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  1. bigevan

    0:00 Rhett and link on the hub

  2. GreenLit

    I've always thought can tasted best when I still drank soda. Just seemed more potent or something.

  3. Jonathan Rossen

    This soup is blah bagh Buh!!

  4. NickelPincher

    GMM L O R E

  5. Bearty

    so a budget meet when?

  6. Voidzy Gaming

    the angry momma is meant to fix the smell of the microwave

  7. Mary Anderson

    I miss damnyell

  8. No Way

    Ew gross *eats popcorn*

  9. Isaac Freitas-Eagan

    Link: *sigh*, "I'm reggie"

  10. wolftitan

    Have they done "Will it Waffle?" yet?

  11. Ryn


  12. Josh Garner

    You have to have it with what it comes in it will lose it integrity putting in a glass after pouring it

  13. Beth Huston

    pygmy octopus is what that dude is cooking I believe

  14. Mike Remuzzi

    Please heart my comment.

  15. Harambe's Spirit Animal

    I was a gorilla..

  16. Sun Storm

    The Quantum Leap references were nostalgic because my mom used to watch it when I was little.

  17. Chase Langenwalter

    at 5:00 it looks he is looking at a screen which enables them to know where each one is. So they know what is what

  18. Katelyn3666

    I think Link used up all his luck on his first putt ever playing this game where he got the hole in one. Fate says: Nope! No more luck for you!

  19. Amanda

    My fam is opening a mini golf course this year so HMU when u guys wanna collab 😆

  20. J Space Emperor

    Yama needs to be a main stay

  21. rich Ghxd

    Fountain is the best but I’ll tell you from working in fast food. The syrup has to be filled up and the co2 tanks. Syrup for flavor and co2 for fizziness

  22. RealdripgodJr

    I’ve been watching them for like 3 years

  23. Jaz Hart

    Somehow, this was the first GMM I ever watched and I have been a fan since that day 2 years ago. It just reappeared in my suggested videos and it made me happy

  24. Home Recorded Sound Effects

    Do a flavored grape taste test!

  25. Amara Ujasiri

    link should perm his hair.

  26. Kruger Savage

    How and where do they get the food?

  27. Danial Hakimi

    Windows XP game

  28. Llama Comma

    Congratulations on the Walmart Sponsor guys 😁😁😁 love to see it ❤️

  29. Willie Thee goat

    Lol the way they sugarcoated in the Nicki Minaj the situation 😂😅

  30. American Tuner lifestyle

    And y’all forgot Nathan’s!!!!!

  31. Snail[ ]Slug

    This is insane!

  32. Bruno Fernandez

    Smella That Ps you need to use the metal soap with water

  33. Savannah Chesney


  34. Max Wheatley

    Cheese on apple pie? Is that a southern thing?

  35. Phil Teves

    Rather go to my local Italian bakery for an authentic Grinder. Everything else taste like plastic.

  36. Danial Hakimi

    Yay my firstever gmm that i watch 7 years later where we are

  37. Phil Teves

    What kind of Grinders did you order? Italian or something else. Some of them look like Roast Beef??

  38. AmFo00120

    lol, im literally drinking grape pop while watching this

  39. Henry George Jr

    I am pretty sure we are in one of the twisted universes

  40. Home Recorded Sound Effects

    Dang they do be really speed running it though.

  41. Layla Luann

    I like dodge challengers very sexy vehicle for time traveling in

  42. shalafisama

    How exciting to see her! I just rewatched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog!

  43. Narsheo

    What the point of making a psychopath not a psychopath and then creating a psychopath

  44. ⚜️N¥ahA⚜️

    Tyson is nasty to me... there is always a piece of cartilage in them

  45. 7Risen7Phoenix7

    If people weren't such floozies they wouldn't have to worry about any of this...

  46. C. S.

    What if going to "help" the aliens is going to be the main dish? 😱

  47. JoshGormley

    No way! Creamy pepper sauce is waaaay better than the big mac sauce..

  48. Rebecca Burns

    Sorry but isn’t shrimp tempura literally just fried shrimp? Link should have gotten it

  49. Ulvetann

    Link is cheating, he is holding his breath. ^_^

  50. Alex Rayne

    IM DYING that they actually responded with gifs of you guys😂

  51. Chandler Mills

    Strawberry flavor next!🍓🤍

  52. distanova

    Anyone else heard her say "Two hundred and twenty-four thousand nine hundred and ninety "dine" dollars" at the end?

  53. T_AX

    Them saying that mcdonalds fountain drinks are shipped in metal containers to keep them fresher . Me thinkin , yes the metal trailer. That stuff comes in a plastic bad inside of a cardboard box lmao. I work at McDonald's and have to change them every now and then, yea no gal got lied to

  54. C. S.

    The cats would go extinct either way if the earth dies.

  55. jonas van de vyver

    What the heck he crushed Shreks eyes and he turned into Sulley from monsters inc 😳🤣

  56. Ulvetann

    If its starting to taste too much as chicken, its prolly turkey...

  57. XToriTwilightX

    I thought the frog bread was also gonna be cloud bread. 😔

  58. Ivonne CaradeNacho

    Glass bottle is the best but you HAVE to drink from it not put it in a glass, Cans though, are definitely the second best. Love the carbonated flavor

  59. Sean Perdrix

    2014 back when it was simple

  60. Jasmine H

    Gots 2 b is the go tooo! They should’ve all gotten the same wig though

  61. MURICA 221

    i feel bad they didnt get glass bottle dr pepper

  62. Bouvier Woullard

    It is fried shrimp but it’s Japanese fried shrimp so it’s called tempura

  63. Stephen Burke

    This is the oldest GMM I’ve currently seen

  64. Nick Auricchio

    6:41 hello magic boom

  65. Mary Pennington

    Do more vids like this please

  66. Coasting California

    Y'all need to try the ranch from Joey's Pizza in Fountain Valley California

  67. Sir Frederick

    Connecticut Represent !!!

  68. Sir Frederick

    this game was confusing to me. I caught on to it by the end. so use to Rhett & Link Competing with these games

  69. Kyle Stoner

    Pepsi all the way!!!

  70. Bones McCoy

    Guinness, where you pay to get a world record.

  71. Imogene Oneil

    fwiw i also said turkey

  72. Topaz_The _Gamer

    I got punched in the throat with cereal while watching

  73. Sayuri Falconer

    Hey that's that town where John Mulaney got heckled

  74. R€L

    10K i could eat all of these things and be fine.

  75. rmgotgamelambo

    I call cinnamon toast crunch cinnamon nut crunch

  76. Parker Darker

    american isnt cheese tho

  77. Ruben Karapetyan

    They should make this a series but increase the amount of caffeine by 100 mg each new episode.

  78. Wyatt Burgess


  79. Justin M

    A cold soda can wins every time!