We drop stuff, we bounce stuff, we throw stuff, we catch stuff. How good #44Club

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  1. Renee Anderson

    20,000 BRICKS


    @ 7:51 Rexy giving the ball a kiss.

  3. Ryan Marshall


  4. pierre meunier

    Do a video with Dude perfect from the tower

  5. marky_g


  6. Simon Valdez

    Mark should make something that and crush or go thru that tungsten cube

  7. Matthias Kok

    Fill the disco balls with concrete

  8. basenatic

    So if each little square is a mirror by my math they now have 444,444 years of bad luck.

  9. WB Bush

    Scott what your probably smelling was styrene gas traped in side the ball. fiberglass resin is polystyrene

  10. Waluigi 133

    It’s 4:05 for me.

  11. Micah Evans

    So... was just thinking how cool would it be to fill one of those disco balls with match heads. Drop the ol lady at night and watch the light show. Can we make it happen? Please?!?!

  12. michael urquidez

    Giant metal rexy!!! It would be legendary!

  13. Nathaniel Ekstrom

    Gornson did the bed dance

  14. King Ali

    How do I become a member to your amazing channel.

  15. Anthony Calvano

    Do you smell that? Smells like the bell icon

  16. ukosc

    These strategically placed ads are killing me 😂

  17. Trevor Murray

    USB- Only fits me way, has two side, takes three try’s.

  18. [Stown]


  19. Renee Anderson

    2 min

  20. Isaac Fesmire

    Not my commtest entry, but now that you have played minecrafy, perhaps you should get some minecraft thing and drop it?

  21. Ray Anholm

    Slow mo guys, How Ridiculous and mark rober. Just imagine...

  22. Salty Chocolate Bar

    Moment of silence for Nigel place your RIPs here

  23. Chad Acres



    Third dance definitely won

  25. Texas isnt funny

    Large marge vs. massive disco ball, ball v. Ball

  26. Barry Redfern

    In the next mark rober colab you should shoot/fire something down from the tower instead of dropping

  27. Brandon Neifert

    Why didn't they wait to do this on New Years 😂

  28. oman7891

    Gaunson did best dance

  29. Josh Adams

    Stanford definitely won the dance contest

  30. Grow Someplace

    Need to revisit this drop on the house thing. So many new Itsms to drop.

  31. Trey A. Bates

    Scott needs a win. He wins the dance contest

  32. Elliot Wright

    Get with the slo mo guys and look at it through a phantom

  33. Chance Sabados

    Dropping Rumplestilskins new pretty ball!!!!!!😌 🎉 🎊

  34. relaxarea obligatorie

    🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄.... is enough 😆😆😆

  35. God of FRIKIN CRINGE

    The glass breaks and if it’s a ball that will happen science 101

  36. Alan Freeman

    Name the Tungsten Cube Tony. After my late Uncle Tony Freeman who lived in Bullsbrook, Perth. He was born in Manchester U.K and emigrated to WA in 1988. Leaving his job at Manchester United Football Club, Where he was one of the Chief Groundsmen. I remember long summer holidays where he would set my brother and I the task of painting all the old wooden seats red in the South Stand, formerly United Road. I didn't see him again until 2004 when I visited WA with my bride to be. We had a fantastic week catching up as he showed us the sights of Perth. At the end of that week I married my bride at The Vines Resort, just north east of Perth I think it is. We were married in the beautiful gardens there and then had our reception in The Winners Bar (The 19th hole) where there was massive cheques up on the walls of all the previous winners of the Heineken Open. Anyway I'm back in Mother England now but back to my Uncle Tony. He sadly passed away last year after having a double lung transplant just over a decade ago. He had said to me back then that he'd be good for another Ten years and he was right. He was a very determined strong man so I think it would be fitting to Name the cube "Uncle" Tony Tungsten.. R.I.P Tony Freeman.

  37. MJX Heal

    Rexy's testimony A normal kids dinosaur toy, then became a target for whatever the HR boys dropped down his way... Lmao hahahaha

  38. fizzy Vlogs

    all them fibres you taking in lads.hpoe you dont mess up your lungs

  39. James

    With Mark you should do a giant Russian catapult. See how high Bruce can launch Rexy!!!

