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  1. Hadassah

    These women are all so overweight, it makes me think they're projecting their insecurities onto her. It's very mean, and uncalled for.

  2. Ebun Oyegbesan

    I literally was crying

  3. Lenor465

    The "Yup" was so perfect

  4. Mellie

    good luck keeping that dress up all through the wedding. It is not designed to be strappless and as an amateur seamstress, i can say that if they did not put boning in it, she will be trying to hold it up all day long

  5. Dana Halabi

    For a 1k i can buy a new laptop instead of doing college work on a laptop that have a malfunctioning keyboard.

  6. Sunset Sunflawor

    Anyone Saw her on tiktok???

  7. zonish baksh

    Is that what you call a “friend”??!


    Beautiful dresses

  9. Vel Vetta-Johnson

    Anna is so stunningly beautiful! It’s so sad to have her sister be so mean to her. She looked gorgeous in every dress.

  10. Cheyenne Alexis

    Those so called “friends” would be out of my wedding SO fast

  11. Lady B

    I loved Marlo and Margo. Those two are amazing ladies ❤️

  12. kisses4ever2

    Basic bitch in white....... its called traditional

  13. Mellie

    omg! i love the little girl's face when her grandmother is saying how she doesn't like the dress. She is just like , grandma, just get over it! so cute! what a great kid!

  14. zonish baksh

    Her choice was right, she chose what makes her feel her

  15. Terri Myrick

    Randy needs to be my dad

  16. Lanell H

    She doesn’t speak, she whine-talks. Annoying!

  17. Cheyenne Alexis

    A parents words can haunt a child’s life forever. Be careful with what you tell your children, be careful with how you say things

  18. Hadassah

    I literally feel bad about my own mother helping me pay for university

  19. Debra Jahnke

    She is stunning in either one but the last one was over the top perfect.

  20. Elisa A

    I like the first dress,it gives me the "I make my own money but I also have a suga daddy..." vibe.

  21. Angela Buschami Parady

    Amazing, the harshest comments are coming from the most repulsive ones..she is one of the most beautiful woman I've eva seen..so strong to have to deal with them terrible inhuman twats..I hope she sees all the nice comments..& her damn mother trying to save face at the end..pathetic..she seems to have such a wonderful daughter & she treats her that way..she's supposed to protect & stand up for her, NOT hop on the band wagon & make her freaking cry..she's gonna rock her wedding day 👌🏼💯

  22. Cat

    This entourage are crazy. The first dress was lovely and the second dress was stunning! Stunning!

  23. Debbie Powell

    Why she marrieing him he so toxic he rude has no manners like bru if that was me I be like bye we done 😒✌

  24. Ingrid Alcazar

    Marlo Wilson is amazing! She always looks amazing and her story is tragically beautiful 😭. She's my fav bride ever in the show. Respecting Barbara, what an uneducated woman, really. Fortunately the bride was strong enough to don't let her dominate the date and choose the dress.

  25. Steph anie

    If my daughter ever gets married she's having whatever damn dress she chooses aslong as her private bits are covered of course 😂

  26. A.G.

    Cheers to Randy! Take Margo to the curb. She’s out of line.

  27. Elina Afrin

    Randy Just checking...how many likes could Randy simply get😂

  28. Aysha Khalid

    Randy: Stunning Necklace Me: it's really a stunning Necklace😁 Second Bride try beautiful dresses....we cant judge anyone... She is beautiful...❤️

  29. shiv shambho

    Love her skin

  30. Hannah Lucas

    Barbara being the shark that she is on say yes to the dress! Good thing Kevin ain't here

  31. Keerthana Kerthi

    i dnt kno i juz fucking love lori's attitude like dood she manages any situation like very cool headed such a kind way to do it

  32. Anushri Ghosh

    such a shame that hailey has resigned from being a designer. the story behind it is so sad

  33. Jelly Bear

    I see dress 3 on her and I start having tears in my eyes it's like I'm actually there looking at how beautiful this stranger is.

