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  1. Koposho AJ

  2. Mad Dog Archive

    Vsauce is Great.

  3. Stoney's Dead

    That was both beautiful and fascinating- very well done.

  4. Kaustubh Kapadiya

    R.I.P Harambe 33:35

  5. Kim NANA The Artistic Masterpiece Whaley

    Wow mind blowing information

  6. Anvi • 7 years ago

    "Where do deleted files go?" Me, an intellectual: Probably Recycle Bin

  7. Cookedchicken 42

    Who else is watching this 2031!

  8. ashleysarts

    All I see is that music producer from Alvin and the chipmunks, I don't see Michael

  9. Spazar


  10. EpicLittleGamer

    He is a christain?

  11. Jack Matich

    Ummm sandwich has a rhyme land witch

  12. Nightkite37

    We will run out of actual good names, but- keyboard smashes, gibberish spam, and random letters + numbers + symbols are plentiful! i'd like to identify myself as kqbdiwjnscdybewibc8yvadc iewdvuebwdbyvewdbew8bedbu9web9u

  13. Condos Millionaire

    Anyone else think Michael is slowly becoming Socrates more and more

  14. obsu


  15. Fps 0077

    I guess we really did have time fo dat all along.

  16. theHaramPriest

    he finally remembered his password

  17. Hebrew Hooligan

    Everyone! I have to tell you. I'm a horrible person! I said it had been 3 min but it had only been 2.5 min. 😔😔🤬🤬🤪

  18. camcam009

    that was untimely

  19. James Cox

    Everybody gangsta ‘til Michael invents his own scientific terms

  20. khizer


  21. King Kj

    He's been gone for too long

  22. Marco

    Poor girl who flipped the switch was shaking. Later the guy too. In a sense it is like you're killing the man on the other track. Sure, you're saving 5 people, but it doesn't take away the weight of almost directly taking a life. A haunting decision to make.

  23. Deeply [Rooted] DBN

    The best

  24. Joel Crow

    Wow i have been thinking about a lot of this over the last few years! It's funny that you obviously have as well! Kids who are watching this today are getting a really valuable education on some deeply mature mental thought excercises.

  25. Seven Seven

    Hey Mike gld to have you back

  26. Johnny Vishnevskiy

    I am dumbfounded Nintendo was founded 3 months after Van Gogh painted The Starry Night.

  27. Simulator Updater

    He could sell a house to the ground

  28. Drash

    Hey Michael my red is adopted I am trying to find it’s real red parents

  29. devetite

    when i was a kid, i had to get surgery twice for the same issue. one of those times, my dad was there with me, the other time, my mother. it wasn't until years later when i realized after my mom told me, i only actually had one surgery and both of my parents were there. even after she told me, i still have two separate memories of the same event. would have been interesting if you'd brought up what kind of time illusions drugs, whether medical or recreational, create.

  30. Ariel Diaz

    Protagonist syndrome song? please

  31. Maulen. IDC Florez


  32. ItzKins #0001

    10:01 you're welcome

  33. Jackson Mauk

    i just gotta point out what a great teacher he is. i feel like i remember so many things from these videos

  34. Max Kim Izak

    Since I start watching youtube when I was kid and now still saying "vsauce Michael here"

  35. I Am Aidan Smith

    Lesson of the video yeah you better think before deleting saves in your games because getting them back pretty much impossible

  36. KingSomber

    Anybody watching this in 2018?

  37. Grace Eunjung Park

    can you shave your beard to look like the good old days

  38. M Iqbal Purnama 11S227

    20:50 queen fans, watch Rock Montreal, it doesn't looks 80s (in medium)

  39. Minecraftplays

    I have learned so much yet I have not learned so little

  40. Cade Candee


  41. jugganaut26

    According to everyone's subjective perception, the movie did begin when everyone began. Obviously, a lot of time preceded us and a lot of time will succeed us, but on one level the ab ovo syndrome is true, right?

  42. Jacob Hawes

    An empty activity is unstimulating and a waste if time to u. Me: oh so work then ok

  43. dad simp

    the return of the king

  44. knight


  45. All might


  46. LionGaming

    Damn, had to check this out and found out they actually did have working cameras back in the 1896 as the camera was invented 1816, eighty years earlier. Quite the surprise, here I thought it was invented in 20th century.

  47. James Foo

    3:08 he's just checking his emails there, right?

  48. Bob Burger

    this video felt like only 9 minutes

  49. Amal Geevarghese

    But the problem is: Even the smoothest surface that we "will" ever create contains a finite number of particles ( or points according to the paradox) on the surface. So none of this 'infinity nonsense' would work in the first place. PS: It's always mind blowing seeing where our thoughts and imagination can take us. But, the Mathematician lives in a realm far away from our own- the realm of what ifs and infinities!

  50. Tate


  51. Steven Paul

    I mean time is relative, on the grand scale of the cosmic calendar our lives are only seconds Think about that.

  52. Bkizzll

    you might not have the time of your life, but you’ll have more time of your life

  53. Michael Henry

    Fantastic episode.

  54. Jesse Bognanno


  55. Ilham Nobi Entertainment

    X Æ A-12: *Are you sure about that?*

  56. Hybrid LS

    It was hard to keep track of how many times he changed the shirt

  57. Fierysaint1

    Michael with Vsauce is back! It's about.... time!

  58. Fernando Alamón

    Gosh, I am so sick and tired of it all, I hope that soon a giant rock will smash us into oblivion and wish for it all to be over.

  59. Accounting Bits

    Is anyone now?

  60. The Mushroom Thing

    in conclusion, we are a fart.

  61. Jblaze

    When micheal says “oR cOuLd YoU” that how you know you iq points are gonna go up by 300

  62. Thomas Bramwell

    Enjoyable and THOUGHTFUL,

  63. Fallingtommy

    This made me curious to google my full name

  64. Jackson

    I’ll just get reincarnated

  65. DEVeloper

    TENET by Christopher Nolan’s true inspiration is this video

  66. Fernando Alamón

    The 2000s were not particularly memorable. Nobody will ever reminisce fondly about them like they now do with the 80s and 90s.

  67. Daniel Aron Robertsson

    This video is great ofcourse but it's kinda depressing, got me thinking of how much time i wasted doing nothing

  68. Einsteinnr2

    Anyone watching while time is flying by?

  69. Keith Mossey

    Alcore learned nothing about natural philosophy from Mr. Victor Frankenstein, clearly!

    1. Keith Mossey

      How do we know, when we have the technology to revive cryogenic patients, that we will be be the same person? How do we know we won’t wake up a new infant, an “abhorred wretch”. If death was something to be feared, it would have appeared so to Socrates.

  70. Johan Calyx Mariano

    2:32 what barking? |

  71. Rickle Pick

    12:40 " I know a guy "

  72. Eric James


  73. Nick Stair

    Probably one of your more interesting and directly applicable videos. Thank you for your content.

  74. Robert Zawarski

    Generation X has been scientifically proven to be the coolest generation, unless you don't believe in science.

  75. Psycho Binod

    V sauce :When u kissed your girlfriend Were no strangers to love U know the rules and so do i No commitments what im thinking of Haahhaha get rick rolled

  76. 40wetnoodles

    Boiling blood probably smells bad

  77. Jackson

    This is Math but in science form.

  78. Galax Kat

    evolution is a fucking myth

    1. perc


  79. KingDarian

    Who’s watching this in 2021?

  80. Cj Chandler

    Missed you vsauce