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    Hi who watch this badminton 🏸 Can you all tell where I can watch full episodes of cool kiz on the block volleyball 🏐 ?

  2. Pratikcha G

    WoW Minhyeok was really cool!!

  3. Lalmalsawmi


  4. ༺STAYZEN༻

    Ok but where is his mic

  5. Nina

    best voice I love you jihyo

  6. JM Perez

    Minseok and his mom are like me and mom when i bake pandesal 😂😂 but shes the one who asks me if i changed my recipe 😂😂

  7. Faith M. Jackson

    Kim Taehyung's hair, how am i not dead yet?

  8. The Only One

    4:00 suddenly Oli London came to my mind (it has nothing to do with her the sound just reminded me that moment that i was watching oli londons song clip)

  9. Daisy Helo

    Best boys 😭

  10. Daisy Helo

    Meus amores

  11. Daisy Helo


  12. SweetmeatsFan

    Jongmin is the cutest

  13. hobi spinner

    this camera work is a freaking mess! keeps on zooming in on members like all the time, not allowing you to watch the performance of the group as a whole. this might as well be a fancam smh. also, in the last chorus instead of focusing on the boys they filmed the whole stage! bts were looking tiny. it’s supposed to be the climax of the performance. i’m sorry, it’s just so annoying. great performance but sloppy cameraman.

  14. Chadee' Adderley

    I love them!

  15. Amiii 49

    Good that Yeoju spoke for her sister and defended her

  16. Jazmin

    Kinda squicky to see them have feels for each other when they're unaware that they aren't siblings...

  17. carmen

    came from Tik Tok to hear Seungmin narrating the beginning of the video😙😙

  18. Kristy Payne

    Ravi 😅😂🤣 I would rather sleep by the sound of the waves than be serenaded by snoring 😅🤣😂

  19. Aaa Sss

    Another propaganda against iran like another westerns media. Im iranian and girls ride bikes in iran

  20. †hê Äwk Äμ†hðr

    Me: Clicking on this and expecting Got7 Hyunjin: Sike b*tch! Me: OMGdehyfefhfu

  21. DameFuegoAmor

    Sometimes I just revisit this video

  22. Bangtan Sonyeondan

    *couldn't understand anything but woah* *ICONIC TADDA*


    Best student 😍 best teacher 😍


    This is amazing 😍


    I love both of them


    I cried when the Army started singing, this is the impact BTS has on lives! Even with all the bad times in this world, we have our army family, we have our BTS , life will go on! Thank you BTS

  27. Lilapon choco

    2021 :--:

  28. Emine Ergün

    Çok tatlı yaa❤❤🤌🏼🤌🏼


    좋은 의미로 신인티가 안남ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 요즘엔 하도 아이돌 많아서 얼굴도 잘 모르는 사람도 많지만 무대보면 신인인가?하는데 몬엑은 그런게 없음 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ독기는 아니고 뭔가 이상하게 연륜 느껴짐ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  30. Daniel Bellon

    It be my first STAYC 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦💞

  31. Ma. Vianney Herediano

    I feel i bit sad seeing this..in mr queen i feel that you will win again..but the time didnt give the favor for us queen..i know how great you are..no matter what happens were always here for you no matter what.saranghae..❤❤❤

  32. Ximena Morales

    Their plogging had honestly made me want to organise something similar for the place where I live. I always see trash in a specific area but now I wonder why I've never just picked it all up?? It's the easiest thing. And it'll be even more fun if I pick up trash while taking in the sites. Good job KBS 👏👏👏👏

  33. Daniel Bellon

    🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦 it be my first 💗 STAYC

  34. Mary M

    I recently discovered this Show! And Boss Kim is a big Inspiration for me to do better and give my everything but to never lose myself !! Thank you Boss Kim!!!

  35. Rokayaa Abdelaziz

    Arab exo-l 💖

  36. hi hi

    *washboard stomachs...*

  37. Alelie Enjambre

    Bentley looks like kim bum haha

  38. Jung Bbokie

    skz × btob × atz make this legendary song even more legendary by their extraordinary performance at kingdom 🔥

  39. Vedanti Mhamunkar

    The whole episodes I watches trying not to cry and I didn't criedcbut as soon as Woohyung said 'I don't have anyone to call....' I teared up

  40. Febie ananda

    Minguk so cute



  42. lovelife2g

    We already looked forward to BTS in 2021 and got what we wanted BTS

  43. gikwang2016


  44. Jq


  45. K=Pop Aşkı @HayvanlarıDenekOlarakKullanmayalım

    Handsome and sweets

  46. 25beee

    Why I just realized that kbs now upload full ep? 🤧

  47. Abigail Canales

    The fact that Chaeyoung was the only girl in the rap line. I NEED THIS BUT WITH THE NEW GENERATION 😫😫

  48. Aoyagino

    Please, I came here post Signal and I see the man in his natural habitat, this gives me chills

  49. cee kei

    Vromance @ 1:02:34 ❤️❤️

  50. Morning Dolphin

    Sayuri is great mother

  51. Kiki

    she's a queen

  52. Yomna Ahmed

    the most bomb stage EVER

  53. Mercy Juma Official

    Eiii😍😍😍😍...how come i missed this

  54. Lee Yeonah

    At least she isn’t in Europe. All women and people of color are oppressed in the west. By white men, biggest oppressors in this world!!!!!

  55. Maria Luisa Jumarang

    Time and effort given to his children to make them happy. Good job.

  56. Nee Skl


  57. Jujur Saja

    Ayok stream butter teaser

  58. Amicus Ad Arass

    They got B.A.P vibes tho 💛 btw I'm a new p1ece ❤️

  59. Lxana A

    9:46 me, being ethiopian and always hearing that at weddings and festivals when everyone's cheering. He's actually good at it as well.

  60. Sadia Aiman

    Is it ok if my heart is beating too much❤️

  61. N


  62. Arpita Sharma

    kings covering female artists with all respect. LOVE TO SEE IT

  63. Zahra Amini

    But we can ride bikes😅

    1. Lee Yeonah


  64. Dilara Cassi'Shawo-L


  65. 아내조슈아의




  67. Dream Cardigan

    Why do i have a feeling the first time time they felt the chemistry between them before they dated was when they sang a duet together? Probably hung out in karaoke once

  68. Magdalena Chojecka

    Love BTS! Love Hobi! 😁💖😍😇👍😍

  69. Lee Yeonah

    It’s much better to live in Iran, Korea or anywhere else is better than the west.

  70. Lee Yeonah

    Stop using the words Islam and Muslims, this has nothing to do with Islam. Maybe this is just your culture but don’t say it’s because of Islam.

  71. XyZqqv Fc

    Final na? Wala talagang solo fancam na irerelease? Gusto ko lang naman mapanuod lahat ng member ng isa isa.

  72. Elle

    So much respect for In-Seok! What a formidable woman! But she should cut off that trash she calls family! Even the nephews are shameless and rude!

  73. Hocha Sumnyan

    My ears

  74. Princess Berlin

    20:3 I respect you yeonjae 😂😂😂👌

  75. melina F

    half of views is me

  76. Rachel Deniel

    Chenle ‘s dance at 1:05 😭

  77. Sorenid GamingYt

    i like this k drama so much but the story is not a happy ending..we are waiting another episode there wedding

  78. Abim

    BTS 👑💛

  79. Dinesh Babu

    May I know what is the name of the tv show