  34. Kenia Guillen

    “And that’s your door” lmaoooo Randy

  35. Carole Standiford

    Barbra saying she had a tummy was SUPER rude Imagine the bride getting it and always being worried about the stomach area now 😭 whether Barbra was joking or not it was definitely not the time to make that comment.

  36. Atsumu Miya

    Sometimes I wonder about the fashion sense of these people 😒

  37. sai vaishnavi

    Randy vil show u d door 🚪

  38. An G

    "Baby daddy" instead of father 🤦‍♀️

  39. midnight prairiegirl

    Just goes to show (as always) money cannot buy class, Barbara. Rudeness does not become you.

  40. sai vaishnavi

    Wen he sat on her 😂😂😂

  41. Vasudha9C

    Halfway through the appointment, I would've just sent the entourage to the nearest McDs and then decide the dress on my own oml they were the worst

  42. TVGirlfriends dressingservice

    I dont know who Barbra is but she is showing a really ugly side of herself here. Im disgusted !

  43. Aziza Ahammed

    Is the son looking for a bride though?🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just asking.....😏

  44. Barbara T

    She looked beautiful in that dress! Margo needs to shut up.

  45. Kaitlyn Bentley

    My friends and I do drafts of who we want at a celebrity wine night... I know I’m weird but in addition so Whoopi Goldberg, and Diane Keaton, Barbra is one of my picks😂 WOULDNT THAT BE FUN?!

  46. cerys

    the girl with the wavy hair to the right (not sure if she's a sister), she literally reminds of the mermaid in the spongebob movie 3:42

  47. Kaitlyn Bentley

    Is it just me or does Barbra remind you of a hip Julie Andrews?

  48. cini RandyNaya

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  49. miracle

    Omg!! The twins are back after the delivery🎉 I so wanna watch this entire latest episode of the twins. Please please please upload!!!!! 🙏 I love their episodes❤️

  50. S O

    I think the lipstick made her look pale🤷‍♀️

  51. RadiantRuby

    This is what we call a jealous mom. This is why she shopped at 80 stores. And the laugh after she broke her down was disgusting. Sick...

  52. zeldagoblin

    5:27 the face of nightmares

  53. oompa lumpa

    The dresses In the back looks so pretty when they take em out separately to talk

  54. AJ

    very rude bride and she hated that dress and then her idol comes out and boom i was just saying i love the dress such a liar treating lori and the rest like dirt so disgusting she didnt deserve to meet anyone such an ugly attitude and that is not being a southern belle thats being a priss and rude couldnt stand this bride get over yourself be happy you have lori and monte because they are amazing

  55. Anushree Deshmukh

    That smile on her face when her dad says Dad likes it :) My heart just melted!!

  56. Nawel

    Marlo was beautiful both pregnant and a year later

  57. # Alex_Lende #

    Honestly even though her sister's opinion was a bit harsh, I agree with her

  58. lmc810

    Supportive entourage? She was obviously not comfortable in that last dress as compared to the other two

  59. Nawel

    The twin sister was so rude smh

  60. Broccolihighkicks

    They should meet my mum. She would be far worse than this...

  61. RadiantRuby

    This dress and family is so beautiful 😭

  62. cerys

    i'm wondering what the dog will look like in the same dress

  63. f c

    She said her fiancee is perfection well has she seen herself tho

  64. Kay Novo

    Too much fake hairs here !!!

  65. Taang B

    I love love Randy. Let me just marry him😆

  66. Ankhi Banerjee

    That necklace was hideous.

    1. Gael

      Like you

  67. Fulla Salem

    How many people here are from an Arab country. I am from Iraq🇮🇶, and you?

    1. Magz Mc Andrew

      Not me. From lockdown Scotland 😷 keep safe ❤️

  68. Rachael kal kal&Ebony walcott

    She's beautiful with and without hair

  69. Lenor465

    I litterally want to slap them so much DAMN IT'S HER WEEDING SHUT UP. lmao

  70. ra D l J xRess

    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  71. Janice Dickens

    The bridal consultant is gorgeous. 😊

  72. achanwahn

    That is so rude to keep the workers there past your time and 3 hrs over close. 😠