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An avid explorer of life. Just a man and his dogs against the world. Human first.
My goal is to make the field of medicine relatable, understandable, and fun!

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  1. Player 69

    Walking dead medical accuracy might be an idea?

  2. Iи sуис ツ

    pls make a discord server

  3. Aliens are Coming

    Dr. Mike: "You should shower 3-4 minutes." Me who take a shower for 1 hour or so: "Let me just pretend I didn't hear that 🙂."

  4. Mad Monarch


  5. devon sawatzky

    I remember going to a hospital in a northern canadian town with an infected wisdom tooth. The doctor, sporting a handle bar moustache, looked at my chart and immediately started berating me about leaving it too long and not going straight to the dentist, how dangerous infections can be if left untreated and so on. Did i feel shame? Oh yeah dude! 😄 but he was trying to help, not treat me like a little baby, and i always appreciate and respect a straight forward doctor. "Don't beat around the bush, doc"

  6. N. AlShehhi

    I was asking myself if I should watch dr Mike or Jaiden animations. What a coincidence

  7. Daphne H-C

    Does he sleep in his scrubs too 😭

  8. John Gramer

    3:39 who in the heck actually crumbles their toilet paper?

  9. Shadouraito

    When he said rabbits at 2:22, I stared at my rabbits saying: Ohhhh helll naaaww

  10. Becka Dethmers

    Think about the VACCINES, they have been approved under the same circumstances...how do you feel about that with a disease we do not know the origin (synthetic vs natural), or no clinical trials that all other vaccines have had to under go, or a survivability rate of 99.08%, or how we have treatments to prevent hospitalization and intubation, Rx that have been out there for years, with proven results of the MOA and known SE of them, yet spineless MDs and the medical community have shunned??? Knowledge Dr and 2nd opinions are key to the success of our HC, and you my colleague could do BETTER!

  11. random

    When mama dr Jones waves dr Mike waves back like she can see her lol

  12. Wan Nur Najwa Binti Wan Ramli

    After watching this, I think I have Hives now-

  13. Luis Medina

    Everyone should be vaccinated. No excuses. If you don’t have it you shouldn’t be allowed in regular places.

  14. Frances Joves


  15. Abbie M

    Your greys anatomy character is definitely Link or maybe like Deluca in the earlier Deluca seasons.

  16. John Gramer


  17. Death the Girl

    The staple fact just made me think of my hero academia and Dabi.

  18. Triton Hayes

    I've been trying to catch a video soon as it comes out cause I don't wanna ask questions on a 4 month old video this is as close as I can get ....2 weeks

  19. CTCuberHD

    I shower 5 times every light bulb

  20. Just a Panda Boyer

    Omg those thighs!! I swear I’m not gay

  21. Christina Rodrigues

    if anyone wants to know what the name of the test was it is 16personalities I used it a few years ago and it is very accurate I also tried it a few weeks ago and its was still very accurate edit: remember it will not be accurate for everyone some people r different it was just accurate for me

  22. Nicole Simmons

    Hey have dr Mike react to happy tree friends

  23. Max

    didn't expect this video BUT I'M LOVING IT

  24. Stephan Meneses

    Ya reacted to this one, can u react to her Injuries And Being Sick Video? Please?

  25. Charisma

    How is he scared of fat people lol

  26. DeltaNueTwo93 new

    We should trust Congress 😂 😂 hahahaha

  27. Aditya K

    this was one of my favourite video/talk show

  28. Maddox Le Roi

    If you think about it, all these people are risking their health and life for some likes and views. wow

  29. am pm

    I get my anger out by doing chest compressions 🤓🤓😡😤

  30. David Bagus

    For what you will be married...

  31. Anna Martin

    Cinnamon toast crunch? Who eats that 😂

  32. John Clasing

    Diamonds aren't elements. But they are used in cutting applications.

  33. Attila Péter

    I started a good medical game on mobile called Reanimation inc. its about you, a doctor in the hospital who goes to patients, and you have to evaluate their case, and decide to take them to the hospital or leve them at home, and also try to give a tratment to them, it says its not supposed to be educational, but i think, its worth a review, also, im very good at it, i caused tachycardia in about 5-6 patients because i defibrillated them when i didn't need to.

  34. Coy Raig

    "Vaping is better than smoking" "Losing a finger is better than smoking"

  35. Ryyi23

    FD3 has the most improbable catastrophe scene because parts of it couldn't even happen because of the laws of physics.

  36. celestia luna

    I get hives from stress

  37. Shoob

    I don’t have the Alzheimer’s gene so that’s good

  38. Tessa Leeds

    My dad is over weight and his blood pressure sky rocketed at night. It's good that we help him lose weight before something could happen. This is not the first close call. I hope that I can help my dad lose weight so he can live longer, healthier, happier. He has an issue with self control when it comes to eating. So do I. Does anyone have any tips? That would be really helpful. Thanks!

  39. DeltaNueTwo93 new

    Oh so make sure you don't take vitimins or eat any superfoods and hurbs, where do you think most the fuckin medicines we use today came from?...

  40. Nihira Das

    Perhaps Dr Mike is the best Russian man I ever came across.Grateful to have such a real, least arrogant, brilliant doctor in the society.

  41. Kimí

    CHEST COMPRESSION, you should have a merch that Just Have A Million Times saying CHEST COMPRESSION.

  42. Manshuk Kerey - Your Secret HR Friend

    I gotta watch Office too, I resist it for professional reasons, but I think I need to do it. Wish me luck, community!

