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  1. botz black

    people who think mj was going 100%

  2. oiuet souiu

    we all know why the views were down so low this year it’s just that no one wants to admit it

  3. Boogieman907 S

    Who was that guy talking too in the ad?

  4. Mr.Awesome

    Hope Rocco is well

  5. Mr.Awesome

    Get well soon Klay

  6. Hobotock

    it's easier for high individual skill player when illegal deffense era.

  7. Mayzo Luffy

    As a wizards fan it hurts

  8. OfficialDripsy

    I disagree wit this video those older players actually played in those eras u didn’t, ur a spectator so what ur saying is irrelevant 🤷🏽‍♂️ just ur opinion

  9. Allen The Skywalker

    I don’t think it’s the end of the dynasty

  10. Opset FN

    pelicans win 2024 finals in 5 games

  11. Jadon

    To be honest most of those injuries are fixable I mean for heavens sake 2 of them were uncontested shots I think they just need better injury prevention. If Zion can be as massive and aggressive as he is with a monster jump and not get injured then they don’t have an excuse. Steph literally tried to jump through 2 players way bigger than him like my guy should have fast stopped and pulled up with the jumper

  12. Laz St

    Theres no curse... its the price for going 73-0 also why they lost a 3-1 lead in the finals. They hurt themselves chasing that record.

  13. Working Remotely

    What do you use to create your data / charts - they're next level!

  14. Abdul Agoro

    Now you mfs know how it felt to be a bulls fan back 2012-2016 🌹

  15. ImDylanツ

    dude watching 2019 finals watching this happen to my warriors and the past season just made me want to cry and klay is injured just done with the nba, we go to the best to the worst

  16. steve irungu

    I choose Jesus I choose to play clean so help me God Amen by Steve Irungu Jermaine

  17. Jackson Felkins

    Sad that Kyrie is now being considered washed but we’ll see what happens when KD comes back for the nets

  18. Tua PR

    Stop comparing TV ratings. I stream everything

  19. Muhammad Yassin

    soug ur blind

  20. Stan Sole

    Isn’t clutch the last 5 minutes of a game that’s separated 6 points or less? Just sayin...

  21. dcoog anml

    “When your big three are all missing more time then Joel Embiid you know its bad”

  22. Ben P

    Omg!!! Kevin griffin Jr. Is in the g league

  23. Matthew Wheeler

    Brad Williams is the best player in that game no doubt about it

  24. Chum Nissan

    Jeremy lin is the best Chinese player ever. First to win a ring

  25. Stan Sole

    Griffin showing dunks Zach be like: "Hold my beer"

  26. neb seyoum

    Interesting take, however let's not forget MJ, the real MVP, was averaging 44 pionts per game this series.

  27. Sebas Sanchez C-137

    Why you leaving Esteban?😆

  28. Stan Sole

    You actually have an extraordinary talent for making these analysis videos. I can tell so much effort and research goes into them, in the form of editing, story, basketball knowledge, narration, footage acquisition, and backing up statements with really specific and sometimes obscure statistics that probably nobody tracks. I can't imagine how much time goes into each video. What you produce is such a complete product. I'm blown away by your artistry.

  29. Stan Sole

    Skip Bayless' one doesn't count. He makes 1 bilion predictions per day, he's got to be right at least once in a lifetime... :)

  30. King Banjo

    I’m a hawks fan, why do you hate me KGup??

  31. commas69

    imagine feeling bad for the warriors lol

  32. gaspara angeles

    Allrighty then. So no GOAT debate pleaaaaaseeee. Thanx Jimmy

  33. Lil Benni

    i always hated how it was always cavs vs warriors but now i feel bad

  34. Roberto Ramos

    Haha bro the bass that came on during the run pounded on my system wasn't ready for that

  35. Underdog Rising

    I really want the WNBA to become way more popular. I just think they need to adjust parameters to make the game more exciting. Women on average are 5 inches shorter than men. Bringing down the hoop 5 inches would be a good start. Adjusting the 3 point line to where the average shot percentage for men would be. Things like that.

  36. Patch29

    The reason they can get paid that much becuase the nba has a lot more money to give out and are a way bigger organization as a whole.

  37. C_amelx26

    Knicks in 4 in 2025

  38. phillyslasher

    I don't know man, make $30+ million a year to rehab an Achilles injury? where the fuck do I sign up? It ain't like this dude has to wake up at dawn and hike 30 miles a day just for a bucket of potable water. Could be worse.

