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Vsauce was created by Michael Stevens in the summer of 2010.

Vsauce is...

Michael Stevens: Producer/Host of Vsauce1
Kevin Lieber: Producer/Host of Vsauce2
Jake Roper: Producer/Host of Vsauce3
Eric Langlay: VFX for Vsauce1/2/3
You: Thanks for watching!!!

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  1. Nathan Hoks

    I feel like as humans we have so many weird design choices. Like the nerves and signals from our eyes at the front of our heads have to go to the very back of our brain? 😂

  2. m o

    what if it gradually slowed down over the course of a year?

  3. Anna rybitwa

    I can count to 40 with one breath

  4. Quaxky

    “Or if it?”

  5. Cdb Cdb

    But I'm terrified of open water, Michael.

  6. Ogsonar Clarkkent

    why are you in jail lol

  7. melissa sun

    then would it be night forever and on the other side sunny

  8. christopher David

    That bouncy ball became vsauce ball

  9. euro snuke


  10. Captain ghost Phoenix

    U hurt my mind but I still luv u and ur bald head

  11. Best Bits

    Pends how fast it stops maaa

  12. Sisx the pizza

    Oh, oh, he’s Done a simpson

  13. Tushar Jaiswal

    😵🙌🙌🙌 hatsoff

  14. sebastianjschinzel

    Because earth doesn't spin.... prove me wrong moons dose not spin either nor dose the sun there both the same size. Just the fact or moon makes no sense on how its even here. Wake up 🤡

    1. ICE Mercy

      Yep you’re totally right, not the person that teaches for a living. Makes total sense

  15. Jawaad

    Me : Calculates 1000000000000000000000000000 + 1000000000000000000000000000 The Calculator : E Me: Hold up, He is speaking the numbers of god.

  16. Xxbear ManxX

    I shall make this day shorter

  17. ryan wiggins

    This is intense

  18. Jonathan Lumsden

    We are in a simulation

  19. Za Warudo

    I hope they don't ever make a time subscription, where you have to pay for your time

  20. Yabudoo

    3:39 lego

  21. Aj Skyborn

    everybody gangsta till they get stabbed

  22. Lila Cleveland

    Michael: being scientific and factual and stuff Me: ha ha bum bum

  23. Aditya Teraiya

    2:05 Overcomplicated version of... They had us in the first half, not gonna lie

  24. Andeli Zuzic

    *looks across to Descartes* I'm sorry to break it to you bud, but part of your reflection needs re-writing, aparently 1+1 can equal something other than 2 whilst still being conceivable- how to exacerbate an existential crisis

  25. Lucy And William

    5yr old me comes up when you search up “william halton”

  26. PlatypusPlayz

    mans got to have tea with the only immortal human

  27. Abhishek Aggarwal

    v (180 bacteria lets gooooooooooo)

  28. Andeli Zuzic

    *looks across to quantum physics* if it's anywhere, it's there

  29. toaster bath

    the intro.. my teacher saw it

  30. Stevemmaahd

    Fun fact: the Nerf one is false.

  31. Body You


  32. matty bear

    Vsauce when I'm alone: 7:31 Vsauce when my parents walk in: 10:02

  33. Cdb Cdb

    Reminds of those lava lamps that are used to generate random patterns for security

  34. Ole JB

    Hi, I'm confused. Please help.

  35. Deivid

    I see, I have been sumoned, someone some where mentioned Finland! Torille!

  36. D C

    We're on the simulation!!!!

  37. ً


  38. Kunwar

    Sooo if I study 80% of my syllabus i would get only 20% marks but IF I study 20% of syllabus i can get 80% marks

  39. Tears of Boredom

    Michael is great at going off topic, but in a way that no one really cares what the original topic even was...if there even was any

  40. Michael M

    Me in my room all day ha present also just sleep for 30 min can he think of a paradox for 30 min

  41. Grayson Stewart

    itunes, as of April 2020, now has 60 Million+ songs

  42. Emax64

    Oh, so that's where the Anglish language in minecraft came from

  43. ulu

    say whaaaat

  44. DIO

    edgy teenagers in a nutshell

  45. G P 8

    May I ask what made him try that?

  46. ok

    1:51 he lowkey looks like rick astley in the video never gonna give you up

  47. BustaNut04

    Of all the Vsauce videos that have been recommended to me, this one hasn’t been ever. Very nice. I have never seen this one before

  48. Monkey D. Dragon's What If's


  49. LONE

    "LONELY" Again and again recommended to me Cool -_-* (Around 9 times)

  50. Murdaklez

    Its official ive figured it out. Drake and Fergi are aliens.. makes too much sense.

  51. Ken

    Bc this time sucks and all we want to do is go back and I don’t blame you. Period.

  52. Tears of Boredom

    Somehow the answer to the question "How much money is there on earth?" Also became an explanation on what is a social construct

  53. Anonymouse

    Start: ”Why people don’t like younger generations” 15 minutes in: “Why we can’t identify the Mozart of today”

  54. Wes Hearn


  55. Yukon

    The Redstone school in Massachusetts? Can I go? I need to get better at bee farms!!!

  56. Todd Howard

    Neighbour: **goes home** My dog: 2:35

  57. Christian Rudy

    Tobias from arrested development

  58. bénjiø _

    Get a DeEsser mate can't listen to this

  59. Jared Kolker

    I learned probably 10 years of school in 20 mins

  60. RedStone576


  61. Seymour Gonzaga

    pretentious bhullshit

  62. Stop reading my name

    3:31 imagine being that monk and erasing a book of useful knowledge. He probably thought it was some bullshit.

  63. YaBoiGolden

    Me: wants to learn about napkin rings but gets an entire math lesson instead


    can everyone agree we have rewatch this atleast once or twice a year??

  65. Ace Dynamite

    The answer to those multiple choice questions, whether the lamp is on or off or if you look at the cube what color will you see, should be yes

  66. CoraKolourAC


  67. Jedi

    And when the world needed him the most, he returned

  68. YEET


  69. Kris


  70. SLIM PAC

    As a Finn...I’m not surprised ;3

  71. Luqman Baloch

    I think I may have seen this video already.

  72. Dan Kusai

    And another time there was evidence that the Finnish language doesn't exist

  73. Cdb Cdb

    "There ain't no air in space." "There's an Air and Space Museum..."

  74. Adidev Playz

    my brain after watching vsauce: 🤯

  75. Saif

    What if we’re the first life in the universe that has evolved to become smart. I mean the universe is still fairly young compared to when it will die so it’s possible we’ll be the ones exploring other planets and being the “aliens”.

  76. IsaacOnKbm

    POV:you saw that Tiktok and for 4:20 you forgot to jump

  77. Name

    Yall are wrong, the earth is flat (joke)

  78. Saif

    It’s crazy how fast humans are evolving, 1000 years in the past we had none of the electricity, weapons, knowledge, etc, that we have today, and 1000 years into the future we’re estimated to be traveling to different stars. Keep in mind it took millions of years for humans to reach a point in technology like the 1100s, and just a few centuries later we’re here.

  79. Blue Kool-Aid Man


  80. Peter Severin Rasmussen

    Who is watching in 2021? Time truly flies.