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  1. jaime delgado

    Shame on you Barca Shame on you Messi🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  2. Julian Galindo

    Imagine starting a tired pedri ... Over puig ? Imagine subbing in roberto... Over puig ? ... Come on koeman then you wonder why fans turn on you ... Youre own stuborness is costing us the League and you your job

  3. Suyog Gurung

    that's classic Suarez and we love him even if he is in opposition

  4. Elkins Four

    How Koeman still has a job blows my mind

  5. Hellzangel

    3:18 ÆUGH

  6. Foysal Ahmed

    pique: i am on my way... nobody can stop me.

  7. eduin Quintana


  8. Jose Alonso

    como siempre iñaki un crack

  9. margaret tami

    Vamos Barca

  10. Mohammed AL-Doury

    They deserve this result after the many wasted chances and this weak defense.

  11. Angel Perez

    "Ay Ay, Aah!"

  12. marcelo zhinin

    Idv es un equipo de jovenes pueden perder hoy pero para el proximo torneo van con mas fuerza y eficaz mientras que para los otros equipos ya no van a estar muchos

  13. Marks kastr

    Vales verga independiente del Valle nos estás desepcionando

  14. Mahmud Joarder

    Barca shouldn't have sold him

  15. Nano 07

    Pero eso en argentina es normal , para mi eso no es una batalla campal , ni una piña se vio, puros empujones ,como dramatosan las cosas jajajajajsjs ,awante sur América loco!!!!!!

  16. Cristian Gonzalez

    La historia de siempre,, los brazucos imponiendose a los argentina,ley del futbol

  17. MumChuck

    Please get rid of this commentator!

  18. Dimension Warz

    Messi made the play, dembele assisted and pedri scored.

  19. JS

    @@ Pique to Luis Suarez: "That's enough, fatty, you can't be serious!"😁😂🤣

  20. Bryan Cruz

    Man imma Barca fan but all the people saying that our defense is good with aroujo and minguenza are dumb, we need de ligt, who tf cares if he didn’t want us back in 2018

  21. Omari Lockhart

    “How do you nail jello to the ceiling?!!!!” -Ray Hudson 😂

  22. Chris Varela Benítez

    Barca are horrible at defending they’re still struggling to find a solid back four.


    As a barca fan.. I think suarez is a great guy and what barca did to him is not good

  24. Aqeel Kirmani

    Coach : so this will be the tactics on the pitch Saurez : *LAALEH LAAAALEH LAAAAAAALEH*

  25. The In-Famous El Guapo

    Commentator 1: "Messi tying his shoe" Hudson: "AAYYY"!!! Com. 1: "Messi tucking in his shirt" Hudson: "UUWWW"!!! Com 1: "Messi just standing there" Hudson: "YIKESSSS"!!!

  26. Bizzle Tree


  27. Jonaid Fahad Shovon

    He is professional and a little weak surprisingly, since he is a professional football player.



  29. Peng Lei


  30. Mardo Guerra

    Pero, tiene que tomar en cuenta que esta en su aria.

  31. Mardo Guerra

    Todos lo arbitros del mundo, dicen que es penal

  32. Steve Pearson

    He didn’t try to bite any one of his former team mates! Blatant favouritism!

  33. BIG E

    Ray Hudson the best 🤟🏽

  34. time pass


  35. Marcelo Merchan

    Boca jugó bien....Santos metió el over! BOCA MI EQUIPO ,SALUDOS DE ECUADOR!👍👍👍

  36. Freddy Sebie

    He just want to tell koeman something unfortunately he did not score. If he does surely something should have happened.

  37. Cristian Gonzalez

    Pavos como siempre

  38. Mike Beast

    Thats Barcelona for you

  39. Dubhe Alpha

    Ni con el super handicap le gana el Sevilla a un diluido Madrid. Yo del Sevilla me dedicaba a jugar cricket 😆🤣

  40. C L

    it wasn't good time to CHOKE when the title is on the line.

