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Music is our passion, God blessed us with this talent. #armonandtrey

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  1. Dazzlin' Diva'z & Dude'z Work Hard then Play Harder

    Love to see y’all dancing in videos..Always Great Dancing

  2. Dazzlin' Diva'z & Dude'z Work Hard then Play Harder

    Love to see the pearls shining!

  3. Israel.

    Nobody: Clarence : call the ambulance 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂‼️

  4. Officially Khalis

    “Hi y’all ma ankle is broke or something “😂😂😂

  5. Anywhore

    I love this songgg . 😭 but who’s here in 2020?

  6. Mia Bear

    why did you do that to ar'mon and then go call god for forgiveness

  7. Officially Khalis

    Ar’mon always talk in 3rd person


    trey look like travis scoot

  9. Gi’Nyah Lamar

    You listening to this in 2020

  10. YUNG C

    Another banger🙏💯

  11. keandra Smith

    2020 anyone?

  12. Jessy kigen

    This is the one.

  13. Inahjaa Pierre

    who here before 1 million views?

  14. InsidiousKiddy

    Miss the old times 🥺🥺🥺

  15. Khiana Risher

    I love this song my favorite is armon and trey I love the moves

  16. Amiira Khamiis


  17. Taleea Patterson

    Seina just come over hear like girl he was with her first so back upp

  18. jovonna palmes

    This my favorite video from them of all time funny ash 😂😭

  19. Game Player

    I wish it wasn't no auto tune

  20. Lovely Lady

    Trey say he gone sell crack daysha say ima tell them ti say I’m a do frod

  21. Leah Poppin


  22. Leah Poppin


  23. Jessie Patricia

    Wish they was in Queens new album ❤️

  24. Jessie Patricia


  25. amiyah marie

    mike ugly ass need to move damn

  26. Beanzz

    I need this back on Spotify

  27. Ivy Sarange

    I love you guys so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  28. jayla cole

    armon lips when he was counting the money

  29. Izzy Covarrubias

    I just broke up with someone

  30. Taliyah Jackson

    2 vs 1👫🧔

  31. Taliyah Jackson

    What's going on in here

  32. Courtney Daley

    TAE Look beautiful


    Armon lost hella weight.

  34. Concetta Weatherall

    I miss them

  35. lovethisdarkskin 21

    Watching this shit again and I’m so weakkk 😂😂😂

  36. Simone Sherron

    Not the WAP intro 🤣

  37. Ghetto. darius


  38. Christal Reyes

    Oh wow 😮 first time hearing this song

  39. RABJJ52

    Should go destroy all her makeup

  40. jj tv _

    🤣 she mad ova a female

  41. Martina Cox

    Still love it 😍

  42. jay

    the girl :shows the black screen trey: i- its just a black screen-.... oh we have to pretend that-

    1. jay

      @Ilysmpiperrockelle 2 k?

    2. Ilysmpiperrockelle 2

      i love this song i keep coming back to it lmfao 😭

  43. NAE Issa boss

    I miss the tap house so much 😫

  44. Imani Figueroa

    he ran to the door and said ohhhhhhh

  45. Bakari Wall


  46. joey gonio

    trey u sound so good

  47. Heavenly

    I’m in love with how they’ve grown these past few years man😫

  48. Princess_ Nazzy

    Awww they both was so happy to see each other.

  49. N Y R E E

    Why is this not on Apple Music 🙃

  50. Khalis Perkins

    snapped 😍😍😍😍😍😩

  51. elite dominator

    Ts fucking bang

  52. Shandon Porter

    Senia my girl but remember wen they lived with perfect laughs and tae got me reminiscing about da old days #tae n trey ain heard dat Inna while

  53. DayTunes

    Who here in 2020??

  54. Brenishial Adams


  55. meylineee_

    Please remake 😢😢

  56. Clxuds

    Here in 2020

  57. Roxy jan

    Y’all went hard on this one ☝️💯❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  58. Nalaiya Massey

    i like Trey 😍😍😋🤙🏻😘Where do you live

  59. Raijeann Imani

    It’s Ar’mon Facial And Hands Movements For Me 😂💕

  60. BadKid Liyaa

    Mac was looking lost asf at first🤣

  61. ItZ_ MIAA

    Armon with the switch up ❤️

  62. lifetime with bre

    I mess wit it

  63. lifetime with bre

    Trey turned in Chris brown😍💕

  64. Ca'Aliyah Hamilton

    i love this song yall did so good im so prod.

  65. Chevelle Francis

    bruh 😩

  66. Repost1.0

    LMFAOOO aromon talking about I have dyslexia💀 like if that got to do wit anything 6:21

  67. Diamond Bradshaw

    This my song already

  68. Lizzy Stoner

    Who here in 2020 😃🔥

  69. Roblox Chanel Victorious roblox Chanel

    I was laughing the whole entire video through but 6:29 LMFFAO

  70. ‘KeepinUpWithJay

    Here in 2020


    At the only one who thinks they should be the riches people in the world not to be weird !!😭😭 they are very cute and I hope one day they be the riches people in the world I was here Sense day one that to cold brother goals 🥰🚫🧢 nobody stopping they shine & and try live your high notes period I need u to teach me how to do that & it gotta come right back ..🚫🚫🧢.. love y’all 🔐 live y’all life well

  72. Unbothered Nae


  73. Nevaeh Abbott

    Yall should also start doing pranks again. Like this if you think they should start doing pranks again

  74. Nevaeh Abbott

    This song is straight fire but the auto tone makes it like. I don't know but yall don't need auto tone yalls voices are awesome just they way they are

  75. Nylan Reddic

    brother love right here ong

  76. Michelle Miller. Tv

    When they start dancing🗣🤘🏽

  77. Lawrence Torres

    Who here in 2021

  78. Tambra Miller

    Why armon sound like lil durk 😭😭

  79. shun jones

    These niggas say bro more then anything

  80. Joshua Noel


    1. Real Donald Trump

      "Call the ambulance"