Jalen Suggs: 22 points in National Championship Game against Baylor

March Madness

11 миӊ. көрүүлөр3

    Jalen Suggs dominated throughout the entire 2021 NCAA tournament, including a final shot in the Final Four to send Gonzaga to the National Championship. Although a loss in the finals, Suggs capped off his freshman season with 22 points, 3 assists, and 2 steals against Baylor. Watch his full game highlights here.

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    1. Justin Edwards

      I like dangelo Russell but I don’t feel like he is the starting pg for this t wolves team.. if they have a chance to get Suggs or Cunningham they need to pull the trigger

    2. J

      this guys like kidd and rouf combined

    3. hjbihin pk77

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    4. James Kim

      Gonzaga lost of Baylor, but Suggs is a better player than Mitchell or Butler from Baylor. Mitchell try to take Suggs in 1 on 1 several times, but could not pass him. There's a reason why Suggs is the top 5 NBA draft prospect whereas Mitchell and Butler are only Top 20~30 draft picks.

    5. Help me

      future warrior 😎

    6. lammish

      Sudds will even better next year...something to think about.

    7. Dennis Adams

      Suggs is special no doubt. I think he needs another year of refinement. He's in the best program for that. In the pros its a business. Everyone is big, quick and athletic.

    8. clone killa

      STOP SAYING HES NBA READY he needs another year. He’ll become a floor general if he stays another year. Everyone needs to stop saying he’s nba ready, he’s not. If he stays another year he can be top 3 draft, he’s not going at 1 or 2 anyways this year maybe not even 3 or 4. You got Jared Butler, Jalen Green, Jonathan Kuminga, Cade Cunningham, the center from USC, and like another 2 who have better assets and are the same age as him. Literally any terrible to bad team in the nba right now 1-8 aren’t going to draft him, all the bottom 8 teams in the nba need floor generals with a nice background (jalen green, Jared butler), or big point forwards(Cade, Jonathan), or bigs like the guy at usc. If he stays another year he’ll have this on his resume and he’ll win next year at 20 years old. Michael Jordan didn’t leave his freshman year.

      1. Jamel Barket

        OH ok your saying he not nba ready buddy how is he projected to be 3rd pick 1 round pick that defiantly looks like he nba ready and besides he already declared for the NBA

      2. Anh Vu

        @clone killa nah man something is wrong with you, the final point is to get to the nba if you have the chance go take it. There are so many things that can happen in just one night to ruin that chance bro.

      3. Big baller Kell

        What if he was to get hurt or something them what. His draft stock is going to fall even more. Make sense, but I get what your saying

      4. Big baller Kell

        Why would he stay back if he just improves in the league . Top 3 pick take the bag and the improved equipment

      5. clone killa

        @Anh Vu dude, he’s not ready. He’s not even going as high in the draft like you guys think he is, and I know that for a FACT call me baby Woj.

    9. clone killa

      Learn from butler and take another year.

      1. Big baller Kell

        @Daniel M. he meant Jared butler

      2. Daniel M.

        Butler was pick #30, Suggs going to be top 3 easily, it’s time to move to NBA.

      3. Big baller Kell

        He’s better than butler. Besides I don’t even know how good butler is gonna be. Same with Jalen but I’m taking Jalen over butler Any day

    10. clone killa

      He needs another year.

      1. 6ix Man

        @clone killa Bruh I'm not tryna argue where he is going to go. All u need to know is that he's going to be a top pick and he's not gonna waste his time in college

      2. clone killa

        Not going over jalen, Cade, Jonathan, Mobley, nor ziaire

      3. 6ix Man

        @clone killa Potential top 3. Definitely top 5. He ain't going back to College

      4. clone killa

        @6ix Man he’s not too 3.

      5. 6ix Man

        Why would a potential top 3 pick waste another year in college

    11. Jordan Wolfson

      He showed up. After those early fouls, he got his head straight. Timme, Nembhard and Kispert have no excuse. This is from a Zag fan.

    12. אופק טל

      I jus can’t believe that they lost the game

      1. Daniel M.

        Weren’t good enough.

    13. Dr0pkidd

      I hope he doesn't return for another season. His draft stock can't go any higher.

      1. clone killa

        Nah, he needs another year. He’ll become a floor general if he stays another year. Everyone needs to stop saying he’s nba ready, he’s not. If he stays another year he can still be too 3 draft, he’s not going at 1 or 2 anyways this year maybe not even 3 or 4. You got Jared Butler, Jalen Green, Jonathan Kuminga, Cade Cunningham, the center from USC, and like another 2 who have better assets and are the same age as him.

