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  1. hoiy vinosa

    imagine beating sekiro or dark souls with the Donkey Kong bongos


    I’d love for Pirates of the Caribbean Online to be remastered to HD.

  3. Krash Landicoot

    The reason no one talks about nintendo when it comes to console sales, is because they make toys, not videogame consoles.

  4. SpiralPoli Productions

    Grover Cleveland for Smash DLC!

  5. jonas kehoe

    I love the part he throws out his wii u

  6. Cardfight!! Casual

    Ah yes Scott predicting the name and real release period of Halo: Infinite years before 343i and Microsoft

  7. ZtarRat Z

    rip comment section 2018-2021

  8. Trevor Random

    My WiiU is always plugged in just saying 😁👍

  9. ian mcafee

    how prophetic about being scared of digital only games. so long playstation store!

  10. a very bad gamer

    scott is the only one i know that says Resi 4. not RE4, not resident evil 4. Resi 4. perfect

  11. 2Coop4U Part 2

    “Good, im not fckng a ghoast again” lmao

  12. hunter mooney

    I remember cancelling my Loot Crate subscription when my order in June was 5 months late. They basically said in their delayed email that they sent them out to influencers first and then ran out of stuff from that month's crate. Geek Fuel was better. There weren't that many people subscribed to it so they gave you your package on time. And they actually gave a shit.

  13. Platonicsnow542

    Scott- buys a fucking van just to shoot a 20 second clip

  14. mrquazimoto 007

    You really need to talk about the 95 build. Some people need that clarity. Content is teir 1

  15. Superbbros

    ADS in halo made vomit

  16. SomeTiredMoop

    Welp it’s time to confess my most serious offense I thoroughly enjoyed Origami King

  17. The Exiled Nomad.

    12:23 2020 to now in a nutshell.

  18. Megadiamond66

    This is why they are taking us to Brazil

  19. Ace

    Do a video on Mario Golf

  20. funny man

    Anime vs Video Games: Battle For Virginity

  21. MrTubarr

    I feel like if Nintendo had not been stubborn. Just switched over to basic regular size disc games. Updated the look for next gen. Updated the controller. I liked the n64 weird controller it just needed update and minor adjustments. If they had just did all that nintendo could have won the gaming war or atleast kept a close distance behind PS.

  22. Reuel Remiel


  23. cubegamebuild

    Scott: Geometry Dash is simple. Me: wait, geometry dash originated as a pc game and I am never gonna call Future Funk II simple.

  24. Alex Telson

    That guy in the start sounds like a fucking nerd

  25. Fail fleet2

    Sonic was considered to have a human girlfriend and be in a band. Well, they did do both of those things. 👀 But uh, they didn't do those things 👀shall we say perfectly.

  26. SLXDE


  27. TheArcadio

    😂😂 “so this is the timeline where virginity won”

  28. ihavelegs

    the title should actualy be a look back at a look back