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  1. Ron M

    Lol, thanks.

  2. Bryce Wakefield

    bark woof bark speak woof and Howl meow bark bark speak

  3. Michael Johnson

    Amazing how forgetting to say "Insurance" after "Farmers" makes this so baffling.

  4. Luke Dominique Warner

    Wow!! Which apps can I download on my Quest 2, to explore this in more detail please?

  5. Luke Dominique Warner

    Which apps can we download to play around with this?

  6. Luke Dominique Warner

    Who wants to be my first spacial friend so that we can learn and explore things together?

  7. BackOnElectone

    So each surgeons need to have a Facebook account link to their Oculus in order to take the training, and everything they do get track? Got it......

  8. Michael Schapiro

    I was considering getting an Oculus but this obnoxious ad keep playing on every video. I now never want an oculus product

  9. Mikael Nutter

    Bro can you hook me up with a free oculus quest 2 For 100 I will do a good review promise you that

  10. Jack James

    Tired of using powerful consoles and PCs? Use an Android- based mobile VR system!

  11. JaxThePhatom

    *Funny how your headset is already being hacked lol*

  12. Dylan Delpiano

    Hello oculus I'm kinda late but how do you tern your mic off when you are playing multiplayer games??

    1. Horizons VR

      It depends per game, like VRChat, that has a button to mute your mic. In Population One, that doesn't (That I know of) have any way to turn of your mic. In Beat Saber Multiplayer, there is no mic.

  13. Defaulty Boy

    Can we know the games they're playing

  14. Jackson Smith

    This is by far the most annoying ad I’ve ever heard, I’ll never ever ever ever buy this product. Stupid song

  15. Rashaad Lawson

    Woohoo! Happy Halloween, Oculus!

  16. Prod. Cxugh Drxp

    They could’ve done way more, I know that the quest is more capable than this. the team behind this port sucks

  17. Stephen Ribeiro

    That keyboard can’t come quicker that is what will bring enterprise customers

  18. cameron lestagez

    Yea two hours of battery for a 8 hour work day, not gonna be much for the present maybe in the near future

  19. MaxiTurb0

    Worst optimized game ever

  20. Stormcloud20

    Before we start, I would just like to say that I love Vr, and in turn Oculus for making it affordable. But I have to say this, for the joke. You know what's really scary? *INVASION OF PRIVACY*

    1. Lil' Boy

      Too real my man

  21. Mrclean 2009

    Pod cast???

  22. Que cara chato mano


  23. Que cara chato mano


  24. Lego Man

    This doesn't make sense

  25. SleekShadow


  26. TheBroShow

    hey oculus any intentions to add sidequest built in?

  27. Jonathan Adkins

    I have a fix for this break the immersion by watching TV and not using headphones then you might not get as scared

  28. Actual Content

    I thought I was finally gonna be apart of something, but I guess I will take the participation trophy

  29. Snowyy3030

    man this is sick lol

  30. Alex Bruns


  31. piece ctrl dj

    this would be cool if you showed what they were watching.

    1. flink

      @m m they are not acting, they are all legitimate reactions from the hashtag

    2. LoganRogue1

      @m m yes it might an add but some of the people are not acting. Saw a few in different vr videos trying out horror games. And some these were clips from that.

    3. m m

      Its an ad. They are acting.

  32. JJJ Boys

    cool thank you occulus

    1. Johannes khang Ho

      cool indeed

    2. Camden Crawford

      very cool


    I’m so hyped

  34. Silent Hashassin

    No farm....

  35. yFera_

    its amazing

  36. MrStuart

    Now people can waste time in virtual meetings. A huge sigh of relief for the managerial class.

  37. NEWBIEBOI 3992

    Fr I thought this was an apple vr headset lol

  38. Mark

    I wouldn't buy another Oculus head set for the simple fact that Facebook is trying to control what everyone does in their life by monitoring what they do through the connection of a Facebook account. I deleted my Facebook account for this simple fact 2yrs. Ago. Good bye Oculus on 2023. I hope many fallow the same pattern and Facebook is force to change their strategies through the lost of wealth.

  39. Leo Johnson

    Love the product but my $50 oculus “ELITE Strap” broke and snapped on the side in 4 days of use. Where each day i used it for maybe 2-3 hours. Kinda of cheapen out on the product.

    1. Jorg Jorgensen

      That is why it has a warranty.

  40. Jeremy Deats

    Have gone through the on-boarding. I will say the company is striving hard to make this work and for cases where the virtual meeting needs to utilize 3D models (one of the on-boarding example meetings we went through was a toy company showing off concepts... impossible to do that without something like this) this is a great tool. However, it still rough in so many ways; speaking to the VR experience on Quest, I have not tried Spatial on AR devices, but on Quest the video sharing experience just doesn't work well the avatars break some core best-practices rules and take the user right through the uncanny valley. In that regard, it's the worst VR experience I've had. Images of my co-workers puppet like avatars haunt my memories. There are also some strange things with anti-aliasing causing a headache inducing shimmering effect.. Lots of work to do and I'm not sure the Quest can handle or that this negative experience should be on the Quest

  41. Pvt. Booth

    I swear to *GOD* if I hear another ad saying “mY FiNgEr iS On tHe bUtToN” I’m throwing my iPhone 12 out my window

  42. B 0 0 L I E !


  43. Mr.Bulldops

    This game is probably controlling bots and where doing the work lol

  44. Booty Messiah

    Oculus y'all gonna address all the broken elite straps???

