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  1. Bababan

    6:42 _I know what you’re thinking..._

  2. Syeda Sofia Nizam

    I subscribed with my nowe

  3. Alex Okurka

    The snow one is way longer than that other one

  4. Kian Stumpf

    I made a house in a stronghold, took me 3 hours

  5. Djshdjd


  6. Kim Sto. Tomas

    Jungle temples?

  7. kimberl

    You forgot cake

  8. Azami Hussin


  9. Zein Delic

    6:41... thats all i have to say

  10. Ş ɪ ɱ p

    you: but honestly who crafts cake me: 🙋‍♀️

  11. Hollow 288

    It's sooo wierd to see Mr Block Facts not speaking fastly

  12. Nathaniel Maloles

    11:37 secret crewmate peeking from the bathroom door

  13. Anime Gamerz2020

    1:36 What did he just say?? Shulker blocks??

  14. Axco TheBruh

    U can fuel furnance with carpet

  15. Fortnite Videos Shorts

    Core is just roblox and fortnite

  16. Serra Sweetness

    6:28 Did you know Netherite doesn't burn But Can be destroyed with a cactus

  17. Zerelics_

    Best Collab :D

  18. Jake Bolton

    I need this seed

  19. Dr. Neha Behar.biotechnology

    Just put in end chest

  20. William Drum

    If TNT has silk touch do you get all the drops when it explodes?

  21. Stephen Slevin

    It isnt a mistake its just a happy accident - yer boi bob ross

  22. ALIYAN IRFAN Tariq Road Campus

    I have subscribed you in 2 seconds

  23. Without Name

    GeminiTay’s survival world, we met again

  24. Sita Panthi


  25. efe_babaTR

    /tp efe_babaTR 0 255 0

  26. Andrea Gabrielle Laquio

    In the first minutes did you use Geminitay's survival world??

    1. Andrea Gabrielle Laquio

      I read the discription, and I was correct! Cuz I watch her channel before you even mention her in the discription.

  27. Andrea Gabrielle Laquio

    1:15 is that Geminitays castle?

    1. Andrea Gabrielle Laquio

      I read the discription.

  28. Oski SW

    I live in a desert repel and jungle temple

  29. Best gachatuber ever!

    Some of your dreams came true

  30. Σπυρος Παπαδοπουλος

    Make a video 20 2bt2 fackts plz

  31. Σπυρος Παπαδοπουλος

    When you said Who needs cakes you said it like no one needs it but in 2bt2 players need them couse u can eat the fast if the server has lag

  32. Faiz Khan

    Mojang also didn't improve beacon duplication glitch

  33. DarkFighter

    6:42 amongus

  34. Yeonji

    ever heard of a *L A D D E R ?*

  35. Isla Chen

    I got click bated

  36. Tristan Williams

    Skip the tutorial: if you don't put in the hours, then your gonna have a bad time. "Caleb holes megalovania cover starts playing

  37. GJ Gali

    Idk i always see pumpkins on snowgolems

  38. Zedric Will Peralta

    Peta would disagree with with the thumnail

  39. Iker Schneider

    Nah. too much to do to even bother. 𝙜𝙚𝙢𝙨.𝙧𝙚𝙨𝙩 💎 fine tho 🌏 "03:23" (垃圾)

  40. GJ Gali

    Hope all the op things in bedrock never gets added in java

  41. Jaxen Ramirez

    So happy but only 𝗴𝗲𝗺𝘀.𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘁 🌎 worked for me in 2021 ⚓ "03:19" 垃圾

  42. Jaxen Ramirez

    The only thing I understand from all this tha 𝗴𝗲𝗺𝘀.𝗿𝗲𝘀𝘁 ✏️ as I know 👈 "00:27" 垃圾

  43. Gaming Gamer 521

    /reload fixes NPCs not doing the commands you made them do. I think.. it works for me

  44. Mochi_mochi2 Park

    Bro the stone cutter he was in creative

  45. Šøbżÿ Pøłåčk


  46. Šøbżÿ Pøłåčk


  47. 2k Bambusleitung

    You can trade chain armor from one of the villagers

  48. ammarahz


  49. Rio Scacchi

    I saw loss

  50. Dosa Kambing

    Why did it happen

  51. Päjämä


  52. SUDplaysMC

    Ahhh The able sisters. One of the best

  53. Froger

    11:51 Is this Loss?


    Fun Fact- you can also break beacons with your fist and get the item

  55. yps gamerz

    I won't proof god wrong

  56. Anthony Bucci

    Did you just say 12 billion? You mean 12 million.

  57. DaZebraffe

    Number 19: The reason the two missing letters still have a coded-in symbol for them, is because the language used wasn't invented by Mojang. It's the "Standard Galactic Alphabet" from "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

  58. Regdu Geht

    "Oh wow, who's that, is it ibxtoycat?" ... "Sure sounds like it" hears "minecrafts smithing tables used to look like THIS" "Oh"


    Play roblox



  61. Andre Justin Ong


  62. Fire x games

    Theory soul sand is not full block and when you are in it itere is pitch dark

  63. Vivek Dhatterwal

    On 3:46 there is face reveal

  64. GlazedHamRiot


  65. •KairaNeko•

    5:46 That would be kinda painful on a hardcore world.

  66. khahazani fatakhur

    plz face reveal u not show ur real faceಥ‿ಥ

  67. thegamefighter 24

    is this actually a face reveal 3:47

  68. TheJacobyGames

    Technically you could carry an extra 4 shulker boxes if you put them in the crafting grid. Sure you can’t walk with them but you could still pick them up

  69. JakMak

    Am I the only one who subscribed by using my 61 stolen kidney stones from the leader of The YenoSarvic Spaghettini Clan?

  70. RA - 06CN 779231 W G Davis Sr PS

    THEre is a faster way if u place 1 block of honey in frount of u and one beisde u going up then when u climb the honey u go zomming

  71. HemistReborn

    12:00 ender crystals are quicker in a 5 X5 square

  72. Diamond Ore

    K so i turned my back and accidentally pressed the dislike button what do i do help

  73. 0mqe

    quick charge?

  74. wolf pack

    Dude diamond is still the best

  75. Jeremiah King raw

    Spread The Gospel and god loves you and he is the only way to heaven read your bible and pray everyday

  76. Fiery Cobra

    I love how Pokemon Diamond and Pearl music was used. totally random, but I love it