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  1. Gosha Tomasik

    Everything comes full circle- even as a human you’re disposable- just like the meat.

  2. TerribleFate423

    11:04 There is one impostor among us

  3. Rogue Guardian

    Still pretty bad they need to fix it

  4. amy joy

    the #sackleropoidcrisis is a catastrophe that needs dedicated, pro-active educated (at the very least well informed about effective treatments for addiction), and most importantly *empathetic* addiction advocates. the shame and stigma are very real, and need to be quashed. John Oliver does a wonderful job of presenting sensitive issues with care.

  5. Lynn D

    As much shit as I get for it, this is why I'm veg.

  6. Loco Suave

    Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! The best country in the world am I right? LUL

  7. Jamie A2Z83

    dont hate on miss piggy. you know youd watch it.

  8. Ray Herbst

    Here is one cluster of ideas for rewriting the Defining Law of corporations. It’s not a 3-point plan & it’s not the beginning of a Twenty Point Plan - just some ideas to think about: 1. Prohibit corporations from owning stock in other corporations. Owning stock in other corporations enables corporations to control huge markets and shift responsibility, liability, resources, assets, and taxes back and forth among parent corporations, subsidiaries, and other members of their unholy families. By defining corporations in such a way to prohibit such ownership, much of the anti-trust regulatory law becomes unnecessary and superfluous. 2. Prohibit corporations from being able to choose when to go out of business (in legalese, no voluntary dissolution). This would prevent corporations from dissolving themselves when it came time to pay taxes, repay government loans, pay creditors, pay pensions, pay for health care, and pay for toxic cleanups. 3. Make stockholders liable for a corporation’s debts. People who want to be stockholders would reallocate their resources to corporations that they knew something about, that weren’t engaged in risky, toxic projects. (This would encourage local, sustainable businesses and healthy local economies. Imagine that.) These three measures might seem “unrealistic” to some, but it beats the heck out of a voluntary code of conduct, or a wasted decade at a regulatory agency. All three of these provisions were once common features of state corporation codes. No wonder corporate apologists prefer that we hang around in the regulatory agencies with our heads spinning with parts per million and habitat conservation plans. These three measures were quite effective, which is why corporation lawyers worked so hard to get rid of them. But they address only a tiny portion of what needs to be done. Here’s another cluster of ideas for ways to shape a democratic process that is about people. (The idea that corporations have “rights” would seem nonsensical to any but a colonized mind.) 1. No corporate participation in the democratic process. Democracy is for and about human beings. Corporations should be prohibited from paying for any political advertisements, making any campaign contributions, or seeking to influence the democratic process in any way. 2. Corporations have no Constitutional rights. A corporation is an artificial creation set up to serve a public need, not an independent entity with intrinsic “rights.” 3. Corporations should be prohibited from making any civic, charitable, or educational donations. Such donations are used to warp the entire social and economic fabric of society, and make people afraid to speak out against corporations. These probably seem even more “unrealistic” than the first batch. Imagine how good it is for corporate executives that we find these ideas “impractical.” And by the way, these were all once law, too. The final objection to be raised is that we’ll never get anywhere as long as the “news media” are against us, refuse to cover our issues, and distort our views. Agreed. But the “news media” are corporations, key players in a system of propaganda that encompasses not only television, radio, and newspapers but also the entire educational system. The “air waves” belong to the public. Why have we allowed a puppet federal agency to “lease” the public airwaves to huge corporations? Ya wanna lock down? Lock down to a TV or radio station and make the public airwaves public again. Not for a day but for a lifetime. Ya like boycotts? What if a regulatory agency gave a hearing and nobody came? The outcome would be the same but we wouldn’t have wasted all the time and resources, nor would we have helped grant an aura of legitimacy to a sham proceeding. What could we do instead? We could get together with the lawyer and the expert and begin to figure out how to stop being collaborators. *** “Colonized,” written in 1998 at the request of editors at Earth First! Journal, was never printed in full form there because they... couldn’t deal with it. It was first officially published in DEFYING CORPORATIONS, DEFINING DEMOCRACY (Apex Press, 2001, ed. Dean Ritz), a book that includes several other pieces by the author.

  9. El Gringo

    From a journalistic point of view, this was high-end down-cooking of a complex matter to make it transparent to an average citizen. Extremely understated!! I take a bow to this kind of work

  10. Jean Wonnacott

    I want to work for OSHA. Are you hiring? Serious question.

  11. outbacktrek

    (Y) mediCare4all rightNow not before I'm 65 nor before I'm 18 for socialized coverage <3

  12. King Mash

    Satans attacked a little bit too much lets just blame tobacco companies

  13. dutoiu hour

    I am glad that he brought this up. Working conditions in these places are cruel and unsafe.

