1. Cass Kost

    You crying while eating breakfast was honestly heart breaking but eye opening for me. Like I’m not the only one who feels like this. Im not the only one who cries randomly and feels so low some days. Im sorry you go through this too. I love your videos and I love how real you are. ❤️

  2. Tash

    Alright, so as an aggressive loving friend, I would come over and pack your bags and take you to places that will make you happy. And if I were your friend, I would buy plane tickets to get there and take you to Walmart or something. You are someone who needs to be around people physically and be with someone who vibes with you. I can’t be alone otherwise I will break down. It’s not about being reliant on someone, it’s about growing with someone next to you, lover, partner, or friend- whatever. You need that Morgan, and I hope you can find it.

  3. BeetleJess BeetleJess

    It's Showtime!

  4. Mishka Allen

    Sending lots of love xxx

  5. Marc Jacobsen


  6. Horse Lover

    I wonder what is in that salad

  7. Jake Kardashian

    This was crazy to watch because I've never quite related to a video like this?

  8. Ramandeep Chauhan

    Does anyone know where her sweater is from :)?

  9. dolita windo

    literally every different part of this adhd filled video is just literally and unexplainably MY FREAKING LIFE

  10. Makenzie Jones

    Girl, I've been to the Aurora Reservoir...

  11. BaconUnicorn

    Am I the only one who remembers this being uploaded before or am I having deja vu.

  12. Michelle Schefe

    I stole Morgan's knees statement on a guy that I'm talking to and his response was what about on your back? SMH

  13. Erin

    I have never related to anything that made me laugh so hysterically before. I feel ya girl!

  14. Morgan L

    girly if you don't move back to Colorado I stg

    1. dolita windo

      I have never related to someone on this level and just 🥺

  15. Kymtra Zahn

    Where has trinity been🥺🥺🥺 love you sister!!!

  16. Shannon Coty

    best video on youtube this month xDDD

  17. Johana Rodriguez

    morgan got a dump truck

  18. Jess S

    This went from truth or drink to truth and drink lmao

  19. Chloe

    OMG It's very obvious to me that Morgan is still in love with her gay high school boyfriend.

  20. Kathia Warren

    sis cherokee trails remembers this sis lol

  21. Lisa Lynn

    omg Morgan. I love love love your ex!!! He is so funny and cool. I hope you two hang out more. This was very nice to watch. Thank you for another awesome video!!! <3

  22. Lisa Lynn

    Morgan you are brilliant, smart, and gorgeous. And next time tell that lady to "fuck off" dang it!

  23. Samantha Calvillo

    Morgan, thank you so much for your vulnerability. This video made me cry because it made me feel seen and me feel hope. Praying for your peace and happiness. Thank you for your unmatched magic that you give this world and this platform. ♥️

  24. Savanna 01

    Umm, can you do this again with Trinity 👀😌

  25. Lyndsay Renee

    Omg love you both!!!! Have him in more of your vids! ❤️❤️

  26. Alyssa Roebuck

    “Maybe you like the sound of zippers”

  27. Karlee Mihailov

    Morgan you are a force to be reckoned with! So incredible, funny, kind, strong. Keep doing you girl!

  28. Madison Brown

    Sis just move back to the 303 and be my best friend already! You’re incredible and you’re so valid for your feelings. I know things will turn around for the best. Keep pushing baby girl you’re doing great💕

  29. K D


  30. erin nicole

    Morgan, you are amazing and you are enough. Please keep doing these raw videos, you are so special and help me through my tough moments. ❤️

  31. K D

    I feel this in so many ways. This is me literally every day trying to get through life. It’s nice seeing big-time creators showing real emotions like real people.

  32. CrispidyCrunchidy ASMR

    Girl. That 1st time story is slightly traumatizing 🙄😆 love you!

  33. Really Though

    Jesus is the way and life will never be the same in the best way :)

  34. asap.kates

    ill be your bestie morgan lets facetime

  35. sierra lanyce

    This is such an amazing video. Thank you Morgan for posting this and sharing your experiences with us!

  36. Alicia U.

    im glad i watched this after i was having a depressive episode or something along those lines, definitely makes me feel less alone

  37. Sydney Macoretta ♡

    the fact that all of those sunglasses looked so good on you haha, i feel like none look nice on me i'm jealous!!

  38. Nora H

    Something that really helped me when I used to feel really numb is practicing gratitude. I would write 10 things I am grateful for each morning in detail for 28 days (takes 24 days to form a new habit). It's hard to do it when you are in that state but if you push through, it will change your life for the better. I didn't feel numb after the 28 days were over! I also started recently doing Qigong 10 minutes every day , it's a gentle form of martial arts (kind of like Tai Chi) it's amazing for moving stagnant energy, helps with depression and sleep! Think Vitality with Jeffery Chand is a great youtube channel for learning Qigong!

  39. J Li

    Marcus is me when I lost mine to someone. I thought it would make me feel some type of enlightenment but I just felt nothing. I guess I was numb?

  40. Ashley Davis

    Oh man, I’m nervous lol love you so much xo

  41. Luke

    Hi Marcus I am also gay. 👀

  42. Katarína

    I loved this video so much ! So great 😂❤️

  43. Montserrat Salazar

    What did they use to morph their faces together?

  44. MacRock

    Wow I love this vibe this is me and my friends to a tee

  45. Hannah Makes It

    Something that has helped me post moving cross country and leaving my entire life and having no friends was figuring out my love language and doing things that fulfill that for me. My top love language was acts of service so self care, cleaning, organizing, yoga and baking/cooking are things that help me feel better. My other love language is quality time, so forcing my self to date myself and go on picnics alone, hikes, reading even though i'm not a reader lolololol I'm liking the book "what I was doing while you were breeding" by Kristin newman.

    1. Hannah Makes It

      also come move to Portland, we can be friends

  46. Heba :

    Fun fact your taste buds change every 5years

  47. Ashley Averitt

    This was amazing!! ❤️❤️ thank you Morgan!

  48. Ess

    Was that the theme music for my time in Portia ?

  49. Ray1506

    I have never related to someone on this level and just 🥺

  50. Alicia

    Morgan- I know how you feel... I have struggled for a long time to feel happiness. Stay strong Girl.

  51. Sylvia Claire

    Can we be friends and have mental breakdowns together 🥺👉👈 ❤️

  52. Malika's Interests

    Morgan, I just want say that you look amazing!

  53. Christopher Brooks

    the smile on this boy!!! of course the girls were in love w him

  54. wiccan roo

    at least Morgan didnt know i had a girl in high school in love with me and said i broke her heart and could never be my friend again because I went to prom we with a guy. Thing is we where not friends just the same age and our last names both started with D. Sure we homegirls cause we had 6 years of homeroom together. I' was slightly "fem" and skinny so I was never in a closet

  55. Holly McMorries

    Morgan is so refreshing.

  56. Sofia Reumert

    I think Morgan has a strong "I get what I want and I don't need a man to do anything for me" vibe, and men have the most fragile, pathetic little egos so they're intimidated by that. :)

  57. Kimberly Quinn

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for posting a video that can sum up exactly how I feel. I always feel so close to you, because I can tell we feel the same way about life. By you being strong and brave enough to post this, you are helping others like myself that is working on these mental issues as well, that we’re not alone. Bless your heart, thank you for making a video that I can share with others, that might be struggling to understand why we tend to feel this way, and what it’s like. I was literally already sitting here feeling like this, when I started catching up on your videos. ❤️🙏🏻

  58. brittneyshaffer1999

    No need for gd.

  59. brittneyshaffer1999

    Oh my goodness**

  60. ertemyha

    Hope you move out of LA

  61. saba dokhnadze

    On 13:12 she looks like a boss women!! Like soo hot 🥵

  62. Abigail G

    What is the reason you’re staying in LA? Every time you’re in Colorado you seem at your happiest, I want you to do what you want but I also feel like leaving LA might be the best thing for you :((

  63. Number 9

    I dont think theyre responsible enough to raise goldfish tbh

  64. Zet

    telling her maybe if she was more upfront "I didn't really find out till senior year" while on a 2 way street buddy.

  65. Susanna Pasillas

    You aren’t alone! I definitely feel this way all the time. It’s an awful feeling

  66. Maika Davis

    Brad Mondo is screaming right now😂

  67. Silita Pheng

    Morgan. Thank you.

  68. Andrea Smith

    Morgan, I absolutely love you and you are such a beautiful soul ❤ You don't even know how much I can relate to you and you are so right. You are transforming into your highest self for the betterment of your life. It is NOT an easy journey but eventually it'll all make sense and you'll understand why it happened. I have currently gone through this , still going through it (especially when it comes to friendships) I have recently started up Tarot reading and its opened a whole world for me and I have been able to give to others the clarity and assurance they need. Please if you wanted to, I would so love to give you a free Tarot reading to give you some encouragement that you're on the right path ✨💖 either way I am sending you love and light. You got this girl

  69. Kenzie Kelso

    My first ex is gay too haha and I totally have top energy. I get you

  70. Olivia Luby

    Wait they’re the telling the truth and drinking ? I thought it was truth or drink 😂😂😂 love u tho Morgan

  71. Tati Simpson

    I would definitely talk to their manager after this lol

  72. Olivia Luby

    Yes bitch you losing them LBS‼️ looking good

  73. Dawne Everett

    U r doing something right. U r looking and sounding a lot more together than last year. Love ya gurl

  74. Taylor

    Someone please tell me where I can find this sweatshirt 😭😭 I love it!!

  75. Jessica Hughes

    You probably will never see this butttt every thing in my life is incredible and amazing. We’re getting financially stable our son is healthy we both have nice cars a great apartment we have incredible jobs and we’re making friends and I’m literally not happy and I want to die and that’s on mental illness. I just feel awful and I don’t have a reason to feel bad I just do. I’m taking anti depressants and I’m getting better. I just still have those days where I wanna die. So you aren’t alone and I love you and I wish we could be friends 😂

  76. Sheala Fredrick

    You 2 are definitely not toxic💜

  77. Haley Crowe

    bottom feeder is just... a unique choice of words LMAO

  78. Rosie Rain

    Morgan, the jeggings story you just told is a type of assault. I dont want to upset you but that wasnt ok of him. Luv u gurl❤

  79. delaneyexpressionalart

    honestly this is fucking iconic

  80. Danitza Cruz

    My heart dropped as morgan was telling her virginity story. She speaks as if it was a normal experience. It was NOT! that was sexual coercion. It makes me soo sad 😔