  43. J Cook

    If I was the one who asked about my hands being wet after drying them, I’d be freaked out by Dr. Mike’s creepy way of answering. 😋

  44. Manshuk Kerey - Your Secret HR Friend

    Misha, would you speak Russian to your patients if they ask you to? Btw, I love speaking Russian at work. My colleagues have less questions when they find out that I am a native Russian Speaker. LOL 😅😅

  45. Delilah Wills

    I love Jaiden animations, I saw this video.

  46. Garret Grant

    Forget becoming a lion - Next time ya have an hour, go on Amazon and rent "Tusk"...about a man "reconfigured" by a doctor into a walrus.

  47. Adriano Petran

    kad bi se čovjek svaki dan pral od njega ne bi ništa ostalo!

  48. Hayden Gordon

    Imagine the 20 ppl that found out he was anti Vax just unsubscribed lol

  49. not a specialist

    why did i watch this while having breakfast?

  50. max fire

    you need to play more sims.

  51. Enjy Ali

    his curly hair is so cute❤

  52. Radical Mary

    I shower every 2-3 days unless I've been sweating a lot or I've been in the river or something, and I usually stay in the shower for an hour, I never mean to, even if I try and hurry I still end up in there for an hour, but I'm not soaped up the entire time. I just love the feeling of water on my skin and most of the time somehow end up either daydreaming or getting lost in thought and have an existential crisis.

  53. Ryyi23

    The FD5 gymnastics scene is better watched from the beginning of the scene instead of right when the girl lands on the nail.

  54. countrygurl_2000

    Can drinking hot stuff increase gerd symptoms?

  55. Cidalia Martins

    Chipotle: "what I really enjoy is that urine control.." Wait...what? Oohhh..."YOU'RE in control." 😳

  56. ProgressWeapon

    I never see a general practitioner for cleaning my ears now, only my ENT. For a while, I had some condition where my ears weren't draining earwax properly, so every few months they would get so blocked up that I couldn't hear. The first time it happened, I saw a general practitioner, and they flushed it out with water. Believe it or not, I just got an extremely painful case of swimmers ear from this. Following that incident, I started seeing my current ENT every few months to get a proper (and most importantly GENTLE) cleaning done, and the condition completely cleared up.

  57. Ryyi23

    Final Destination is one of my favorite horror movie franchises. I really hope they don't make any more because FD5 is the perfect ending for the series. Also, FD4 is a steaming load of poop.

  58. Alden Rogers

    Why did you say an mri is a risky procedure?

  59. Krisna Therryano

    Doctor : dont worry, Vampiric Doctor Mike doesn't exist, he can't hurt you Vampiric Doctor Mike : 0:41

  60. Nexover Nexus

    Dude do you have a tumor or are you strees in this video? Because dude look at your neck

  61. Thionyl Chloride

    Dr. Mike roasts the freak outta protagonist. That sums up this video.

  62. Louie Pitlo

    nurses are underpaid here very u n d e r p a i d

  63. Alex 502

    7:03 I think they got the use just right Gamblers cuz you gamble with people’s lives (Like when two doctors fight over the best approach) And robbers/thief’s because no matter the outcome you still take the money By the way JK and I appreciate you

  64. Nikita Fang

    Are you still in a relationship?

  65. Arachne

    You should watch Somethingelseyt’s jaw surgery video

  66. Toshiro Hits

    So... I'm on keto for over a year and I'm pretty sure that you did few things wrong..

  67. Samuel Barber

    my scalp gets oily if I don't take a shower for 1-2 days and my scalp gets dry, should I keep taking daily showers or showers every other day? I have long hair if that makes a difference (from head to around shoulderblades)

  68. EnderLordSkull

    As someone who suffers from heat-induced urticaria, I resonate with Jaiden's experience on a deep emotional level.

  69. Chetan Baywala

    Hey I have a question like when I fell from the stairways (when I was a kid) I started peeing all over the place.

  70. kattt

    me who thinks about itching Body: Gotta defend

  71. Alt Account

    Lol I love how so many people look at the claims of a study but don't look at how it was conducted, first thing Mike addressed, thanks Mike xD honestly you could say the same stat about nearly every job or career Feild.

  72. Jeison 1012

    Worth it

  73. titus boiii

    Dr. Mike how’d you even pass med school. Your brain is more lost than Amelia airheart


    When im almost asleep i suddenly feel like im tripping or falling off a bike and my leg starts freestyling then i have too wait for another 30 minuites too catch my sleep, why it do dat?

  75. rosechan

    Everyone: talking about what there allergic to literally every one Me: in the back 😎 I'm not allergic to anything Me screaming: TAKE THAT >:D

  76. Kristoff Morales

    Best food for your astrology things!!!!!!!!!!: All of them: apple

  77. catchingfire3

    I came here for the bloody nose part because I used to constantly get really bad bloody noses and I was told to tilt back but since I got them so often I got different advice from many doctors and school nurses. I learned that you should blow your nose to get rid of the clot after you clot up the bloody nose and it always stops afterwards but the school nurses always said not to do that even though it would stop afterwards. I was writing this before I got to the point in the video but when he said to pinch the base of your nose I remembered when I was in elementary school they gave me nose clamps to try to stop the bleeding. Now that I think of it I don't think the blood in my nose is supposed to clot like it did. Whenever I had really bad bloody noses i would blow out the clot and it would be the size of maybe a baby's heart

  78. Mystic Waffle

    She sound like she was a amazing women may she Rest in peace

  79. Louie Pitlo

    I want to be a doctor. My mom is a doctor and I had the benefit of not having the fear of doctors I witnessed b i r t h - when I was younger than 5-

  80. Frank M

    Dude your charisma is inspiring !