Oaxacan Mole Negro - THE MOST MYSTERIOUS Mexican Food in Oaxaca Village, Mexico!

Mark Wiens

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    Mole negro is one of the most amazing Mexican foods!
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    Cooking Oaxacan mole negro from scratch was one of the best food and cultural experiences I’ve ever had. On top of that, we didn’t really know what we were going to do when we set off in the morning… but things worked out for the best. Thank you to Javier and his family for inviting us into their home to cook amazing Oaxacan food!
    So in the morning the plan was
    Rent a van for the day
    Drive to a village
    Find a market
    Ask a nice Grandmother or Aunty to cook us some authentic Oaxacan mole negro
    Now, mole negro is one of the most complex and mysterious of all the Oaxacan Mexican food dishes. There’s such a huge mix of random ingredients in the dish, and no one knows for sure how it was invented or how it came about - there are only legends.
    After renting a van for the day, our driver Javier came to pick us up and we started talking with him to see if he knew anyone that would make us Oaxacan mole negro from scratch. He called his Mom, and she agreed!
    We picked up Mom in a place called Tlacolula de Matamoros, and we went straight to the market to buy all the ingredients for mole negro. Tlacolula de Matamoros is a predominantly Zapotec town, an Indigenous pre-Columbian civilization from the Valley of Oaxaca
    We got back to the house and started preparing all the ingredients. Let me tell you, mole negro has to be one of the most complex and mysterious of all Mexican food. It includes so many random and seemingly odd ingredients. It was a lot of fun to learn how to make it.
    The end result of the Oaxacan mole negro, was supreme. The sauce was so rich, chocolatey, and you could taste all the random ingredients in it - the nuts and dried fruit. It’s deliciously complex.
    Mole was amazing, and having the chance to hang out in a traditional Oaxacan village to cook was priceless.
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      You actually missed the experience of going to the Molino (Mill) you should have gone! I remember back in 90's when i was 6 and stayed with my aunt and uncle in Oaxaca as my parents had migrated my aunt for a living Sold tortillas every day at the Mercado, i remember she would wake up every day at 3am because she needed to prepare the Nixtamal and early in the morning before dawn she would wake us up my cousins and my brother and send us with the Nixtamal to the Molino while she prepared her Comal and wood to set the fire, we would go to the Molino and meanwhile we would entertain ourselves listening to the birds sing as the sun was starting to rise so we would make bird traps by getting some Nixtamal from the buckets my aunt had given us and to a stick we would attach a string put a basket on top of it the Nixtamal under the basket we would go hide and watch hoping to catch a bird or pigeon we would do this until all the Nixtamal was grinded and then head back home get ready for school my aunt would make us some Chocolate (hot coco) and a fresh hand made tortilla making us a taco by solely adding Salt to the tortilla. Such a beautiful memory 😢 tears rolling as i was writing this. I miss my aunt hopefully soon i'll be able see her

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      The herb is chipilin we use it in Guatemala cooking a lot. My mom has a lot growing in her home in LA lol she uses to make pupusas or chuchitos and in chicken soup.


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