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King Von was born Dayvon Bennett on Chicago's South Side and raised in the crime-ridden O Block neighbourhood. After beginning to rap in 2018, King Von caught the interest of Chicago flagbearer, Lil Durk, and was welcomed into the Only the Family collective. Following up to his early single "Problems", King Von broke onto the map with "Crazy Story", which was streamed over 200 million times. This was followed with his debut album, "Grandson, Vol. 1", which broke out onto the Billboard 200. Be sure to follow King Von on his socials and streaming platforms to stay tuned for the come up.

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  1. Black Gold TV

    I love your game gang

  2. Search for New world's

    Killed by his own lil durk 😭 That's what happen when u trusted wrong person 🙄

  3. Marzkii6ix0 #BAD

    I ain't gon lie ion know this man like that, but ima talk my shit for him with this rap shit no bap 💯💯💯

  4. Ayozizzy •

    It’s been real king von.

  5. QuizMaster DCL

    Von is the most underrated of all time, rip man what a legend

  6. Jertavis Stowe

    We all love you king von rip king von

  7. Jertavis Stowe

    Rest in peace king von rip king von

  8. QuizMaster DCL

    Give a fuck what you think n gotta get the rent paid

  9. Linda Williams

    My favorite song from (King Von is crazy story remix ft Lil durk) and my second favorite song (armed and dangerous) my third favorite song(twin nem)

  10. Taysav Aka nipsey


  11. Taysav Aka nipsey

    Rip von

  12. Grim's Palace

    Miss you family

  13. Charlie the name changer ツ

    pop smoke made a song called armed and dangerous and he died then von died rappers need to stop naming their songs armed and dangerous


    the final tooka diss


    rip king von we mes you

  16. KaiGottKlout

    How could you hate Von u can tell he was a cool nigga to be around he just don’t play about them people he call family and you gotta know that💯

  17. Joel Heron

    Rest in paradise bro miss you 😔😔😔😢😢

  18. prison mike

    wtf, this dude was a bad man, dont write stuff like "rip, well miss you" like wtf thats just straight up disrespectful to his victims.

    1. Poppa Ganja

      His victims are opps

    2. Poppa Ganja

      Or any real hood

    3. Poppa Ganja

      How was he bad guy ? Everyone got a different life he had to protect him self not his choice you try growing up in Chicago

  19. London Scott


  20. AcefromdaO Gbg

    Rip von miss you chigos fam

  21. Jeremiah Marc

    rip von

  22. BLaniesha BaeMUVA

    LOVE IT HERE MAY 12 2021 !!!!! #PHILLYNTHISBITCH!!! #BaeMuvaaa

  23. qc_babbie

    The goat 🐐

  24. Willz

    RIP Von

  25. Quincy Palmer


  26. ElReaper


  27. fornight epic is sunny_register


  28. ElReaper


  29. BEATS 1

    Me 2020: 🌧😪 Me now: 😶😪😥 R.i.p Von 🥀🌺

  30. Marlon Valle

    i love you dawg


    Man I wish we could have seen everything he had to offer.

  32. hunny dewmelon

    He dead and will never stop making money shit to real

  33. Yes Indeed

    Rip king 💔🙏😢

  34. diamond Corouthers

    rip von

  35. hunny dewmelon

    He's telling us something listen this is why he's dead he was a real one to tough for these bitch ass ninjas

  36. hunny dewmelon

    I never listened to him I didn't know of him until his death and I must say some of the realeast music I heard and I'm a female shit dope fire real 💯


    subscribed to king von



  39. Lakken Luke

    RIP VON!!!!!!🪦💔


    what we go do abot this

  41. DEMON_ KID

    its like he had to know how he was going to die he really is a king tho he did not die weak he died like a king R.I.P king von wish he was still here man this sad 2020 all the rappers was dieing sad bro

  42. Mitchell OWARE

    School or the streets if you have to choose dont pick the wrong one.

  43. Ke

    R.I.P King Von

  44. Kelson Roberts

    Like vom

  45. Kelson Roberts

    I'm from Southside chicago

  46. Kamen Springer

    “He might end up taking me out” if he only knew…

  47. Fabian Pascual


  48. Joshua Sanchez

    Got me hype with this one man, damn, we miss you, sleep well.

  49. hunny dewmelon

    Real talk real music

  50. King Brathwaite

    Von we love you

  51. Cr0wChild

    In my mind I pictured the murders when King Von was explaining his story.

  52. Alex Snieg

    The real king, King Von

  53. henry herrin

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  54. Aleksandr Sulzynski

    a week after this strait goated song came out von died, RIP

  55. chorus6 bowie

    R.I.P Young King🖤

  56. Lucas Stephanou

    Run this up to 40 millll

  57. Mehki cox

    I listen to dis but the part "Pull up and get him it was a nickle and a glock boom boom" DAYUM

  58. timere stewart

    if u still listening to this song 2021 ur a god

  59. Erica Spearman

    I love king gone and his grandson for president song this BS sick and was even better because you put my hometown a Philadelphia in here McNeil is my cousin my actual blood cousin and I love the fact that when they came beautifully it was just let you know it was sad because meat really wanted to really get into work with him and he has some really good project for the day and my other cousin Gillie and WALLO when he said it $1 million worth for game the podcast which was the last interview he did and a week later he was gone so you know he has some real good tires to fill yet so he really was really in love with one which is a hard thing to have because that Phillies like New York we don’t like everybody so he was well love to you and Philip rest in peace my 🤴🏽 King Von you would surely be missed you were gone but never forgotten fill you love you rest in peace my heavenly king this is 2021 and I’m still listening to you you’re in my lobby area music downloaded already love you broIt might at eight I’m 48 years old and I fucks with 110 toes down the long way so he reached a whole bright audience with his music greatest storyteller ever he was almost 27 years old he had made it past that age where he thought that gangsters wouldn’t he just couldn’t leave the street stuff along I miss you bro truly miss your legacy will live on as a legend a young one one of the best you and Pop smoke rest in power heavily kings

  60. Vonte' Jr

    Nle is that really you

  61. ray hanes

    Ridiculous when I see his pic. Beat all them odds just to die at the hands of a scared nigga

  62. Markese Parker

    R.I.p von

  63. David Rodriguez


  64. OG_Panda

    The beast

  65. Dinty leader of Horny Gang JOTP1544

    queen von is dead and his music is garbage swamp ass

  66. Car tester 2021

    Add a public comment

  67. King Blox

    Y'all know in this vid it explains how von died right?

  68. vBarcode _

    Tell me why I woke to my grandpa saying he prolly catch a body before he catch a cold🤣😏😈🥴

  69. Idriss Boucherbit


  70. montana antonio

    Rip king von💔 RIP KING👑👑👏

  71. Cameron Grubbs

    Rip the king man it still hurts after he died

  72. Pilify

    Did he say why they Chasing us? Or While they chasing us?

  73. gabi bossu

    0:45 me watching my bigger brother beating the final boss on a game

  74. David Stamps

    everything he saying on this song is real an Iam 74

  75. Greg Free

    Joe Budden dancin his ass off at 0:47

  76. jayjay tootime

    Keep distance like covid shii 🔥 long live von

  77. The boys official 21

    I love king von he da real king of da world

  78. metaLungiez

    Nigga should've tried making some of those gun sounds to scare away Tim.

  79. Jb Insight Tv


  80. Hal!d X

    Von was the best! R.i.P my brother!