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  1. Dakota Picou

    5:39 actually that is the sound of a distant train using a K5LA horn. Just being nitpicky XD

  2. gtfd

    How do you feel about nation unity nowadays Destin?

  3. Marvin Martian

    Close Captioning - [Chirp] [Chirp] [All the chirps]

  4. SrgCuddlez


  5. Teju Nepala

    But what if there's a breach in the hull. Can the water go through the ventilation system and spread to other compartments? What if the compartment with the AOG is flooded with seawater (can't do electrolysis) and the candles are wet at the same time?

  6. Luc Gendrot

    Oxygen Not Included.

  7. sean

    15:01 great band

  8. C Broz

    Call the CAMS sniffers the 'Bidens' for short...

  9. David Feist

    O2 generators, COH2 burners, and CO2 scrubbers.

  10. C Broz

    Stairways on a sub...always surprised me.. git a tourcif a boomer one Saturday at Port Everglades in the mid 89s.. back when you COULD get a tour...was used to all the old WWII submarine movies...

  11. Mark Wright

    fantastic learning!!

  12. koko ze

    How come in such a developed world the flying gear headphones have such a hard microphone?

  13. Thomas Harris

    I'm pretty sure that the preheating that he was referring to is done by a heat exchanger between the hot lean amine and the cooler rich amine. In your diagram you would run the amine output pipe of the lean mea around the rich mea output. Not only does it use waste heat to preheat the rich mea to save power, but it cools the lean mea output to promote absorption.

  14. Simple Instinct

    I feel learnt

  15. 2MC


  16. joeyjojosenior

    8:50 Hydrogen side is exactly twice the volume of the Oxygen side. It's like there is 2 hydrogens for every 1 oxygen in water!

  17. The Meme Ninja

    4:37 *metal gear alert sound

  18. Kick moji

    The rampant hub revealingly poke because forehead socioeconomically bruise but a thundering violet. charming, aback archeology

  19. T Wright

    Is that Adm Rickover at 5:12 with Pres Carter?

  20. Drusilla Winters

    What does the barium peroxide in the candle do?

  21. Chaomatic

    4:56 peekaboo!

  22. Didar

    The pronunciation of Monoethanolamine in the video is incorrect. A potential cringe for chemists

  23. 1unisol1

    did Destin just teach us how to make chlorin gas? :D

  24. Arceus 112

    Oxygen will turn to a comodity with climate change

  25. Charles Show

    but but global warming of 400 + ppm .........

  26. Tom Bombadil

    Russian SPY watching you. Спасибо за работу товарищ. Ваш вклад будет оценен на родине.

  27. Dave Swart

    That running sweater though

  28. flashpeter625

    I think the US Navy expects this to have a recruitment promotion effect. But all it makes me want is to work with competent people.

  29. Kyle Sanders

    2:06 I'm in school for aero engineering and I've read/outlined the 5th edition of that book, cover-to-cover.

  30. Cam Wakabayashi

    This is sick, love this series

  31. torrace12

    13:40 *the highest resolution on a film from the 60s ever?* what i mean is that the picture is sharp enough to compare to 480dp

  32. Zach Attack

    It's disappointing I can't like this video more than once.

  33. Michael DiPietro

    Hey Destin, I am anticipating you'll have a video about this in the future, but I am really curious about how they crew handles mental health for being under water and away from civilization for so long. I wonder what strategies, supports, and exercises they go through in order to keep everyone mentally healthy. Would be interesting to compare some of the isolation coping mechanisms to what people are encountering today with the pandemic too!

  34. Jonny Stolpe

    So interesting, I would if never thought burning candles to make O2. So much engineering goes into these crazy machines, it just boggles my mind. Awesome upload brother, I am smarter then I was 30 minutes ago. Thanks man, I really enjoyed this. 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸👍

  35. Phantom Harlock

    The Aimine cycle is used in oil and gas to remove hydrogen sulfide from oil and gas and some have used it to remove c02 from exhaust gas to send it underground as carbon capture.

  36. Keeva Grace

    Poggers for God....

  37. Mr. Katz

    I Love this Channel. Good work and very interessting. Greets from Switzerland

  38. HackMonkey

    I grew up with a massive Pecan tree in my backyard as a kid. One of our chores/punishment was keeping all the sticks and pecans picked up. It was a never ending task! How I miss those Pecans! My grandfather has a couple trees, and I covet the 5 lbs I get for Christmas every year! Best gift ever!

  39. SExy Model

    Cool 🔥

  40. Samuel Schiltz


  41. Teflon Smile

    Plants? UV light 🙌🤷‍♂️ Or hemorrhage tax dollars to use a century old Chemistry Experiment....

