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  1. Me You

    If this defense isn't ready for this game I think it'll be time to find a new DC whether he gets a head coaching gig or not.

  2. Joe Fisher

    The bucks will be lucky to get a first down in the first quarter

  3. One at a Time

    I played organized pop Warner since the age of 9 and stopped my senior year in college. By then I was burnt out. I’m 55 now. Watching this reminds me why I played the most violent game for so long. Special moments like these created bonds that last a lifetime.

  4. Todd Pick

    Its nice to see him having fun, gronk too.

  5. Shay Turner

    Third time's the charm is the Bucs offensive line and defensive line hold up we have a chance against Drew Brees revenge is going to be so sweet if it works out I will be watching closely I've been riding with you guys all year y'all had a great year no matter what happens stay safe be strong and go Bucs

  6. Anna Fraley

    Always “Spot On” answers, 100% And yes, continuity is Everything along with timing...!! ✅ But it’s not something you can acquire in a year, especially a Short (no preseason) year like this one.

  7. the truth

    But it's ok well be back better than every if we lose

  8. the truth

    As a Bucs fan I'm worried 😔

  9. Remain Nameless

    Ok bs aside, Casey doll you the best you beautiful etc. However some of these questions are repetitive. My homie on the side started to chuckle because basically he just rewords his answers. Should pre screen questions. Also there ARE such things as silly questions. Go BUCS M F S!!

  10. James Reynolds

    The Saints own the Bucks this year. Need some defence and offence help for next year. Tom only effective if he gets time to work his magic. Better run offence would be a help in that reguard.

  11. Justin Porter

    I'm a Steelers fan but Tom Brady is legend

  12. Remain Nameless

    2:24 yw m8s

  13. Tyler Belcher


  14. Ouyn

    We just need our d to show up

  15. Branson ‘s Life


  16. Michelle Ezeugo

    I hope they won’t have injuries

  17. Justin C

    I think if the Bucs play football we win

  18. topasio

    All players need to be use including Gronk in all type of ways. Saints play high plan

  19. LI3

    2 turnovers and score points on offense we will win

    1. black wolf101

      @Yote Duster Not even scoring. Not letting Brees run them down and having them punt is a win. Brees is a quick thrower which is our problem. Hes fast. They need to play man to man

    2. Yote Duster

      @black wolf101 a defensive score would be huge

    3. black wolf101

      Defense will only beat the Saints

  20. Chris Walls

    Think we gotta contain karma and get to qb

  21. Tom Dick

    The blitzing will be why they lose. Todd Bowles is clueless and not capable of making changes on the fly. This is why the patriots owned Pittsburgh! The Pittsburgh defense wasn’t capable of changing

  22. Robert Shaffer

    It’s gotta be so surreal for the younger guys to be on the same field as the GOAT

  23. Daniel Fatfingahs

    I think you have the call on Zoom but have 2 streams on Twitch (or even OBS) recorded for video and better audio then merge the two high quality videos together in this split screen format

  24. Nick Rykert

    Go BUCS!!!

  25. Tampa Arise

    How come everyone keeps tryna shame us for only beating the packers in our schedule but yet nobody mentioned the fact that other than the buccaneers the saints hasn't beaten any other good teams on their schedule .

    1. Garrett wood

      Saints Beat you guys twice in a role

    2. bowlchamps37

      Right, both teams have beaten one good (individual) team (NO just did it twice).

  26. Kevin Cerce

    Drew Brees is known for those quick short passes, Intercept intercept intercept him

  27. Daniel Fatfingahs

    Can we not see practice highlights?

  28. Elijah Lee

    If the bucs get 2 turnovers and the offense does it’s work we win

  29. Kevin Cerce

    Aaron....Be Great

  30. Miles Gentry

    GO BUCS!❤3rd times a charm! Protect Brady..we win..Defence steps UP WE win!!❤

  31. Ed

    Kinda want them to stick with Lenny. He ran HARD vs Washington.

  32. Jim D

    Not going to slow down the Saints with Todd Bowles' zone. 🤷‍♂️

    1. Bill Wise

      I dont know why he be calling zone plays

  33. Black King

    😡 BUCS 😡

  34. krim

    in the case of AB 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc chances.

  35. Thomas Gongora

    The Goat

  36. Edward Kitchens

    Good luck bro I pray 🙏 you and the Defense Ball out like never Before .vs the saints Go Bucs 🏈

  37. Nengah Mustika

    TB12, the GOAT


    Unequivocally the GOAT

  39. BoOgey B

    🔥🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🔥 G O AT✌️

  40. G Dejesus

    He’s laughing like he knows the outcome or is it me

  41. Live Love Life

    They sending the dogs Sunday good luck Drew

  42. FastLifeEntTV

    Wallah t'es trop fort 🐐

  43. Box Of X

    Still got that bit of boston in his talk

  44. Tony Jamison

    The WFT defensive effort looks even worse after watching this.

