The Action Lab is a channel dedicated to performing exciting experiments and answering questions you never thought to ask! I'll put things in my hydraulic press, vacuum chamber and perform countless other experiments just to watch cool phenomenon. I experiment on the world and objects around me. You'll be so amazed that you'll forget you are even learning anything! Please enjoy as I continually answer the "what would happen if..." questions you have. Feel free to comment with any scientific questions you have about anything. I have made my career as a PhD in Chemical Engineer and now I want to share how awesome science and experimentation can be! \n\nVisit my Facebook Page:\

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  1. Apolo Trevent IV.5

    it looks like you got stuck knto a video editor program

  2. Swaino

    Next vid: I painted my car BLACK

  3. Ali Hayder

    So matter in black hole exists but cannot be seen because there is no light?

  4. Rorschach Got Nice Mask

    shit, now i know what they are doing in the films

  5. Naman Luthra

    Legends say that Elon musk is going to throw a bouncy ball on that surface to reach mars

  6. Adam Mitchell

    Screw a mirror maze. Make a maze with misou black panels and flooring.

  7. DARKNIGHT696969

    Is because of the shape of the romboidal double cone and the two bases separated in one vértice so the center of gravity pull down as relief forward motion..😎

  8. Griffith


  9. Oliver Mason

    Now do the worlds brightest room

  10. Aunt Tim


  11. Findox

    Wouldnt the slipperiest material be inside the glue bottle 🤔🤔

  12. Vili Rajala

    Into the void you go.

  13. DustinFly

    Host: “I want everyone to turn on their virtual background as plain black” The Action Lab:

  14. BoxBoi Gaming

    I just figured out how it works

  15. Anything 2 Everything

    next video: brightest light in blackest room... we want to see what happens

  16. Mel

    It looks like a metal candle flame 0:30


    u can make a music vid 😂😂😂 looks sentimental-y

  18. Nursaiful Aizad

    This is so mind disturbing, I can't imagine if were in that room, Can't find any edges XD,, maybe put the LED strip on the edge room, it s gonna be lit!

  19. matthew fernandez

    Shape: my powers are beyond your understanding

  20. mikael facelo

    looks like the set of Glory hole

  21. SteveBrine 101

    Everyone Gangsta till Action Lab painted his whole house with musuo black.

  22. Soulife

    Horrible test. Cliffhanger with the silk. Man, that's 7 minutes of life I just wasted...

  23. Syclone 30

    This dude reminds me of a modern day Mr. Rogers.

  24. Tuhin Subhra De

    When he rotated the camera, it gave me kind of interstellar feeling.

  25. Al-Bader Bu-Hamad

    Does it get over 99% as bright as the sun in direct sunlight?

  26. Satya Vachan

    Centre of mass join the chat.

  27. Vysair

    Looks comfortable

  28. Satya Vachan

    Games logic be like.

  29. Dorelinendenwen Ancalime

    I would have loved to see you soundproof it and then put panels to paint black so you could have sensory deprivation

  30. TheCOClster

    Worlds brightest flashlight vs this room

  31. Abii Rajput.

    it's all because of shap

  32. kebi

    That's how you create SCP-3001

  33. Worthless piece of shit

    wait im not ready to fight the four kings yet

  34. Max Moors

    Watching this on an oled screen looks weird

  35. Nomad Suanay

    Better greenbox

  36. Xd Ct.

    Lol its like a green screen

  37. 》X1AN《

    And thats how the moon works i think

  38. PentagramProduction

    Is this the new green screen??

  39. AR ARgaming614

    Cyberpunk music intensifies...

  40. Kaiju RA

    Plsss be a ninjaaaaaaa

  41. Alex051993

    Ahhh i see why. Its because of the shape of the wooden thing versus the shape of the ramp. Its pushing it forwards but can only go as far as the ramp width can contain the thing.

  42. Digital Norp

    In the video he constantly tells us that it wasn’t born from fertilization but some other thing. And also he used semen. He also gave it 40 days not 10

  43. Allyway Creep

    Don't watch this high

  44. Chad O'Hara

    Woah, that last part with the light blew my mind

  45. Dough 6oy

    what if our universe was created from a white whole and that’s why it’s still expanding out of nothing

  46. The Fugu

    I want to paint my whole house interior with this..

  47. Daniel Ogunleye

    A military suit of this color would be a PROBLEM

  48. DarkCrusadeXD

    Purgatory but you still alive

  49. Gamma281

    Now put a blacklight in there to complete the picture. xD

  50. Abdul Rahim

    OK now I know how the movie film did the black stuff. IDK what I'm saying.

  51. technopink01

    Lol you are so goofy. Very funny. Very cool room too

  52. spaideri

    That would be a cool movie room

  53. Diva gemala

    I still can see a ghost behind you, it follow you when you spinning

  54. Stefan Lo

    Actually its great for noir photoshoot with nude 😍

  55. TikiBear97 E

    Hm yes

  56. Manish Singh

    Minecraft caves without rtx

  57. ghogue61

    Someone on another channel painted a car the same black and it really looked strange -- as if it was a fake car. Imagine driving a car like that at night with no headlights on.

  58. Ahmad Syawal

    This is definitely tenet

  59. BuVi Kristan

    I wanted a very green color so I can use it for some reason

  60. AEN

    I see a withe room and I want it to paint it BLACK



  62. BadRecords -

    Imagine getting stuck in the room

  63. Arco Mxxnxn

    how do you feel. disorientation, floaty

  64. AshPlayz

    This is what it looks like in space

  65. MrCoolJ20

    I would be interested to see a lazier pointer in that room

  66. Mawarti Wahyuni

    Oh my god corner reveal

  67. Hollow Brook

    This is incredible. Thank you for all the work you do

  68. nevan o'connell

    When you were screwing in the light bulb it looked like crappy green screen

  69. Marianne Johnson

    I love your shirt!

  70. Peter Peterson

    It really looks like you are in a really dark forest in a cloudy night or something, or in a really large cave, really spooky that you can only see the face. My brain tells me that the walls must be really far away, because I can't see them, but I can see your face with the lightbulb on. But the room is so tiny! It's like something out of a video game, and they forgot the background, or they are just making the 3D model.

  71. Genghis Kong

    Michelin Tires: "Time to reinvent the wheels!"

  72. dahappychappy

    Looks down to me

  73. LazyBunnyLyn

    Ffffff turning on the lightbulb is just like a horror scene

  74. LazyBunnyLyn

    Somehow you looked edited in

  75. Lllloool Ich bins

    Well he should make a wird as thick as the Steelwire and then put on the same weights

  76. Junior Mints

    Black Rooms Matter

  77. Peter Peterson

    The fabric just looks like black velvet. Really nothing special lol.

  78. Kriptycoin II

    wow! looks like a void

  79. Aaryan AA

    I can hear the creepy X-FILES music ...

  80. Adult AspieVlog Norway

    Ya don't need to see a face to talk with someone. (: