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  1. Katarina SG

    My roommates watch F1 and I happened to see what Noels talking about live and omg...for once....FOR ONCE I know what this mans is talking about when he starts his F1 talk haha

  2. Austin Crain

    Question, which platform do they make more money off of? Spotify or KGup? I listen to the podcast on both, but want them to make the most money.

  3. caleb

    Bruh COVID has a .5% chance of killing high risk people , it’s made out to be way worse than it is

  4. Adem Pašić

    Best way to spend 1 hour

  5. Dela Rose

    PSA there’s an extra “AH” from uncle Noel in the Babbel add

  6. Blank_ Canvas

    Coronavirus kinda problematic tbh

  7. Dacey Dang


  8. Hassan

    i like these dudes, they make my day slightly better

  9. Killian Music

    For all the F1 niche fans out here, NOEL BRING EVERYTHING BUT THE POINTS BACK

  10. Kiseichu Oto

    What headphones are you guys using

  11. Carolyn Hernandez

    Anybody know what F1 video they were looking at??

  12. Valerie Haro

    Mike Tyson should be high at all times in order for the rest of the world to feel safe

  13. Theo Sk

    The whole Matthew McConaughey bit was fucking hilarious- Noel’s joke took the medal at 51:50 “the irony is we weren’t rolling so we’re gunna have to that again” “well now it’s acting!” 😂

  14. Nigel Mario Campbell

    I watched that crash live and thought I watched a man die. Insane Romain got our of there.

  15. Guinn

    Whats up guys welcome to tmg podcast, this is actually LAst week's episode, if you want... TOday's episode... ah that will be on our patreon right now uh you can get it a week early if you contribute, its uh so thanks if you do that, if not enjoy this one, peace!

  16. ed y

    Fuck man, Cody, use Calm app bro, like Daily, the next few decades are honestly going to blow your fucking brains out. Sorry, but

  17. ed y

    I told you multiple times in comments which were at the word cap, maybe 500 words, about why you should probably buy btc at 3.5k. Then again, in your mind's i'm a random.

  18. Bella Jenner

    COVID = same shit, different day

  19. Amelia Villafana

    They said spire night club and I immediately knew they were talking about Houston lol.... we don’t claim spire

  20. Still Rendering

    The fact that noel isn't on tiktok yet is crazy. I think once he curates his feed he'll fucking love it. I was resistant for a while but it's probably my favorite source of content now.

  21. Dot Hack

    13 episodes is cake.. i did that each day while i was on deployment.

  22. gosha

    Noel seems tired, anyone?

  23. Uzxmki Edits

    Mic crispy as fuck

  24. ayeeboii

    wait what happened to just being back in the studio did i miss something?

    1. camryn

      Covid cases started going back up

  25. Logan Coleman

    Lmao yall really scared of covid

  26. Logan Coleman

    How tf does anyone live in LA anymore

  27. John Maudlin

    "It's having a big resurgence." bro the case count has never gone down...It just keeps rising

  28. Vintage Indy

    This week's sponsor is Banana Republic haha.

  29. Mrfruit saladlover

    Does Cody still hate Jeff for the Jake Paul confrontation thing lol

  30. Travis Delee

    It's cool that Noel has a podcast with 1996 Eddie Vedder.

  31. Ena Suez

    For some reason, this gives me married lesbian energy

  32. Koush Potato

    18:00 for Jake Paul

  33. Lol it's Zoë

    I love how I as someone who will never turn on wrestling or boxing or anything of that nature for fun, was interested in this.

  34. Rick Lominguez

    I know this happened a while ago but I still want them to react to those tik toks using their song.

  35. James Clark

    -__- Cody’s face when Noel starts talking about F1. Hahaha

  36. James Clark

    You can really tell Noel was a high level CS player just based off of how stiff his neck movement is.

  37. jeta ora

    You guys should bake baked!!!

  38. cheeriomartinez

    Didn't noel say the same thing about twitch that he's saying now about tick tock I remember them talking smack about twitch. Lol

  39. emmett

    Sorry boys, TMG was my second most played podcast this year. you guys can't compete with ASMR rain sleep sounds

  40. Klay Ketelle

    These two MUST get McConaughey on the pod.

  41. Luke Perkins

    Nate got hit with the Disney channel flow

  42. Parth Upreti

    corona virus growth is frictionless.

  43. m .

