprung

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    1. Real Engineering

      The response to this video has been huge. One of our biggest videos ever. We worked our ass off on these animations. Big shout out to Mike and Eli, our stellar animators. Also big thanks to Curiosity Stream, without them we simple would not have the budget to make something this ambitious. If you liked this video, you will love that Armstrong documentary on CS. It gives me some serious goals to work towards. Packed with information and beautiful story telling.

      1. Moss M

        Great video, you should expand on this. Like how the rover manages to run on 110w, with drive motors, multiple robotic arms, and computers all able to run on a similar amount of power to a laptop.

      2. Ravi Teja

        @Real engineering..U guys really did a great job...Hats off to the back stage work, it clearly shows every effort u guys had put it in creating this animation.. its 100% realistic and mind blowing..moreover Hatsoff and congratulations to every NASA employee for creating this marvellous machine, showing the power of human intelligence and setting a strong base for future human race....No words..Lots of Love from India.❤️❤️🇮🇳

      3. Rajadhiraj Maharaj

        17:54 this is my dream life.. like an amateur PHub star.. like Alex Adams..

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      5. Eugene Sesma III

        I can't find the Bobak Ferdowsi interview anywhere! Please help! Thanks! :) and I did sign up for both Nebula and Curiosity Stream and I still can't find it

    2. terry rudford

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    3. Michael NiePsycholog Michael NiePsycholog

      Dear Real engineering, on this video you inform that Mars atmosphere is 100x thinner than Earth atmosphere - how is Mars helicopter flight possible in such low pressure atmosphere?

    4. Elmar Bajora

      I like the video although i would enjoy it even more if he would call the planet by its correct name "Mars" instead of "mers"

    5. Francois Van Dyk

      It seems they wanna mine mars....must be something special there for they prospect

    6. Booorrrsuk Czarny

      Insane scam:)

    7. Stradskie Gaming VLOG

      What is the difference of perseverance and the rest of the rovers that were brought to mars?🤔 i feel like they are hyping this too much but it can only can do as much as what the others did.

    8. Yogesh Ingole

      The main role play in this operation Indian-American scientist Dr. Swati Mohan🙏🏽🇮🇳

    9. Michael NiePsycholog Michael NiePsycholog

      What kind of radio contact do we have with this mission on Mars? What frequencies, what kind of modulation, is any part of it available to the public - not coded etc? Can we receive it on Earth?

    10. Paul Phelps

      Amazing.! The growth of space technology is becoming an exciting step forward.

    11. Rob Van Gessel

      How long does it take to sort out the data sent back from Perseverence, like microbial history on the planet?

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    13. LurifaxDK

      Anyone else see something fly away in the sky in the background at 13:45? Nice little easteregg by the animators.

    14. EpsilonGoods

      None of this is impressive. I can't believe I could engineer this myself. When I was a kid, this crap was mind blowing. Now I just want to travel to Mars and kick this abomination to its side.

      1. Peril Playz


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    16. Borys Nijinski

      Treads not threads

    17. andacomfeeuvou

      Forget Mars. There is nothing interesting about this hostile desert immensity. Take care of the Earth. Take care of life on earth and take care of our civilization because both are seriously threatened.

    18. Mike Flannery

      Great documentary video, well done!

    19. Justbase

      Mahrs, not Mehrs

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    21. domstapl

      I am curious. How the hell do nasa control the rockets flight path to mars? and the rover itself on mars?

    22. Fate Lost

      Video is good but pronunciation of Mars as marries annoys the fuck out of me

    23. Ryen

      Nice to know the rover will still have half a charge 87 years from now!

    24. thodor anch

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    25. Andrew Dao Nguyen

      Those are some expensive hacks

    26. Thomas Kundera

      The quality and density of that video is really impressive, thanks.

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    28. Fam the Bornies

      Its Mars not mears

    29. Joel Hjertén

      I hate 25fps content. Make it 30fps instead. All the camera pans just stutter on my screen.