  42. Satoshi Sato

    When you enjoyed more chemistry in 29 minutes and 33 seconds than all your time in high school combined.

  43. rh3toricalanswer

    "I'm from Ohio" "Oh." This is the only appropriate response to that statement.

  44. TheSecretVault

    Why no methane listed on the CAMS from all the sailors farts?

  45. RoMadSan RodMadSan

    I read Mr. Collins abridged version of his book in Reader's Digest, in a 1974 edition, when I was young, and it is a wonderful book.

  46. James W.

    i mean that's how they get oxygen but how do they get nitrogen and argon? is argon composition in the atmosphere so small that its not necessary? what other elements is their atmosphere made of?

  47. stonent

    What they should have done is asked him to rub his fingers on the clinker and taste them. It would have been mostly or at least half salt.

  48. Jason Ross

    the word clinker i have heard before it refers to what soft coal would do..it would clinker together and would need breaking up the coal clinker

  49. cosmicmoxa

    interesting site, cheers from Finland and USA

  50. Raptor

    Can u please talk in metric?

  51. flimluvr

    Great work Destin, thanks.

  52. Kaleb Bruwer

    I think this would look coolest with a bullet that's just barely strong enough to break the glass. Because the 50 cal makes this look so easy

  53. Darth Revan

    i just came from tiktok because somebody trolled me and i wanted to see it

  54. OverestimatedForesight

    The animations were AMAZING and made these concepts so much easier to understand

  55. Hilfigertout

    The captions are amazing. 5:30 , “ALL THE CHIRPS”

  56. Roberto Serrini • The Travelclast

    Great video, but anyone getting an ad for free patio covers before the vid? Does it sound like AI? Is that woman real? It's the weirdest ad I've ever seen and I'm wondering why Im seeing it. Wonder if its a scam?

  57. David Kuhn

    As much fun as high speed videography is... I'd give up all my cameras forever for one trip to space.

  58. Oliver Fan

    If there are already things that make oxygen and remove co2, why did NASA have to use MOXIE?

  59. Braden Leonard

    Cause they suck oxygen out of the water.

  60. Tuesdaydotcom365

    Shout Out to Petty Officers Watson and Dow, and cadet IRB-57! 🙂

  61. Michael Sever

    Not for me. Thanx. I can't even watch this without my personal space being invaded.

  62. Wedgenut Tanker

    Crew part of the sub is called the People locker

  63. thenewbgamer64

    I think I smell the 8-bit guy making a game for this thing.

  64. Ah Uzzol

    Those guys knows their stuff!

  65. Activated Complex

    I’m digging how much the CAMS terminal’s interface resembles those used in Alien Isolation. Very utilitarian, probably with low energy draw for operating on emergency power. It’s a nice vindication of that visual style, seeing something similar used for vital functions in the real world. Also cool seeing the detail of the oxygen candle burning. Thanks for the video.

  66. Keith Fulk

    by making it in "the bomb" , 11 years of subservice or o2 candles...

  67. Jan Nowak

    Your submarine series is jut awesome.....

  68. zord

    Funny, I watch at least 10 raycon ads a day, but they don't even ship to my country.

  69. x

    How do they filter all the farts out ?

  70. snake3y3s

    but if you sprinkle lithium hydroxide around the place... how do you get rid of that once it has been saturated by the CO2? does it change state or mass??

  71. Brent Daloney

    Thanks for doing these videos Dustin. Not everybody can get onto a submarine to learn information like this, so i really appreciate you doing it, and educating the rest of us on 'what you were allowed to tell us' :)

  72. Luke Orlando

    There is a level on the sub full of trees

  73. No Name Required

    The rich MEA is preheated inline to the boiler so that the stripper runs more efficiently. This ensures that the temperature of the MEA going in is not cooler to the point that the boil cycle is interrupted. And so the stripper can produce the maximum amount of gain in both outputs.

  74. Benicio Moran

    The wooden velvet disturbingly test because mile positionally follow vice a chilly dime. fallacious, abstracted paint

  75. Canadian Atheist

    Vis a vis the commercial, what true wireless ear buds DONT have a media button? 🤔

  76. Chris M

    I want your shoes your tshirt and your motorcyle

  77. Brad Munro

    Thanks for the video. Allways thought it worked by removing carbon from the CO2 turning it back into O2

  78. Tree Tube

    Beautiful video, nicely done. I only worry that our enemies study the videos too.

  79. Martin Cotterill

    Very interesting

  80. James Ramsey

    Just discovered this series. Former Army enlisted and Army officer. I find this very interesting. I’ve always appreciated the military and what each of the soldiers, sailors in this case do day in and day out. Looking forward to watching other videos in this series.