    1. phillyslasher

      @dcoog anml you could definitely shave about a dozen or so games off of the regular and it wouldn't really matter.

    2. dcoog anml

      This is why there shouldn't be 82 games in a fuking season who's idea was it?..50-62 games wouldve been the sweet spot and how it shouldve been from the start

  39. LOVE 6IC

    JUST ANOTHER WING GUY?? Lmao I understand the Greg oden thing Buh calling KD just another wing is disrespectful

  40. jazztom86

    This might be 2010 but really looks like 1989

  41. Banana

    Did Paxson fuck over the Suns?


    Danny bricks green did it wowow

  43. Jared Lambert

    Damn Jamal Murray on that list 3 times already

  44. Avi B

    CRAIG ehlo not Greg you idiot. Nice video tho 😂

  45. Ευθυμης Κοντογιαννης

    Bruhhhhh you wrong it's not a prediction it's a guess

  46. Skynyrd Jesus

    Only 8 huh? Anyone else struggling to remember the other Kobe Bryant that played in 2008?

  47. Gabe Brown

    The reason dirk needs to be higher is he carried his team to a championchip

  48. Omar Ramos

    Appreciate greatness while ur witnessing it

  49. marksgameoflife

    Your an awesome story teller! Keep up the good work.

  50. strndy cikanek

    background song pls ??

  51. intheory32

    Lebron, kobe tier 3 and wilt and larry up to 2

  52. Nenad Šeguljev

    someone to make movie aboutbyhem?!

  53. Poopmaster500

    I think wilt should be where magic is

  54. Ayham Jetha

    10:50-11:11 is the best part

  55. Michael Donaldson

    How he didn’t get hurt I have know idea

  56. Berkay Aktaş

    Warriors 2021 Champions Loading...

  57. King Sizz’l

    GS had the worst bandwagoners of all time. I’ve literally seen no comments since they’ve became irrelevant.

  58. Dylan Schrock

    3:19 destroys the wage gap dispute of the wnba js

  59. King of Newyork

    Doesn’t matter if you get the regular season MVP if you don’t get a ring !

  60. Thomas L

    Who gives a furk now advertised grades? Niggas be bullshitin on grades so these fucks can slide right on through.

  61. Joe Legere

    A painfully underappreciated player. Great video!

  62. Jay lon

    All that success comes at a price.

  63. PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa Roxi Sandoval


  64. fat rat

    this episode is awesome and the channel should have 100mil subs yo

  65. PITTSBURGH GIRL lisa Roxi Sandoval

    The greatest team ever ensemble? WHAT???? WRONG! GOLDEN STATE 👎

  66. mark burdzinski

    I love Chicago bulls,bears,Cubs,black oks

  67. mark burdzinski


  68. Jason Spades

    Concerning videos about basketball, this guy's channel is the only one to watch.

  69. Bob Sacamento

    who in their right mind can dislike this video?

  70. E Y

    The curse of the warriors: injuries The blessings of the warriors: injuries

  71. Know Wonder

    The reason ratings suck is because people don’t watch cable as much anymore and the poor implementation to live streams. You’d think someone could just go to the nba, pay a subscription and without a hitch see all games. Nope. You gotta have a cbs, nbc, ESPN, fox, and nba subscription and there’ll still be blackout dates. Nobody has time for that kind of crap.

    1. oiuet souiu


  72. Mazz 21

    jason preston video ?

  73. Gordie Evans

    Brad Williams is a beauty

  74. Daunter

    They brought it upon themselves by making Zaza go under Kawhi multiple times to ruin his career

  75. mrwallstreet1

    I attended 5 star basketball camp back in 1977 when I was jr. No 3 point shot back then. I would have been a beast if we had a 3 point shot lol

  76. Know Wonder

    I can’t tell if this is deja vu or this keeps being reuploaded, but either way, good video!

  77. Jon Jones

    Dude such good quality videos Jimmy. Keep it coming.


    I know nothing about basketball but this story made me cry, this shit was amazing.

  79. Baller 4Life ❶

    Flight reacted

  80. Samuel Rowe

    It's less to do with bad luck and more to do with the Warriors are filled with injury prone stars. Curry gets injured a shit ton. KD also had injuries throughout his career. So I think it was kinda inevitable that a team filled with injury prone stars going on deep playoff runs for 5 years would eventually break down.