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  1. Og Assassin

    the beat is harder than nokia

  2. Yung CV


  3. Wendell Johnson

    He really needed to wear 2 ⌚️🔥


    Fake sosa fans won’t find us here

  5. silvia martinez

    Gang máster

  6. silvia martinez

    Sosa baby.hahhhhh.

  7. Syrensu

    3:06 The beat go off? 😂

  8. Guapoo


  9. Rone

    In 50 years time kids will be able to look back at gangsters from this era and see what they was like back then and im so jealous, like i wanna know what the krays was like and shit like that, rip ronnie and reggie kray

  10. Roland


  11. Jasnique Williams


  12. Avzarathustra

    Literally iconic.

  13. Glenn McKnight

    Shit hard🔥🔥🔥💯

  14. Sesh


  15. k k

    That ain't Sosa

  16. chiefkeefsosa

    Ayyoo stfu im playing sum Almighty so

  17. المدامر راقم 1 فقط

    fk eo

  18. Joseph Castillo

    Is that 600 breezy???

  19. Native James


  20. slam

    I was in high school listening to this I’m 23 now 🥶😈

  21. slam

    Rip fredo

  22. Kristian Radin

    1:33 🌞

  23. Gnarly Arly

    I haven’t listened to big Sosa in a minute and god damn BANG BANG

  24. RedDonkiee

    Hard asf fucking hat and song sheesh

  25. Justin Anthony

    Got damn Sosa 🐐 favorite rapper for over ten years now and till the end of time the MF OG of drill and all these new rappers are his fucking INFANT BABY KIDS every single one of them KNO it too GLOOOOO

  26. florida Ryder

    Fire cuh!⚡🔥🔥

  27. ihatepromnight


  28. hundoog

    You need some lemonade for alllll that shade you throwingggggggg

  29. hundoog

    Love you

  30. hundoog


  31. Last King


  32. Biig Guerrillah Records

    Damn all these comments hella old


    Classic 😤🔥

  34. SAUCYMAN88

    Only real keef fans here

  35. Payne

    This chief keef fella obviously cares about his health and being hydrated. He always has a cup of water with him

    1. WolfieChrome

      who gone tell him...

  36. Krystal Woods

    Yesss 🔥

  37. Bret Harvey

    They need to do a video back in O block

  38. CripsyBodies

    Mane wtf my boy views at😤😤😤😤😤

  39. Leandro Ingram

    All this Money,....

  40. TJ Bandzz

    Where the albummmmmmmmmmm

  41. B17

    Almighty 😤🔥

  42. Dubba Lo

    woke sosa

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

  43. YouTube CremZy

    Instagram: @chieffkeeffsossa @MikewillMadeIt @money_man06 © Glo Gang

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬❤️

  44. Usman Siddiqui

    rip VON

  45. Antonio Tate

    gettin a massage ina foreign where im goin that shit was smooth keef 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

  46. Diego Sosa

    Keef could be my relative

  47. carti

    King Sosa🐐

  48. BrandoTM BrandoTM

    But he went all the way in on this one though 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬❤️

  49. BrandoTM BrandoTM

    I can't even Cap, ever since my homie put me on Biggucci Sosa in 2013-2014 haven't stop playing macaroni no Cap

  50. manuel

    2020 anyone ?


    SAVAGE SQUAD shirt finally came in the mail but it was worth the wait💯💯💯 REST UP FREDO♠️🌐

  52. joseph Scialo

    3:20 it gets real

  53. Gathered Troops

    Gather up the troops📞

  54. Cloud9Studios & JEDIxMODz

    Sosa baby 🔥🔥

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

  55. Dipply-

    he look .... a bit different

  56. Nathan Williams

    nobody peeped how he said “ Young rich homie but i don’t know that nigga quan, neck gone be gone, boy yo shit be on the pond” 👀👀.

    1. Whateverhoo glo


  57. o.t roll


  58. Ligma Balls

    Anyone else got surprised as fuck when they saw a brand new Chief Keef song show up on their recommended? 👀

  59. Gia The Model

    Yall go check out my remix 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. jaestarr #streetjungle

    It's krazy how as soon as Von is out the picture Sosa starts dropping shit again, on work mode... 🤔🔥💯

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬

  61. Almighty Willow

    Thank god Andy wasnt featured on runnin he woulda ruined one of sosas best songs

  62. Tyrese creagh

    Who better cheif Sosa or king von-if king von like if cheif sosa comment

  63. Ant

    I love how we’ve progressed since first day out. Hard ass beat obviously freestyled slick bars with a buttery flow for the mf beat 🔥🔥🔥

    1. Ant

      Update: finna get this nigga to 2 million views by myself

  64. jahtwox

    Alrighty GLO

    1. NSG YoungStunna 🌬🌬

  65. Ed Word

    Chief keef da man u know what im sayin and stuff dawg and people, like this music is savidge my boy kid bro man dude

    1. doire aintu

      great vid babe

  66. Hendrix

    "I might be high but i aint lackin"

    1. doire aintu

      2 down, 2 more to go😎. Harley Quinn & Love Dont Live Here🚦🚦.

  67. Ed Word

    bang sheltoe bang timbaland buk buk buk skirt beatle cop squalee

  68. Ed Word

    bliq bliq bliq bliq

  69. Ed Word


  70. Ed Word

    savidge jizz

  71. Issac_cogna

    This shit ass bruh cmon chief keef

    1. Whateverhoo glo

      What it look like , dracula , neon Them new songs

  72. NoE ZuNiqqA

    Z money???

  73. GWAG


  74. Duxmmo

    Still a banger

  75. Cookie Bby

    This 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  76. 4KT SIPPA

    Y’all here fo this 3:09

  77. Soul is uncool

    Take a tooka blunt then i burned it

  78. 2 Goated

    Who still here 2020?

  79. 2purple

    is Sosa back ?

  80. aaklsfkalsfn

    Chief keef got millions of fans who easily call him a GOAT until its time to stream his music