Hello! my name is Mike, I'm a 27 year old Vlogger from Florida with a passion for riding!

Some of my content include tutorials, How-to's, Product Reviews, Stunt Riding, Motorcycle Stunts, Group Riding, Life Blogs, Daily Vlogs, Skits, Bike Builds, How To Videos, Music Videos and Collaborations with other channels.

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  1. Bert Kanan

    Come do a hood eats in Ocala FL.

  2. Mateo Tahirovic

    Love the mentality 💜

  3. Kevin Wilson

    hey man, i've been there. 23 years old, 5 siblings. one parent. in and out of shelters and bouncing around families houses. you're doing great homie, all love keep grinding !

  4. Austin Wilson

    Hey dude just we are your fans and we will do anything for you and I’m sure u could find somebody to help and they will be more then just a family member

  5. R6Arty

    Bro those truckers just got a free show, as a driver I never get to see anything really interesting

  6. Kiz V4

    brotha im wit you for over 4 years but this just wrong on you brther. seem like more like a cry for your yt than anything. always do you. be strong. respect ya

  7. lucas Montgomery

    Please keep the 2020 gx street bike and when you get the money make it nice

  8. Andreas von Richthofen

    Guys… you should read the video description entirely

  9. bartul biscan

    Very motivational video

  10. Austyn Mcneil

    Love the mind set bro keep it positive peace love positivity

  11. Minibeancafè Abel

    May god be with u my bruda

  12. Chimmy

    What's the song Dank at 22:00? Thought ya normally put it on the screen brotha

  13. Devon Hendricks

    Stay strong bro (BIKE LIFE) 👊🇯🇲

  14. Darius Scott

    You’re not a bum, you’re a grown ass man taking a chance on himself. I respect it 100% as a CEO as well. I’m looking to take the same leap of faith & quit my employer, just tryna get a lil more experience, my electrical license, & passive sources of income. Keep grinding bro 💪🏽! & that’s no hippie shit, you can feel people’s energy, I know what you mean 😂

  15. leonard ferrer

    Came here because of 9gag. So satisfying

  16. NonStop Entertainment

    I hope you get that house quicker than you think

  17. British Empire V2.0


  18. Galore Records And Instrumentals

    get right bra u got this

    1. Galore Records And Instrumentals

      much love bra

    2. Galore Records And Instrumentals

      if u ever in winter haven shit u got a couch w ur name on it lol

  19. G-Mc Larry-exe

    Soo your life could be one of the best movies

  20. Kawasaki DownUnder


  21. Bailey Niblett

    My man you're more than welcome to ever crash here in Southern Indiana if ever coming thru. Mr. Graham is local to me, I got a shop, house and plenty space so even if ever need to swing thru for some rest hit me up on IG @its_niblett. I gotchu and keep at that hustle.

  22. pepsi94


  23. Tyler Macklin

    Bro please open up more, I related a lot and I bet a hell of a lot of other people did too!

  24. averagepainter

    So let me get this straight. Our biker knows his way around a gun. He could have wounded the thief by shooting his leg. Twice or three times for all i care. But he shot the man in the back three times - killing him. And here in youtube i see people liking that and applauding a man for killing. Albeit killing a thief. That is why i won't visit that country. Too many crazy ppl able to shoot you just like that. Thief or not - he shouldn't die for this.

  25. Jcarty

    I'm in the burg need a cheap bike I wanna ride bro.

  26. Anthony Davis

    I dont know rick kinda looks fake to me

  27. Squidz Vidz

    Transitions are fuego!!!

  28. Nitro Blaze

    Bruh owning a gun and a motorbike... that’s like... a trap... but for robbers... awesome...

  29. Ara G

    In a somewhat similar situations with "friends", only just cut them off for not even a week and feel so much better, definitely still hurts because it's the ones that I've known for the longest but I definitely am in a better state of mind, stay on the grind.

  30. Abraham Hernandez

    DID HE kill him 0:33

  31. Daniel TheManiel

    "I cant wheelie on this thing" cuts to shot of wheelie -DankWheelie. Dec 14, 2016

  32. John Spahni

    I got a room and garage space in Jax! I'll even let you rip the 250L lol

  33. Curtis Thorburn

    You are a great dude dank and everything will work out in due time. Good luck on the house search it will happen. Not for me but my coworker got a nice camper/trailer and a yearly subscription to a trailer park company that has hundreds of locations all over the country. He is traveling the country on his days he doesn’t work and you could have a home with you everywhere you traveled. Just a thought.

  34. Clockdrive

    As they say, "turnabout is fair play"

  35. Riich Beatz

    Was this a stock drz?

