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  1. Laura Helms

    he commented

  2. Jaymin Amin

    He did

  3. Mitcheal Craig james

    I did the same thing

  4. RedSupremePlayz

    hope i get one because i have yt channel

  5. RedSupremePlayz

    wow!!!!! congrats man

  6. Braxton Dort


  7. The Lost Sponge Bob

    he commented

    1. Sorin Kick

      Yes he did

  8. Erin Muhammad

    Hi Mr. beast I try to get on that game

  9. Wisam Hmimou

    I win but I sub

  10. מאור דגה


  11. iamcristi marculescu

    I won it was easy on the first try

  12. Uttam Singh

    He commented

  13. Mark Soriano

    I actually picked paper

  14. Jesse Parsons

    U drew

  15. sith lord reaper


  16. Beckam Peters

    I feel so sad for Chris

  17. Sky poli

    he comment

  18. Dnyaneshwar waghmare


  19. dimitris dimogiannis

    But i won I am stil a subscriber I swer

  20. dimitris dimogiannis


  21. Estela Rodriguez

    Dis is what quarantine is doing to us lol

  22. Corrupted Wizard

    He commented

  23. Losheezy

    I lost lol

  24. naruto uchiha


  25. It'sAchintGaming

    Beast op😘😘

  26. The Lost Sponge Bob

    chose rock

  27. Edwin Julian Puga


  28. Stomp442

    Bro he blinked twice

  29. Ewelina Dąbrowska

    This is so wierd

  30. DALEEP Garcha

    ʰᵉ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗᵉᵈ

  31. Solphie ph

    I chose rock

  32. Ziggyzaggy 300

    Now he can trade them in

  33. Crossant chan

    Can i have the extra nuggies

  34. Lalo Ness


  35. Verse123

    at least karl was honest

  36. TahjBeSnaggink

    I pick rock

  37. Op items

    Love pewdiepie and god hi comment 😇

  38. Ewelina Dąbrowska

    Why did you push him what he did to you??

  39. 사람

    오 미스터비스트 쇼츠 계정도 있구나

  40. khairul amree abdul rahman


  41. SmartCookii_ STUDIOS

    But i- I won

  42. kevin the orange

    He commented

  43. Angus The dude

    he commted

  44. YAM SHI JING Moe


  45. Wolfman12 Wolfie

    How did u know i was about to scroll ?

  46. Edwin Julian Puga

    Probably because criss is one dollar jk

  47. naruto uzumaki


  48. TheMadBleus

    I picked scissors lol

  49. jose paul

    ʰᵉ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗᵉᵈ

  50. Alisaoud Almohnidi


  51. WBC

    he commented

  52. sivakumar lakshindra the proo

    i lost wow

  53. Team Norden

    I won ezz

  54. dimitris dimogiannis

    Mr. Beast = best magic

  55. Aulia Muttaqin

    Nah i chose rock

  56. Kipster G

    That’s insane awesome 👏

  57. Fatima Rothman

    A true masterpiece.

  58. ImNotRainbowed

    mr beast- have you subscribed sanjay dutt- nhi

  59. MostOmnivoreee131

    He commented beast

    1. BINOD

      Commented 2 months ago😂

  60. Aarabi Thapa

    i won

  61. atha2370 atha2370

    when mrBeast tricks you,lol

  62. Error

    That bigfoot is really tall

  63. Ethan Quinnell

    he did it

  64. Mama

    we tied😀😀

  65. Ahmad Tareq Sabery


  66. Error

    I really lost

  67. Omar SHALAK

    I won babe

  68. Ruv

    I didint win or lose I got a draw

  69. Marlyn Hernandez-Rodriguez

    It’s two seconds

  70. Silent Killer

    I lost Jimmy is an illuminati

  71. brook and hanny

    I win

  72. Line Andreasen

    Pow: ur confused that theres No comments

  73. Mr. Mork

    I won

  74. [MS!!!] MOB SLAYER!!!

    he commented

  75. Nihal Khan


  76. GAMERZ


  77. Myb negan

    Who is pewdiepie?

  78. thunderhalo

    Sure lol 😂😂😂

  79. Jox Dog