    30. Corek BleedingHollow

      So where did that sky crane go after it dropped off the rover? lol

    31. Sohail

      thats not even 10% of engineering aspects of perseverance.

    32. Iam x Offi.

      Head Of the Mission... She is an 🇮🇳 INDIAN We are Indians 😎🤏

    33. Del Rubikeo

      let's go to meers

    34. gulbilsux

      cool stuff... Funny accent

    35. Michael Stone Grandison

      "The robot head mates..." he he he. Giggity giggity.... In other news, I'm excited for the soil samples more than anything else

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    37. Behzey

      smh, Not only do people not question this, they'll just regurgitate the NASA explanation as fact, even though there is no way to duplicate anything they supposedly do "in space." In a world where people are double masking themselves while in their car alone, I have no hope for these people. The magic of the wizards in the white lab coats is too powerful.

    38. George Zaharia

      there is this weird theory i have for a long time, that all those ancient mythical stories about mount olympus the zeus god, and other semi gods and their full on myth, and even the atlantian people... or antlantis city, originated actually on another planet, and we as humans, migrated to another world... and as stories go from mouth to mouth they became part of mythical history or "stories from ancient times" that no1 knows where they come from... how crazy it will be, if we find those places or traces of them on mars ... hah that would change everything on what we know about ourselves as a species.

    39. 16_Rafi

      So, preserverence is launched 7 month ago?

    40. Karma Akabane

      The chemical engineering part makes me wanna cry When I can't focus on my simple material balances wkwk

    41. REAVL

      7:58 Mark Rober!

    42. Marc Merritt

      Love your vids. Thanks for this!

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    44. Veg Ahimsa

      Why didn't they drop a one-time lab to free up weight and energy after one-time experiments (like oxygen generation) completed? Or is that part of the capsule return cache?

    45. 136 Ankesh Agarwal

      Cudos for background music alone

    46. Bhone Myat

      Insane video and presentation. Love it

    47. ScripturesRevealSouls

      All this just to lie to the masses. No one is ever going to mars. Repent and seek the Way Truth and Life

    48. Someone Else

      Can someone explain why human earth apes are still using primitive inferior chemical fuel rockets for space travel, instead of using proper interstellar starships that are powered by anti-matter engines and are much faster?

    49. Antti z


    50. yezzoo7053

      Why not the moon!!?? It’s to close?? Or what

    51. yezzoo7053

      What type of fuel they use,don’t you need oxigen to start a fire?

    52. Necu Da Sutim

      why t f cant they mount a fckin cam and turn it back so we can see our planet or maybe the whole journey video? any idea? how hard is it? we have cameras that work in mars atmosfere, venus atmosfere,... space, so no atmosfere... i dont care how martian surface looks, give us earth pictures, and not that shitty blue marbel, nasa addmited its cgi years ago.

    53. Pierre Olsson

      I thought the name of the planet was Mars, but now I know it is Mahriz, or something like that...


      It's like I'm watching a movie

    55. Per Atle Holvik

      Nice video, @Real Engineering 👍👍 But, whoever did the Irish transcription needs to learn when to use its vs it's.

    56. Tarig Anter

      Mars has 95% of CO2 with no or past escape of hydrogen. With no hydrogen Mars has or never had water. It looks like a burned planet. Dry streams and valleys could be the result of liquids other than water. Those liquids must had any combination of Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon. At sometime Nitrogen could had ignited Mars. Even at the low temperatures of solid nitrogen it is fairly volatile and can sublime to form an atmosphere, or condense back into nitrogen frost.

    57. JS Channel


    58. Tyrone Clarke

      What a wonderful machine Perseverance is. There’s so mush going on. Waiting with baited breath for the information to be received when she gets to work.

    59. Mr. Pickaxe

      Suggestion: Send Sofia in the mars (AI human)

    60. Rani Sinha

      Proud to be a computer engineer

    61. Dani Morales

      Ahhhhh amazing

    62. Joshua Dangerfield

      Absolutely superb explanation, video and use of graphics!