  36. Visored Kuzu

    Rando passing by: (pokes robber with a stick) LOL IS YOU DED

  37. random things

    I'd like to know the outcome of the rest of this story

  38. Hugh G. Rection

    Can someone confirm if this is real or fake ?thanks, may you and your family have a good Christmas 🎄

  39. SamKnows TheFacts

    Family can suck sometimes. Especially living with family. Been there before when I moved in with my aunt. She told me she would take 400 a month for me and my dog and she said she didn't even want that. Long story short it turned into 800 a month and then hey can you pay my gas and Comcast and fix my car too. Eventually I realized I wasn't able to save money and found out her rent was only 1200 a month to begin with. At this point I was paying a majority of her bills fixing up her house and cleaning and literally only slept there. I chose to leave before it resulted in a falling out with broken bridges.. Keep your head up and keep doing what you are doing. Much love dank

  40. ItsRatedXL

    you know i got ur back bro we gotta ride before i leave florida ill let you wheelie the 636 lol

  41. BoostedStreak

    I got you if you ever need me bro, I’m not too far and you got my Snapchat.

  42. Alex FH


  43. Thelema

    This is 100% real.

  44. terry folds

    do you think there is a market for quality stunt parts from a small time manufacturer? im nobody, but I know how to weld and fab and really would enjoy making cages and stuff I can do in my garage for whatever bike I have access to, mostly on the hobbyist level. thats something I want to do to earn some extra income, make exhausts for cars (my car) and bikes and what not.

  45. Cpt. Shepherd

    I don't know if you'll see this but it might be better to buy a vehicle that you can convert into something you can also take your bike. You could get a po box to get mail and if you get a van, maybe around a 2500 frame you can definitely get something to hook your bike to the back and you can convert the inside into a full home where you can travel and continue doing your youtube on a laptop while living a debt free life. Whatever you decide to do good luck, love the vids.

  46. Jzc


  47. Team rocket rockin

    That’s lame can’t even see how fast you’re goin

  48. Chris


  49. Serenity

    Ok but did you taser him or shoot? Cause 👀 boi

  50. Chase Bennett

    that throttle control tho... good shit

  51. C B

    One car changes lanes on you and you are dead


    solid grip on that knife. he died and all still holding onto it. man of great resolve.he gonna bring that to the afterlife to use against satan.

  53. Low Life18

    Yeah that shit would get old fast, it’s nice to have your own place to take your shoes off everyday. Always sounds exciting traveling for a living until it’s reality I guess.

  54. Ospreygochookchook

    Mmm I think you can’t run from the scene

  55. Kevin shazam

    Bro you will get through it and times might be hard for bit but all that hard work pays off just don't give up. I had family problems too and I spent almost a year out of my car and sleeping in my car. I live in Minnesota and it gets cold in a car in the winter. But I just pushed through it and the hard work pays off

  56. House of Banelord.

    Biker never had a fight in his life. I think he was crying.

  57. Jimmy Bohinky

    I got my dank mystery box...

  58. John cameron

    Bruu y u leave the seen

  59. Nuclear Goat

    Thief: give me the bike Bike owner: so I took that personally and killed him

  60. Yung Bitta

    Or just a garage with a nice couch

  61. Yung Bitta

    You need to find a garage apartment to rent for now

  62. Jan Drozdowicz

    It's a prank you know that right, but well made

  63. Dekree

    I Card: Build videos! 1 second later: shoots robber

  64. AlmStGummybear

    0:33 meme ends

  65. Austin Guerrero

    Hardships are what make life quite fascinating

  66. matty aubie

    Damn homie caught a body

  67. Josh Cooper

    you should just live in a van

  68. Alejandro Rodriguez

    My man

  69. Kaan Kahraman

    read the last sentence in the description... so many people on the net beliving every bs they see

  70. Kaan Kahraman

    such acting. much wow.

  71. KillSGB

    Love it but how is this still on KGup? Addendumb or is it fake?

  72. Liszt Vianna


  73. diablo. exe

    I'm really proud of you mike for walking away from that toxic environment!

  74. Yeet Ya

    This fake af

  75. 502 La Ant

    His life was gone b4 he knew it

  76. Kawi

    Someone needs a wifey

  77. RealSlavicGuy

    I can taste the fake

  78. Elyk G Nosnibor

    Do you bro. You got it bro!! Been a G from the start aint no stopping you!!!!

  79. rmuckluck

    Sounds like you have a good plan. You just have to put in a bit more time and get it done. Sucks that you had to deal with family drama, when family should help you not bring you down. Looking forward to seeing your house when it’s all said and done. Keep your head up!