I Played Among Us In Real Life!

Joey Graceffa

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    1. Joey Graceffa

      Who should I play AMONG US IN REAL LIFE with next?! 😳

      1. Bilbo Bigguns


      2. Maya Tobler

        Same as this time it was fun!

      3. Layla

        Play with laurenzside!!!!

      4. Leah And Mid

        Lizzie Scott, Joel, and Oli.

      5. Iliana


    2. Crystal Hellbender

      Omg please do this again

    3. Melissa Barlow

      Ready for part two Joey get with it

    4. NeZer0

      bro that scream

    5. Elzevor Seviro Hoffman


    6. ASLAN JJ

      When the cyan has truama for shleby hahahhaha

    7. Aldi gaming

      Yellow impostor!

    8. LunnyTheFunny

      *white kills orange* - Orange : i really trusted that B****.

    9. Luca Karamovic

      With me

    10. Georgia G

      Hey guys if u like among us in real life I did a video on my channel for among us in real life😊! It was a blast😅 love ya to all my subscribers💕

    11. Ruby Jessop

      I love among us

    12. spyrkle4

      I’m in tears

    13. Kaley neal

      That was so cute

    14. Angiebel Ruiz

      This was very cool, really love the outfits and the work you guys did!!! you should definitely do more games

    15. Iconic Chris


    16. Hanna Tamayo

      I enjoyed it💗😂

    17. Mus Takim

      Puluh orang kalo impostor 3

    18. Emma Sanchez

      I like how Meeka has a ring pop LOL hahahaha it could not wait ahaha

    19. 𝐀𝐍𝐀 🌹

      What’s orange ytb channel

    20. Alexis Sticlaru

      I haven't seen you in so long

    21. My Content SUCKS

      NO VENTS!

    22. My Content SUCKS



      Halo warga tik tok

    24. Odi T

      Can we just tale a second to talk about that phone quality-

    25. K80


    26. Ana Garfias

      Same people please

    27. Karli Starks


      1. Putra Mulyana

        Sidemen don't have vote system. And Sidemen have teabagging and screaming.

    28. Maya Dos Santos

      who else thinks that joey should do a voice-proximity chat among us game in rl by just talking normaly 🥺

    29. ShadowDemonBoy 779

      You should play with Escape the night people but in real life. Like: Ro,Matt,Gabbie,Liza,Destorm,Colleen, and some others

    30. Nick McCormick


    31. Johanes Paulus

      ok but shelby with yellow........ my jaws dropped, shes so beautiful

    32. Soni hala

      I literally was hoping for either tiff or Joey to be the imposter and what do you know , IT WAS BOTH 😍❤ yall did good btw

    33. Fancy Frankie

      Alternative title: Among us but with humans and no computers or mics or headphones

    34. Alexis v

      Who else loves cupquake voice not as much as corpse but like still I love it

    35. Jesse Smith

      I like the old intro oh my gosh

    36. Tiarra Xiong

      play with the merrell twins.

    37. Deedi P.

      Yesss, this was everything!!!

    38. GAME OVER

      Part 2 ı would like to watch it againn

    39. Viktoria Kudrikova

      Watching this was so fun! ❤️

    40. Yasmine 34

      Je vient de tiktok 🥲

    41. Benjamin Xoxo

      Oscar- I’m in stitches 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    42. Ronnie Li

      I just enjoy looking that

    43. Delilah MSP

      Ok I have to get 5 stars and i also have to kill someone🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. tWiNkLeToEs

      3:27 .

    45. Archie Nytmare

      Does shelby have a channel?

    46. Génesis O'Neill

      I spilled my coffee watching this, hahaha this looks so fun!!!!! I want to try it xD

    47. Brianna Castillo


    48. David Lovegrove

      0:41 he sounds like micky mouse

    49. socks and suspenders

      Why are none of them wearing masks i-

    50. Casandra Collins

      Orange looks like Harry Potter

    51. Katlol ok

      In among us im always imposter :(

    52. Grace E

      Joey had to much fun when he killed meghan

    53. Siddharth saraf

      The first imposter was damn cute 😂😀

    54. What a beautiful Beast

      I want part 2 and maybe can put light sabotage

    55. Cherr

      Lmao joey looks so butthurt when he got voted out.

    56. Mr. Wither HMC

      This reminds me of survive the night

    57. Andrea Palladino

      Everyone should wear airpods with super loud music on, so they can't hear screams or anyone talking during the game, and they should also be on a discord voice chat all muted and activate mic when wanting to report

    58. Kimberly Amurao

      lol theyre talking

    59. Matthew Andres

      shelby ate round 1

    60. Anda Plesa

      I LOVE ORANGE😂😂😂

    61. Abigail Shinault

      12:17 oh nOh! oh nOH

    62. Liam Healy

      We stan YELLOW

    63. J.J Taylor

      You should of named this Escape the Imposter lmaoooo💀

    64. { Itz_Kathy }

      You should probably play Among Us in real life with Lizzie, Lauren, Jay, Scott, Kassie, Sykkuno, Joel, Valkyrae, Neeko, Razz, Dan, fWhip, Gemini, Think, Kara, Sparklez, Yammy, Azzy, and Oli. And maybe you could play again with Shelby and Tiff!

    65. Sara Dauti

      Cant u doo prt 2 bot 3 imposter or 4

    66. Sara Dauti

      Cant u doo prt 2 bot 2 imposter plssss:(

    67. Luna Arctic Wolf

      UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I literally LOVED This Video Literally Laughing XD

    68. Saksham Arora

      Imagine if imposters killed in real.

    69. Estelle Gard

      imagine having so much friends to do that to

    70. Dawn Schloemer

      I think I liked his hair better when he was in escape the night

    71. Xd james

      ill subscribe you

    72. Xd james

      I love wolf that mean i love dog to

    73. Sarah Khumri

      Among us

    74. Mage george

      I loved this lol its also really funny when orange died and he kept screaming

    75. Anastasia Constantinescu

      12:19 she got scared LMAOO

    76. Yeismin Alvarez

      Part 2 please

    77. Freja Andersson

      Arent we in the middle of a pandemic?

    78. 3 G1r1

      11:56 she’s so adorable 🥺 12:03 12:06 12:10

    79. Sarah Khumri


    80. Joe joe Mckenziesmith

      Tiff looks like Colleen

    81. Denise Forrest

      LDShadowLady pls play with LDSHADOWLADY!!!!!

    82. alyoehoe

      I love how every time they pass eachother they look absolutely disgusted by eachother

    83. Aiko

      His intro should be "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Good day everyone!" Instead of "Ah... Good day everyone!"

    84. Tina Cual

      *walks past by each other* everyone: that's sus

    85. Tang Vang

      I don't no you

    86. Hishamudin Mohidin

      what no oh mean boys

    87. krystleducky18

      Lol that was funny, wish I had friends to do this with lol :) love ur videos

    88. Mayanichol Anayacalderon


    89. Mayanichol Anayacalderon

      oh and love your hair joey

    90. Mayanichol Anayacalderon

      do another one pls

    91. Ella Mechavich

      i am so sorry

      1. Ella Mechavich


    92. Ella Mechavich

      orange and blue not to hurt feelings but they sound like a girl

    93. Hailey Kohtala

      Can you please make up some more among us please!!!!😇


      imagine having enough friends to do this xD

    95. Adéla Krupková

      Please, please. Another video from Among us in real life. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    96. José Rolando Redondo Bonilla

      dude why did you spoil who are the imposters?

    97. Kung Church

      Give like if u love joey

    98. Mxnty _shxdow

      This would be so fun with my cousins

    99. •{CHIMMY }•