  45. Alan Saad

    I beg to differ with his take! Brady is on another level in the playoffs and will be very prepared for this game! Go Bucs🏈🏴‍☠️

  46. Alan Saad

    The team that prepares, protects the ball and executes the plan with the fewest penalties will win! Advantage, Brady, has more big game wins!

  47. Ken Kenderson

    This team is scary talented and chemistry is getting better. To think that this team was expected to win a superbowl is almost madness - so many new additions Next year is the year of pressure

  48. Chocoball

    Go Bucs‼️

  49. Elijah Branton

    Run the ball in short yardage situations

  50. DARTH VADAR swgoh

    I love the Tompa Bay Gronkaneers culture 💯

  51. Reenier Kendrick Delos Reyes

    Welp, Bucs in the play offs, chance for a SB, GOAT effect.

  52. mrslapside

    Tampa’s weakness is the secondary then their o line.

  53. Aser G

    Realistic prediction for me. Brady has been hot and he’s gonna show up Sunday Buccaneers 34 Saints 27 Brady 27/41 - 342 yards - 3 TD

  54. john-carlos ynostroza

    Say what you will about Tom Brady but don't say that he's not bringing his A-game. He requires an of his teammates but he is not leaving anything on the table. Pretty much almost always positive. Keeps it casual. Loves everybody out there like family or at least acts like it. Always playing the teacher roll. Wow. I could care less about the Buccaneers or Tom Brady really but just paying respect where it's due.

  55. Bill Matrisch

    Not much of a Brady fan but i do know pure talent. Brady was/is the best player to ever play quarterback !!

  56. Eric The Intern

    Saints about to pressure this dude

  57. huey

    Get **** Buc!! Whodat!!

  58. Eric The Intern

    This guy is about to be ⛽ out messing with the saints line

  59. Eric The Intern

    He is about to get gassed out messing with the saints D-Line

  60. wakawaka1976

    House Party I? 🤣these dudes even born back then? That was back when I was a kid.

  61. Jacky Chan

    #99 on the Redskins is Trash. 0 Tackle and 0 Sacks. Fired.

  62. Lorenzo Harrison

    Half saints defence going to pro bowl

  63. Lorenzo Harrison

    Bucs gonna lose saints are to deep in depth chart

    1. Matais Thibault


  64. wakawaka1976

    Send the dogs of war. Brees will pick you apart if you don’t mix it up more.

  65. wakawaka1976

    I certainly hope the D can play better than it has the past four games minus the Lions.

  66. topasio

    Defense needs to be constant. Sometimes they look like no game plan. A great coach gives a job to his player

  67. Karate Fight Fitness Drills

    Todd Bowls didn't read the book of Sun Tzu "The Art of War". He doesn't know how to stop Tyreek Hill. 😅🤣🤣

  68. alex_de_tampa

    He looked good in the reps he had in Detroit , I think he’s gonna step up. Not worried .

  69. Denzel 'My Niqqa' Washington

    *All those passes hit him perfectly. Brady is the GOAT. Period.*

  70. Tara Russell

    Browns are better Tampa Bay sucks

  71. Bill Wise

    Is it me or did tom really get emotional when he spoke on attention to the end

  72. Ryan G

    I'd feel a lot better if we had Cappa. We need Antonio Brown to step up and have the best game of his career. We get 150 yards rushing and get Antonio loose that's how the Bucs win.

  73. Clay Geiger

    I think this guy will do well if he performs well enough he might have the starting job

  74. Lippett

    I'm a lot less worried about Brady than I am a Bucs defense that just gave up 23 first downs to a QB no one's ever heard of.

  75. brandon sanders

    Drew don’t know what it takes to do what brady does. Drew hasn’t even done what Brady has

  76. BldgWha7

    Even during the Patriots dynasty Brady and the patriots lost a lot of regular season games but come playoff time he turned it on. He’s still the best playoff player in the league. Postseason is a different animal

  77. Christopher Wilkins

    He'll do great. 😊

  78. Lamarcus Brown

    We are gonna win Go BUCS!!!!

  79. brandon sanders

    Brady bout to show everyone why he 6-3. In Super Bowl appearances, not just in the playoffs

  80. AllProBucs45

    Our offense needs to stay consistent, regardless if our D is trash we need to put up points to win