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  1. Jacob Penilla

    If the fans are voting on miss congeniality which probably not I'm definitely voting Utica :)

  2. Mon i

    yeaaah, give us nothing !

  3. Siseko Esqué Dunywa

    It should have been Utica, Gottmik, Symone, Olivia

  4. うぉ〜でぃん

    this should have been twice as long tbh

  5. Endriko Kalla

    So whos the winner actually ?

  6. Livia Trevisol

    Imagine having that much charm and charisma symon-ye is the MOMENT

  7. Michael Martin

    Ok girl, throw away the receipt cause Im buying it.

  8. JinWoo Lee

    * joey jay thinking she was about to have Sasha’s rose moment * *lala: hold my wig*

  9. Samuel D

    Not Rose only having two reads shown. Legend.

  10. DOR

    Kinda boring.

  11. Néstor S.

    So awkward... I forgot this existed XD

  12. Nasfikry Nasir

    “Without confidence, we’re Tattiana” - Jujubee.

  13. Briar Rose

    I'm not loving the Denali erasure. 😒

  14. David Morris

    I am liv-ing 😍

  15. DOR

    I love her😍😍😍😍😍

  16. Pepe Cendra

    Symone’s verse reminds me of Roxxxys in AS2, it is soooooooo bad that it is sooooooo memorable

  17. Meebs

    it's a great video but she simply doesn't know the words around 0:40

  18. Eliette Danet

    That red wig ! I'm dying

  19. Kenneth Vargas

    Justice for Shangela😭

  20. Miguel

    Rupaul eyes saying: come on mama, give me some drama. She is hungry and thirsty for it

  21. Oriana Di Domenico

    Shh, let's all appreciate again Rosè. #TeamRosè

  22. Coco Koala

    I’m literally LOL at plastique’s “ARIANA GRANDE”

  23. tizano tiztinell


  24. That Rad Guy

    her creativity and uniqueness is off the charts and I'm loving it

  25. Erica Yasay

    Olivia, Utica and Kahmora's vids were my favs!!

  26. lourdes Valencia

    Estraordinaria voz! Felicidades! 💕🙋🏻‍♀️🇺🇸🇲🇽

  27. Livia Trevisol

    I like to camouflage my worries... if that aint me 😪😪😪

  28. Agustín Rodriguez

    This is so amazing omg i keep coming back

  29. geun

    shes so fucking talented my godd

  30. Catri

    Has Halsey seen this yet? Okay, but she's cutting the cords and breaking free of him!!!

  31. Ornacia

    Seasons 4, 5, 6 and 12 are the best seasons

  32. viktoriyarts

    1:24 evolution is going to Mars and Denali's backflip on ice skates.

  33. Lucius Helheim

    She should’ve been in top 4.

  34. viktoriyarts

    I can't believe she thinks she's killing it xD

  35. Marco Paulo Adal

    The details tho’

  36. MuchaHonra2

    Y'all coming for Gottmik for her split like a split is an easy thing to do. Y'all are spoiled

  37. Seggsy Person

    10:00 this picture lives in my head rent free

  38. Lea Lopez

    She has no Star Quality? I dont think...

  39. Bexx

    Not showing Rosé’s Phenomenon performance is just homophobic and im about to sue

  40. Adam Travis

    I know you didn’t just call this best moments then include Kandy’s pockets look 😭

  41. Ramona Flowers

    What a gorgeous Queen

  42. Diana de Almeida

    Michele was about to show symone her fursona

  43. Eliza Brienne Romero

    Like a real diva !

  44. Liv

    Shedding literal tears right now brb

  45. Aimee Kruck

    I feel like these music videos maybe should of been on the queens KGup channels like previous years, it costs so much to even prepare all the stuff for drag race, they should be able to generate the income afterwards. I just hope the franchise isn't taking all the money the videos generate on KGup, that the queens worked on to make 😕

  46. LinnyTenshi


  47. IdOnT eXiSt


  48. Animotime

    What is so beautiful about this lip sync,is that they show that there are different kinds of drag and also they show how unique and special this top four just because of this lip sync💖

  49. heinluvwitdacat

    i really hope gottmik or symone wins cuz they have really brought such new and really inspiring forms of drag we have never seen before with their unique looks and twists they put on their looks i just hope one of them wins cuz they deserve it truly

  50. Alessandro Cocco


  51. Night Haunter

    you know youre doing a great job when Bianca is laughing

  52. I'm having an existential crisis

    So excited to see her glow up on All Stars 💅

  53. lucas can sit on my face and i'll be blessed

    this music video screams LUX and i’m here for it

  54. Ira Sobral

    She killt it 100 percent

  55. Hey Swans

    This is stunning!

  56. _idkJohnny

    Olivia is stunning! She was really underestimated through the season because she had only been doing drag for a year, but this just proves that she really has it in her! I cant wait for her to return for All Stars and smash it out of the park <3

  57. Bradley M

    The dancers were great !!! Props to them for killing it !! They were amazing to watch

  58. Christopher Newby

    Ouch, love mother ru(hes an icon that goes without saying) but dang girls my eyes hurt from that blazer and shirt combo.

  59. sebastian Aristizabal

    The reason why Rupaul loved mary queen of scots is because she had a flashback of lawrence chaney's accent and Iconic behavior

  60. bernard chan


  61. Nick Olas

    Why are all the comments about Jaida? Y'all can't hear the name CRYSTAL?

  62. Sedrah Selim


  63. Shannon Jackson

    I adore Denali. Not only did she serve during the whole comp but the stuff she put out after during the airing and after her elimination really solidify what an absolutely beautiful, talented, lovely queen she is. 100% pure love for Denali 💙💙💙

  64. Luke Horlock

    It’s a shame Coco wasn’t a allowed to do what she originally was going to do. She had to change her act last minute because of copyright and they didn’t take it into consideration.

  65. Letrell Disney

    Widow had no chance in this damn mini challenge she literally had to go alone... that was so unfair to me

  66. daria

    this lipsync right here is the only thing that I liked about this reunion

  67. Tarrence T

    I MEAN!! Her MUG!! Her HAIR!!! HER NAILS ! HER FIT ! All that with 1 YEAR of experienced ! DAMN.. LEGENDARY BEHAVIOR !!! QUEEN! Please crown her for Miss Congeniality ! 🥺🥺💖💖💖💖💖🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Forever the humble Queen Oli 💖💖

  68. Tony Mounlasy

    whole theater goes cricket quiet with Magnolia Crawford...😂😂😂 when you finally do get exposed, you better have something to show; she’s stupid.

  69. Akir Teran

    symone doing the "twist and slide" JAJAJAJA she cant dance wtf

  70. Carlos Blanco Sánchez

    #TeamGottmik #TeamRosé

  71. Nikolai Cziszer

    the mug is......well it's Tina 😂

  72. Abe Scott

    Amazing 👏🏽