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  1. The meme team

    How do you do that 2 one

  2. TheRagingFire

    where was that silk touched dragon

  3. Mary Jansen

    The Marksman

  4. Ice

    Tower of... Wait ohhhhhhhhhh

  5. Cameron Singleton

    Nice video

  6. faasd fer

    The nimble chronometer resultantly tie because octave cosmetically license over a military output. wakeful, graceful musician

  7. Phillip Kunze

    Im here to argue with #24, I wouldnt recommend that strat, because everytime ive went under the dragon he'd YEET me away

  8. carnom cool2

    Shift click:me on ps4 what

  9. gggoldish Paradise

    Not only does putting a slab on soul soil makes it look better, it will make that line spawnproof. So this is the best thing to use...

  10. Slightly Irritated One

    Why do people call it "half slabs" anyway? If you put two halfs on top of each other, they wouldn't be slabs at that point, now would they?

  11. Ripeka Ohlson


  12. Peculiar Goose

    you dont need 4 glowstone for the respawn anchor. also if you stand on top of an anvil you take zero damage

  13. Ky & Kat

    People who got the geods mod before they announced the cave update: YASSSS People who got the geods mod after they announced the cave update: What do you expect me to do with this now???

  14. Blue TeaLeaves•

    How do you water-log blocks in Minecraft?

  15. Rancid Jacob Katigbak

    Too bad in mobile vers. Of minecraft that u can just put a water up and soul sand and u done XD

  16. The master Crafter Ž

    I used the coal to the smelt the coal

  17. Zeph Mafarang

    How to put the map in the banner on mobile

  18. Shan Zhang

    subscribe monster -50 health

  19. Kisaca-Pisaca

    I always watch yt on pc

  20. TheBaconPlays

    not tryna be a hater or be mean but what the heck im pretty sure everyone knew about the magma block thing

  21. Betsy Antonio

    I guess that it is disc 11 and 13

  22. sphyxal_ playz

    Bro I found a fossil by accident

  23. Bruh Moment

    I one time found like a bone thing above ground in a desert at least a year ago, it had a coal ore in it and no one believed me ( the bone thing part not the coal ore)

  24. Cow !

    Or just play Mario kart or smash bros

  25. Vant

    I was thinking about knockback power. I thought it would be in this.

  26. da_noob8plays GAMES

    when will the world see card swipe is easy

  27. happy little trees


  28. Jett Rosch

    Im so powerful I unsubscribed and re subscribed in the time he fell, im a god

  29. Infinite Planes

    I didn’t know a few of these. So that’s nice.

  30. Zachall XD

    Unless your in ciado your not gonna be using the riptride trident much Sad ireland noises

  31. Googlo

    Did it

  32. Missing saj

    when will the update be here the cave one

  33. Dragon Masters


  34. Keagan Tudor

    Wait can you make a video about on how to build these creations like the Redstone auto farm

  35. Moritz Gerst

    I knew every single one but i think many people know them

  36. sdf elite

    ya know u can sprint swin and hold space to go up water towers ultra fast

  37. Jess Wiley

    when that person named imposter joined your game and then left at the same momet the same thing hapend to me

  38. fan derp

    His titles are thr most clickbait but his content actually fits the titles

  39. OllyDollyDingDong

    How would KGup know I sub with my elbow?

  40. Artmis615

    Everyone in Minecraft has built a house Except dream ;D

  41. Food Dood

    Card swipe easy why ppl think it’s hard

  42. Gaetano Binanti

    In the bathroom in the little restroom there is a secret crew mate in the bathroom

  43. Crack head todo

    I hear Animal Crossing music in the background, then I can't get it out of my head

  44. Gaetano Binanti

    If you do a meeting well somebody is feeling then you can do that

  45. Leila Frazier

    my name is Hunter and I am subed and I will un sub

  46. Gavin Wishart

    Also have pet armor

  47. Legs Of Jelly

    If they have a farm in the desert, take out the water supply with a bucket and say its a new feature

  48. mcfrickenwatcher

    an axe and a shield is the best combo

  49. Alsi Payne

    Sill p

  50. Wolfie Grey

    I slapped the like and the subscribe button at the same time.

  51. Dinodancer a1 a2 a3

    Rip Minecraft tutorial mode

  52. Alpha Dogs

    I hate it when you go to report a body and someone walks in and reports it before you do and then asks " why didn't you report?" And then says you sus.

  53. Lil A

    Is tower of terror a copy of robots tower of HECK or did tower of HECK copy tower of terror?

  54. Michelle Forsyth

    How tf am I gonna flip a moniter upside down?

  55. Donkeyboy0236 Fortnite

    He must like Pokémon because the music is from the games


    Skip: *Actually giving tips* Meanwhile her: DONT BE A JERK

  57. placek23582

    first time I actually knew something

  58. Sleep Sheep


  59. Kai

    I just saw on the top of roblox (Sorry ur avatar is not working) and me being the weeb I am is like : Flamingo what did u do this time..... =_=

  60. poko game

    Did this game just die?

  61. David S

    the wall one is only 1.16 and im pretty sure it works w pistons+slime blocks. cool idea tho

  62. OneDuckling 6308

    Ha I wrote this comment and subbed upside down

  63. Fiercom

    Bro I know like all of these xD

  64. Vincent Madiane


  65. Just Another Human

    I liked and sub at the same time-

  66. Random Static

    So core is basically roblox

  67. Adog43 Gaming

    they have the debug stick

  68. Olivia Creggy

    Excuse me i player among us on my Nintendo switch

  69. Robloxadoptme

    Is it just me or is the card swipe easy on mobile or I pad? I’m on I pad and I get card swipe first try everytime

  70. ConmanTheArtist



    Why do you sound like dream?

  72. Starlight_ Moonlight

    I'm deffinetly doing this-

  73. Gage Overbo

    I always get swipe card first try... most of the time. Same whith reactor.

  74. Hans Jørgen Lund Eriksen

    make this a series

  75. Funandgames

    7:40 Pretty sure thats not right

  76. Timmy Cao

    jump and sprint on stairs its faster

  77. WhoTookMyCheese

    Guys, you have that flower farm then use the flowers to make more bonemeal

  78. Clay [GD]

    Instead of LiKe AnD sUb iN dE nExT FiVe sEcoNdS oR tHis *(cute)* ( I love tarantulas :) ) sPiDer WilL be in Ur bEd wHen u SlEePinG The way he does it makes it feel like he’s mocking them cuz they suck :D I love skip!

  79. Laurie Morrison

    Admin swipe card on the first try isn’t that rare

  80. Ethan Nolen

    het admin swipe 1st time everytime me good at it