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  1. Gunsforbuns

    do you squeeze it out

  2. karehaqt

    This is just a fancy recruitment video for the US Navy, pretty sickening for a science focussed channel.

  3. PureCbone-YT

    i think crossfire will win

  4. Luckdude


  5. Quintin Brunning

    The thickness isn't all the same though like triangle is alot thinner then sharp square

  6. The Great Avocado


  7. Vincent Taliercio

    I love the Strongbad-esque announcements.

  8. jamie harland

    Vietnam war worm !!

  9. Neil Pritchett

    Cross fire

  10. Hirtew

    I want this to be an actual sport


    Amazing videos!

  12. Osiris The Bull

    3:46 “Yo dap me up fam”

  13. Pislat d' Explorer

    The calculations inside that little brain

  14. Daena Smith

    This was really fascinating!

  15. sergios audiolog

    good guy Destin ;)

  16. C. O.

    blame it on the wife, of course, it's always the wifes fault.

  17. momo hagever

    doesn't all those icebreaker's and submarine are melting the ice? and helping global warming?.. just wondering..

  18. Youssef Sahim

    :Son where's ur dad?? :i dunno mom he said it's something important

  19. Joshua Forster

    anyone else thinks the sound of the two lines just satisfying.

  20. The Darkness, It Consumes Me

    Nah bro, they're not at war They're just giving eachother some slick high fives

  21. Xavier McNicholl

    grey blob for the win

  22. Mikey Baloney

    I'd be far-out stupefied if Water starts turning itself into Wine.

  23. zakuro

    You sure those aren't walnuts?

  24. Leonel Rodriguez

    This is the most Dad thing I’ve ever seen a dad thing xD it’s awesome tho, just goofing around with your boys ✊🏽

  25. NoLuja

    6:19 *enderdragon dies*

  26. Helen Street

    What about rifles? U only tested with pistols.

  27. Thusitha Dananjaya

    This is so coool... Thanks, Destin...

  28. Cricket Blood

    4:29 mfs before they get jumped

  29. engr pluviophile

    What happens when something immovable meets the unstoppable?

  30. Jordanella

    Now I know what will cut down my neighbour’s hedge better 👍

  31. Lynn Stillwell2

    Great video, and great series!

  32. Stratowind

    Oxygen levels critical. Need to correct for Hypoxia. I don't want to die. sQuArE, CirCLe, crOsS

  33. Gi Rl


  34. Aldo Colamartino

    How many kg of K hydroxide carries a submarine for staying so long time on patrol? Some tons?

  35. Sterling Stauffer

    A video on the slo motion and physics of a a chainsaw cutting would be cool.

  36. Kosmas Pilouris

    Sweetest old man!!!

  37. Thom Thumbe

    My dad was on a sub in WWII. He has related several times thru my lifetime the story how the toilets worked on his boat. I always laughed at the part when he would say how the guys would end up with “freckles” if they didn’t follow the flushing instructions exactly! Plus the cleanup after a mistake was quite an arduous task….not to mention that other sailors were pissed that the head was unusable until you cleaned up your mess.

  38. Cosmic Orion

    Anyone else hear tobuscus when he screams the rounds and who wins ?

  39. MsHayleyWilliams

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the ferrous of them all

  40. dan b

    (04:08) Clearly, you never watched *Star Trek* , like ever... _All the pretty girls on the Enterprise were Yeomen! :P_

  41. DIMITRI POliakov

    Hola aca cagando viendo esto

  42. WvlfDarkfire

    Pooping on a nuke sub is on my bucket list now

  43. Todd Anonymous

    The secured blowing sanitaries sign is one of the most important signs on a submarine . Nothing is quite as dangerous as a wild torpedo !

  44. Mitchell M

    This prof seems like a great guy, it would be so much fun to have him for a class.

  45. 111 111

    Weed eater

  46. silent carlo

    fathers day in motion

  47. juraj brncal

    why do you have microsoft windows at macbook pro ???

  48. Dakotah

    "Don't try this at home." *puts away ultra high speed camera, breaks down weed eater battle contraption*

  49. cory york


  50. ChrisandEileen

    or use VIP20 and save 14.99 on earbuds. :P

  51. oopsy daisy

    please shoot some more for science ;)

  52. oopsy daisy

    i am chicken i think CAWW OH NO

  53. B C


  54. Akshay Anand

    Okay but I didn't hear enough about the moustache part

  55. Frankto Vinneti

    You're saying earhole a lot. Jokes aside, that was pretty interesting!

  56. BÜM BOY

    Is this the best friend from Truman Show?

  57. David Gibson

    So what happens if you point the canon straight up? Just how high could you fire a baseball?

  58. Dev

    This series had intrigued the interest that I didn't know I have earlier.

  59. Cramper TV

    4:27 I think sharp square will win every game

  60. Adam Stanisławek

    sharp square

  61. Crabbycrab

    Very insightful; but gosh it got awkward in the end. "It was all men on the boat, and you're female; and you're a submariner?" While she so properly talks about women, as women; not females. I wish people would stop dehumanizing women, by calling them females, while men are just most often called "men" and not "males" She's super cool though. Most interesting series on the channel!

  62. Daniel Mogens James McMillan

    How come the info in this video isn't classified

  63. Cosmos

    15:06 is when it actually happens.

  64. Colineire

    I love each crew members dedication to their job. They work so hard to make the rest of the crew happy and keep morale high

  65. Jack Anderson

    This seems like something from my dynamics textbook

  66. david rampone

    How do mower with double blades cut the grass in between the gap in the two blades?

  67. Δ


  68. RobertM

    When I was in the Navy, I deployed on surface ships, subs, and was aircrew. We went through similar training in Naval Aircrewman Candidate School (NACCS). This training is much more extensive. We pretty much got a lecture and then to the dunker. All I can say is that "anticipation is worse than the event". I got to the point that I just let everyone else exit the dunker and then left. As long as you establish a point of reference, you are good to go. We would, as soon as the dunker went in the water, grab something that allows you to visualize where you are in the helo. Once you do that, the training is easy. However, don't take that to mean that the actual event would be a piece of cake. One can only hope that this training will kick in when the actual event happens. It can save your life.

  69. Daniel Veti

    why so much submarine stuff? do they need people to want to join? It looks horrible on board those things.

  70. Shawn McDowell

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  71. Scrubs R/C

    Next up, how destin sank the sub with the toilet

  72. Liam Mitchell

    Did you have time to do a Cribbage lets play?

  73. Grugknuckle

    WTF? They have female bubbleheads now? Man ... I've been out for a long time.

  74. Amber Marie

    😊♥️What an interesting life you live.. That was awesome thanks for sharing, and all my love go to those brave men and ladys who operate these subs and serve our country thanks for all that you do.♥️😊

  75. Styx Rakash

    When neuralink comes out it will solve the "the computer can't read your intentions" problem perfectly. No compromises with curved surfaces or different material.

  76. Thanh Phong Đặng

    Now this is content

  77. Yondle

    nooooooooo i got 2nd place i was rooting for Razor Core

  78. Gabriel Jose Concepcion Ureña

    i can just feel the veggie tales fans

  79. Vítor Martins

    Why is he so obssessed with terminology?