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  1. roy santos

    Tie haha

  2. Jonathan Oziel Sosa Molina

    Aver cuando compras la deuda externa de Argentina

  3. KobyBradDom Barrera

    How much does each firework cost?

  4. IZZ PRO

    It is a tie 😂😂😂

  5. sinta pramesuari

    Kakak itu tanga booga

  6. Magnus Stokke-Øyen

    I beat you first trie😂

  7. itz Alpha wølfie

    I tied

  8. Ethan Hilbert

    Jimmy: Point proven Me: But I won


    I got stone

  10. Luis Avila Jr


  11. Profighter 110

    I feel like he’s going to do a challenge in a soundproof case

  12. diving Goat

    Hahhahahah You blinkd

  13. ajani parker

    That is soooooooooooo cool

  14. Gingy Wingy

    You are right

  15. Gingy Wingy


  16. PAOLO rubio

    Can i swin in to the money

  17. Annie Gonzalez

    I'm gonna be a skittle!😆

  18. Salt

    I swear most of Beast's fans are have the iq of a fucking peanut

  19. Agastya's Fiesta

    Lol Me who doesn't have friends

  20. Setlik3 Gaming


  21. Muhammad bin Aatir

    Guys I actually picked paper 3 times and restarted the video 3 times 😂

  22. Subrata Bose

    Mr beast : Its a big foot !!!! Carl : You have a mistake I am a small foot not a big foot........ 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎😎😎😎


    Pollution op


    Pollution be like : yaaa that is my birth place

  25. Harish

    You're telling there's 2.28 MILLION dollars in there? Jeezzz

  26. Teal Golem- Gaming Anime Reviews, Games, and More

    If course the old TikTok meme

  27. Among us Purple

    And I thought the one where he tourtuerd himself was the most..... I was wrong

  28. Antonisdumb

    I won. Hey you just lost for the first time. Gg

  29. Francis Stephen Genosa

    Last one so true

  30. Jolt_Void

    Hi there is a person who made u a 50 mil play button his channel is Daniel craft u should check him out

  31. Danny Jordan

    I pick rock lol

  32. Daniel Barrera

    I got the same as you jimmy Tie

  33. Rosa Martinez

    Truuuueeeee thoooo

  34. The BWOW

    I subbed

  35. Fortnie Boy

    I picked the same lol

  36. Giraffe Arts


  37. Noah Wilson

    Jokes on you I throw with my left arm

  38. Sleepy Samar

    But I was winner Jimmy u cheater 🤣

  39. Jayden McRight

    We tied

  40. Carlos Noriega

    Travel channel:

  41. younis sharif

    Mr Bean my cousin was playing amungus and someone's name was Mr Beast he was acting like you and I like your videos so match I like it every day

  42. Joseph Agui

    Stop doing any type of water: "put the house in water" I CAN'T LIKE THEM ALL

  43. hXnoOCE BS

    Nothing suspicious just the usual

  44. hXnoOCE BS

    Anyone else having a mr.beast shorts marathon

  45. Marin Plays

    I picked scissors as well 😂

  46. Jeramaine Therese Puerto

    How funny!

  47. Owen gamer

    i saw it

  48. Fortnite player 2345

    I won

  49. Vikash Sharma

    If we only fire 40$ firecrackers on our hindu festivals every environmentalist, liberals, secular will start blaming us on pollution . But there pollution issue does not concern on islamic and Christian festivals . This is story of India where minority is superior

  50. Andrew Kyler Bonifacio

    Who else thought he was talking about burger king whoppers

  51. hokodothepom

    what if ur left handed lol

  52. Vivaan Navandher YT

    Jimmy- I’ve never blinked in my life Chris- Are you sure about that

  53. Rachel Dorsey

    I picked rock

  54. Kakashi

    Everyone unsub now

  55. Scoco

    What number ?

  56. DreamNotTaken _

    This is what MrBeast does in his meantime..

  57. virginia correa

    It was a tie we both did scissors

  58. Alina Rummel

    I got rock

  59. Anakin Skywalker

    The truth has been revealed Mr Beast order is plotting to give away money

  60. Master Hacker

    u are the best


    I challenge mr.beast to fill an entire house with coins Like this so he can see

  62. im just guy

    I picked scissors so we will continue this another time beast


    Everybody gnagsta till he says all that was 1k bilms

  64. Check

    not.... funnyy.... didntttttt.... laugh!....

  65. Gymnist100 Playz

    Umm I did Rocke

  66. Quinn Cranston

    I picked the same

  67. Asriel Dremmur

    How the fuck did you do that?!?

  68. Cameron Childress

    Is this supposed to be funny? Because all it did was confuse me.

  69. Colin Tobin


  70. Chad Platz

    “Here comes the Spider-Man”

  71. Hyper Mashup

    I chose rock ;)

  72. Roman

    I picked rock

  73. Logan McNeill

    I want pop tarts!!!

  74. RayAnn Jurisch

    I won

  75. lavanya karuna


  76. Kris Angel's Chanel


  77. Kris Angel's Chanel


  78. Kris Angel's Chanel


  79. astro logicalpro


  80. ItzGamerKing

    Who else new that was coming