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  1. Ariel Harloff

    The person who wrote this book needs a hug and have some real talk with some real leftists.

  2. Moon Knightress

    Ah yes, Hux the Spy. Also known as Walmart Kallus

  3. Erik Larson

    Wow, I never went to a broni con but after watching your video I’m kinda glad I didn’t. I discovered MLP when I was in college and I like the show for its characters, music and beautiful animation but your right there is a lot of sexual imposition the fans impose on the characters, I was not aware of the homophobia involved with the fandom either. I appreciate you taking the time to bring up these issues so fans like myself who just watch the shows and think there’s no harm in it can be aware of what their fellow Bronis are doing under the same name. I never saw the original one from the 80s how did you feel about the original version vs. the Friendship is magic series?

  4. No-man Baugh

    I get a hella vibe that Jenny would do another one of these in a heartbeat if someone reminded her that these existed

  5. Sarah Rosewood

    TIL I've been reading Josh Hutcherson's name wrong, for some reason I always thought it was Hutchinson??

  6. scarlett Gulden

    The hallmark channel is so bizzare they have videos with less than 50 views it's strange seeing numbers that low on a video feels like a secret but its a multimillion dollar company

  7. Trilly Locke

    The girl who wrote that Rambo-1D story is gonna rule the world once she is old enough to figure out world domination.

  8. A ă ă A

    I mean, of course vampires love The Cure

  9. Yanka Elisa

    The NO JENNA ! Kills me every time

  10. Nick

    I wish I went on fun nerd adventures like this.

  11. Hentie Senpie

    The moment you said clopping I had a very violent reaction as I forgot about that part of the Fandom.

    1. Hentie Senpie


  12. Adam Reilly

    Ummm, am I missing something. Why is she doing this? What is happening? I need some context for this. Why a furry trout? I have soo many questions.

  13. Eleanor Read

    I’m absolutely obsessed with the bb-8 comic

  14. Tom Smith

    19:48 Art is real, and you are there making the art. Everyone is glad you're making it.

  15. Tee

    I feel like you should look into Julie Plec more if you truly stan her other than that lovely video

  16. Tee

    Oddly enough there was a fic that used the forbidden game 😂

  17. Andrew

    Today I found out that furry trout is a real (get it? reel) thing.

  18. catcalled

    this video got recommended to me 3 weeks ago and i wanted to watch it but i hadnt seen the show so i binged it all instead of working on my essay and now i cant stop thinking about it

  19. Cross Sabre

    This seemed like a big ol' waste of Brian's time...

  20. Mutt

    Pug spider

  21. Shayne Thomas


  22. Shayne Thomas


  23. sandssavvy

    Brian debunking everything is my fave part and the sole reason I watched this show. lol The amount of times Brian realized cats might be freaking out their owners at night was great.

  24. Call me Carrots

    Pretty big fan of watching the ducks

  25. macattack423

    Here I am just realizing that 2 of the worst scenes in Star Wars involve a character getting a fake last name. And both scenes undermine what came before.

  26. Anais Debrus

    Will you make one about The Originals?

  27. Pantsless Jam

    Didn't look at the length. 1:10 into the video and I am like: "oh, I have shit to do; I am pretty sure this will be over soon." I was wrong.

  28. Mark Pavitt

    at 24:45 the spider in the background goes in attack mode

  29. Nadia

    pls god where can I get a friend that wants to go to a restaurant and read goosebumps/bad fanfic with me

  30. Elliart 7

    The author: "He does not need a safe space" Jake: * literally has ptsd *

  31. Elliart 7

    I think whenever the author needed dialogue for the "snowflake" character he just put a bunch of liberal buzz words into a random generator, like based on context it doesn't sound like he even knows what half these terms mean, lmao

  32. Janya Levin

    Stop wishing on monkey paws!

  33. Justin Cruz

    I dont know what to comment without incriminating myself

  34. Paula Lovera

    i cried to this video. not even aware this was a thing.

  35. Lilly Clarity

    idk I liked it......m, it was garbage, but, it was enjoyable garbage... like it's a super hero movie, i'm sorry but I don't think it needs to be super deep or anything, it's just entertaining garbage like literally every single other superhero movie. why does everyone keep trying to act like the film is somehow attempting to be more than what it clearly is trying to be (entertaining superhero garbage movie) and critiquing it for not being that like it's just a garbage edgy batman movie llmao it's kind of sad that creators are put into this position where you basically already fully accept that everyone who disagrees with you will be irrationally childishly upset. like I get where you're coming from, and i have no doubt that you obviously don't think that's true across the board, but it just sucks how the internet is about disagreeing opinions. like i totally disagree with you that this movie is trying to be super intelligent and is failing at it (my view is that it's just trying to be dumb garbage and doing ok at it) but im just more interested in, like, actually engaging in discourse about this and disagreeing and maybe gettin' somewhere interesting for both parties, esp when it's about garbage media lol. like literally who alive, on this planet, thinks it's more fulfilling to just yell at people for not liking [garbage superhero movie #2345] rather than engaging in good faith discussion about it like I get avoiding that with politics, since reactionaries tend to be really trash at engaging in good faith, but like, this is a movie we should be capable of more mature behavior as a species tbh

    1. Lilly Clarity

      wow thank god I'm a woman because this is some real White Dudes Typing Paragraphs energy

  36. Nagato Uzumaki

    “At least i can go back and watch a trailer even tho the movie wasn’t that good” - Wonder Woman 1984 in a Nutshell

  37. Haiphong

    I think I would like to attend a cereal party :'3

  38. SamuraiOkasan

    Ok so this fell into my recommendations and I live for it!! I love it!