  45. Utsav Ratti

    Oculus, the productivity killer. That’s what I got out of this.

  46. Mazin Mezher

    00:49 headset in your hands ? You Been wearing It wrong my dude

  47. lion the

    you will get a huge spike in income if you remove the facebook account requirement which will you choose? stealing data or income?


    oculus support is bolloks been emailing everyday with my issue and no reply im an now having to take legal action.

  49. Camille Comeau

    Yeah, too bad your office will require to have a facebook account. I deleted my facebook accoung because people were harrassing me there. And Oculus wants to force us to get an account there? so too bad, I'll probably sell my old oculus, but I'll never return to Facebook.

    1. Jorg Jorgensen

      No it won't. Businesses buy the business version. It is more expensive, but it comes with a 2 year warranty , 24/7 support, and does not use Facebook accounts.

    2. Stefan54

      Why were strangers harassing you on facebook?

  50. JJ Sal

    here i was thinking about buyin a vr headset and i thought about this brand and who comes in... mark zuckerberg (or however you pronuce his name) nope i ain't biuyin this crap until this lifts away either that or i'll buy a used vr headset from htc stupid facebook always ruining companies... just like general motors.

  51. David D. Stanton

    Well where is it and horizon? Got two quest and one quest 2.... Need one account multiple family users!

  52. Navhkrin

    Wtf is this Oculus?

  53. VBIRD

    If schools used this life would be so much better

  54. BlueCheese


  55. Yewbzee

    WTF was that about? Im absolutely none the wiser? Lol.

  56. Rayen Ramesar

    I am very Farmers and Uses Quest to experience better customers... kekekek

    1. JimmyJimmyBTM

      Ahh yes the farmers I uses this a lot for experiencing better customers yes

    2. Helizeh Boland

      That's very farm like

  57. JimmyJimmyBTM

    Is farmers code for something? All of my wut

  58. GentyX

    You zuck

  59. Samuel Tupman

    "Immersed" is my daily driver... now with keyboard in headset functionality.

    1. Jorg Jorgensen

      vSpatial works better for me. It throws out the "screen-based" paradigm and lets you put every app in its own window.

  60. fake Vilmer

    I’m so happy oculus did this I think it’s very important that adults that work these important office works take vr more seriously


    i want this game lol

  62. cheddle

    Obviously the same group who arrange the support process for un-banning your facebook account and re-enabling your new quest, also post up the youtube videos. nice.

  63. Crystal Wolf RR

    I dont really understand how being forced to be stuck in a kayak with guns could be fun, im into games you can move around a lot in, but im probably wrong because i havent tried it.

  64. Crazzy Kid

    I want this, I'm in college for surgical technician. I know I'm not going to be doing the surgery but I will be in the surgery room helping the surgeon. This could prepare me for the real thing.

  65. Deep_Boye_1990

    If only spatial had the same remote screen clarity as virtual desktop

  66. TVGplayzz

    i bought the rift s and i didn't need to pair the headset manually

  67. Victor Ā

    It doesn't seem that great right now but honestly I'm pretty sure this is what the future is going to be like. Sort of like ready player One movie if you haven't seen it. This can honestly be both a good and bad thing

  68. Reuben Hopper

    So Facebook knows exactly what you're working on

    1. Jorg Jorgensen

      No, businesses get Oculus Business and don't use Facebook accounts.

    2. Louis LATOUCHE

      Oooh please, stop thinking they are watching the recordings. It's just data analysis about how we use things related to Facebook.

  69. Dragos

    This is what I am looking for but Spatial on my device shows a code and that is it, have not managed to make it work

    1. Jorg Jorgensen

      @Harrison Bristow vSpatial is better if you are not on a Mac. Every app gets it own window.

    2. Harrison Bristow

      I would recommend an app called immersed, it is amazing

  70. Rhema Torpey

    wait does this have vrchat?

  71. Beyond the Box


  72. Kyle penis

    3.5 oculus play store rating

  73. nawaf bader

    Sorry I don’t have money for this

  74. Mister Horse

    Spatial is the virtual meeting room whereas Immersed is the virtual personal office room.

    1. J.M.'s World

      ImmersedVR is awesome

  75. Aaron Bowley

    Thank you Oculus for everything you do 🙏

    1. m m

      They dont do it for us. They do it for money and power. No need to thank them for that.

    2. Essjaythegreat

      You mean Facebook!

  76. Darin Monroe

    Mines is coming today!!!!

  77. Devin Orange

    angry joe

  78. FTWGaming

    So will we need to install cameras in our rooms to record us constantly for higher quality avatars with a constant connection to Facebook, or is knowing they are watching our every move in vr and online in general enough for the facial features and other avatar features.

    1. Brenbar

      Good new the quest 2 jail break is out, meaning you can use your headset without your Facebook account

    2. FTWGaming

      @Aaron Bowley It's a future that no one wants as of right now... but it's one we might get.

    3. Aaron Bowley

      I was thinking in the near future we’ll probably just have so many cameras and senses everywhere reality and virtual reality are gonna kinda blend together

  79. Daniel Collera

    Shout out to the error code every one is getting cfr5