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  1. Cristofeer Neri

    No makes güey , I never knew his English was so damn good . Made me respect even more for some strange reason lol . Aupa Atléti ? lol

  2. Guru Sevilla

    this is the reason nobody watches these competitions...full of sh*t...river plate deserved to go through

  3. Aziah Reid

    beIN really made a video of Neymar violating this guy, RIP Álvaro

  4. Athar Sayem30

    never they. Made no mistake you guys made big mistake

  5. Fantasy Football Tips

    Liga Mx les pone un baile a todo sudamerica

  6. Fantasy Football Tips

    Que baile le pusieron a boca, yo creo por eso conmebol no quiere ala liga Mx en la libertadores porque les va dar un baile a todo sudamerica incluyendo Brazil y argentina

  7. mohamed diagana

    I'm going to answer those guys talked about sleep in Gambia airport We are in coved 19 Gabon should follow the world rules They have to accept to take coved 19 test in order to enter our smiling course If in USA you can't fly without take the coved 19 test is apart of the world rules not Gambia rules We All have to care about this dangerous virus Thank you all let All be safe and follow the rules

  8. mohamed diagana

    Who qualify in the group D?

  9. Kieron Leivers

    Atlético small terrible club

    1. Xavi Maldonado


  10. Amrit Singh

    0:46 As a Liverpool fan, that clip hurts 😩

    1. Kirk Aryee

      They are still good bruv

    2. Kieron Leivers

      Liverpool are terrible small club

  11. Maxwell's Unearthly

    Huge win for Atleti. He's a fast, physical, agile forward, like Diego Costa (when Diego was younger), but I think a bit stronger. Where Dembele lacks, Suárez comes in to compliment that, and so will Joao. Welcome Dembele 🙏🙌💪

    1. Hamberger

      @Kieron Leivers your the only clown here

    2. Kieron Leivers

      🤡terrible player and terrible signing

  12. ya’qub rayan ya’qub ya’qub j

    alguien no tiene empleo además. por favor dímelo

  13. Carlos R

    Partido Robado claramente al River! Hubo mano negra claramente! No soy aficionado a ningún de esos equipos pero hasta un niño de pre kínder veria ese robo! Fifa mano negra presente

  14. _Udwin_

    moussa dembele more like ousmane dembele oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh

    1. Hippie Andie

      @Kieron Leivers Salty bc he didn't go to your club you clown? Shut up you donut

    2. Nugget the hamster forza juve rhino4k

      @Kieron Leivers shut up

    3. Kieron Leivers

      Terrible player and terrible signing

    4. Rafi Ahmed

      no one cares

    5. frutee.m •


  15. Alvaro Egas

    Simeone contrata callaito.

  16. marst893

    I didn’t know you could grab someone’s face and tackle them to the ground without getting sent off.

  17. Miguel Addison

    Messi's goal should be first also his freekick goal should be here

  18. chocolatebombs2

    Looks like you need a new video editor. Feel free to email me!

  19. Rambo

    Alvaro Gonzales is a bitch

  20. Ødegåård تت 21

    And you finally won a trophy.

  21. Ødegåård تت 21

    How Messi goal was there? 🤣 Overrated

    1. Ødegåård تت 21

      @Miguel Addison no because of the snow. But messi wasn’t that good

    2. Miguel Addison

      But did Real Madrid score a goal this matchday no

  22. Ødegåård تت 21

    I don’t agree with this list it should be only Mbappe goals.

  23. Marco Solo

    Messi is a great soccer player and and even bigger PRICK,........he kicks a ball into a net and acts like a GOD,......what a self centered piece of shit!

  24. Mando Marley

    He gives football players a bad name . the guy beats you so you try to injure him. Mad because youre garbage and no one knows you😂

  25. Asura

    The man literally grabbed neymar head like it was a ball that’s not a booking that a straight red he should’ve been sent off I don’t understand the ligue 1 they absolutely do not care about racism disgraceful

  26. Qui-Gon Jinn

    Best player in the world. But “Neymar dives”, he’s easily the most targeted players in the world and gets no protection from French refs

  27. Axe babu

    6 ballon dor 6 golden boots 😊

  28. Henry Choreno

    He short but good

  29. Rohan Chivukula

    Ur a verified youtuber but with video quality of a 20 subscriber youtube channel lol

  30. Ha Ma


  31. Chello DAvila

    Sad to watch!

  32. Pengz_xo

    third hello bein

  33. Ringos 0909

    what is this quality??

  34. Unknown 6969

    Second hiiiiiiiiii everyone that liked my comment

  35. JuanJoT$

    Spectacular Monumental de Lima

  36. C4 IS GOOFY


  37. Ashleigh Dylan

    Contact me if you want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  38. Samuel A

    Wish he won it with spurs

  39. Dat Pham

    Fer Niño is the new El Niño

  40. Edward Cojan

    I feel as though pochettino understands the players better



  42. Parthav Kartik


  43. larry 2funn

    Messi goal is underrated 🐐🐐🐐

    1. Ødegåård تت 21

      You meant overrated

  44. Mou ad

    مونديا البرازيل كان افجل و أجمل مونديال في التاريخ 👌

  45. Mou ad

    مونديا البرازيل كان افجل و أجمل مونديال في التاريخ 👌

  46. Papi Owen

    Where’s Choco Lozanos goal???

  47. Khmer boy game

    Legendary xavi ❤️

  48. Christian Garivay

    This man deserves it

  49. Dont Drink And Root

    What a pussy 🤣 if I was ney I would of pegged that free kick right in his face full force