  39. Ivonna Trolue

    Your speaking voice is incredibly monotone with the only respite being the end of every two or three sentences where you decide to do an upwards inflection that almost never belongs.

  40. Madderhatter

    do you know of any documentation of the easter egg hunt? About the merry-go-round and such? I think I remember something about this but I can't find any other source or documentation about it.

  41. Eric Pfeifer

    ...and Luke skywalker can’t have any sex.....💀💀💀

  42. Jess Davis

    17:57 is it bad when they were described my mind conjured up the mental image of the gross sisters

  43. Hayleigh Bird

    Just hearing that summary it reminds me of that one Ben Shapiro movie

  44. Cat Lynn

    I learned so much about writing, world building, psychology, etc from the MLP fandom. It's actually insane how much writing MLP fanfics as a 14 year old helped my writing skills in the future.

  45. Kitty Boy Neona

    Jenny has 108 videos 108 / 69 = 1.5652173913 which ends with 3 and a triangle has 3 corners, ILLUMINATE CONFIRMED!!

  46. Ace Healer

    You could cover a football field with all those red flags.

  47. AgLi

    WTF, your imitation voice acting are legit almost hard to differentiate.

  48. 1from31

    Sending all these things to my Disney travel agent

  49. Jaq F

    wow it was actually #25

  50. Blue Fox

    lol paranormal home investigators is fun and seems sad at the same time, a small ghost investigators show/people that want to find ghosts is just doing the minimum because sad.

  51. jyc

    imagine thinking the secret circle was terrible couldn't be me

  52. Ace Healer

    I might have actually watched these movies if Henry Cavill played the toxic billionaire boyfriend.

  53. Rafael Pereira

    Boy, this woman is so cute

  54. Nugget’s Dad

    OK there was a full length Harry Potter fan fic that I read back in 2007 that was fully better than the last book of the series. I would PAYYYY for a physical copy of that fan fic! Pretty cool idea for a very very niche audience hah

  55. Jonathon Cowley-Thom

    Frank was a big man.

  56. Thomas van Kampen

    "This movie is so original that it contains no goo!" put THAT in a rotten tomatoes review

  57. PeteONeillBass

    God damn. Shipping Ray and Poe is the most cringe thing ever.... But I want to be Tor vallum for Halloween just so I can do the voice and the arms.

  58. Tate Christensen

    I would kill for a pokemon theme park

  59. charlotte gemini

    my name is charlotte so my car name would be car lot

  60. Porpoise Power

    Pretty sure the bearded lady, had a real beard... but I'm guessing she wasn't born a lady.

  61. Phillip Malerich

    The clips of the movie are astonishingly unpleasant to watch. Though the "I was going for an old movie vibe!" makes me want to see this same idea done by someone actually talented and competent like Larry Blamire and his crew.

  62. Scott Perry

    Jenny, you're, clear, concise, well thought out...and completely off point. This movie is like a painting meant to convey a overall feeling to the observer, it's not really about story to be told. The elements, music, lyrics, movement, reactions, shots, dialogue, pacing, even the paintings under the end credits all combine into an idea about possibilities, persistence, truth, beauty, and love. Is it historically arcuate? no, but name a musical that is. P.T. Barnum would have loved this movie, after all, he was the Prince of Humbugs. Also I could not find a single reference to suggest that Hugh and Michelle didn't do the dance sequences.

  63. Sir Wolfy

    Witchcraft is too much funny and manipulative... thx I hate it

  64. Gabriel Diaz


  65. Ava Claire Sheppard

    Literally the way they did this exact boarding school thing

  66. Rupan Sansei

    magna carta video

  67. Ariel Harloff

    Isn't Kyloe about the same age as Ray? How was he the one who killed her parents to begin with?

  68. Ariel Harloff

    So Ray wears all black, force pulls people into her saber, uses force lightning fueled by anger, and mind controls her boyfriend. Does anyone else feel like they couldn't decide whether to make her go full dark side or not? I guess the grey jedi thing could work but not like this.

  69. Sir Wolfy

    I only saw the first movie... I am glad for this(?)

  70. Joce Weir

    You had me at Grand Champions!

  71. Matt561

    Bringing balance to the force was killing all the jedi but 2.

  72. Hardin Held

    Chomper gang rise up!

  73. Ariel Harloff

    Whoever that Thor Vallum (or whatever) character is Kyloe speaks to was definitely no one's sith master. A sith student kills their master as soon as they grow powerful enough to do so. That's like part of the deal.

  74. Ariel Harloff

    If Poe is staring at Ray while Chubaka is throwing something, it's definitely gonna hit him XD I now have this Disney animation style scene burned in my head where Poe is staring at Ray like a love lost teenager (the male romantic lead in a princess movie) and then being hit in the head by a wrench in typical Disney slapstick fashion XD

  75. Anete Grigule

    all of this made sense until Hannah Montana

  76. naju syed

    disney literally should have done narnia! they own the rights for the movies and narnia is pretty timeless

  77. Matt561

    This movie killed my passion for Star Wars

  78. A p q H

    I liked your vampire pun. Vampires and puns are the best combo