    63. kinesis28

      Absolutely brilliant watch 👍

    64. Soumyajit Sarkar

      This is mind-blowing !!!

    65. albertroswell

      video is incredible, well edited and everything, the only flaw is the narrator keeps pronouncing mars as "MERS"

    66. Badabing Bodaboom

      That lowering sky crane was first powered controlled flight on Mars?

    67. albertroswell


    68. Jonathan Oldham

      Thank you for teaching!

    69. Jesus Christ is my God To the glory of the Father

      Curiosity rover images a rodent seen, an arctic lemming, a marine animal vertabrea, walrus arm bone, a lump of driftwood from nearby railroad 3×2; spirit rover an earth lichen growing on a rock.

    70. Felahidis Pascalis

      Uhh, didnt he just get 2M not so long ago? Already near 3M, didnt exepct it to grow THIS fast.

    71. Roasted HD

      wow...just wow...

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    73. Dustin Klein

      Everybody is talking about the Rover but that skycrane thats now crash landed somewhere...all alone somewhere in the martian dust

    74. Angl0sax0nknight

      I don’t get how someone would thumb down this video.. it’s just educational and intriguing on engineering

    75. J For Jacqy

      This video was so well done, Kudos to all the great minds that worked on the rover! Can't even imagine how proud they are!

    76. Michał BD-Lux

      Someone, somewhere, sometime will call this an ancient technology...

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    78. Dessin de nul

      You sound and look like some kind of jacksepticeye bigger brother Amazing video btw

    79. D P

      wasted money, time and energy on a dead planet, try focusing on our planet

      1. BrookeTheBaron

        NASA has actually made significant contributions to society, their yearly budget is around 20 Billion a year (0.5% of the US Budget, most of which goes to paying the scientists and doctors and workforce that does all of this) and have done so many things it's probably impossible to mention everything they've done. The military in the last 15 years spent 700 billion dollars on a plane that's already defunct, if you are calling for anything to be defunded, look at the US Military budget.

    80. HrClaims

      is that Scroobious pip? did not expect to see him in such a video . you have good music taste !


      Imagine perseverance find opportunity

    82. Targeted Victim

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    83. buzzfunk

      Amazing video!

    84. Elvin Joju

      If the SpaceX Starship will be able to dock with the ISS, then it will be able to take that methane and use it as a propellant

    85. Aunim Khan

      No one: Narrator: Mers. Erms.

    86. Mandalorian

      I m not an American but I believe that each and every Americans should be proud of what their Space agency have achieved

    87. Jwatch

      Insane Engineering also Insane people tax money.. Technology is also business can't get free ..

    88. Er Ge

      I have seen objects in the sky i don't know who they own or have build. And i don't know what NASA's role is in this game. Maybe to bring us slowly to the actual level of engeneering we already secretly are. But all in all i am impressed by the first images of Rover and Perseverance.

    89. Dopey Tripod

      we can't even treat each other right on earth....WHY ARE WE BRINGING OTHERS INTO THIS?

    90. Cam Alex


    91. this will be the most liked comment

    92. Cassie

      That’s the smoothest ad transition I have ever experienced 😂

    93. Tazz M

      This is so amazing. But what's with pronouncing 'Mars' a little off

    94. Marcus Danchision

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    95. Alain Rocheve

      Martians should catch it and reverse engeenering it !

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    97. claimerboy

      Animation and robots.

    98. Max Haupt

      As a German I'm happy to see the Intake Pump as basically a fancy "G-Lader" used on late 80es VW Polo G40 :D

    99. Sion Marak

      I can almost feel the satisfaction of the team members who helped this mission reach its goal. The amount of work, bravery, intelligence and sacrifice needed to pursue something so monumental is what drives me to pursue my own dreams. If not this day or lifetime, I will be happy to know before i die that there is future where I have contributed.

    100. I.P. Knightly

      I can turn on a lamp with my cellphone.