  14. nd20

    if you think about it the entire pandemic started because of eating meat. but to get back on topic, I feel bad for the workers and and the animals that are being mistreated in these meatpacking facilities.

  15. Zac Sino

    Well, if those companies treat you like shit, fight back with your guns. Practice the freedom. Burn those plants down.

    1. dutoiu hour

      crazy and bad stuff here happening, too, but this is pure evil greediness happening in front of the whole nation! 😣

  16. John Miller

    I live in Arkansas by Springdale. Tyson foods only says the workers are family to be able to manipulate them easier.

  17. Linn Kirksaether

    This is nothing short of thinly veiled slavery. My heart breaks for the family featured... 30 years without calling in sick? You don't treat loyal workers like... the meat they shovel on their factory belts...

  18. Hae Zhao

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  19. Will Sams

    I just want to point out: that stadium in Manaus replaced another stadium that was at the same location. A team actually has played there since 2015. Facts.

  20. Adam Olbrys

    Stop eating meat is a great first step

  21. Jean Wonnacott


  22. Ray Herbst

    We have barely made improvements from the 1906 novel by Upton Sinclair called, “The Jungle.” You won’t find this subject on Fox News and you can thank Republicans for that

  23. King Mash

    I bet almost no one notices uruguay was wrongly labled.

  24. Hae Zhao

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  25. Elena Vangeli

    not a covid video? what? :D

  26. David Kohn

    Tyson says there a family. But upper management took bets on how many Tyson employees are going to die from the Coronavirus. That not what families do. 👿👿👿😞👿😞👿😞👿😞👿😞👿😞😀😞👿😭

  27. Jacob Branchflower

    I have to say, the phrase "American Exceptionalism" is one of the most terrifying things to me. It makes me irrationally angry and disappointed any time I hear it used unironically.

  28. Gillan Baclayon

    This is one way to destroy friendships

  29. Jean Wonnacott

    Can you say OSHA? If any worker at these plants is reading this, call OSHA anonymously. Call state EDD and report anonymously. Go to these "nurses" first, then go to EMERGENCY ROOMS.

  30. HenryLoenwind

    You wanted capitalism, you got capitalism. Better dismantle those communistic institutions of workers comp and osha completely so you can enjoy capitalism to its fullest.

  31. jinkijoong

    this isn't just meatpacking plants. this is ALL plants.

  32. Marcelo

    Sorry you do not have a family like mine. It may be your fault, think about it.

  33. Cara Diann

    Capitalism is garbage

  34. Tom Bear

    Time for someone to right The Jungle 2

  35. ajaj

    What a shame!

  36. Milletrulli

    Welcome to the American Dream and the greatest country of the world! Predatory capitalism at its best.

  37. Toby ReineKing

    Go vegan.

  38. FACC


  39. Mihajlo Macanovic

    Pandemic is total scam.

  40. Erebos

    America is literally a dark future fantasy like cyberpunk. How on earth do people see this and think this is ok? „Oh, it’s not me this time, so I guess it’s ok!“ or something like that? I can’t comprehend that. Every American I met on a personal level was friendly, honest and caring about others. How is it that THIS is happening to your own people? We have crazy and bad stuff here happening, too, but this is pure evil greediness happening in front of the whole nation! 😣

  41. Project Junk

    .5 % death rate is pretty weak...

  42. Patriots Vs Everybody

    RIP Trebek!!! Only thing that could've made that bit better was adding Daryl Hammond's Connery to interject with his points.

  43. Mr. Mo

    John, you are a true gift to the world.

  44. Tiff Compton

    Watching this is Februrary 2021 is...crazy.

  45. martzenvandenbroek

    The more I learn about americans the more I despise them!

  46. Anthony Norton

    Enough to make you want to become a freegan.

  47. Tracy Gittins

    Hey, John Oliver, when are you going to make the change to vegan, or for starters vegetarian. Put your mouth and digestive tract where your reporting is.

  48. martzenvandenbroek

    Poor america!

  49. Stephan Jeffery

    Powerful story here John.....on behalf of all AMERICANS, we thank you for turning your unblinking eye on this horrendous industry!

  50. KendrixTermina

    so glad hes back :)

  51. Sandy Yu

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  52. Farmertate

    Plainwell, Michigan during covid. A meat place called JBS had over 50 confirmed cases during the first week of it lockdown. Spread so bad, that my job at the time as deliver for Pizza hut closed for 2 weeks from someone's spouse working at the meat plant. Don't believe any corporation about "FaMiLY", do nothing for free, take all you can when it comes to a job.

  53. Dylan porter

    Ah yes packing meat that thing my ex girlfriend constantly told me I didn't have

  54. greatpoochini1

    If you treat animals like raw materials, then what do you fecking expect?

