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  1. Anya Tranter

    What the hell is going on.

  2. Glooce

    I'm so in love with lana but this video is so funny

  3. karla Janaína


  4. 425runner

    Reminds me of the good 'ol days....

  5. baby

    Her voice in something unbelievable!!

  6. baby

    Oh my god😍❤️

  7. Mário Castro


  8. History and Geography

    Just discovered her music. So good and relaxing.

  9. Kirby Griffiths

    We need more Lana's, if you get the many references in this video. I just love her. Beautiful soul beautiful human.

  10. Franco Cabernet

    Omg 😱 🐽 in 💕

  11. Ashtree Meadow

    Wow. So the elite are finally coming out to speak about the truth. I and many others have known for so long that geoengineering is a genuine field of science after watching Dr. David Keith's TED Talk about it and after watching Bill Gates' TED Talk "Innovating to Zero," where he speaks about geoengineering (the scientific term for "chemtrails") at the end of his speech. But wow. It is so surreal to see it come onto the scene so clearly. Praise God.

  12. Me. Jorr

    The most beautiful and talented woman in the fckng world. Brazil love you sweet baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. Douglas Andrade

    10M ♥ Brazil love you lana

  14. Booze&Blender

    Who agrees that pople who give thumbs up to comment "who is watching video in 20** " are a little bit challenged?

  15. Mikael Iran

    Ja se passaram 2 anos, e essa ainda e minha msc favorita.

  16. Ben

    Show me a better song by anyone, ever.

  17. RustyBolts

    Lovely song growing on me. Sung by one very lovely lady. Also growing on me.

  18. Ally B

    This was playing in the restaurant I was eating at today I was so shocked and happy

  19. ezzthewizz

    not bad

  20. Aidan Karnal

    10 million views!

  21. Ben

    Yes, Lana, we will still love you forever.

  22. Richard Montenegro

    One of her best songs...

  23. Rafael Ribeiro

    Come to brazil🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  24. Rafael Ribeiro

    I love you

  25. Rafael Ribeiro

    I loved

  26. Puff Pets

    Amazing. THANK YOU LANA

  27. Sherene Buchanan

    I freaking love Lana! Her voice, her style, her music.....just epic!

  28. error ASMR 🍭

    I love how her mask has giant holes just like the pandemic :)

  29. Mike Immerman

    This video work production outrageously good. A work of art . Genius.

  30. Cheddar Cheese

    I wonder who Terrence is

  31. squeeze bag

    I like the song.. but the worship of her I see in the comments is beyond disturbing.

    1. Pepsi Cola

      Shut up

  32. Sierra White

    It shows them getting poisoned by the chemicals and drugs in the air and turning possessed. It symbolized alter personalities, wolf/ sheep clothing, and forbidden fruit.

  33. UCanCallMeFreak

    We've made it to 10M, congratulations mom

  34. Felipe Oliveira

    10 million, she deserves 💙

  35. Lucas Felipe

    Lana Del Ray, como é conhecida aqui no Brasil como uma fusão de Pablo do arrocha + Marília Mendonça

  36. Sebastián Cabrera Wollman


  37. Abigail Lennox

    I am convinced she is the most beautiful person in the world

  38. Duncan Stewart

    OK the change to wolves at 3:00 I did not see coming! Just when you think her poetry will wind down she can amaze and amuse. A muse.

  39. vianney santana

    joder que hermosa rola como para llorar:)

  40. krl _5

    here before 10 mln views

  41. sultan

    i love that she had a song called summer time sadness now this

  42. sultan


  43. Ashley Wong

    Do you guys understand the msg of this song? Several msg. But honestly besides her voice and how she consistently blow us away with every song she comes out... you guys get the msg. She is saying........

  44. marta da silva

    Mais alguém escutando em 2021? 😍😍

  45. Kath Be

    That narrow nose

  46. Sara O

    The song I will be playing at my wedding. I genuinely never think about it, but I know what song must be played.

  47. Lge M07

    I used to lock myself in the bathroom and cry my eyes out and the only thing comforting me was this song, I really appreciate Lana and her music has got me through some stuff... this will forever be my fav song of hers

  48. BEEBS xoxo

    It's just a REALLY COOL 😎 SONG!!

  49. Antonia Zelia


  50. Sierra White

    how are you guys so stupid. can't you see that she is openly talking about the chemicals they spray to control us. this is occult stuff. open your eyes

    1. Sierra White

      @siouxperb5570 your "mathmatics" are the ones making the chemtrails

    2. siouxperb5570

      @Sierra White It has been proven beyond any question whatsoever that 'chemtrails' are absolutely mathematically impossible. This is unquestioned, final, and absolute. Period.

    3. Sierra White

      @siouxperb5570 no, it's really. this stuff is programming. It's conditioning you guys. She not making fun of anyone, she's literally showing you. LOOK BRO

    4. siouxperb5570

      It seems like she's making fun of those that fell for the 'chemtrail' hoax.

