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  1. canac34

    Oh no, they are so cute 🥺🥰

  2. Kay Arnold

    He is drop dead gorgeous! The best looking actor on hallmark! Nobody can play Lucas Bouchard like Chris McNally!❤️

  3. Lea Howlett

    I love this show. What I would like to see most of all is Nick and Cassie having a child of their own.

  4. Loie Ingalla

    #Hearties #TeamElizabeth #TeamLucas

  5. Walkiria Madrid da Silveira

    Esperando esta temporada no NETFLIX BRASIL

  6. doliio volay

    I think the actors did a amazing job. So beautiful

  7. lilyv7


  8. L Anne

    Where are the white wheeled tables from? Love this show so much!

  9. Suz hutchins

    Stunning ❣️

  10. wickedlyunique

    Ooh Brant Daugherty! Sold. I wish he was in more Hallmark movies. Adore him.

  11. Micaela

    Davvero perfetto.

  12. TFGamer

    LET'S GO!!!!👏👏👏 Let's get that bread Hallmark!😏😏😏

  13. Awesomedia

    Justin Bieber is a looser

  14. John Paul Mariano

    William Fichtner is too damn handsome

  15. William Wilson

    well this gives me a reason not to pick up cable if you're not going to have home and family who needs the Hallmark channel I hope the network gets canceled next

  16. William Wilson

    well this gives me a reason not to pick up cable if you're not going to have home and family who needs the Hallmark channel I hope the network gets canceled next

  17. Diviekga Nair

    Wowww...Im waiting

  18. Gail Yarbrough

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  19. Aluliii

    Oh please! I want to see this film in France! :D

  20. non ya

    I completely forgot about these show used to hooked on it

  21. SmolHeroine

    Anything with Brant Daugherty, I'm always there, watching it!

  22. Naina Konnur

    I am from India and want to watch this channel.Help to get this channel

  23. Royal K

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    1. Elyssa Strouse

      I thank you for doing this! It is always so encouraging to see fellow brothers and sisters doing what the Bible says to go out and evangelize! Even on a KGup video where you know people will see it in the comments.

    2. Margaret Sands

      How does this have anything to do with the movie preview?

  24. Hailey 115th

    Sorry the spelling I’m extremely excited and early

  25. Hailey 115th

    Love the vids omg i biggest fan hallmark omg omg

  26. Hailey 115th

    Omg ealry

  27. Horacio Carro

    Mis queridos amigos y amigas,de ambos teams:Nathan y Lucas.Lo siento lo acontecido,acerca de la elección de Elizabeth por Lucas sobre Nathan.Yo hice muchos comentarios apoyando Nathan,el hombre más querido y más herido desconsideramente por Elizabeth.Por Lucas esta serie se arruina su contenido y final.Lucas hombre de negocios,soberbio,ambicioso,no se sabia sus negocios sucios,con personas desconocidas y de actividades oscuras.En vida paralelas lo consideran como Jack,hombre de ley y orden.En realidad Nathan es extensión de Jack,que no fue reconocido.Me retiro y no veré esta serie cuando lleguen las temporadas.Hasta siempre,gracias por darme oportunidades.Horacio Carro

  28. Britanie Julien

    I like Mike and Fiona together! They’re cute ☺️

  29. rita rabaa


  30. beverley Humberd

    I didnt really care who she picked. But I still miss Jack and their great chemistry.

  31. Shawn Eldridge

    😁 oh smack, now if I had a chance and I knew I was going to win I would definitely enter. Come on a trip to Hawaii, I would so love it but I'm not that lucky. To be honest here, I can't even win against my own niece and nephew during mother may I or go fish. So that is telling you how bad luck I have. Still love Hallmark movies and I still enjoy them.

  32. Rose Saad

    I am stuck on this moment help us ✨

    1. doliio volay

      Congratulations to Chris McNally on becoming the leading man in WCTH!

  33. Juanita T

    Can't stop ,(won't stop) watching....ooh its sooo beautiful 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰can't get enough

    1. Rose Saad

      Me too I am stuck

  34. Tim T

    Really like them! Adorable 😍and entertaining.

  35. Rosália Martins

    Será que poderia ter duas temporadas durante o ano.

  36. Michelle Chang-Harris

    My favorite TV couple. I hope that their lover will endure for many years to come!

  37. Honorina Franco


  38. Honorina Franco


  39. Jacqueline Griffin

    Best Hallmark movie ever!

  40. Christine Palermo

    I still would love to know what the note to Lucas says... anyone have any idea?

  41. Wendy Stroud

    Love this movie...they also paired in Country Crush....Kevin Mcgarry is my favorite actor...I watch all his work....looking forward to his new movie with Lacey Chabret....The Wedding Veil!

