Jalen Suggs & Mark Few Final Four postgame interview

March Madness

45 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    Watch what Jalen Suggs and Gonzaga head coach Mark Few had to say after a thrilling overtime victory against UCLA in the 2021 Final Four. Suggs banked in the game-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer.
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    1. Rafael Caparo

      simplemente fantastico ..un baloncesto jugado con mucho corazon,,,ambos verdaderamente muy buenos......en..la final pierde gonzaga pero tambien un gran nivel....baylor merecido campeon.

    2. Wounded Events

      jalen suggs is a soon to become a legend

    3. Wounded Events

      paige finna come watch his boy ball out and win it for her

    4. Aaron Doepker

      I seen him playing high school football on a show for Overtime SNZ on youtube. That's crazy haha.

    5. saucy nonchalance

      basketball is so intense. you cant not score in possession...

    6. j Miller

      "A controversial charge call with one second remaining in regulation had UCLA fans furious at Lucas Oil Stadium. Bruins Johnny Juzang was driving to the lane with the score tied at 81 and appeared to draw contact from Gonzaga defenders, but Drew Timme drew a charge call." I saw the play from different screen angles. Johnny went to his left around Drew. In one frame you can see both Johnny's shoulders and the ball past Drew. Drew looked like he put his hand on Johnny's right shoulder and pushed off to make it look like he was pushed. Tough call for the refs.. Any given day the call or score could have gone a different way. I have coached many sports for many years. Know you guys are winners. But more important you did your best. Can't wait till next season.

    7. SC

      J.Suggs:"Every day on shootaround we are shooting half-court shots"... Curry: "You're welcome"

    8. curtis south

      As a Hoosier losing the undefeated title will hurt! IF it happens again the Zags deserve it 100%! Good luck

    9. walter brown

      Jalen suggs one shiny moment just like Christian laettner against Kentucky put the dagger in UCLA's dreams now they have to seal the deal against Baylor not just to win a national title but to join Indiana to go through the season undefeated !

    10. Martin Brady

      Raise your hand if you're tired of Jim Nantz, Bill Raftery and Tracy Wolfson. Broadcast needs a facelift.

    11. Matthew Ponce

      Timme also deserved to be there to be interviewed

    12. Raditia Adi

      walaupun mainnya "teks book", tapi inilah basket

    13. CommanderCOOL

      Cody Riley from UCLA will be the steal of the draft!!! Suggs is just a beast, he will change a team up real quick. Great Game Fellas!!!

      1. Tamer Tamer

        You can practous shots like that after team practice. I did anything. Melvin bivens

    14. oscar danielle

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    15. AceBachelorCool


    16. Blassie P

      No 🧢 Johnny Juzang boosted his draft stock during this tournament.

      1. Houstton Webster

        Yes Johnny juzang was an absolute beast

      2. SC

        Drew Timme aka Joker

    17. Janelle Silbs

      Hate to see a loser in a game like this... props to UCLA...great team as well!!!

    18. Forest Olsen

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    19. Superduper Cody

      What’s the lady’s name that’s interviewing them ?

      1. Superduper Cody

        @Bob Sharp thank you.

      2. Bob Sharp

        Tracy Woolfson?

    20. Celtic Batman

      GO ZAGS!

    21. Patrick Jerwin Baldo

      Suggs has a winning dna!

    22. ᄐᄋ

      THANK YOU,2021 Zags! TEAMwork Gonzaga 2021,WOW! Consistency from Wa State Native Corey Kispert24 to Assit Shots from 3 ANDREW NEMBHARD to shots from11JOEL AYAYI to the highlighted Buzzer Shot from #1 Jalen Suggs! HOORAH! WOW! WOW! WOW!

    23. Alex Amerling

      I love this tournament

    24. Jaxson Moore

      o my gosh

    25. Justipul

      When he pulled up I said to my family “imagine” 😮😮😮😮

      1. Emma Vogt

        I looked away because my dog bit me after I jumped when UCLA scored with 3.3 seconds left and randomly everyone is screaming

      2. Ben Mott

        I said to my dad: “ready for a second overtime” and I was wrong with that question.

      3. Buck Futtler

        i said, "one shining moment" under my breath....and BOOOOOM!!!!!!

    26. BE C

      Wow. That was One Shining Moment for Jalen Suggs!

    27. Captain Eri


    28. Ben Kutilek

      Suggs saved few legacy for now high key imagine if UCLA won this game and again few chokes in the tournament ppl would look at him as a choker for the rest of his career

      1. Jennifer Wise

        Gonzaga beat UCLA in 2015 ignoramus.

    29. John waffle WVU 1922 National champions

      UCLA got robbed this game. Baylor will throttle this team and Suggs will play like trash totally corrupt

      1. John waffle WVU 1922 National champions

        @Benji NYC really you’re making The (My Girlfriend Was Using my account) excuse

      2. Benji NYC

        @John waffle WVU 1922 National champions that’s not me

      3. John waffle WVU 1922 National champions

        @Benji NYC go read your comment at the top⬆️⬆️

      4. Benji NYC

        @John waffle WVU 1922 National champions I don’t know what your talking about 🤦🏻

      5. John waffle WVU 1922 National champions

        @Benji NYC what’s up your still crying in your mom’s closet you can’t own up like a man 😂😂😂😂

    30. Olivia World

      Minnesota 🖤🖤🖤 Stand uppppp

    31. Houstton Webster

      But kudos to UCLA for putting up a dawg fight

      1. Houstton Webster

        I actually ran around my house when he made that shot

      2. Buck Futtler

        truth! cold blooded team!... GO ZAGS!!!

    32. Quentin Stegall

      I think that was the best college basketball game ive ever seen!!!!

      1. MorningWooDy_ YT


      2. Dats

        Fo sho

    33. Pollard K.

      What a game this was. Both teams played their hearts out!

    34. Konny23

      wtaf just happened bruh

    35. Slothdays


    36. Zander Davis

      My Minnesota boy was smart not to stay in Minnesota

    37. leijuanyboi-

      thats why its called march madness!!!

      1. Avi Sarma

        Fr and it's not even March anymore which makes it even crazier

    38. DP30

      This is what top NBA prospects do!!! Suggs boosted his draft stock with this shot!

      1. Medic Mike Relf

        I Hope The Chicago Bulls Get Suggs

      2. G

        @Etc Jr im not the one deciding bro.. all the mocks have mobley 2nd and a toss up between green/suggs as 3/4

      3. SC

        Drew Timme aka Joker

      4. Killa Killa

        I hope the Knicks get him and out him at PG

      5. julius hall

        @zacksa tha mula make you irrational

    39. #halamadrid! #patsnation! #gopats!!!!

      get the perfection done gonzaga! don't end up like my 2007 new england patriots! lol

    40. 1990Thunderbolt

      Count the numbers backwards starting with 4. 4-3-2-1. Today's date = 4.3.21!

    41. Torin O'Connor

      A lucky shot by an incredible player

      1. Hey Bro

        Wasn’t lucky if he shot it on purpose

    42. DaVirgil

      That is shot of the season for sure.

    43. Torin O'Connor