    46:30 this whole bit omfg

  44. Jay O.

    7:05 Noel looks like someone just drained his soul THE PAIN

  45. Dippahh

    "only like 3 mil, not that much" Me with 4 dollars in my bank account o_o

  46. nichetomeetyou

    Noel we need one last ebtp episode for the last race at least, PLEASE

  47. see z

    listening to noel talk about boxing has the same energy as talking to a brother-in-law

  48. Max Murray

    Noel looks tired af

  49. Sarah Anderson

    Damn boys we went from cool and grey to warm and yellow this is lovely


    Bro can someone pin point where they talk about Jake Paul vs nate Robinson?

  51. Luc

    I swear, every single episode, the boys have a story about their fans being shitty and judging them prematurely. Imagine getting pissed at these kings. Not too cool if you ask me.

  52. Mr. Sir

    One of my homeboys went to saddle ranch and bryce hall was there hanging out with him and he was literally hitting lines of coke in the bathroom

  53. Megs Magoo

    Noel alright? He looks hella sad today 😭

  54. Sneakstr

    I dreamt noel sayin the n word and so i thought oh hes black then i woke up and realised it was just a dream and noel is white

  55. download film

    Ummm... i listed to this podcast like, 12 hours a day. For real. I study while listening to this lol

  56. petros pap

    is it me or noel lookes like elon musk?

  57. CmanDrisc

    Next Song Idea: “Mr.Struggle”

  58. Star Burst

    Cody and Noel are the last people I’d suspect of not following quarantine rules ffs Noel literally shaves his head and looks damn good with it too

  59. CluelessEmmie

    First off this was fkn hilarious, but also, Cody and I have the same phone 🥰

  60. better.øff'd

    Aw man, Cody's terrified of Jake Paul. Yall sound like some nuthuggers rn, no offense.

  61. Tommy OC

    I like how Noel actually knows what he’s talking about boxing

  62. TheWooka20

    i never want them to stop talking about matthew mcconaughey lmao

  63. Darcy Evans

    I mean 3 thousand deaths And 200+ k cases a day doesn’t seem like it’s dying off

  64. Jesus Arellano

    don't buy "influencers" merch, let them work

  65. Ivanka B

    Why did I read: “Jake paul is a fire fighter”? :D I was so excited.

  66. Andrew Christensen

    Noel you absolutely can’t do math like that with investments. You could always buy and sell every single day at the exact daily peak and minimum and make a couple percent every day, and thousands of percent every year. We can always go “well if I did things perfectly I would have infinite money.” But here’s how you know that thinking doesn’t work. You’re assuming that given you had made all the right calls up to now, you’re saying you would sell now. But you don’t know if it’s the peak right now. You somehow believe this would be optimal, but that kind of thinking is exactly why you sold back then. You were the same person then who would sell now if you had bitcoin now. In reality, we as investors don’t know what’s going to happen, and that’s why we make the decisions we make (like why you would sell now if you had bitcoin now). It’s hard to remember what you were thinking when you sold in the past - not having any idea what was going to happen, because now you know what ultimately did happen, and you’re thinking about all the information you had back then that suggested bitcoin was going up. But you’re forgetting that there was equally as much information suggesting the opposite. In fact, there was exactly equally as much information suggesting it would go up and down. Because that’s how investment prices work. If the consensus is that the price will go up, the price is suddenly higher. The equilibrium price is exactly the price that people don’t know if it will go up or down.

  67. harshit gupta

    Romain Grosean , the goat !!!

  68. tenderlauryn

    that matthew giggles bit was elite ldjhdflgkhfj

  69. Alcki

    Love you guys from Australia❤️❤️

  70. A B

    Why does Noel look so SEXY in this video ??

  71. Diggs

    In reference to the last 5 minutes of the podcast, I am a recovering alcoholic and can say that quarantine has sent some of my good friends back out and it’s been quite sad to see. Right now seems to be a really hard time for some to stay sober and it’s tough to watch people you care about doing what’s the worst for them. Drinking is back 😔

  72. CAR R.

    Why are they surprised by the girl who watched 13 hours of TMG when I'm pulling an all nighter I listen to TMG with no pause so I don't go insane

  73. youdefinitelysuck

  74. Lamp shading

    Jake Paul will put Cody ko to 😴

  75. Will K

    what the actually fuck was that sound at 6:55

  76. Toey Gerrard

    lol i'm drunk just watching this vid

  77. Suleman

    I thought my Spotify wrapped was impressive.....I only did 9 episodes in one day

  78. Nicholas Hoa

    Huge F1 fan here, the happiness when Noel discussed F1 was through the roof

  79. AlphaAsFuark!

    Noel needs to wipe down his gamer chair

  80. kiah gray

    is noel just gonna stay bald?