  42. Lisa Bayhi

    When this scene aired, I knew instantly she was chosing Lucas. Also the scene where she told Nathan she couldn't give him what he wanted. Then there was the scene where she took Lucas hand in the street and hand in hand allowed him to walk her home. I was pulling for this couple. Looking forward to season 9

  43. dolita windo

    I think the actors did a amazing job. So beautiful

  44. Mr. E. Ryter

    Hallmark: Please give Kavan and Pascale their own Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series. I guarantee it will be the best series by far!

  45. Maria Melendez

    Well i couldn't see because i didn't have the channel to watch it i only got one hallmark channel and that 629 because i gat spectrum cable how do i get all three channel of hallmark

  46. C C

    I loved this movie- it went deeper than the typical Hallmark movie. It’s ok to stray from the “recipe” I watch almost every Hallmark movie and I always enjoy both Lacey and Tyler. They have good on screen chemistry.

  47. Jacqueline Griffin

    My favorite Hallmark movie, love these two

  48. deeandfamily

    Sooooooooooooo disappointed. Sesason felt like “everybody gets camera time” without much story.

  49. Lisa Bayhi

    Thank you for a beautiful finale. Can't wait for season 9 Ready to see Elizabeth happy, in love with Lucas. Please no drama for these two. Give us a beautiful season 9

  50. Rosália Martins

    Já olhei muitas e muitas vezes e sempre me emociono!!!

  51. Meldy Nature

    Gosh, kat barrell, is the best, followed her from wynonna earp and it's looks like maybe an other amazing queer relationship is on the making, that would be amazing

  52. Jinky Solina

    It's simply the best ( FINALE ).. I love it! ❤❤ Thank you Hallmark !! 🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤

  53. Rachel Kivarkis

    What a beautiful , precious soul. Beautiful and thank u. ❤️🙏🌷☘️👍👏

  54. Rachel Kivarkis

    Beautiful, thank u. ❤️🙏🌷

  55. Niko L

    Glad to see someone using passion fruit

  56. Arneth Productions

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  57. Sylvia Woods

    Tyler Hynes is Hallmarks best along with Lacey..I wonder if he still sings "Unchained Melody.." ???

  58. Tina Manuel

    I'm sure I'll love this movie! Lacey and Tyler Hynes are two of Hallmark's great actors and wonderful storytellers. I am reminded of Lacey's performance in The Color of Rain years back. This was a dramatic movie which also dealt with loss of loved ones and how to rise above the challenges of grief & sadness, and later find love and joy again. Looking forward to watch Sweet Carolina.🙂💖👍

  59. addali med

    verry nice

  60. Nancy Ross

    watched this last night it was great

  61. t p

    Today this serie is Elisabeth show and I don't like it. I think its better to Nathan character to have much nicer woman than Elisabeth.

  62. stormlighter82

    I love how everything comes to place like a puzzle.

  63. K A

    one of my fav Hallmarks...moment he realize it was her when he sees the white gloves...makes me cry everytime

  64. connyundben

    Oh I lost count how many times I rewatched this beautiful scene. I'm Loving it. So Lucas and Elizabeth are endgame after all. Hooray!!!🥳🥳🥰 I'm looking forward what Season 9 has in store for them.

  65. Linda Knight

    Great movie... well done! Thanks for keeping the hope and love!

  66. Arsie Espino

    Lets wait Season 9. Probably they will end up together Nathan and Elizabeth.

  67. Tony Pirpiris

    Funny; I liked the Madonna outfit!

  68. Lamech Pamei

    Wes Brown one of my favorite actor

  69. Sharon Rangel

    Everyone is on cloud 9 in Singapore. Love Lucas and Elizabeth together.

    1. Rose Saad

      Here as well in Australia

    2. dolita windo

      though :)

  70. xenarocs

    Kat is love!!! ❤❤❤

  71. Nattly B

    Yes and yes and yes. Thank you and thank you. I was irritated with Lizzy for a second but “Love is patient”...this was worth the wait.

  72. Arslan Khan

    He is so handsome gosh

  73. tsivia b

    So beautiful! It makes me cry! It's so important to have love and support!!

  74. marilyn kozlow

    What a fuster cluck!!!

  75. Susan Richard

    Just watched this movie ...never disappointed when Lacey is in the movie & I love her & Tyler together. This was a really beautiful movie filled with emotions , especially healing & hopeful ones. Thank you Hallmark.

  76. johnnyquest456

    Here from the algorithm :)

  77. ana jaureguiberry

    Podría ser en español?

  78. Gordon

    Both stunningly beautiful people. They've aged well.

  79. Britanie Julien

    I think that this is the moment Elizabeth realized she was falling for him... Just after he kissed her hand ☺️

  80. Denying Wind

    Well according to a Filipino chef stationed in Norway, "Filipino food is BAD."