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    The revolutionary GMC HUMMER EV is now the inspiration behind revolutionary limited-edition footwear from one of the world’s preeminent sneaker designers, John Geiger.
    Using HUMMER EV’s capabilities and design as his motivation, John created a shoe unlike any other-just like the supertruck that inspired it. Let Geiger take you inside his thinking and the vision that inspired his revolutionary creation-introducing the world’s first GMC HUMMER EV 002 Low “Lunar.” #GMCAmbassador
    Learn more about the GMC HUMMER EV and reserve your supertruck today at
    Limitations apply. At participating dealers.
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    1. I heart them Cat vids

      Was this a car commercial or a shoe commercial?

    2. Jake Hall

      Have fun sitting at the charging station powered by coal burning power plants! 🔥🔥🔥

    3. Mark Plott

      GMC - FAIL, just let TESLA make ALL of the Electric Trucks.

    4. Google Mail

      Need a link to the shoes in the description too. Got any space suit boots? 👨‍🚀

      1. Mark Plott

        Starman Space Suit.

    5. Terrell Melvin

      Gm is no good with electronics ... and help fix it!!

    6. Zeke Barker

      GMC sucks ford rules

    7. Exotic Abdul qadir shamsi

      Huge fan of hummer since my childhood i always wanna buy one but unfortunately it didn't lunched in india nd u discounted it long a go at time i was kid . I saw hummer ev m in love with it i wanna travel 🚘 the world in it countries this was my lifetime dream to travel the world on my 4x4 GM can u help me full fill my dream please🙏 i will really appreciate it i will made video's of my journey along with hummer this will full fill my dream nd make your vehicle more popular please think about it

    8. BiggucciEx

      Man that shoe looks good

    9. Below6Foot KYNG

      Here before 100 views Hi my people

    10. Just a GMC

      stop making me jealous 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    11. Daybot

      Beautiful vehicle and I love that's its electric but to bad only the rich can afford it.

      1. Google Mail

        Same thing initially with the earlier hummers, then they made more affordable iterations.