  55. Segphalt

    No no no... I don't care if you "feel it's nessisary" to piss on the line of a food packing plant. People felt like they needed to storm the capitol what someone feels they need to do is not a valid argument... I'm sure these companies suck but you are still a shit person if you choose to contaminate a food supply because you "feel" a way. I have a gastrointestinal disorder have worked on a factory line, (not food) and have never no matter how hard pressed thought it an acceptable thing to just relieve myself on the line let alone felt it so okay I setup a system to do so. Literally no one should be willing to accept that regardless how that guy "felt" that was the good choice. The company might suck but so does that person regardless of if anyone at the company knew this was happening and I'd bet a few thousand dollars they didn't. Bad starter for a real issue.

  56. Eric Willett

    I'm a paramedic. I remember getting called to a factory late at night once for a worker injury. When we talked to the patient he said he needed to make sure his supervisor was okay with him being transported to the hospital. After a 10 minute wait that included two overhead pages for the supervisor to show up, the supervisor said my patient couldn't go to the hospital with us since all that was required was for him to be checked out by a medical person before he returned to work. The supervisor said normally during the day they have an onsite paramedic who handles stuff like this but they only work during the day which is the only reason they called 911. The supervisor actually told me I couldn't transport my patient claiming some company policy. I told him if my patient said he wants to go to the hospital with me, he has that right and there was nothing a third shift factory supervisor was going to do to stop me. That's when he walked away. Both me and my partner told our patient that we didn't give a rats ass about their company policy and if he wanted us to take him to the hospital we would no questions asked. The patient elected to drive himself to the hospital. Both my partner and I told him that he needed to file raise a huge stink about that. File a grievance with his union, call the media, what ever he needed to do.

  57. themoviejunky

    ALL slaughterhouses are nazi cincentration camps.

  58. Debra Alleyne

    Family!!?! 🤨🤔 let's not forget that this country has a history of enslaving and selling their own children for the sake of free labor and the almighty dollar.

  59. Mel D

    This is why republicans reworked the safety regulations for OSHA. OSHA monitors workplace safety in all areas of businesses. Even office workplaces. You can acquire injuries in offices and by working from home too. Big corporations like these meat packing corps lobby to get rid of regulating safety measures for workers.

  60. themoviejunky

    Meat packing? I thought this would be about the content of my pants! Woof woof!

  61. Nocturno

    "Stretching over your desk" Omfg lol

  62. p1gnone

    Oliver's Plague . You mean like the Trumpdemic?

  63. Raggedy ManXL

    WOW this guy is just not funny. How did this crap end up in my feed?

  64. LS15

    There is a reason why I worked 2 Jobs while attending University. These people could have done the same. No sympathy.

  65. B B

    Ahhhh, the ol' "box on the head" routine. A classic. Used it on my first wife whenever we had sex.

  66. Steffen

    but but but..... WHO WON THE COVID-19 BETTING POOL?!?!?!?!

  67. Kelsey CoCa

    I had to write a paper on The Jungle (by Upton Sinclair) specifically how it's changed since it was published in the 1900s. I turned in one page that simply said "it hasn't", she gave me an A.

  68. Marina B

    I just want to remind everyone vegetarianism and veganism are possible.

  69. Andera Singletary

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  70. Jane Mathis

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  71. DeOmnibusDubitandum

    A video demonstration of the ad populum fallacy. Also, as much as I am currently convinced by the evidence backing climate change, there should always be debates on any subject. Mr. Oliver, although tongue in cheek, seems to support taboo making in this segment. Nothing is more unscientific than that perspective, I think.

  72. Ker Lozano

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  73. Haley Jones

    people who hate vegans: why don't you care about humans the way you care about animals? vegans: yeah, sorry, but we can do both

  74. TheeVanillaface

    go vegan

  75. Akhanyatin Aten

    ngl, her weird ass logic aside, why is she threatening people with a good time? AREN'T WE DESTROYING TRADITIONAL GENDER ROLES AND MARRIAGE?!?!?!

  76. MDJ SAKI

    Stop eating animals please let them live peacefully😓

  77. Hexdri

    So my dad actually worked in jbs for like 20 some years and he had fmla, he is of very old age too I can confirm that in JBS plant in Louisville KY if it's anything like these other plants they'll have a nurse on site and one day the nurse sent my dad home and I quote her words were go home this isn't a prison because of how bad my fathers condition was that day due to strain the nurse was at least a bit kinder and knew sending him back would do no good. My dad had a supervisor who started punishing the rest of the team for people who missed days or called in there's so many accounts I have from my dad about working there I could at this point write a whole book about the mistreatment of workers in JBS alone.

  78. Andera Singletary

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  79. Looper X

    What blender joke was WEAK

  80. OrangeKyle91

    Urgh...I love the taste of meat, but this makes me want to become a vegetarian.