  41. Steven Genius

    "Sloppier than a soup sandwich. Please get this guy to commentate in fifa 22.. I need this

  42. Yolo Master

    Si alguien se pregunta dónde está Tachira está en las Islas Caimán :v


    It's Not His Problem , It's A Match And Even You Have To Watch Your Best Friend As Your Opponent . But Still As A Opponent He Behaved Very Well With His Past Teammates And Best Friends Still Now . The Messi-Suarez Moment After The Match Made Me Cry

  44. Danny Lev

    I don’t think the first goal from Benzema was offside

  45. Alexander Khlapov

    What a game

  46. RaChes Gaming

    Here we se Suarez in his old habitat with his old friend Quite intriguing

  47. J R

    Why is the video quality so bad?

  48. Christian Vera

    Please leave Pique...LEAVE And take Lenglet and Sergi with...

  49. Ben Watkins

    If you think your playing mates when your on the field then u don't care enough

  50. Sam Richardson

    Can We have One for MESSI ?

  51. Yadier Cosme

    Well after levante yes.

  52. alanarl1

    Why tf does that guy moan every time?

  53. Baby Gingy

    haha trash barca the fans and these commentators big fat L hahaaha

  54. wilder lopez

    Pique y lenglet fuera ya del Barcelona son unas vacas

  55. Mr Karko

    People crying over Hazard should very well understand that he was given a respectable farewell, fans and club still still loved him and his talent when he left on mutual consent meanwhile Suarez was kicked out.. Koeman clearly stated that Suarez is not in his plans anymore. Saw him cry even during the farewell speech. Barca didnt require him anymore. Now Suarez wouldn't have forgotten that so easily so wanted to show what Barca was missing. Got it?!

  56. Barça Fan

    Barcelona don’t deserve LaLiga


    Koeman out😠😡🤬


    Thats bcuz barca disrespected him

  59. dennis valenzuela

    Pasa lo q la epoca cuando raul gonzales ya estaba dando las ultimas en el madrid, el barca debe decir gracias por todo a messi y dejarlo ir, messi puede hacerte un buen moviento buenosnoases pero messi ya no corre y es como jugar con uno menos, ademas q todos sabemos q el barca busca siempre contemplar a messi

  60. Manu Mahadevan

    Really missing Suarez and Neymar at Camp Nou...Old MSN days just memories now😭😭

  61. Alesandro Contini


  62. Eavy Eavy

    Its just the dark art

  63. Raamiz Ibrar

    1:18 He also did that with real madrid, What A Joke smh 🤦

  64. carlos nunez

    Dest 🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️🗑🗑🗑

  65. Lorena Martínez

    Is. Flamengo 👍

  66. SportNut

    Tbh Barca doesn't deserve to win la liga this year anyway. It's not a 10th place team but 2nd or 3rd is where it really belongs. We are praying for sheer luck on that defensive line every game for past 2 years and luck won't get you very far

  67. Borin Sroy

    The commentator is so good

  68. Foniqs

    the same story with Barca every time.... They start off on fire but then they burnout so quick.

  69. stylechyld

    Ray "Barcelona butt kisser" Hudson

  70. ꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄

    Why is Hudson saying "ai ai ai" during ever play

  71. Hafeez 100

    He seems calm to Stegan but also he want to show his old friends he is a main character there😍

  72. angel

    i mean, suarez is a snake

  73. Abou Sultan

    When you have 2 hours of nonsense to talk about nothing and still get paid for it.

  74. Jithin Abraham

    1:35 Suarez' Oscar performance

  75. Amr Housseiny

    R.I.P LEGEND 🤍

  76. Rodrigo Gutierrez Reyes

    Barça managed to throw this one away. We needed to do better than this. Our hopes are almost gone now

  77. Eduardito Bedoya

    That's why Bolivia is the last Team in the Conmebol eh? Lucky they won tonight

    1. Hector Pozo

      That shows the poor level that it has the lowest and pover team in Ecuador barceasco, excuse me barcelocas. barcenada, barcecopia whatever you want, and what about the famous diaz, he did extraordinary goals haa?

  78. Purushothaman

    How's 1:30 not a foul?


    This is called professionalism