  51. Landon Rice

    Lets see how many people are listening to this in 2021

  52. Antonia Zelia

    s woman makes the most amazing love songs, that relate down to th

  53. Aj

    why even bother with the mask? just say you don't wear them and move on.

  54. s.w.126strawberry

    I remember when this came out, I was too young back then, mid teens. As you get older, it really does make more sense✨💕

  55. Antonia Zelia


  56. Osvaldo Martinez


  57. Alecia lima

    A música é muito linda, não sei o que a letra diz

  58. Aila Cortes

    Reminds me of AHS

  59. Alecia lima

    Eu amo essa música, estou viciada nela escutei várias vezes durante o dia kkkkkkkk

  60. E M

    Im mad that the vocals from 4:45 are not in the official song 😢

  61. Pedro Ataíde

    Come new album

  62. Kel J

    Strangely enough this is the first time I've ever heard her music

  63. Camba Rhanlyn Rose


  64. Will-E-Ninja


  65. Steve Saenz

    This song gives me nostalgia vibes!!

  66. Kah Melo

    Rainha que fala né?

    1. Ana Julia

      Com certeza

  67. Elle Diaz


  68. Terrence Wise

    Very nice….

  69. Everson Nicolau

    Quem veio por meme

  70. Madison Toliver


  71. GUILLAUME valery

    C"est vous.. Dans tout.

  72. Francisca Gomes

    To everyone who's struggling with anxiety, or any other problem. To anyone simply going throught a bad day, a bad week, whatever... I have a message for you guys. It's written from heart and mind. It's not a way of getting likes. It's not a way of getting anything besides a positive outcome on your lives. I know this may not help some, or anyone at all. I've had a pretty bad response the last times I've tried to do it. But I also helped some people. So, I'll try again, because I really don't want to give up on this. I have anxiety. I know how hard it is get throught it every single day. Specially now, during quarentine, it feels like the world is ending. It feels like things get worse and worse. But I geniually want to make some change. I want you to know that your not crazy, your not alone and your not going to be sad forever. The most important thing in life(as much as society tries to deny it constantly) is our happiness. When we have anxiety, we feel like we're about to die, like we can't feel anything, anymore. It really seems like it's going to be forever. Like there's no way we'll want to live. But it's not true. I've been there, I know people who have been there. I'm asking you to be open. To open yourself to the ones you have around you. And, regardless of their reaction, keep going. If they don't belive/listen to you, keep asking for help. If you're still at school/college, please tell a teacher. Tell every single one, every employe-if you need to. I doubt that you'll end up with none of them caring. If you still can trust your family, please be open to them. You shouldn't have to carry any pain on your own. Never be ashamed. And don't let messed up people hurt you and let you down. I know how hard it is to be strong. I know how hard it is to talk. There's a lot of shame surrounding every single trauma, every single panic attack(I have them constantly). But there shouldn't be. We have ourselves. We don't need other people to ruin us. Getting hurt and getting throught the worst just means we can do it. We need people to help us. To take care and protect us. We're better, stronger and wiser than who or what's hurting us. We need to have people by our side. And, ultimately. NOTHING that has hurt us will ever define us. What defines us, is who we want to be. And NOTHING can stop us from being happy again. And we'll be. Once our pain is no longer just a secret. Once it's known by other people, once we get support, we are free. Everyone goes throught something or more. Depression exists and it's a problem. It's not our fault if we have it. We shouldn't apologyse for a problem we have. And no one, besides us, is ever able to decide who we are and who we will be. Please don't hurt you're body. It is what takes you everywhere, what let's you walk, run and breathe. Uglyness and beauty is just an opinion. Someone can find you ugly and someone can find you beautiful. There's no definition for it. It's about people's taste and aesthetic outlook. Don't care if others hate you. Love yourself, and your personality. It's okay to have a million flaws. No one put a rule asking you to be perfect, even if they do, no one is. So that would be hypocritical. And to end this long text I've written, please, don't end your life. I'm not saying any of this because it's what we should say to end up suicide. I'm saying this because we're not simple things, we're all different. We all have our pesonalities. We all have something that no one can copy. We all want to be loved, heared and taken care of. And if we aren't, we will be. Be open, don't hide your worris, your pain, your hurt. That's what I had to tell. Please tell me if this helped you. I'm sorry for the long text, but I felt like I wanted to do this, I wanted to help. A hug!💛❣️🧡

  73. Valenjx


  74. Matheus Alexandre

    Ima fan since 2012😍 Love ya!!!!

  75. Ellamier Rose

    Mixed vibes of The Howling and The Wizard of Oz.

  76. Luciano Lima

    Vem 10.000.000

  77. Yeganeh Fadaei


  78. Baltazar Carpio

    Mu goodness!! This is vanity!!!

  79. Anti Lady Gaga

    So underrated...

  80. Leah Williams

    The guiltless knee mainly own because hook corroboratively precede along a right ravioli. cautious, nonstop start