  40. Donald Hackworth

    Cube vs. Bullet Proof Glass Aquarium

  41. HackTrixz

    For a crimbo special drop a huge snowball lol you might have to compact it quite abit haha

  42. Nolan Reesor

    You know how mark rober made an automatic bullseye dartboard, when you guys collab you should make an automatic bullseye dartboard but for the giant dart

  43. Dudjdkjdj Dndjeh


    1. Dudjdkjdj Dndjeh


  44. HackTrixz

    You should drop bruce on a animal carcase to see what it would be like to hit a humen obviously a dead animal lol

  45. Jeff - Ro!

    Fill them up with water from the top then drop it! Even colored water! YES!

  46. Vince Stubbs

    Bigger sword!!!

  47. Sam Nesbitt

    This should have been a new years video

  48. Dillon Gamble

    Those balls look like the resolution on my iPad

  49. Echo 1948 Nature's Security Camera

    Mathias has employees call and solicit sponsorship. Have you called KFC and shown how many videos and how many views so they understand the benefits of sponsoring you?

  50. Bcat09

    Yes they used the imperial system for once

  51. vijay krishnan

    Mark rober Collab:a rexie 2500x bigger.

  52. mwahahahahah

    it bugs me that you dont lower the winch a meter and drop from 44

  53. laser8389

    Stanford wins the dance-off!

  54. Charged Mutant

    You should fill a disco ball with concrete the new Nigel

  55. T D

    Build a Trebuchet and then attempt to catch whatever object you huck out of it.

  56. mwahahahahah

    gaunson wins the dance contest. and all other contests from here on out

  57. vijay krishnan


  58. Shane Huerta

    You guys Should have a giant Rexy tooth made to drop. Or rexy foot!!

  59. Ambiorix

    HR & Mark Rober collab: A group of "drone" platforms on wheels that can be connected together. In the middle of the connection you can place anything you want. The drones work together to drive the middle of the conestruction so anything dropped from the tower will hit it dead center. Think about all the amazing shots you'll get for free anytime you use it. Alternatively: use 2 conveyor like things to act as X and Y axis, like a printer. The connecting parts need to be reusable or easily manufactured/replaced

  60. FPV stu


  61. ivan Wright

    HR with mark rober: giant slingshot

  62. Ambiorix

    HR & Mark Rober collab: Design a catapult that's specifically meant to be driven by heavy objects being dropped onto a point. Design the landing place and the lever mechanism to lose as little of the drop's force as possible and turn as much energy into throwing the payload as far as possible.

  63. Scooter G Gaming

    Should of filled them with water.

  64. WMBS

    Break a world record with Mark Rober

  65. Connor Waddingham

    So good love the compassion plug my church has worked with compassion for years and as a church are now supporting over 1000 families across Uganda Love the work boys keep grinding

  66. Zachary Turpin

    For a Mark Rober video 1 part for his channel have barrels filled with the ingredients for devil's toothpaste stacked on top of each other drop threw the barrels letting everything mix as it passes threw. Part 2 he makes a giant seesaw that can withstand Bruce and his family of drop outs. Then make things fly. Also you should do something with lots of glitter could make for some epic slowies.

  67. Jack Shilgalis

    7:52 how many people noticed that Rexie landed on his feet?

  68. Davey Dermody

    13:00 thank me now

  69. Sandra P

    5:30 „What do you wanna do next, OVER.“

  70. Chesneys Hawk

    Commenting for the XR if it’s still up for grabs 😀🔥

  71. Natasha Rowe

    We need a metal rexy

  72. alex higgs


  73. Quinn Murphy


  74. Ryan Garcia

    Do a rocket powered giant dart, Bruce hulk fist, etc!

  75. xyzzy12345

    Gaunson 100%

  76. Idk_what_to_say Yes

    yeah you should't try to smell broken fiberglass or just fiberglass, thats a bad idee

  77. Beanos Robbed The Bank

    𝔸𝕟𝕕 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕨𝕚𝕟𝕟𝕖𝕣 𝕚𝕤𝕤: 𝔾𝔸𝕎ℕ𝕊𝕆ℕ

  78. Mista Sluz

    Guys, keep in mind we can‘t tell you what to do with Mark Rober, because if we can think it it‘s not Mark Rober style

  79. rune uchiha What if’s and more

    Yeah obviously it can but not the fake one

  80. Jeff

    11:12 What?