    14. Jennifer Wise

      Zags you had a great 31-1 season! WE WILL MISS YOU JALEN AND COREY!!

    15. John Peppers

      He should play one more year but I know he won't.

      1. Big Mike

        His only reason might be one chance to win an NCAA championship with Chet.

      2. James ,

        @John Peppers if I had the chance I would go straight to the league and get that check

      3. John Peppers

        @Lawrence O I get that but I miss the days where kids actually stayed and developed and were kids. I know it is about the money but I've seen to many players like Austin Daye who looked to be a star and just faded away because he left too early. I hope Jalen has a fantastic career!

      4. Lawrence O

        He has no reason playing another year, he is top 5 projected

    16. ray corcoles

      3 more years

    17. Raphael Romulo

      I think he's gonna be donte divincenzo player in the next level.

    18. Daniel M

      Anyone else think he’ll play another year at Gonzaga?

      1. Jennifer Wise

        @Daniel M no if you were offered $10 million you wouod leave and get the degree later.

      2. Daniel M

        @Jennifer Wise I would stay to get my degree from Gonzaga

      3. Jennifer Wise

        Would you stay in school if offered LOTTERY $$??

      4. Justin Chambers

        It really depends on who’s interested in picking up Suggs in the NBA draft, if Suggs isn’t interested in any of the teams that would want to draft him, he will more than likely stick with GU for another season

      5. Prince Zane

        Chances of him going back is slim Especially if he has a high stock for the draft

    19. upallnight1992

      He played great but this is the one game they should of played through him. He often defers to kispert and timme too much.

    20. Viki

      Only kid who actually played. The moustache dude just flexed after scoring 2 points and 4 turnovers. That dude will be eaten alive by NBA dudes.

      1. jas1511

        @Draco I hear you, you’re just confirming what I’m saying. Not pinning the loss on him basketball is a team game but he couldn’t do a thing against Baylor’s bigs.

      2. Draco

        @jas1511 I mean take in, he was actually on his ones against those bigs, nothing much he can do against that AT ALL, let alone Baylor's whole team is a lot more athletic then Gonzaga, so you can't pin that loss on him.

      3. Draco

        @Luke Wheaton Actually, Jalen is an inconsistent shooter as of RN, and in a league where shooting is one of the most important things, translation is gonna be hard

      4. Luke Wheaton

        @Draco timme's game won't translate to the League jalens game will

      5. Brandon Williams

        @Draco put the pipe down my guy, it's making you see things that aren't really there😂😂 Moustache dude wishes he was better that Jalen Suggs (top 3 pick in this years draft?) You're delusional man

    21. --

      Gonzaga is consistent with 🏀 fundamentals - retro 1891 style, humble and with little English flair.

    22. JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only

      Future top 2 draft pick

    23. Rell From The Y

      Future top 5 draft pick.. he was the only one fearless and not afraid of the moment. This man will be a star for future years to come

    24. YvngGoat

      Dude has a bright future.

    25. Replay Archive

      this kid is a freshman... he’s gonna be dangerous. respect from a baylor fan!

    26. Grant Galloway

      Does not matter they lost. Sad deal.

      1. Michael Georgey

        Suggs is a beast, his NBA talent doesn’t matter Ok? That’s an L but ok...

      2. Astrea Stars

        @Grant Galloway No one is insane enough to go back and continuing playing college ball while being a top 3 pick lol. There's literally no benefit for going back if you're at least a first-round projection. You can't predict what the future holds like injuries and unfortunate events, there are no guarantees other than him being a top 3 pick and college isn't paying him so why go back? College prestige and pride? No one's dream is "Imma be the best 4-year college basketball player ever! I'm not interested in going to the NBA, not one bit" That's why more and more of the top high school recruits are choosing to go to the g league or overseas for a year because then they at least get paid, playing other pros and potentially get drafted for a lot more money.

      3. KingOfCap

        @Grant Galloway He can go one and done (which he most def will) and get drafted this year.

      4. Grant Galloway

        @KingOfCap that,'s for NBA recruiters to decide. I thought he was a freshman will 3 more yrs to prove himself.

      5. Andrew Neathery

        from a Baylor fan, this is still really cool, that kids a beast

    27. Noljitsu

      Man still balled lol cheering for him in the nba congrats Baylor

    28. Alex18

      He was amazing this season ngl